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"I believe that Tom Wilson's work would have us believe that it was a single shot - the head shot. This despite a great amount of evidence otherwise - smoke on the knoll, witnesses, Hill, Files, Ed Hoffman, Lee Bowers, etc."

There is an excellent clip on Lancer's forum where a researcher took two or three of the better Weigman frames and edited them together by use of overlays and the result was incredible for it actually showed the smoke from the fence drifting out towards the street. There were questions raised that what was seen was possibly the fall leaves seen on the trees further west, but this reserahcer pointed out through example that the Hudson tree foliage was faded out by the smoke image and that this could only occur if the smoke was between the tree and the camera.

"1. Was there impact to the back of the President's head from a rear shot [Depository, DalTex, Records building, etc.] almost simultaneous with the frontal killing blow? -- As evidenced in Zapruder, and as accounted by Files."

I don't mean to sound like a pitch-man for Lancer, but this was also studied by the use of stabilzed overlays. Miller had shown that when the head was struck JFK between Z312 and Z313 - there was obvious signs of debris being disspersed from the President's head. At Z315/316 when the head starts its way backwards - Miller showed that there was nothing being disspersed out of the skull which should have occurred if a second missile had slammed into an already weakened skull.

Miller went a step further and showed through animated overlays that the skull had merely rocked forward because of the angle at which the missile struck the top front portion of the skull, while at the same time driving the shoulders of JFK rearward. This caused a whip-lash effect that made the President's head change directions. Miller had taken this observations to several medical experts and found his observation to be accurate. Al Carrier who is a police officer and has worked crime scenes, had taken Miller's observation to some people in his field and found that they too saw the significance in what Miller had observed. It was said that the angle at which the missile had hit the top front of JFK's head in combination with the President's body posture at Z312/313 had caused the neck and spine to absorb the force of the impact which caused the head to first rock forward and then be driven immediately backwards. This evidence was also supported by the absence of destruction to the skull that Miller had pointed out had a second bullet was assumed to have hit its mark.

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Let me address something that Bernice has said about the height of the sewer drain and the location of two sewer drains on the south and north sides of the overpass.

The first point I have already made and maybe I didn't make it clear enough. Yes, once the car comes into view as the photo Bernice posted shows us - Kennedy may have been visible, but that is a moot point considering he was killed over 54 feet east on Elm Street. In other words - Kennedy might as well of been shot to death back up on Main Street for he could not have been seen while on Main Street from the sewer drain at the time of the fatal shot would have hit him in the head. So it is not enough to say Kennedy could be seen from the sewer drain at the bottom of the knoll steps because the important part is whether he could have been seen from that location at the time his head exploded and the answer is a "NO" - he could not have been seen from that sewer drain at the time of the head shot.

The south and north sewer drains:

The south sewer drain on the overpass was not installed until after the assassination date, so it is an impossibility as a shooting location for JFK's murderer. Those researchers who have considered the matter thought of every angle, but didn't check to see if it was even there on 11/22/63. Squire Haskins took some photos of the overpass on the weekend of the assassination and no sewer drain is seen on the south side of the overpass.

The north sewer drain was in place at the time of the assassination, but the problem there is the fence was a solid wall that did not allow a view of the street. In some recreation photos we see a possible assassin looking through the openings in the fence where boards were missing, but on 11/22/63 - there were no such openings in the fence. While I believe there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy - I do not believe one can dismiss these important problems with these shooting scenarios.

PS Can someone, maybe Bernice, tell me how she attached the images to her post? I have tried to do it, but was missing something in the process.

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Hi Larry:

I sent the photos to John, and he attached, now we send them to James

he is compiling the photographs for the photographic archives..and he will do a mighty fine job that fella..... B)


Thanks for the replies, as I stated, I do not know where all the shots came

from, neither from all I have searched does anyone else..positively, there are many theory's on many sites.....It is the old guess and

guess again, many studies, and when you think you just

might have a handle on it, a new one comes along....and perhaps raises questions . I have found it

is best, for me, not to come to any conclusions about the evidence and studies

yet...maybe one day...but not today..

There has been a study done by Greg Burnham, I do not know if it is available on the net.?....it showed that there was a lift up of J.F.K's head with the

frontal shot...and that would suggest perhaps a shot from a low level..?

Also have spoken to an attendee at one of the symposiums where Tom Wilson

presented his research, they were very impressed with the photoanalysis that

showed tampering with the Photographic evidence. ...that also is a very important

part of Tom's work, even if you do not go along with the possibility of his theory of a shot from the sewer, his research on the tampering which also was brought about, along the way, is of great importance....and relates to the studies done and corelates with Dr.Mantik's.....So much so that, according to his wife, I believe,not positive... after he had presented his research to the Review board, he was

in touch with a Senator, through whom he received personal access to the photographs from the autopsy....at the Archives ,only to look at, and after seeing them, his research did comply, they also showed the tampering......why they were still in the files??....this access was given after the Senator had received a copy of his work and studied such...which Senator?, your guess is as good as mine....He made known before he died, he had three copies of all, but where ever they are they are not available....

Hi Lee, you say, to the effect there was ample protection on Dealey that day......words to that effect, I do have a different opinion on that one, the DPD protection ended, at the corner of Houston and Elm.......there was no protection extended beyond the from the locals.......and what protection he had, well the only one that seemed to be on duty was, Clint Hill.....they simply acted as though, they couldn't believe what was going down, or had received no training in such, a dillema..perhaps one too many the night before.??.....much extensive work done in that area on the S.S. by Vince Palamera, for anyone, wanting the info, search and his web site is readily available....

As far as there not being a sewer on the South side of the Overpass, Larry where would I find this info...if you know...I would be interested to read if you can recall..and ..I will check it out..Thanks......You say 54 feet East on Elm, and that the President could not have been seen, and your opinion is a "NO"...well you are entitled to that...I have sent photos to James, of the sight from the sewer showing someone standing on the x , in the street, and the view from the sewer......and

yes it is possible to see....also, we must keep in mind that as Moorman and others stated the limo verred over into the left lane ..at the time of the head shot.....making the view even more so.......I am not differing here Larry, whether it was done, or not, from the sewer, again I say, I do not know where the shots came from, none of us do positively...I hope some day we will..but it was a possibility, as basically Bill's and other peoples theorys are possibilitys ....of which there are many....another researchers theory, which I greatly appreciate, as we shall never know without them.....but still in the long run, their opinion, which we are all entitled to...

As I have said, where the shots originated ?? the important issue now I believe is ,the men who pulled the triggers, IMO could have been hired guns.....or some such......but minions in either case..to me it is the ,who was responsible for the planning, who had the power to install the coverup...who benefited, they were and are responsible for all....and to that end, is what I would like to see ...much new research has come to light on that end, in the past few years.....we do have some answers....but still not the proof, it is still out there perhaps, buried and waiting to be uncovered, I do hope so...

Thanks for the conversation, good thread guys.... :) ......B

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Some will have to agree to disagree!

I too have been to Dallas and have my own impressions.

I both hunt and load my own ammo. I have never seen any living thing react to being shot move in any direction but directly away from the shooter.

I have never seen central nervous system reactions so long after impact. This being a relative description as "long after" in terms of of impact and passage of a round. Living things DO NOT react seconds after impact even if the wounded person doesn't know they are hit.

This I know from USMC service.

All that take seriously a shot from the knoll would have to explain to me why debris didn't go primarily across the car. Note no exit wound on the left side of Jack Kennedy's head.

To some extent this can be explained away, but not the reaction of the President's body. It moved as if struck from more to the front than the knoll and more from below than the knoll. Or the knoll as defined by HSCA and or Mr. Gordon Arnold.

This does not discount shooter(s) on the knoll, only the origin of that shot from there.

So this page looks good on "paper" huh?

Well that's fine for you maybe, it's your right to decide whatever fits your thinking.

I base my own opinion not on somebody's pictures or presented overlays, I form my opinion on what I know to be reality for shooting and ammo loads.

It should be clear to anyone that examined the Z film we have today that it's fishy. There are clear edit lines in the limousine and around Mr. Greer besides the other oddities of impossibly fast headturns and Mr. Brehm clapping his hands 4 times in one second. Those are the provable points of contention. There are many more. The lack of consistency between witnesses earliest statements and what that forgery of film shows being the most obvious.

I wouldn't base much of my opinion on that piece of screwed blewed and tatooed piece of film.

I base my opinion on witness statements and their own description of what they saw. To include the medical people at Parkland over the "official" work presented to the world from Bethesda or in that "film".

It is my own opinion from working with sintered ammo and filled rounds that a frangible round struck Jack Kennedy in the head. It produced a shock wave through his cranium that blew out the right rear and rear right side of his head as described by the doctors in Parkland. It showered the mystery fragments described in the X-rays, distributed from right temple to the higher and more rear parts of his head. Too often it is overlooked that no exit wound of fragments of the bullet is required if fragible bullets were used, but the momentum of the fragible bullet would require the forces to produce the same kind of hydrodynamic forces as described by the witnesses, i.e. another wound on the left side if the head strike round was fired from the knoll.

Oddly the witnesses on Elm Street and the doctors describe the exit as Right Rear, the blood and debris was thrown to the rear and right in a blast cone as I have seen many times in my own experiments. Not on free standing fruit as I have never seen anything but a coconut that had a hard exterior in anyway similar to a human skull. I have not shot coconuts, I have shot at 200 to 300 foot ranges fresh deer skulls, coincidentally and necessarily the already dead deer was motionless and I was without a scope. With jacketed "miltary" rounds of 7.62 mm NATO spec. from an M-14 rifle and with handloads of various projectiles both jacketed, filled and non-jacketed. Why no 6.5 mm Manlicher/Carcano Carbine? Because I wouldn't waste my money on a junk weapon. I substitute a Mauser RIFLE not a carbine for the presumed weapon. Also I would never ever fire ammo as old as Lee Oswald is supposed to have used, for MY SAFETY and the "health" i.e. safety and servicability of my weapons.

At that time my primary interest was to test if bolt action rifles leak combustion gases through the bolt to be deposited on the shooter's face. However as subjective as my own experiences and observations are they do not support the WC or the HSCA's version of events.

Frangible rounds on impact with deer heads I have seen completely shatter the skull but alway producing an exit "blast out" hole opposite the entrance point. I do not use the word "exit" or "wound" as it is deceptive to compare the exit of a jacketed round to what unjacketed rounds do on exit, and even more so for fragible rounds. I would hope to encourage others to read Mr. Craig Roberts works and the work of Mr. John Ritchson as they are both more experienced and able to document the results I describe from their own knowledge as more ablities as ballasticans and riflemen than I.

In all events I did test positive for nitrates after firing the bolt action Mauser a far better weapon than the Carcano using the same paraffin tests as were reported to have been used to test Lee Oswald in 1963. He tested negative on his face, I did not. I tested negative on my hands he did not.

The Parkland doctors reported an unharmed face and a right temple entrance and a right rear grapefruit sized blow out to the President's head. As did the witnesses, in particular Mr. and Mrs. Newman and The Willis Family as some may have seen in TMWKK.

UNEDITED, non-broadcast versions show even more than the airwaves ever saw, for a reason - to lessen the contrast between the WC and the witnesses.

This is not what is presented to us in the Z film.

In fact in the "film" everything we see supports the WC version of events and REFUTES the witnesses.

This is the exact opposite of the standard rules of evidence, Photographic evidence is SUPPOSED to used only if it is supported by witness testimony, not to refute the testimony of witnesses. This is akin to the obstruction of justice and the manufacture of evidence in the way of ex-LAPD officer Mark Furhman and company.

If anything the trunk area of the limousine is "too clean" to my liking in that film.

In fact what is depicted in that film fits too well for my liking the scenario the WC had already decided was the official "fable" - that of three shots from the rear fired from a carbine of anything but "hi powered rifle" description.

It must be considered also that the President was not facing directly to the front as the witnesses said he was turned slightly towards his wife.

Penn Jones Jr. reported that the storm drain had been reworked in the times before now. To make the appearance of impossibility for anyone to use the location as a shooting point. Why so?

Also the north knoll drain is altered and cover up. I did take a particular "detour" to look at that point.

I DID NOT play the game of the Sixth Floor House of Liars.

My money they will never get until they change attitude and accept works that support anything but the 40 year old cry of "Ozzie Dunnit."

I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jones, but I do have some of his books and some of his "Continuing Inquiry" magazines? Newsletters?

However I would consider his work to be closer to the original witnesses than some later works that on occasion were provable lies.

I am not speaking just about Mr. Gerry Posner, many others too.

Some have odd past histories in the case, some once served to enlighten but do not do so any longer.

It is my position to deny the "absolute" perfection of "truth" to any piece of evidence that I know the US Government has it's filthy mits on before the people had the "evidence."

It is my opinion that we MUST apply a standard of higher testing than the US Government ever did.

The witnesses original statements, before the WC twisted them and their thinking to "take sworn depositions" must also be weighed.

Just for example, for years Ms. Jean Hill was ridiculed because she reported a "little white dog in the limousine", and there by her testimony discounted, but years later it is proven that Ms. Kennedy was given a lambchops stuffed toy at Love Field that could have been mistaken for a little white dog.

We if we are to meaningfully examine the events surrounding the assassination, we must consider the reality of long discounted and under-reported aspects of the day.

Cameras do lie, and not everyone that once worked for the reality of truth does so today.

Consider: the WC said Jack Rubenstein had no "meaningful" connections to organized crime, then the HSCA admitted some ties but none affecting the events of the murder of Lee Oswald.

They lie and lie again to suit need.

Put nothing past the powers that contrived the Coup.

I too wish Mr. Tom Wilson's remaining non public research was released to the public.

Before I go, I do want to point out one thing, I know Greg Burnham and consider him my friend and one of the more honest researchers.

Seemingly so did Nigel Turner. Some may have seen his interview in the newest parts of TMWKK.

Greg has reported seeing another version of the film, another 30 year friend of mine reports the same. What they describe as being on that film is the same. It seems they both saw the same NON screwed blewed and tatooed film that devastates the current version of events so many base their opinions on. Both used the same words to describe the reaction of the President: Up and back and to the left, UP and BACK and TO THE LEFT in that "other film. I cannot doubt Greg Burnham's research, and I will not ever doubt a gyrene brother's word. And I do know this will not stand up to some people's standard for proof, but it is good enough for me, more than good enough for me. SEMPER FIDELIS.

Someday I hope NBC and CBS that are reported to have the film can see fit to show it to We The People. ABC I know would never show it in any event.

The proof to destroy many researcher's stands and reputations is out there! What is lacking is the power and courage to go against the media's masters.

The Almighty Corporations that give us torture by corporate "soldiers" and more lies upon lies. The Spooks are everywhere there is any threat to the "party line."

Doubt everything, examine afresh everything.

Sure it was once common "knowledge" that the world was flat. People were killed for proving that the sun was the center of the universe. People would die to keep that film from being viewed or broadcast publicly. People once believed it when someone from the Government said: "I'm from the goverment and I'm here to help you."

It is enough for me to know "we wuz had Again!" For now!

Doubt everything, examine afresh everything.


Lastly it is more my direction in the whole JFK case to not really desire to focus so much effort or time on "who shot what from where" as it shifts focus from the big question:

Why was Jack Kennedy killed?

Who profited?

Who covered-up the Coup?

Hence I ask this of any that would seriously consider the James Files story as fact, do you really think an assassin would be asked on the morning of the assassination to "join the hit team?" REALLY??

No folks, the killers were professionals, world class riflemen and in my opinion they all died before the sunset on November 22, 1963.

We are talking about Coup D'etat, empowered by the most powerful elite that can cover-up and call off the press and kill witnesses and abort at least 5 major investigations by the US Government, these are not acts the "Mob" could do, nor the gang around LBJ.

Why was Kennedy killed? Who profitted? Who had the power to silence the US Press? Who had the power and desire to cover up the events?

It is a whole lot bigger than LBJ and Mac Wallace and JE Hoover's FBI although they were willing participants in the cover up, it was bigger than all of them. It still is bigger today than it was then.

Quite Sincerely

Jim Hackett II

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Thanks Jim for your post. I must agree James Files asked 2 hours before the job if he wants to back up Nicoletti..........please. People believing that story and his military exploits as a 17 year old and biting the shell casing and leaving it on the fence! Also I cannot believe that LBJ would have someone so easily linked with himself in the TSBD, although he is obviously involved in the cover up. I am in agreement with you the shooters never saw the next day and this thing is so much more than unfortunately we will know, but the search for truth must go on.

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Excellent post!

Very interesting...especially your experiments with frangible bullets. Can you give me an idea as to how a frangible bullet is made? What if you were to fill it with mercury? How about if there was a wound made first to the back of the Deer's skull by a high velocity, but non-frangible bullet, prior to a frontal, loaded shot? Did you try to mimic angles as well as distances?

Who had the power and desire to cover up the events?

It is a whole lot bigger than LBJ and Mac Wallace and JE Hoover's FBI although they were willing participants in the cover up, it was bigger than all of them. It still is bigger today than it was then.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Gerald R. Ford

Earl Warren

J. Edgar Hoover

Allen Dulles

Arlen Specter

All Freemasons. Strange coincidence.

- lee

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"All that take seriously a shot from the knoll would have to explain to me why debris didn't go primarily across the car. Note no exit wound on the left side of Jack Kennedy's head.

To some extent this can be explained away, but not the reaction of the President's body. It moved as if struck from more to the front than the knoll and more from below than the knoll. Or the knoll as defined by HSCA and or Mr. Gordon Arnold."

If one draws a line from the back of Kennedy's head to the Hat Man location near the tree, they will find that this trajectory would work. Moorman's photograph is often referred to for doing this. Please keep in mind that from Z312 to Z316 - the limo did roll westward, thus changing the angle from the Hat Man to Kennedy's head. Dennis David who lead the casket detail at Bethesda on the night of the assassination told me that the skull plate that dislodged from the top of Kennedy's head had to have been struck somewhere along its outer border. That information came from the training he had gotten at Bethesda. Was it on the front part of that flap, the middle right side or more towards the rear ... who really knows? The bone apparently fractured and popped off the top of the head only to be held on by a flap of scalp.

The back of the head was avulsed outward and debris did pass over the left rear of the trunk and onto Hargis and Martin who were flanking the right rear side of the limo. At the time Kennedy was seen at Parkland, the back of his head was "avusled" open. No mention of the bones being broken away in that area at that time. It wasn't until the body got to Bethesda that some of the fractured avulsed bones were now missing and the large hole was observed by everyone who saw the President's body. I wish I could tell people more about bullets and what they can do other than they can do some of the oddest things, all I know is that Cyril Wecht who is one of the best qualified people I know of does believe Kennedy was shot from the right front.

Just to clairfy one thing. The Hat Man and Badge Man are two separate shooters. The head of JFK explodes between Z312 and Z313. The flash of light seen at the fence in the Nix film and captured on Moorman's number five Polaroid comes at Z315.6 and by then Kennedy's head was already blasted open. Two separate shots - two sparate shooters. With Mrs. Hartman seeing a furrow leading back to the large tree above the knoll and it being logical that Badge Man's shot missed the President - that leaves the earlier shot that Holland and the men on the overpass heard as the most likely source for the shot that hit JFK in the head and proceded to splatter Haris and Martin in debris. If that shot had missed, then where did it go for in its path were cycles and witnesses. Further support comes from several witnesses who claimed the last two shots sounded as if they came right over the top of one another. Roy Kellerman said it this was ...

Mr. KELLERMAN. Let me give you an illustration, sir, before I can give you an answer. You have heard the sound barrier, of a plane breaking the sound barrier, bang, bang? That is it.

Edited by Larry Peters
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Lee and all:

I must make this shorter than I would like as I am not feeling my best today.

I will try to address your questions and again I woud stress that my work on this point is NOT the best work on this topic.

This is why I would hope some curious people would check out Mr. Craig Roberts work and that of Mr. John Richson.

My testing is just a country boy doing a few things to satisfy my own ideas.

They are the sniper and ballastician, NOT ME.

My primary quest was for valid nitrate testing from a bolt action '92 Mauser and the "study of impact pathology" was an after thought that became more after the nitrate paraffin tests.

First yes I did first a presumed first impact with a jacketed round from the rear at a range I guessed to be about the TSBD and Dal-Tex buildings. I did use a laser range finder. I didn't have one when I went to Dealy Plaza, I used plats of Dealy Plaza to guess ranges.

What I found was that every single time on a few hunting successes the rear jacketed first shot exited.

I am at a loss to determine why the rear shot to the President's head did not?

Less power from the Carcano Carbine as we know it is less powerful than the Mauser? Degraded ammo? Sabot? I honestly do not know, I only know that every single jacketed from the rear first shot that I fired exited from the front (in the direction of the critter's muzzle).

To be again clear, my endeavors are not real evidence, only things I did to answer my own questions for my own satisfaction and that of my hunting partner.

Again to clarify I had to conduct these "experiments" over many hunts over the last three years. Only so many shots can be taken by any "target".

Second shot simulations (the the right front of the cranium) were from estimated 50 feet, not so accurate, but I never expected to be submitting this to anyone except in my own home.

First a second jacketed 7.62 Nato round was fired about a inch behind the corner of the right eye, it too went cleanly in and not so cleanly out the rear side of the skull.

But the deer's head was intact enough that we could use the antler rack to pick the front of the carcass up to attach the "come along" to pick the whole thing up to field dress it.

On a later hunt this was not the case for the filled (not mercury) fragible round. It produced after the right rear shot as similar as I could make it, a mess. If anything it was less focused than the blow out the Parkland Doctors described.

It was not possible to pick the buck's head up by the rack (antlers).

<SPECULATION> I had thought deer's craniums would be more substantial than human's because of all the rut and antler fighting the males do? Are they? <SPECULATION>

I digress about the Parkland Doctors press conference, I rely more on this transcript than any other source of data for wounds, to include the photos and X-rays from Bethesda. Things went kind of funny with that body after it left Parkland in my opinion.

I would be the first to admit the short comings of my methodology, but I did bring it up first I guess. And all this may prove nothing to some, but I am convinced, atleast about the frontal shot being not a jacketed round.

As to why the first from the rear jacketed shot did not exit, I am still considering things.

It befuddles me to this day! Sabot? Bad Ammo? Intentionally degraded cartridge?

Did the FBI or DPD ever test the condition of the unfired round ejected from the Carcano?

Best Regards

That's all for now folks!

Jim Hackett II

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Mr. Peters:

It is a mistake to base too much on suspicious evidence.

To whit the real condition of the SS-100X limousine compliments of Secret Service deception, the Z film compliments of Secret Service, FBI, CIA NPIC, and Life Magazine deceptions, and similar such like deceptions.

Did anyone ever notice that all the motion picture films have odd things about them?

But wait?!!!

It's only common to the films the government got their hands on in 1963 - 64!

Like damage or obvious editting done at the time of the Headshot? Nix yep messed up frames right then and a blacked out background. Even the Nix family said the film the FBI returned is not the film they gave to the Government. Muchmore? Same messed up frames at the pinpoint in time of the headshot. Coincidence? Nah I doubt it. Zapruder?

Just why did old CIA asset Abe testify he filmed from before the limousine's turn from Houston Street onto Elm Street to the time of the limousine going out of view under the triple underpass? When we know the film doesn't show that version of events. He shot the film, or so we are led to accept, can't he know what he shot with his camera? Evidently not eh?

And just where is Ms. Sitzman now? And who taught them the Zapruder waltz on that pedestal?

Wonder if Jack White could inquire who was the approved CIA dance instructor in Dallas/Fort Worth in 1963?

Just Kidding Jack. But interesting eh?

Why no stop or near stop in that cartoon?

Clearly no timeclock here.

This film is so full of holes that to base anything on it is akin to tainted research.

No conclusion can be trusted if it relies on that Z film for support. Why?

The Stimmons Freeway sign is phony, the people are not cheering on approach of the limousine. They are in other non altered films, the ones the government didn't get their hands on in 63 - 64. Even Dave Power's film shows the crowd's reactions at other places in the motorcade, why would Dealy Plaza spectators be any different?

Even the two primary films of the Government's case, Zapruder and Nix don't coincide. Missing people, contradictions of testimony etc, etc.

That and given the fact that the film's were kept from us long enough for anything to be manufactured on those films.

Particularly when the Nix family INSISTS the film was altered before it was returned and they sued the FBI to get the camera original returned. Unsuccessfully, are you surprised? I am not.

The fastest growing family in history? The Frazens.

See Murder In Dealy Plaza by Doctor Fetzer, the color section after p. 324, on the last color page. Compare the two frames from the Zapruder Cartoon and the Nix film as ask yourself if there is any way to explain this or other differences between the two films the government based it's case on.

Or better yet read that section by Jack White in Fetzer's book and if you can watch the two films and consider: What the hell is going on with this evidence?

Now about the Babushka lady's film that was never returned?

Damned odd coincidences concerning film in Dealy Plaza don't you think?

The ones the government got have oddities or are missing. They do not agree with testimony or films that "escaped" the FBI dragnet of Dallas Fort Worth photo labs in 63 - 64, nor even each other. If the government is not lying why not return all films and why don't the films agree as to spectators and sequences? They should you know. But they do not.

It gets worse: It isn't just films that got lost and or altered.

Oops they did it again. Lost evidence, like the brain, like lost chains of possession of evidence, like stealing the body.

Too many to accept any photos to be taken as "gospel", moreover when the film contradicts witness testimony not supports it.

The truth engine (juris prudence and due process) we swiped from the Brits and then modified will work, but it must be allowed to work and the rules of justice must apply to all, most importantly for the Government's prosecution cases.

We Cannot rewrite the rules of evidence no matter how badly we want to, tyranny comes from that way of government and I'd say my opinion is that the US is drifting close enough to fascism already.

Jim Hackett II

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  • 2 weeks later...

Back to the use of a frangible bullet in the head shot, which would have distorted the wound, and made it difficult for any normal pathologist to determine trajectory, etc. Files or not Files, I think it's pretty clear that heavy duty weaponry and heavy duty ammo made that kill shot.

From AJ Weberman's site:


The wound in the back of President Kennedy's skull measured six millimeters. The beveling or conning shape found was consistent with an entrance wound. In Deadly Secrets former Ramparts writers William Turner and Warren Hinckle wrote that they interviewed "a former Cuban mercenary for the CIA" who stated: "The array of outlawed weaponry with which we were familiarized included bullets that exploded on impact." [Hinckle Deadly Secrets p47] HEMMING: "There are no bullets less than 20 millimeters that actually explode. Twenty millimeter is the smallest you can put a fuse assembly in. The Germans came up with the first one. Hydroshock rounds were developed in the last 20 years. It's a hydraulic function that turns it into a frangible bullet. They want the bullet to penetrate and then explode. Another procedure involves boring out a hole in the bullet, then the same exact weight of the lead that was removed is replaced with solder. Then a little brass plug is put in it. As that sucker is traveling through the air, it's getting hotter and hotter. The solder is melting. It melts at the back of the slug before it melts at the front. When that copper jacket hits anything that gives resistance, the little brass nut starts traveling forward and a hydraulic action occurs. It starts mushrooming and splitting the bullet. The bullet has started to stop, but that little brass plug in the rear of the bullet wants to keep on going. There's nothing to stop it but the liquid. This is squeezing the liquid. You can't compress liquids, and it transfers a foot pound energy throughout that liquid. If the f**ker hits metal, it will explode like a f**king firecracker into many fragments. If it hits skin, it will only explode probably after it's penetrated three or four inches. Then it starts coming apart into a lot of small pieces. You'll recover solder, copper and lead. The solder melts. It becomes black speckles. It won't even seem metallic."

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Good Day.... Please check the following theorized trajectories that are detailed on a professionally surveyed DP map.

Very importantly, take note of President KENNEDY's facing direction, relative to each trajectory, keeping in mind the probablility that high velocity rifle bullets were used in the attack:


Note in the following how the president's facing direction is nearly 90 degrees away from both the theorized "badge man" assassin (BMS), and, the HSCA-determined theorized picket fence assassin (GKS)










CV-67, "Big John," USS John F. Kennedy Plank Walker

Sooner, or later, the Truth emerges Clearly





T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

"(D)rehm (sic) seemed to think the shots came from in FRONT OF or BESIDE the President." (my EMPHASIS)

----CHARLES F. BREHM, a gunfire-battle experienced, WWII D-day, United States Army Ranger veteran, quoted just minutes after the attack, "Dallas Times Herald," 11-22-63, final edition

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In 1984, KGB officers that had infiltrated the CIA were exposed and it was never made public. The KGB officers were responsible for President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. The assassination was carried out by two of the KGB officers and a double agent (an American intelligence officer who knowingly and willingly worked for the KGB).

Closed-door Congressional hearings were held and one of the pathologists who performed Kennedy's autopsy testified.

This is an excerpt from a book that I wrote. It focuses on Kennedy's wounds.

(The "R.P." cited herein refers to one of 313 newspaper articles that I got the information from, after researching thousands of newspaper articles over a five-year period.)

Colonel Pierre Finck, one of three army pathologists who performed the autopsy on President Kennedy, testified at the closed-door Congressional hearings in 1984. He directly contradicted the official story of how President Kennedy’s wounds were caused.

The official story alleges that President Kennedy was shot from behind and that a bullet entered the back of his neck, passed through it, and then wounded Governor John Connally of Texas. The official story that also alleges that a second bullet “disintegrated” after it allegedly “smashed off” the back of President Kennedy’s skull, or if publicly circulated photographs are to be believed, the second bullet entered into President Kennedy’s skull and then “disintegrated.”

In closed-door testimony in 1984, Colonel Pierre Finck testified that there was no bullet hole in the back of President Kennedy’s neck, that there was no bullet hole in President Kennedy’s back, that there was a bullet hole in President Kennedy’s temple, and that the back of President Kennedy’s head was blown off. Colonel Finck also testified that he found a hematoma (pooling of blood) in President Kennedy’s neck and shoulder muscles. He further testified that there was a wound in the front of President Kennedy’s throat, that the only possible cause for this hematoma in the neck and shoulder muscles would have been a bullet entering the front of the President’s throat, and that a bullet entering the back of the neck would not have even caused the hematoma. He testified that one of the other pathologists found a bullet in President Kennedy’s shoulder muscle, the bullet that caused the hematoma.

Under oath, Colonel Finck was asked, “Can you swear, under oath, with absolute certainty, that President Kennedy was shot twice and that both of those bullets came from the front?”

Colonel Finck’s emphatic reply was, “Yes!”

These are the details of how the story unfolded in 1963 and dramatically changed over the years to bolster the idea that President Kennedy was shot from behind by Lee Harvey Oswald, so that the KGB officers in the CIA could get away with killing the President of the United States in an effort to put one of their CIA colleagues into the Oval Office.

The first written reports from Dallas on November 22, 1963, stated, “He was shot today by an assassin who sent a rifle bullet crashing into his temple.” (R.P. 32)

On January 23, 1964, the doctors who worked on Kennedy described the effort to save his life in an article in the Texas State Journal of Medicine.

“Dr. William Kemp Clark, a specialist in head injuries, said most of the right side of the back of the skull was gone . . . Dr. Charles J. Carrico, the first physician to see Mr. Kennedy, noted two external wounds, one in the neck and another in his head. In the head wound, he saw shredded brain tissue.” (R.P. 33)

An article on November 23, 1963, the day after Kennedy was shot, said that Dr. Clark had described Kennedy’s head wound as “a large gaping wound with considerable loss of tissue.” (R.P. 34)

On December 18, 1963, the Washington Post reported that the “as yet unofficial report of pathologists who performed the autopsy on the President’s body the night of November 22” says that “the second bullet to hit the President tore off the right rear portion of his head so destructively as to be ‘completely incompatible with life.’” (R.P. 35)

Publicly circulated photos that are touted as being from Kennedy’s autopsy simply show a bullet hole in the back of his head, contradicting the information put forth in these articles, so I called the office of Congressman Louis Stokes, Chairman of the House Assassinations Committee in the 1970s, and they referred me to Robert Blakey at Notre Dame Law School. Mr. Blakey was the assassination committee’s general counsel.

I called Mr. Blakey at Notre Dame and asked him when the autopsy photos were first made public. He stated that they’ve never been made public, so I queried him on the publicly circulated photos and he stated that they were “stolen documents.” I asked him if that meant they haven’t been authenticated in any way and he said that was correct, stressing that they were stolen documents.

Further research into news articles revealed that when the House Assassinations Committee was investigating President Kennedy’s assassination, Regis Blahut, a CIA officer who had been detailed to “assist” the committee, broke into a combination safe at the committee’s offices. The break-in was reported in the news several months after the House Assassinations Committee actually disbanded. (R.P. 36)

“The safe was reserved for physical evidence of President Kennedy’s assassination, including the autopsy photos, X-rays, and other articles, such as the so-called ‘magic bullet’ that wounded both Kennedy and Texas Governor John B. Connally.” (R.P. 37)

“Autopsy photos of the head shot that killed Kennedy had been taken out of their cases and were left in disarray inside the three drawer safe . . . There was no doubt that the files in the safe had been tampered with . . . ‘It looked as though someone had just run out.’”

Blahut’s fingerprints “were all over the place, on the photos, inside the safe, and on all sorts of different packages.” (R.P. 36)

“The CIA acknowledged that it has dismissed the individual in question. ‘We’re satisfied it was just a matter of curiosity,’ said CIA spokesman Herbert Hetu.” (Blahut obviously made sure that the break-in would be noticed and that the autopsy photos were in disarray. That’s because the CIA does things for a reason, and if the CIA spokesman were to be believed, what he was really saying was, “Yes, the agent we assigned to assist the House Assassinations Committee broke into their safe, but that’s only because he was curious. In fact, we fired him. We’re satisfied.”)

“In a telephone interview with the Washington Post, Blahut denied any wrongdoing. He insisted that there was an innocent explanation. He refused, however, to say what that was.” (The Post got its responses from the CIA and Blahut when they publicized the break-in.)

Blahut said he worked for the CIA’s Office of Security and he stated, “There’s other things that are involved that are detrimental to other things,” and he refused to elaborate when asked what he meant by that.

Blahut went on to say, “I signed an oath of secrecy. I cannot discuss it any further. . . . I’ve already defended myself to my employers. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all cleared up.” He also claimed to have passed CIA lie detector tests over the matter. (It doesn’t sound like he’d been fired. And why did the CIA have an agent with their Office of Security assigned to “assist” the House Assassinations Committee?)

A couple of months after the Washington Post publicized that the Committee’s safe had been broken into, a man named Harrison Livingstone claimed that he was selling photographs from President Kennedy’s autopsy.

At that time, Robert Blakey had said, “There are two things possible here. Either it’s a fraud, or it’s an attempt to sell stolen property.” (R.P. 38)

Harrison Livingstone responded at that time by saying that they weren’t stolen, but the day after he made his claim about trying to sell the photographs, he said he was taking them off the market, still claiming that they weren’t stolen but allegedly claiming that he feared the Justice Department would take action against him. (R.P. 39)

Photographs ultimately surfaced that show a bullet-size hole in the back of President Kennedy’s skull and the public has accepted that they are from President Kennedy’s autopsy.

The CIA was obviously the source of the photographs and they undoubtedly had the sloppy break-in perpetrated to make the photos seem as though they were authentic autopsy photos. No wonder the spokesman said the CIA was “satisfied.”

Regarding Kennedy’s neck wound, “the findings of the as yet unofficial report of pathologists” on December 18, 1963, twenty-six days after Kennedy was killed, alleged to “clear up confusions, particularly whether one shot hit him in the neck from the front.”

The lengthy article said none of the doctors at Parkland Hospital were aware that he had been shot “in the back shoulder, five to seven inches below the collar line,” because he’d been on his back “until the body was covered with a sheet after he was pronounced dead.”

The article, seemingly verbose, was already touting the official line that he was shot from behind. The first words of the article are: “President Kennedy was shot twice, both times from behind,” and several paragraphs later it blends in the part about doctors being unaware of a bullet in his shoulder, which serves as a premise for how the doctors allegedly explained things.

When it gets to the part about the neck wound, it says, “The Dallas doctors admittedly were in disagreement. Some believed the President had been shot twice, the neck wound being from a glancing hit: one of the surgeons explained over television that he was shot only once, and that a fragment from the bullet that hit his head coursed downward and emerged through the front of his throat.” (As will be seen, it must have been an anonymous surgeon.)

The “as yet unofficial report of pathologists” also said a bullet was “found deep in his shoulder,” but the fact is, it was a rifle shot to the front neck that put a bullet “deep in his shoulder.” (R.P. 35)

The doctors trying to save the President’s life knew he wasn’t shot in the back and they also knew he wasn’t shot in the back of his neck, but the article headlined “Kennedy Autopsy Report: Final Bullet Was Lethal” touting “the findings of the as yet unofficial report of pathologists” was obviously being used to preclude any statements by the doctors that would interfere with a cover up.

Although it was taking the official line that Kennedy was shot from the rear, the article ran contrary to what the official line has since become. It said that a bullet other than the two that struck the President had struck Connally. It claimed that “Both bullets that struck the President were tied by ballistics tests to the rifle found in that building where Lee Harvey Oswald worked,” and it said, “The one bullet that struck Governor Connally, however, could not be similarly traced to any rifle because it fragmented.”

The Autopsy article also said that the bullet found in Kennedy’s shoulder caused “a hematoma, a pooling of blood inside the neck and shoulder muscles.” (This was the hematoma that Colonel Finck found.) It also said “the lower right back side, the occipito-parietal region of the head,” was “smashed off” by a bullet. The “unofficial report of pathologists” allegedly concurred on the idea that “a fragment was deflected and passed out the front of the throat,” which had allegedly been “explained over television” by “one of the surgeons” from the hospital.

Even though the article ran contrary to what the official line has since become, the wording was clearly meant to drive home the idea that the bullets came from the rear. The fifteen paragraphs of the article cite the “doctors” and the “pathologists who performed the autopsy” several times as sources of information for bullets coming from the rear and for how the wounds were caused. The story of the bullets and how the wounds were caused would change completely, but the idea that Kennedy was shot from behind would remain intact.

The description in this article twenty-six days after the President of the United States was assassinated, of how the neck wound was caused, eventually became inconsequential.

In 1965, the New York Times reported that medical examinations of the neck wound had been made “before a tracheotomy had altered the wound in the front of the President’s neck . . . Doctor Rufus Baxter said the neck wound was ‘unlikely’ to be a wound of exit and ‘would more resemble a wound of entry’ . . . Doctor Charles Carrico described the wound as ‘fairly round, had no jagged edges’ . . . Doctor Ronald Jones had described it as the sort ‘you would see in a bullet that is entering rather than exiting from a patient.’” (R.P. 44)

In January 1964, the Texas State Journal of Medicine reported that Dr. Carrico, “the first physician to see Mr. Kennedy, noted two external wounds, one in the neck and another in his head. In the head wound, he saw shredded brain tissue.” A bullet did not enter the back of Kennedy’s neck, but at that time, the official line was that a bullet fragment coursed downward through his head and emerged through the front of his throat.

In 1984, Colonel Pierre Finck testified that two men wearing the uniforms of Four Star Generals had come to him after the assassination and instructed him on what to say regarding the autopsy. He also testified that Federal operatives were present at the autopsy giving orders and at one point, they pointedly told the pathologists, “No talking!”

During public hearings in 1969, Colonel Finck testified that he made no attempt to dissect the President’s neck to trace the path of the bullet because, “We were told not to.” He “said he did not recall who had given the order not to dissect the President’s neck.” (If he had traced the path of the bullet, he would have traced it from the front of Kennedy’s throat until he found it deep in Kennedy’s shoulder.)

Colonel Finck also testified at the public hearings in 1969 that the bullet that allegedly struck Kennedy in the back of the head “exploded through the right top” and “a five-inch star-shaped wound resulted where the bullet exited,” and he testified that the bullet “disintegrated.”

According to the article, Colonel Finck testified that the bullet “entered nearly in the center of the back of President Kennedy’s head . . . exploded through the right top . . . a five-inch star-shaped wound resulted where the bullet exited . . . ‘The general direction of the missile was from the rear, going downward’” and the bullet “disintegrated.” (R.P. 42)

The downward angle and the five-inch star-shaped exit wound were undoubtedly supposed to account for it exiting in the rear before it allegedly disintegrated. (Was the bullet supposed to have disintegrated in his head, which actually makes the idea of a fragment more plausible, or was the bullet supposed to have “smashed off” the back of his head before disintegrating?)

As if Colonel Finck’s description wasn’t hard enough to figure out, he then said that another bullet allegedly fired by Oswald had a decidedly different angle than the alleged downward missile that allegedly took off a five-inch star-shaped piece of President Kennedy’s skull. He alleged that the bullet that was supposed to have struck Kennedy in the back of the shoulder five to seven inches below the collar line (the “as yet unofficial report of pathologists”), had “entered the back of the President's neck, had gone through the throat, and exited in front.” This was supposedly the “magic bullet” that caused Governor Connally’s wounds.

Colonel Finck was following orders in all this, but the truth came out in 1984.

Colonel Finck’s account in 1969 was in keeping with the Warren Commission report that claimed the bullet exited through Kennedy’s throat and struck Connally, but both were in stark contrast to “the findings of the as yet unofficial report of pathologists” on December 18, 1963. In the first paragraph of that article, it says that the first bullet to hit Kennedy “was found deep in his shoulder.”

Toward the end it says, “The shot that killed was the third one fired; the second struck Governor John Connally.”

It also said, “All the shots, the investigations have shown, had trajectories that would line them up with the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository building, where the assassin has been traced.”

The autopsy article cited trajectories and “the assassin,” but the alleged “trajectories” did not account for Connally’s wounds, which is why the story of how Connally was wounded had to change.

Even the story of Kennedy’s wounds had to completely change. After the original reports, he would no longer be shot in the “temple,” and eventually there would no longer be a bullet “found deep in his shoulder,” nor would there be a fragment that coursed downward through his head.

The story had to be changed so that they could still claim that the shots came from behind, specifically from “the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository,” where “the assassin” has been traced, “that building where Lee Harvey Oswald worked.”

The fact is, twenty-six days after the President of the United States was violently assassinated, neither the American public nor the American press were entertaining the idea that anyone would claim that one of the bullets passed through President Kennedy and wounded the Governor of Texas.

This original information less than four weeks after the assassination went a long way toward solidifying claims made by Dallas police that Oswald was “the assassin” and that he was guilty “beyond a shadow of a doubt,” but since it was in stark contrast to later positions of how the assassination officially took place, the quasi-official statements obviously didn’t stand up to scrutiny.

They did, however, pave the way for a palatable “magic bullet” and a Warren Commission statement that “although it is not necessary to any essential findings of the commission to determine just which shot hit Governor Connally, there is very persuasive evidence from the experts to indicate that the same bullet which pierced the President’s throat also caused Governor Connally’s wounds.” (R.P. 46)

The memo from the Justice Department to President Johnson, suggesting the establishment of the Warren Commission (which will be cited in the section on Earl Warren), specifically states, “The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that the evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial.”

Obviously in order to do what they were directed to do by the President of the United States, they had to say, “It is not necessary to any essential findings of the commission to determine just which shot hit Governor Connally.”

Another obvious fact is that it was absolutely “necessary” to claim that “the same bullet which pierced the President’s throat also caused Governor Connally’s wounds.” (The idea that a bullet had gone through President Kennedy’s neck had not been alleged by anyone until the Warren Commission came out with its report in September 1964. Stating that it was “the same bullet which pierced the President’s throat” makes it seem as though it was already an established fact that a bullet had passed through Kennedy’s neck, but the Warren Commission was the original source of this allegation of how Kennedy’s wounds were caused. Until the Warren Commission came out with its report in September 1964, that bullet was officially “found deep in his shoulder.”)

The doctors who tried to save Kennedy’s life refuted the Warren Commission’s “new story” within a few months. As has been cited, the New York Times reported in 1965 that medical examinations of the neck wound had been made “before a tracheotomy had altered the wound in the front of the President’s neck . . . Doctor Rufus Baxter said the neck wound was ‘unlikely’ to be a wound of exit and ‘would more resemble a wound of entry’ . . . Doctor Charles Carrico described the wound as ‘fairly round, had no jagged edges’ . . . Doctor Ronald Jones had described it as the sort ‘you would see in a bullet that is entering rather than exiting from a patient.’”

Malcolm Kilduff, acting White House press secretary on November 22, 1963, stated in November 1966 that he didn’t accept the idea that a single bullet passed through Kennedy and caused Connally’s wounds in the chest and wrist because the bullet was “in almost perfect condition.” (Maybe it was a really great bullet, but the one that disintegrated was a piece of junk.) [R.P. 47]

On November 23, 1963, the Dallas Morning News reported that on November 22, Mrs. John Connally told the Governor’s administrative aide, Julian Read, that the first bullet struck President Kennedy.

“Mrs. Connally said she heard the first shot and Governor Connally turned around and looked at the President. Then, she said, just as Connally turned around he was hit by the second bullet.” (R.P. 48)

Obviously he wasn’t hit by the first shot and the bullet that struck him didn’t pass through Kennedy first, but the official line is that the first bullet passed through Kennedy’s neck, wounding Governor Connally, and the second one “smashed off” a five-inch piece of President Kennedy’s skull before “disintegrating.” As previously noted, for quite some time after the assassination, the official line was tailored to the knowledge that Kennedy was not wounded in the back of his neck, and tailored to the knowledge that the bullet that caused Connally’s wounds did not pass through Kennedy.

The article that cited Malcolm Kilduff and the bullet “in almost perfect condition” began with: “On the third anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination today, the two-year-old Warren Commission report on his death is the subject of intensive attacks,” but just as the unofficial report of pathologists didn’t stand up to scrutiny, the Warren report apparently didn’t stand up to scrutiny either as the Warren Commission’s schematic drawing actually showed the bullet entering Kennedy’s back.

So much had been said about the bullet entering his shoulder from behind that they had a schematic drawing made to show that happening. They simply left the impression that it changed directions and exited through his throat, which was a primary reason for the “intensive attacks” on the Warren Commission’s report in November of 1966, the third anniversary of Kennedy’s death.

The story was obviously in need of more doctoring and it evolved further, five years and two months after the “intensive attacks.”

In January of 1972, a urologist who examined the autopsy photographs and X-rays, in response to continuing criticism of the Warren report, claimed that the bullet passed through Kennedy’s neck “at a distinctly downward angle, more than was shown in the schematic drawings released by the Warren report . . . the path of the projectile into the back of President Kennedy’s neck and out the base of his throat . . . the front hole is considerably lower than the one in back.” (R.P. 43)

(A urologist? Twenty-six days after the President of the United States was assassinated, the American public had no problem with that bullet having been “found deep in his shoulder, five to seven inches below the collar line.” The alleged fragment that allegedly coursed downward through his head and caused the wound in the front of Kennedy’s neck may have been less acceptable.)

The urologist also “said that the wound that destroyed most of the right side of the brain was ‘horrible’ and that the pictures should never be made public.”

The urologist, purported to be “a student of assassinations by firearms,” (a student of assassinations by firearms?) “had published articles supporting the commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone in killing the President.” (R.P.50)

The story in the newspaper of how this “urologist” allegedly became “a student of assassinations by firearms” is that he had been in World War II, and like all doctors in a war he had to treat wounded soldiers, and it was at this point that he allegedly became “a student of assassinations by firearms.” (R.P. 43)

In August of 1972, Dr. Cyril Wecht, “coroner of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Pa. and a past president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences,” became “the first critic of the Warren Commission’s report on the assassination to be allowed to see the items from the autopsy on the President.” (R.P. 49 & 50)

Dr. Wecht said that “the preserved brain of President Kennedy, plus microscopic slides of tissues removed from his bullet wounds, have been withheld,” and “that the slides should show definitely if all of President Kennedy’s gunshot wounds were from the rear.”

“Entering bullets burn and soil tissues around the wound of entry but not at the point of exit,” according to Dr. Wecht, “who is both a pathologist and a lawyer.” He also said that the bullet alleged to have caused the severe wounds to Governor Connally after passing through the President was in “almost perfect condition” and this “made it virtually impossible that it could have caused such damage.” (R.P. 49)

“The slides, the brain, and possibly some other items were not included” when “autopsy materials were placed in the National Archives in 1966 by Burke Marshall.”

Mr. Marshall “said that Nicholas Katzenbach, as Attorney General, had ruled that certain X-rays, color transparencies and photographs taken at the autopsy were evidence relevant to the assassination, and that he, Mr. Marshall, obtained these from the Kennedy family and lodged them with the Archives in 1966.”

“Mr. Marshall said that other items had not been requested by the Justice Department because ‘they have no bearing on who killed the President.’” (R.P. 50)

(Withholding the microscopic slides that would prove Kennedy was not shot from behind was neither the first nor the last favor that Nicholas Katzenbach would do for the CIA. He was also the man who, as Undersecretary of State in 1967, headed the three-man committee that glossed over the CIA’s first large scale domestic operation when it was exposed. Their official statement was that the CIA has “national policies established by the National Security Council from 1952 through 1954.” This text also cites the other favors that Katzenbach did for the CIA during his career in government.)

The wound in President Kennedy’s temple wasn’t referred to after initial reports from Dallas said that an assassin “sent a rifle bullet crashing into his temple.” Those reports also said that as the car sped to Parkland Hospital, “President Kennedy was on his back and Mrs. Kennedy had his head in her arms. Blood was pouring from the President’s temple.” (R.P.51)

He wasn’t shot from behind. His skull didn’t crack like an eggshell, and the back of it didn’t fall off either. It was blown off by the bullet sent crashing into his temple.

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