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Paul Trejo, no offence, but you really sound like being Larrie Schmidt’s defence attorney... In this video – also posted by Greg Parker in this thread – it is clearly visible that „lady” dropped her picket sign voluntarily on Adlai Stevenson’s head and was pushed away AFTER her ugly deed. Please do not try making us believe Larrie Schmidt was a lamb that was skinned alive, because he was clearly mean and ugly. If he has ANY remorse for what he did, he would come forward accepting his wrongdoings, repent and appologize for them. Denial means he is just covering his butt.



(6.3) Nor was Adlai the perfect gentleman throughout the entire roasting, since his chauffer reported that Adlai shouted, "animals! animals!" while driving away in his limousine. – I suspect you expect a “perfect gentleman” to refer to the violent protesters as “ true patriotic citizens” or “such lovely humans”. While they obviously acted as wild animals – at most primates.


And in a different thread you stated that:

In Dick Russell's influential book, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1992, 2003), his few pages on Larrie Schmidt, using memoirs from Bradford P. Angers, differs in his two editions.

In his 1992 edition Bradford P.Angers suggests that Robbie Schmidt joined Oswald to shoot at Walker on 10 April 1963.

In his 2003 edition, Bradford P.Angers suggests that Larrie Schmidt joined Oswald to shoot at Walker on 10 April 1963.

Which is TOTALLY false. I am reading NOW Dick Russell’s book (2003 edition) and is just a couple of days ago I have reached the part where Angers states that BOTH Larrie and Bob Schmidt were drinking with Oswald and... no, I will place a picture of that story instead, so you cannot argue what I say:


And, by the way, I am absolutely sure what Bradford P. Angers said about Schmidt was true. Why lie about this? What was his gain? Why someone put his own life in danger by making up a story with SS agents beating up someone to silence him about the JFK assassination just for fun???


You state Larrie Schmidt told you he first met Angers in 1964, not 1963, “as Dick Russell's report of Angers allegation implies”. Well, Dick Russell states that H. L. Hunt told Angers he’ll be sending a man over to him for work “several weeks after the assassination”. By several I suspect he meant a bit more than the remaining 5 and a half weeks remaining of the year 1963 (there is a slight but very significant difference between several and few, in my opinion – 5 being a few and several meaning just a bit more than 5, probably 6 or 7, since if there were 8 or more Angers probably would have refered to them being “a couple of month after the assassination”). So please allow us to draw our own conclusion about that time frame, which is more probable to be early 1964 and not late 1963 – think of it as being even less probable to send someone for work just prior or during Christmas and New Year holidays. A witty person will not buy your allegations discrediting Dick Russell – or Bradford P. Angers, for that matter –, Sir!


Regarding the LOOK magazine article on Larrie Schmidt: THANK YOU for providing us the copy of it! It is good propaganda, I have to admit! :-) I find very interesting the fact that the black-bordered ad was so fruitful to Schmidt’s future employment, although it had nothing to do with the assassination – pure coincidence.


I suspect it is a possibility that the scheme of shooting at ex-gen. Walker was a setup to implicate Oswald and, in reality, the Schmidt brothers worked hand in hand with Walker beginning in Germany and they only fabricated the evidence of being against Walker both in Germany and afterwards in Dallas, in order to make us believe they were not connected in any way with him in a future plot to assassinate the President. Walker was in too good spirits after the shooting and, later on, admited knowing about the brothers’ alleged involvement into the shooting. As Larrie said for LOOK magazine, they were always planning ahead... ;)


That is, unless we can find some real dirt on the CUSA (and I'm all for the search) then I won't try to insinuate them in a JFK conspiracy, the way Patricia Swank tried to do. – I can see no connection to the JFK assassination in Patricia Swank’s article, where her refference is to the “CUSA Conspiracy” in regard to gaining control of conservative organizations. Greg pointed this out, as well, and you, Paul, agreed with it, so we are clear on this one.


Larrie Schmidt “was so disgusted with our Government and so humiliated”... “She said: ‘If you don’t like the damn world, why don’t you change it?’ And I said: ‘By God, that’s not a bad idea.’ – and he helped did so! ;) (LOOK magazine article).


 Then... you turn back to your initial thoughts into believing Larrie Schmidt was used by JBS leaders to cover their asses and implicate CUSA. Nice turnover, Paul! No wonder Tom Scully resigned from ”reading your position” on this curious young man. And now– with your final words posted on the penultimate comment in this thread – we finally do agree! Cheers! :-)

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3 hours ago, Gaby Stan said:

That is, unless we can find some real dirt on the CUSA (and I'm all for the search) then I won't try to insinuate them in a JFK conspiracy, the way Patricia Swank tried to do.


I have been looking for some connection between the Miller/Whitter gunrunning case, the right wing activities of Larry Schmidt and the Joiner family, Lawrence Howard and Loren Hall running guns through Dallas, and the anti-Castro Cubans.


Memorandum of D.J. Brennan to William Sullivan dated May 8, 1964.

pp. 70-71



One interesting thing, Warren Commission Document #320 is a memo from SS Agent Rowley. On page 162 of that Report there is a newspaper article from October 27, 1963 issue of the Dallas Times Herald concerning the Stevenson incident.

In the article, Bobbie Joiner said there was no preplanning for Stevenson incident, but that, “some of the signs used were stored at former Major General Edwin A. Walker’s headquarters on Turtle Creek Blvd.”


This was the same incident that Larry Schmidt took credit for in one of his letters to Bernard Weissman. Schmidt was also quoted in the same October 27th issue

see page 161. This is also CE 1371.

On page 6 of Wallace Heitman’s April 29 Report, right in the middle of a discussion about the Cubans in Garland, he says that his source said that (blank) and (blank) (Quintana and Castro?) had told him that they had attended the meeting at the Dallas Municipal Auditorium in October, 1963 where Adlai Stevenson had given a speech and that they had worn placards outside the Auditorium which were anti-Stevenson in context.


I'm not sure what this proves, other than these people were at the same place at the same time. Did they know each other? I don't know.


Steve Thomas

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I have erased my thoughts about the facial features of Larrie Schmidt on grounds of personal bias. But after reading this thread on CUSA


I decided to express them anyway:

Larrie Schmidt seems to me as having the appearance of a ruthless nazi or KKK member prepared to do anything for achieving his goal (power and money). And it matches the exact same opinion I have about Lyndon Baines Johnson. We can read much from a man’s face, can’t we?



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I find it noteworthy that in following Ruby's movements the weekend of the assassination not only did he stalk Oswald, but he also showed an extreme interest in locating Weissman. Ruby, as we know, was quick to correct DA Henry Wade about Oswald's affiliation with the FPCC. And yet Ruby, it would seem, also suspected the involvement of the far-right in Dallas. I think it's fair to say that historically it was Ruby who would planted the seed of conspiracy in the assassination with his murder of Lee Oswald. This leaves us with the question... what connection was Ruby trying to establish between Oswald "the marxist" and the far-right JBS led by Edwin Walker, and why?

I'll go a step further and ask... what event, prior to the assassination, could tie LHO to Edwin Walker's JBS, and how might it have involved Ruby himself?



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