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Saturday, November 11, 2006

"The Queen of Conspiracy Theory": Mae Magnin Brussell (1922-1988)

Mae Brussell (left) ((link: http://www.maebrussell.com/ )), was the daughter of a prominent, wealthy, conservative Beverly Hills rabbi named Edgar Magnin. She attended Stanford University, where she majored in philosophy. Several weeks before her scheduled graduation, she left school to marry the first of two husbands. For forty-one years, she seemed quite content to devote her life to her family in the role of homemaker. On this date in 1963, in fact, her mind was consumed with the numerous burdens, sacrifices and responsibilities that society expects from such women. Eleven days later, however, her life would change swiftly, drastically, and permanently.

The November 22, 1963 assassination of President John Kennedy sent Mae (along with many other US citizens) into a state of shock and confusion. Yet, she noticed, over the following forty-eight hours, how many of the items related in the news coverage of events didn't seem to add up. When she saw, along with millions of viewers, Jack Ruby gunning down Lee Oswald on live national television, something clicked inside her. She spent a good deal of the next few months following the investigation into Kennedy's death, and in 1964 purchased a copy of the Warren Commission Report, where she noticed so many inconsistencies and logical errors that she suspected a massive cover-up.

During the 1960s, Brussell continued her research on the JFK assassination after her family's move to Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA (approx, 120 miles south of San Francisco), where her investigation expanded after finding a number of connections between the assassination and figures involved in US Intelligence, organized crime, and myriad corporations, some of which were tied to or funded by the CIA (e.g. Permindex). The subsequent assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King led her to believe that these ties ran deep under the surface of public life.

By the 1970s, Brussell's sphere of inquiry had branched out into numerous avenues of research that included the inner workings of shadow government, the attack on American culture and values, the financial transactions necessary for funding illegal domestic operations, mind control, the development of social control mechanisms, and the consequences of multi-national corporate hegemony.

In short, Mae became a full-fledged conspiracy theorist. She began appearing as a guest commentator on KLRB (Carmel--A Tulsa, OK now owns these call letters), a mom and pop radio station owned by Bob and Gloria Barron. Her stint there blossomed into its own show, Dialogue Conspiracy. She made a number of guest appearances on Pacifica network stations KPFA (Berkeley) and WBAI (New York) during the 1970s, and consequently influenced subsequent generations of conspiracy and alternative political theorists.

If you've never heard one of her broadcasts ((link: http://www.prouty.org/brussell/ )), or read any of her articles ((link: http://www.maebrusse...20Articles.html )), Mae's a pretty difficult person to comprehend at first, for she was a stark paradox of conflicting stereotypes comfortably existing within a single psyche. Part charmer, part curmudgeon, part hipster, part square, part mother, part little old lady, part Jessica Fletcher, part sweetheart, and part bitch, Brussell confounded some, and inspired many more, in the process creating a legion of admirers (known as Brussell Sprouts) who carry on her research to the present day.

Mae could be a bit of a crank at times. After devoting years to conspiracy research, she began to suspect a number of plots against herself, personally. In the aftermath of the assassination attempt against President Ronald Reagan, Brussell identified the arrested shooter, John Hinckley, Jr., as the man who had stalked her the previous year. She also cancelled her radio show on a number of occasions because of perceived threats against her family--once when her son took ill, and again when she discovered that the employer of her daughter's boyfriend had ties to a rightwing group with nazi interests. These personal concerns followed another daughter's 1970 death in a suspicious automobile accident. Mae also wondered if Intel might have caused the cancer that ultimately claimed her life in 1988.

While one might be tempted to chalk the above to delusions, in Mae's case, that's kinda hard to determine. You see, the main reason why she gained so many followers and admirers was because she was so often proven right. She exposed the CIA connections to Watergate and Iran Contra, and the mind control program of Vacaville Medical Facility long before official sources stipulated guilt or complicity. In one dramatic example, she uncovered a conspiracy to assassinate Robert Kennedy in March of 1968. That month, Rose Kennedy (RFK's mom) happened to be in California. Brussell wrote a note that carefully outlined the conspiracy, and urged the Kennedy matriarch to insist on tightened security when her son traveled to LA for the upcoming presidential primary. She then muscled her way through the Kennedy entourage to place it directly in Rose's hand.

Of course, history would show that this was a pretty futile effort.

Brussell was no seer. And her excellent track record had little to do with dumb luck. Rather, she put every ounce of her education to good use, rigorously systematizing her research into what would eventually expand to thirty-nine file cabinets. She had the time and patience to sift through voluminous quantities of written material (government records, newspapers, books, etc.). Most important, she cultivated a number of informants from many walks of life.

In a sense, one might better see Brussell not as a conspiracy theorist, but rather as the philosopher that her training led her to become. She was a true theorist in that she had developed an underlying understanding of how power relates to world affairs. But even more important, she left us with a powerful reason to continue conspiracy research: namely, to inform political activism. She came to feel that uninformed activism is pointless (while our friend K9 would say that it's downright funny). And she believed that conspiracy research for the sake of conspiracy research was a self-indulgent waste of time, or in her words, "a peep show."


Best Regards in Research,


Donald Roberdeau

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker

Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly

For your considerations....

Homepage: President KENNEDY "Men of Courage" speech, and Assassination Evidence, Witnesses, Suspects + Outstanding Researchers Discoveries and Considerations.... http://droberdeau.bl...ination_09.html

Dealey Plaza Map Detailing 11-22-63 Victims precise locations,

Witnesses, Films & Photos, Evidence, Suspected bullet trajectories, Important

information & Considerations, in One Convenient Resource.... http://img831.images...dated110110.gif

Visual Report: "The First Bullet Impact Into President Kennedy: while JFK was Hidden Under the 'magic-limbed-ricochet-tree' ".... http://img504.images...k1102308ms8.gif

Visual Report: Reality versus C.A.D. : the Real World, versus, Garbage-In, Garbage-Out.... http://img248.images...ealityvscad.gif

Discovery: "Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Headsnap: West, Ultrafast, and Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll".... http://educationforu...?showtopic=2394

T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

For the United States:



(updated links 9-29-11)

Edited by Don Roberdeau
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  • 9 months later...

I have had the opportunity to listen to several of Mae's 'World Watchers International' programmes, they really were meticulously deailed.

Mae had a show every two weeks that she produced onto audio cassette and mailed out to her subscribers. Along with the tape she added a source list with verything she had talked about on it.

Mae cross indexed the Warren Commission, she clipped 16 newspapers a day, read and took notes on 400-600 books a year and did around 14 periodicals a month. What Mae did was to track people using existing sources of information, I believe this to be the absolute best way to get a ful picture of any of our hidden history events. I have plans to start this clipping and tracking, but in electronic form, I hope to use software that will enable me to create a database similar to that of www.politicalfriendster.com

There are five of Mae's shows avalable at www.maebrussell.com

You can also see various parts of a talk that Mae gave in Santa Cruz, here

Part 1




There are several books featured in these videos that Mae Brussell did not recommend or reference from, that is the work of whoever runs the Mae Brussell center now. In fact, there is a lot of information there that is misrepresented as views that were (or would have been, had she lived longer) held by Mae.

I know that a lot of researchers are on the fence about Mae, but I believe her to be the real deal. If half of what Mae said was accurate, then we're in real trouble, and the deep politics just got deeper.


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I became a fan of Mae's while putting together Penn's TCI newsletter for three years.

Penn was in frequent contact with her and we published many of her articles. John

Judge is the most prominent of Mae's Brussell Sprouts.

Mae phoned me once in the late 70s to compliment me on my research. Even though

Jewish, she also sent me a Christmas card. Unfortunately I never met her nor heard

any of her radio shows.

She was perhaps the most perceptive of early researchers in trying to make sense

of the mountain of information she gathered. I believe that her outspokenness got

her eliminated.

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.


Edited by Jack White
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I became a fan of Mae's while putting together Penn's TCI newsletter for three years.

Penn was in frequent contact with her and we published many of her articles. John

Judge is the most prominent of Mae's Brussell Sprouts.

Mae phoned me once in the late 70s to compliment me on my research. Even though

Jewish, she also sent me a Christmas card. Unfortunately I never met her nor heard

any of her radio shows.

She was perhaps the most perceptive of early researchers in trying to make sense

of the mountain of information she gathered. I believe that her outspokenness got

her eliminated.

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.


Thanks for noting John Judge, Jack.

Mae indeed was quite a women. While she is often characterized as being one of the housewives underground, with Sylvia Meagher, Mary Ferrell and others, she was certainly more politically radical, though they shared a lot in common.

And John Judge was a close and avid protege of Mae and founded the Mae Brussell Research Center after her death.

As is well known from the Don Norton Dayton Incident, Judge arranged for Mae to speak at the University of Dayton sometime in the early 70s, when met her. Judge had also arranged for such 60s characters like Ken Kesey and Paul Krasner, so Mae's presentation was well received by the students, and she may have visited Dayton more than once.

When Judge later moved to Philadelphia I often visited him there when he worked at a Quaker Peace Center and he would play cassettes of Mae's radio broadcasts, which came with a two page summary of topics discussed. When Watergate broke, Mae was really on top of it because of her JFK background and familiarity with the Cubans and CIA guys.

John Judge was living in DC when Mae died. He called and asked me to drive a U-haul rental truck full of books from DC to Carmel, California, where he set set up the Mae Brussell Research Center, at her request. I wanted to stay there and help him set it up, but had to return to the east coast.

A year later Judge was back in DC, and Mae's daughter had taken over the MBRC, apparently storing the material away.

While I don't think there is a Mae Brussell Research Center in California where you can go and use her formitable archive for research, there is a substantial audio library of her tapes that should be still getting wide circulation among her listeners - World Watchers International.

Someday they will be transcribed for people to read, and maybe someday her dream of a real Mae Brussell Research Center will be established so interested people can continue her work.


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  • 3 months later...
I became a fan of Mae's while putting together Penn's TCI newsletter for three years.

Penn was in frequent contact with her and we published many of her articles. John

Judge is the most prominent of Mae's Brussell Sprouts.

Mae phoned me once in the late 70s to compliment me on my research. Even though

Jewish, she also sent me a Christmas card. Unfortunately I never met her nor heard

any of her radio shows.

She was perhaps the most perceptive of early researchers in trying to make sense

of the mountain of information she gathered. I believe that her outspokenness got

her eliminated.

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.


Jack, I too suspect foul play in her death and the mysterious things that happened upon her death [house accross street, which she suspected was monitoring her, burned down - and other things].

Mae was way ahead of her time and got so many things right or nearly so. A very few of her notions are hard to give full credulity to, but no one is perfect. Her track record stands as testimony to her perception and tenacity. Her 'batting average' is IMO at the top of the rankings. I used to love to hear her tapes of the radio shows and were an awakening to me.

Her 'Nazi Connections

To the JFK Assassination' hit me like a lightning bolt when I read it. Alas, Mae is gone and it is sad there is no reserach center at this time. America and the World could use more noble private sleuths like Mae. The power structure feared her greatly...because she saw right through their lies, deceits and deceptions.

Speaking of first generation critics .....

I haven't seen her name mentioned in the Kelin book thread.

Peter Fokes

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See also:


I have added a link to this thread.

When Buckley states his opinions in writing or on the air, he never prefaces remarks or articles by providing facts about his CIA days with E. Howard Hunt. Few people know that Buckley's family fortune came from Pantipec Oil Company. E. Howard Hunt and George DeMohrenschildt, Oswald's CIA baby-sitter, both worked under Warren Smith. Smith was President of Buckley's Pantipec Oil. Buckley not only worked with E. Howard Hunt in the CIA, but formed the notorious YAF with Douglass Caddy, co-worker in the CIA office of Mullen and Co. of Watergate fame. Members of the YAF were brought from U.S. Military Intelligence in Germany to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in the fall of 1962. Their object was to infiltrate and take over this conveniently formed new organization. Orders went from Larry Schmidt, first to arrive, that all members had to be in Dallas before JFK arrived ... for their briefings and roles to be played. There is more to the Buckley-CIA-YAF-Caddy connections than time allows here. Liberty Lobby and the John Birch Society accumulate interesting facts.

The extract above essentially summarizes the entire hierarchy of the actual JFK Assassination Cabal

after you consider the newly disclosed fact that Clendenin J. Ryan, Jr. was Doug Caddy's Georgetown roommate and Clendenin J. Ryan along with Charles Edison, the son of Thomas Alva Edison provided

most if not all of the funding for YAF, started by William F. Buckley, Jr. and Doug Caddy himself.

Since I have covered most of these topics earlier on this forum, I will just cite some references

which trace the history of what might be called "Private Funding of International Vendettas".

1) William F. Buckley, Sr. in an attempt to rescue his Pantapec Oil holdings in Mexico obtained

funding from Thomas Fortune Ryan, the father of Clendenin J. Ryan to chase down Pancho Villa

with the assistance of George Draper, Charles Willoughby and James Hugh Angleton all of whom

rode under General John J. Pershing with his cavalry. Draper was the uncle of Wickliffe Draper,

founder of the Pioneer Fund and financial sponsor of the JFK murder plot according to one of

Mary Ferrell's best informants who was a little known member of Nellie's Boys and Interpen in Miami.

2) E. Howard Hunt worked for William F. Buckley, Jr. in the Mexico City office of the CIA and

attended Brown University with George Lincoln Rockwell and Anastase Vonsiatsky, The Manchurian

Candidate from Richard Condon's novel. Hunt was also observed by me personally at a Cuban exile

CIA safehouse in Miami, during the same year that both Frank Sturgis and Jack Ruby were also

seen there. In 1963 whoever was renting that house via Bernard Barker's Keyes Realty of Watergate Fame was overheard plotting the death of JFK in Dallas after missing their chance in Miami.

Buckley was godfather to Hunt's children one of whom stated that his father admitted a role in

the JFK murder plot allegedly as a "backup". St. John Hunt was his name I believe.

3) Anastase Vonsiatsky was George deMohrenschildt's handler since "Annie", who was also present

at The Winnipeg Airport Incident headed up North American spy operations for all White Russian

agents stationed there, deMohrenschildt among them. The Winnipeg Airport Incident also had 2

members of the Canadian Liberty Lobby contingent present or close by: Patrick J. Walsh and Ron Gostick. George's favorite pseudonym was Philip Harbin, because his wife Jeanne was born in

Harbin while her parents were living out their diaspora in Harbin, Manchuoko, Manchuria where

Vonsiatsky had his foreign headquarters according to John J. Stephan in The Russian Fascists.

Vonsiatsky was also mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon in 1958 and

so was "...that fascinating young man from Yale who wrote about man and God." Can you

guess who that was? He is still alive today.

4) Clendenin J. Ryan sponsored Col. Ulius Pete Amoss and his ISI Forum which was a private

Murder for Hire, Inc. front active in many major incidents of foreign intervention funded by

private investors. Amoss ran a Soldier of Fortune named Emmett Johnson who has been

identified as a shooter in both the JFK and MLK murders and the Carribbean intrigues involving

Duvalier, Trujillo and Castro at one time or another. This operation was later taken over

by Ray S. Cline and Cline ran Robert Emmett Johnson from that point forward. Cline was

also in The Manchurian Candidate and Johnson was trained in Tsingtao, Manchuria near

both Harbin and Mukden where Cline was stationed with the OSS during World War II.

5) And of course, Larry Schmidt, and his Dallas YAF cohorts like Robert J. Morris, the 1964

YAF Man of the Year, and Charles Willoughby were identified by Bill Turner and Mae Brussell

and later, independently, by myself as 2 of the Gang of Five involved with the JFK plot. The

others were Ray S. Cline, James Angleton and Annie Vonsiatsky. Dick Russell's informant, who

was NOT ME, also identified Willoughby as one of the major plotmasters.

Merry Christmas. End of argument. Case Closed.

Petition your congresspersons to make it a felony to use private funding and private

armies to intervene in the politics, the government or the elections of foreign countries.

The Drapers, the Grays, the Buckleys, the Angletons, the Robertsons and the Ryans and the Edisons of the world have been doing this for generations. It should be stopped and they should all be exposed

accordingly and prosecuted if they violated any existing statutes.

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  • 3 years later...

Brussell was really close, as was John Judge. She was onto the Fluoride issues to make the US dumb and dumber for easy exploitation. That was an IG Farben discovery for German work camps that the Russians adopted for their Siberia camps. The US then got the same treatment due to Dulles NAZI types promoting it.

John Judge was highly onto the NAZI CIA theme and that the UFO's really came from NAZI advanced sciences, as he read about them in the Pentagon's own library. Even Harry Dean found he was guarding a UFO down in Texas in 1946.

Sounds like she mapped out the Dulles history in grabbing up all the NAZI scientists and getting them sprung from war crimes in Germany.

If you are really good, you can take the LHO game to play Marxist to get into Russia and give up all the U-2 secrets to promote the NAZI games in the US for the space race. LHO worked for Dulles and his NAZI Rocket Boys to shut down the U-2's and drive rockets and satellites.

Then we have Dulles on the Warren Commission lead position to make sure Oswald gets burried with all those secrets, because if he tells the US how and why he went to Russia to promote satellites and rockets, then the Dulles take over of America starts to show. The people begin to notice the "state within a state" methods of IG Farben and how the CIA took up those corperatism methods in the US.

You can also begin to see why Hoover leveraged a UK Intelligence and a Zionist in Canada to keep an eye on Dulles, his Huntsville NAZI rocket boys, and the nuclear works using DISC and FBI DIV 5 Counter-Intel. Obviously, the Bloomfield and the Dulles gang clashed. British Intelligence and German NAZI were arch enemies in WWII, and the Germans were highly upset over the dirty deals with Zionism via UK's Lord Balfore. This mess led to offing JFK.

JFK fired Dulles and shut down his NAZI kill operations for a time, until the military adopted the same with Phonex and White Star and others akin with corrupt Oliver North. Ollie's people in Vietnam wore all black uniforms, like they liked the SS or something.

Ironically, Brussell was Jewish and she was hot on the trail for exposing the corruption in the US due to traitorous Dulles' NAZI methods to abduct American's Freedoms using NAZI science and political control methods.





The basic line-up in Dallas was that HL Hunt, General Walker, Walter Dornberger, and even LBJ were supporting the NAZI rocket and space ventures, as that was going to become a rich business for Texas. This linked to the big oil boys, persons like Hunt, Rockefellers who funded the NAZIs in WWII and taught IG Farben the Rockefeller methods for corperatism.

All these crooks hated JFK, and they had this obstacle with DISC to overcome, as their leader didn't have appreciation for the NAZI Dulles elements of the CIA. The DISC counter espeonage claxons were sounding high alerts. So, the Dallas Ring leader, meaning Hunt, draws in PERMINDEX, Nagy, Shaw, Bloomfield.




Edited by Jim Phelps
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In doing some research on Mae Brussell, I found that her World Watchers International radio shows are now archived online, almost in their entirety. Thought I'd share with the forum.

These are truly audio gyms of a bygone era....


It's good to see Mae's stuff is still influencing people.

Maybe someday somebody will transcribe and index her tapes.

I first met Mae when John Judge brought her to Dayton to give a talk and we met again at the NYU Law School conference in the 70s.

Later I would drive to Philadelphia to visit John Judge when he lived there, and Judge would play her cassette tapes of her shows and we would listen and take notes.

Shortly before Mae died she agreed with Judge's idea to start the Mae Brussell Research Center in Carmel, Calf. and I helped John pack his library and drove a U-Haul

truck from DC to Carmel where we set up the research center in a house a few blocks from the beach. A year or so later there was a dispute over Mae's library and her daughter

took over and locked everything away in a garage for years.

It's good to know that her material is getting back into circulation again.



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