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The blond Oswald in Mexico

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4 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

PT: You're ignoring the fact that the Mexican Immigration service counted LHO entering and exiting Mexico as a passenger in a car.

A few posts after this PT says he is not a real researcher.  He then says he does not have to prove the above statement, since others have.  Nice way to get yourself off the hook.

There is no American documentation for the whole "Oswald to Mexico by auto and leaves by auto".  Therefore whatever evidence of this exists has to come from Mexico.

The FBI found out that the guy who was supposed to have recorded that information, Mr. Maydon, actually did not.  Later it is discovered that the FM 8 did not have the record of transportation, but the FM 11 did.  The problem is the FM 11 is based on the FM 8.

Kind of fishy?  I'd say its a whole aquarium.

(BTW, this info is all from David Joseph's multi part essay.  Which is largely based on primary documents.)

These are documents and David can produce them, since he already did..  They are in his long essay, which you refuse to read.  

Which is why he calls you delusional.  And I would call you anti factual.


Dear James,


What does any of this have to do with trying to figure out who the "Blond Oswald" in Mexico City was?

You know, Eusebio Azcue's "thin, blonde-haired, very thin-faced 'Oswald'," whom Sylvia Duran said was about the same height as her? (She was 5' 3 1/2")


Does it make you uncomfortable to think that it might have been the blond, thin-faced, 5' 6" KGB officer Nikolai Leonov?



--  Tommy :sun


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3 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

 And we also knew through Wendell Roache of the INS, and Bob Tanenbaum of the HSCA that there was a film made of the training at a Mongoose site which showed Oswald, Banister and Phillips.  



Do you know what ever became of this film? It's been years since I read about it. Wasn't it supposed to have been in a university somewhere, (Georgetown maybe?) but the last time anyone ever went looking for it, it was no longer there? This is the first I've heard about Banister and Phillips. I thought I had remembered it was supposed to show Oswald and Ferrie.




Steve Thomas.

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To answer TG, PT says the whole operation down in MC was a Banister inspired operation.  I am trying to show that such a notion is pretty ridiculous.  That Banister could not control that place or such an operation.  I told you what I think about the comparison, and I have said it twice.

To answer Steve: Tanenbaum told me that 1.) Many of his documents were stolen from the apartment he was living in at the time. 2.) Once the transition was made, a lot of the things he was working on went by the rails.  

But  that film existed since he brought in witnesses to watch it and make the identifications. And he testified about it before the ARRB.

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