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I originally started the JFK Forum to help people carrying out research into the case. I think it has been fairly successful at doing this. However, it has been a victim of its own success. We now get a large number of postings every day. The search-engine on the forum is not terribly good. For example, it does not let you search for more than one word at a time. Much of the excellent information available is rarely accessed. Also, new members often start new threads on subjects that have been discussed before. It would be far better if they added this information to existing threads.

I have therefore began a start in organizing this material. I have started an index of people and events related to the assassination. I hope to finish this venture over the next few days. I will pin the thread so it will always be available on the first page. I will also add the URL to the relevant page in my JFK encyclopaedia. This will enable readers to go from the page of information to the debate on the topic. I will also add the Namebase entry to the page. This will allow researchers to see the relevant page references to the topic being studied.

It would therefore help me if before you start a new thread you check to see if the subject is already being discussed. If it is, please add your comments to the original thread.


Philip Agee

Joseph Alsop

James Angleton

Jack Anderson

Robert Anderson

Sergio Arcacha-Smith

Gordon Arnold

Manuel Artime

William Attwood

Bradley Ayres

Bobby Baker

Judyth Vary Baker

Howard Baker

Alfred Baldwin

Guy Banister

Tracy Barnes

Brrnard L. Barker

Eddie Bayo

Robert F. Bennett

William C. Bishop

Richard Bissell

Fred Black

Thomas Hale Bloggs

Luis Bloomfield

Orlando Bosch

Lee Bowers

Thomas Braden

Ben Bradlee

Howard L. Brennan

Harvey Bright

Carlos Bringuier

George R. Brown

Madeleine Brown

Thomas Buchanan

William Buckley

William Burroughs

George Bush

George Butler

Douglas Caddy

Richard Cain

Gordon Campbell

Richard Randolph Carr

Dennis Salvatore Cassini

Rose Cheramie

Luis Posada Carriles

Dennis Salvatore Cassini (Cossini)

Jack Caulfield

Murray Chotiner

William Colby

Lucius Conien

Tommy Corcoran

Roger Craig

Rolando Cubela

Tony Cuesta

Carl Curtis

Jesse Curry

Leo Damore

Irving Davidson

Nelson Delgado

Harry Dean

Bill Decker

David Dellinger

C. Douglas Dillon

Allen Dulles

Tom Dunkin

Wickliffe P. Draper

Gerry Droller

Adele Edisen

Edward J. Epstein

Jake Esterline

Billie Sol Estes

Bernard Fensterwald

David Ferrie

Gaeton Fonzi

James Files

Will Fritz

Alberto Gallego

Sam Giancana

Richard N. Goodwin

Phil Graham

L. Patrick Gray

William Greer

Porter Goss

Billy James Hargis

Roy Hargraves

Charles Voyd Harrelson

Gary Hart

Paul Lional Helliwell

Richard Helms

Gerry P. Hemming

Clinton Hill

James Hosty

S. M. Holland

Lisa Howard

E. Howard Hunt

Haroldson Lafayette Hunt

Dorothy Hunt

Bill Hunter

James Jarman Jnr.

Carl Jenkins

Walter Jenkins

Robert Emmett Johnson

William Penn Jones Jnr.

George Joannides

Joachim Joesten

Seth Kantor

Thomas Hercules Karamessines

Dorothy Kilgallen

Jim Koethe

Mary Jo Kopechne

Fred Korth

Fred LaRue

Jack Lawrence

Vincent T. Lee

Jim Leavelle

John Leon

Evelyn Lincoln

Marita Lorenz

Robert Maheu

William Manchester

Victor Marchetti

Vaughn Marlowe

Enrico Mattei

John Jay McCloy

Robert McNamara

John McCone

James McCord

Cord Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Ronnie Moffitt

C. Osment Moody

David Morales

Robert J. Morris

Robert Morrow

Angelo Murgado

Richard Case Nagell

Yuri Nosenko

Gordon Novel

Kenny O'Donnell

Erneido Oliva

Lee Harvey Oswald

Marina Oswald

Ruth and Michael Paine

John Paisley

Sam Papich

William Pawley

Jack B. Pfeiffer

Lee R. Pennington

David Atlee Phillips

William Pitzer

Tosh Plumlee

Florence Pritchett

Raphael (Chi Chi) Quintero

Kenneth A. Rahn

J. Lee Rankin

Manuel Ray

Bebe Rebozo

Norman Redlich

Don B. Reynolds

William Rip Robertson

Félix Ismael Rodríguez

Kermit "Kim" Roosevelt

Dr. Jose Rivera

Ellen Rometsch

Jack Ruby

Lou Russell

Perry Russo

Vincent Salandria

Felipe Vidal Santiago

Lucien Sarti

Leo Sauvage

Winston Scott

Donald Segretti

Ted Shackley

Daniel Sheehan

John Singlaub

George Smathers

Earl T. Smith

Larry Schmidt

Richard E. Sprague

Grant Stockdale

John Stockwell

William Sullivan

Maxwell Taylor

J.D. Tippit

Kerry Thornley

Homer Thornberry

Joe Tonahill

Bernardo de Torres

Michael Vernon Townley

Santo Trafficante

Joe Trento

Nancy Carole Tyler

Anthony Ulasewicz

Gary Underhill

Anastase A. Vonsiatsky

Malcolm Wallace

Bernard Weissman

Seymour Weitzman

Paul Wellstone

Robert W. Welch

John M. Whitten

Edward Bennett Williams

Charles Willoughby

Gene Wheaton

Roscoe White

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Assassination Theories

LBJ and the Assassination of JFK

Suite 8F Group

Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Complex

Operation 40 and the Assassination of JFK

The Jim Garrison Investigation

Interpen and the Assassination of JFK

Did the Mafia Kill JFK?

Organized Crime and the Assassination of JFK?

Did Fidel Castro Kill JFK?

Did the Soviets/Castro organize the assassination?

Texas Oil Industry?

Richard Nixon and the Assassination of JFK

The Murchison Party

Military Industrial Complex

MKULTRA and the JFK Assassination

Tosh Plumlee, James Files & Chancey Holt

Haliburton and the Assassination of JFK

Nixon, Watergate and the JFK Assassination

Oswald the Lone Gunman

John Birch Society

Multiple Conspirators

Vietnam and the Assassination of JFK

TFX Scandal and the JFK assassination

British Intelligence and the Assassination of JFK

Richard Nixon, the CIA, Watergate and the Assassination of JFK

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The Kennedys

JFK’s Foreign Policy and the Assassination

The Camelot Myth and JFK Research

What did JFK know about the Castro Assassination Plot

Robert Kennedy and the Death of JFK

Was JFK a Security Risk?

Did JFK know about the Plots to kill Castro?

The Kennedys and the Cover Up

Edward Kennedy and the Assassination

What did JFK know about the Castro Assassination Plot

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Lyndon Johnson

LBJ Tapes: The Key Evidence?

Was the assassination planned in 1960? Johnson as Vice President

LBJ and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Was LBJ in the Loop?

LBJ as Vice President

LBJ and Hoover knew there was a conspiracy?

LBJ and the TFX Scandal

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Operation Mockingbird

CIA Assets in the JFK Administration

Operation 40 and the Assassination of JFK

William Harvey and MI5

Mary Pinchot Meyer, the CIA and Google

1967 CIA Report

Gerald Ford and the CIA Files

Why the CIA was not involved

Operation Mockingbird and Wikipedia

CIA, Search-Engines and JFK Assassination

James Schlesinger Directive

E. Howard Hunt and Richard Nixon

Yuri Nosenko Investigation

CIA Disinformation

CIA: Incompetent or Politically Motivated?

Operation Tilt

CIA Classified Documents

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Films, Photographs and Autopsy

The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy

Cover-Up of the Medical Evidence

The Autopsy Photos: A New Perspective

Familiar Faces in Dealey Plaza

JFK Assassination Film Hoax

JFK Rear Head Wound

Paschall Film

Headshot Theory

JFK's Throat Wound

Autopsy Photos and X-Rays

Zapruder Film Conspiracy

The Great Zapruder Film Hoax

The Zapruder Film

Magic Bullet

Mary Moorman Photograph

Trajectory of the Head Shot

Oswald and the Backyard Photographs

Trajectory Analysis and the Assassination of JFK

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Lee Harvey Oswald

Impersonation of Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald 201 File

Oswald and the CIA Defection Program

Gerry Hemming and Lee Harvey Oswald

The Silvia Odio Incident

Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City

Oswald and Communist Literature

Silvia Duran and William Seymour in Mexico

Lee Harvey Oswald: A Communist?

CIA, FBI, Oswald and Castro

Oswald and his Photographic Work

Oswald's Wallet

Oswald's Army Intelligence File

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a good shot?

Lee Harvey Oswald and Edwin Walker

Lee Harvey Oswald's Oldest Daughter

Oswald in New York City

Oswald: Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Stalinist?

Harvey and Lee

Harvey and Lee: John Armstrong

TSBD Fingerprint

Richard Bartolomew: Rambler Station Wagon

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Warren Commission

Robert Kennedy and the Warren Commission Report

Barnard Weissman and Larrie Schmidt

Georgetown Set and the Warren Commission

The testimony of Michael Paine

Single Bullet Theory

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Dealey Plaza

Chemical Fingerprints: The Bullets at Dealey Plaza

Shooter, Radioman, Spotter

Faces in Dealey Plaza

TSBD Fingerprint

Fingerprint Data

Route of the Motorcade

Motorcade Advance Car

Did the President Kennedy’s Limousine Stop?

Three Tramps

The Identity of the Three Tramps

Audio Recording of JFK Assassination


Gerry Hemming and the 6th Floor Shooter

Dealey Plaza Map

Umbrella Man

Triple Underpass

TSBD Staff

Houston Street/Elm Street

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