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  1. Dawn, We who have spoken out have our own insurance policies (a way of saying we have put away certain documents that keep us alive and allow us a level of disclosure). But these policies only carry so much weight and we must know when to disclose what and when or the policies will become voided. Others can speak out against fear of disclosure, but unless you are the recipient of such, you are just spouting out and are encouraging those to lay it on the line. Tosh has come along way and he has flirted with crossing that line several times. As a former mechanic, I am simply reminding him that he can do much more good at remembering where that line is. He does not need to be coaxed into disclosure that has cost so many their lives and has left us wondering what else they could have provided. Every dog has their day if they time it properly. Tosh, I have sent the transcript in a word attachment through my personal e-mail. It came back with an error block but then showed it went through also. If you do not receive it, let me know and I will send it through my second address. Al
  2. "... I hope you understand that this is advice from a fellow and friend. ..". Al; my friend. Thanks for the heads up. I do understand all to well. I too apologize to forum members for perhaps drifting off subject. However, I feel I must explain my motives for all to understand. "... You must know that there are still many travelers around, just in the Las Cruces group should be ample proof alone. ..". Yes I understand. My actions in no way will cause exposure or harm to anyone associated in mattetrs, past or present, which we know of; nor will my actions and postings undermine "activities" which are currently underway. As to the LC boys? There is another LC group along our southern border. I know this is "cryptic" but it to is "before the fact". With the new laws that have been past, I have to be careful--in fact all Americans have to be real careful of what they say and how they say it-- I will say one thing WE have lost our freedom..., it is not a case of "...we are going to loose them.., they are gone. "... I do not see what you expect to gain with the reference to "Jack and Jill" here and it can only lead to trouble for alot of us. ..". I expect to gain protection. It can only lead to trouble if we remain silent on the mechanics. The players are now protecting the coaches and when the coaches can no longer be protected, then the players will be eliminated. UNLESS the game plan is revealed before the fact. That in itself is mine, yours, and other players protection. I never wanted it to come to this. But recently I have been threaten to back away from this. I can't. My "Chain" has been "Yanked" for the last time. The chain of events which led into those past events must see the light of day in order to stop the corruption and continuation of those events today. As you know similar "events" are about to be launched along our southern border. Its an election year and a diversion is needed, or has to be given to the people, in order to keep them in line and protect the powers that be. Some of the players I know do not like this, but they are in "Check". Just like you and I were at one time. I would hope you would be the first to understand; by hiding in our armchairs and recliners, and sliding into old age, we play their game. In some ways I see that as a sell out. We did what we had to do and what we thought was right at the time. To hide in the shadows and cover our faces, forces us to continues to play their game. You say my actions are going to cause a lot of friends trouble? Well, I believe NOT to do what I am doing is going to get a lot of people killed. Do you honestly think they will not get around to you and our other friends in order to protect their past activities regardless of how quiet you remain? There is strength in numbers, To remain silent will only lead to US being knocked off one by one. You should know this, How many of your friends have left us these past few years? I am using this forum and this thread as a vehicle to sent a message. Perhaps I am wrong in doing this, but it is the only way I can openly communicate with those powers that be who monitor these Forums. If something happens to me it is before the fact and proves All my previous allegations. If they are not true, then why would anything happen to me. I do not plan on committing you know the word. I plan on going skiing in the Colorado Rockies and playing with my old lady for a long long time. I am just jocking for position so as I can do that. Perhaps this would have been better in an Email and I do apologize, but then it would not be public and in going public, I send a message. I know this is long and boring and not much stock is going to be given as to what I have to say or have said. But that was not my intent. As I have said; "I used this forum to send a message". The deed is done. Al; Thanks again for your support and concern. I assure you I in noway will bring harm to those we know and have worked with. I hope you understand. Watch the Mexican border and the Rio Grand north of Eagle Pass, Texas and West of El Paso these next few weeks. If my information is correct there is about to be a "shoot out" down there. We will see. If I am right then my sources are solid and its information before the fact. If I am wrong.., then I have been set up to look like a fool. Tosh, I know where you are coming from with this and I don't think you are being played. Your falling out with Tony is not a set up here as far as I can tell. Our trusted LC travelers have provided me with connections related to this forum that have resulted in a pbx transcript that I have wanted to share with you but have been unable to send e-mails to you as it is blocking me. Please e-mail my private e-mail that is posted here or my work e-mail that you can find on my department web-site so I can try forwarding the transcript to you. polinst@mchsi.com al.carrier@waterloo-ia.org in case you could not find the addresses. I really need to share this transcript with you. Al
  3. Tosh, With all due respect and you know I have the utmost for you, I hope you understand that this is advice from a fellow and friend. You really need to be careful here and stay away from certain connections that are not related to this forum's intent and time period. I do not see what you expect to gain with the reference to "Jack and Jill" here and it can only lead to trouble for alot of us. You must know that there are still many travelers around, just in the Las Cruces group should be ample proof alone. I would have e-mailed you this but I cannot get it to through. For forum members, I apologize for the what must seem to be a cryptic post and understand that it should not draw suspicion on the Kennedy Assassination issues as it does not. Tosh should know what I am referring to and I again apologize for disrupting a thread. Tosh, e-mail me if we are not connecting here. This issue is not worth risking what has been risked after making it back down the hill. Al
  4. Al, who I don't know...and Tosh, who I know well obviously know each other. Again, I can only reiterate, that to my frustration, but understanding, I have asked direct questions to Tosh where he would not 'go' to answer....either to protect others who he felt did not deserve being 'outed' without it being their own decision to do so; or to protect what he felt to be legitiment operations; or becuase to 'go' there was a bit too dangerous; and I'm sure there were other reasons, alliances and allegences I can't know or imagine. That having been said, if every intelligence / black operative would only tell about one illegal/immoral/unconstitution mission they had participated in we wouldn't be in this f****ing mess we are now....and Tosh by my count has told about more then two hands full....and maybe add my toes too. [ie more than his share]. He knows I know some of the personal grief he has gone through for this..[and let me assure you it is major] and I'm sure there are other pressures he has not been able to mention to me also. Despite this he has persisted....and should be congratulated, encouraged and supported IMO. You don't even have to believe all he has ever said, much of it has been corroborated by others and all of it needs more action and investigation - and accountability at higher levels - such as from where/with whom the operations and the 'ethics' [or lack thereof] behind them originated. Not one of the operations he or others have detailed were their own 'projects'....far from it.... To Tosh, Forgive my friend if I overreacted. It was not meant as a slam to you or a show or of being disloyal as to what you are trying to do. It was simply a safeguard and a reminder that there are those out there who have a tremendous amount to lose if certain things and names go public. As always, I applaud your courage and feel for what you have went through in your life. I also am ashamed that we all cannot have this courage and take these chances that you have and are doing. To Peter, Please understand that there are those out there that have risked a great deal and have held cards that allowed them to walk away from such wet ops. Most mechanics are no longer around to talk. There will be a day when their children are grown and careers have lived out their life, when they will be willing and eager to shove the truth down the throats of those who have masterminded these attrocities. Regardless the cost! Al
  5. As someone who has long worked with Tosh on many aspects of his life, I can assure you that some questions for him naming names or giving details go unanswered by him.....which seems to indicate some level of 'care' about what should and shouldn't be out in the open.....although we can all have our opinions [or guesses] on where the 'line' should be drawn. I'd only add that we are about in the USA to be consumed and destroyed by 60+ years of a 'national security state' run amok in its secrecy and much of what was done within that secrecy and if not exposed - we all [on the planet] will soon perish IMO...and to the extent that Tosh or anyone with some information steps forward, I applaud it in full and ask all to detail the 'dirty deeds' that need the disinfection of the sunlight upon them to the maximum......we need more, not less disclosure! I applaud Tosh Plumlee for what he has tried to air. Again, having worked at times closely with him, I know he carefully considers what to say and what not to say....only he can know if the 'calls' were the right ones....and this applies for each of us.... I totally agree with you Peter, but I also understand that exposing the players does not necessarily expose the orchestrators and will more often times than most, corrupt those who have been victimized by the orchestrators and never reach the source. This is what I am getting at and what my concerns are here. For those who went up the hill and came back down with a heavier load than they carried up. Tosh will understand! Al
  6. Tosh, While I admire your courage and openess and need to set things straight, I question what appears to be your willingness to dangle out those who need to remain in the shadows. After all, you of all should be aware that all is not safe! Al
  7. Thanks, Pat. I knew somebody would have info on this. MV Mark, A few things to keep in mind when dealing internal ballistics; In studying this, we must seperate low to high velocity projectiles, handgun being under 1800 fps and rifle being 1800fps +. These levels of velocity have a considerably different effect within a cavity and how it absorbes and creates a varying wound cavity and dispersion of energy within and with the ultimate exit. Another issue that has to be consider along with this is the position of the body and the receptacle (the head in this case). JFK's head was leaning downward and the impact of the frontal entrance of the higher velocity projectile transferred the initial energy into the spine and down the trunk that was braced against the seat. This caused the head to initially move downward until the dispersion of energy travelled through the cavity and exited out the back, at a right to left angle. It would then snap the hinged head and cause the body to follow the flow of energy. I have posted on this numerous times and Bill Miller has put it in simpler terms. Sherry can elaberate further and I would ask her to do so. Al
  8. (1) YES (2) No FYI: You might be interested in this background references FWIW http://groups.google.com/group/alt.current...d25d?hl=en& I have most of the books mentioned in the article. However, none of them mention what Hull was doing before 1980. The most comprehensive account of Hull is in Peter Dale Scott's Cocaine Politics. But once again nothing about his early life except that he was born in in Evansville, Indiana. I have found the answer to question 2. It appears in Robert Parry's "Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press & Project Truth" (1999). Parry points out on page 221 that the Bush administration rebuffed "Costa Rican extradition requests, effectively killing the case against Hull" (page 221). That does not surprise me as I was looking for links between Hull and Bush pre-1980. I am also interested in links with Donald Gregg or Frederick P. Hitz. It is possible that one of these two men was Hull's CIA case officer. Both men are still alive but are not talking. John, As early as '81, Hull was assisting the US Military/Intelligence with providing a safe haven for operators that became too hot in-country in Nicaragua. He was associated with Fernandez at this time and his "ranch forman" Jesus, was operational on the US level in-country. It would not surprise me that Hull was also being handled by Donald Gregg at this time also, as he was very active on an operational basis in this region then. As of a couple of years ago, I believe Hull was spending a great deal of time on the Alabama gulf shore. I do not know his associations or activities in '80 or before. Al
  9. Brendan, Do your research please! You have provided nothing other than to try and derail serious threads. You are similar to Purvis with the exception that Purvis is trying to introduce "something" and you are simply attacking others. It is time you grow up and get another hobby. Come back when you grow up, okay. Why is it that persons who have nothing serious to add to a serious topic resort to personal attacks that are consistent with 10 year olds. I have two kids who I would punish for behaviour consistent with what you and Purvis display. I deal with mentality like this at work when citizens caught with their hand in the cookie jar turn it on my officers and accuse them of wrong doing. It is time society steps forward and calls people for what they are! Al
  10. Actually Al; Just perhaps there is developing a "following" of persons who now are beginning to recognize the quite simple forensic; ballistic; pathological; and physical facts of the assassination, and in so doing, are also beginning to recognize that you have been blowing smoke and BS. you keep outdoing yourself with rudeness and namecalling, Just my nature! I have always been quite rude; crude; and generally socially unacceptable when dealing with ignorance, as well as ignorant persons. Hell, I even dislike myself when I do something stupid. Just remember! You are the one who started this off, long ago, and therefore you are also the one who has "painted" yourself into this corner without even demonstrating the investigative capability to determine that the Z-312/313 headshot was ABSOLUTELY NOT the final shot fired in the sequence of the three shots fired from the TSDB. And, not only did I, with all of my lack of qualifications, easily recognize this, but I also knew where to look to find the evidence necessary to fully support this fact. Meanwhile, you, "Great CSI"/Scout Sniper/Follower of Brother "Dangerous Dan Marvin" have quite obviously given little attention to the witness testimony; determination as to the location of these witnesses; correlation of their testimony with that information of Dealy Plaza which is necessary in order to accurately place JFK at the time of the shots, and for that matter, completely failed to provide a single iota of factual evidence related to the assassination. Thereafter, it is also quite obvious that you have also completely failed to attempt to study and understand the forensic and pathological evidence as well. So Al! How about "amazing" us with all of the separate and independent research which you have conducted! How about describing for us all of your discussions with personnel in the FBI Lab who conducted testing of the JFK evidence. How about describing for us all of the discussion which you have had with anyone associated with the autopsy of JFK. How about describing for us all the discussions which you have had with anyone from Parkland Hospital. How about describing for us all of the work which you have done as regards providing "abolute proof" of the phoniness of the WC re-enactment of the assassination. How about providing anything, anything at all, of true relevance in which it can be independently checked out and verified as factual information related to the events in Dealy Plaza on 11/22/63! I would be careful on using the term "dumbass". Us "good ole boys" of the South have multiple sayings. One of which is: "If the shoe fits, wear it"! Mr. Purvis, Have you ever considered that the reason persons are not engaging your uneducated theories is because this has all been gone over for several years and what you present is nothing new but just reproductions of the "official" findings that were laughable in '64, in '78 and even more so today. If you would watch previous threads on this, Lancer and other forums, these issues have been successfully challenged to show that they are crap. I have been seriously researching the Kennedy assassination now for 15 years, and I mean seriously by doing my own research and testing. Not just reading others work. I have went beyond the ballistic issues that you keep delving into several years ago as there is nothing more to prove to show it is rediculous. The testing being done and presented to the public today to show the "official scenario" is realistic is so full of holes and I have posted on them time and again. Yet you chose to ignore that and attack me personally and keep bringing up Dan Marvin. What have I done recently to further research? A couple of other researchers know of my endevors over the past couple of years of tracking down actual suspects in the hands-on crime in DP. I have actually obtained service records and interviewed family members. This is cutting edge and not rehashing testimony of fourty years ago that is actually more relevant at the time than it is today as time dictates accuracy and false testimony of fourty years ago is just as false today, when weighing it against real evidence. I have not been forthcoming to all on my research in recent years out of respect to surviving family members of those suspect in this crime. The key word here that you would not understand is "respect", as you have none for anyone. May I lament on an oldy but goody? Old soliders never die, they just fade away. Please fade away and allow serious research to continue. I am sure you have neighbors in good ole Mississippi you can mess with who are of your same level of education. Jethro and the gang maybe? Al
  11. So bizarre that none of you losers has managed to put a dent in it lo these past 43 years. I liken you to isolated Japanese soldiers in 1946 and beyond, blissfully unaware that the war has ended. Of course, they were detached from their units and from all forms of official communication. What's your excuse? Nah, there's so much to ridicule right here. I imagine I'll be busy for quite some time, provided the super scary "military industrial complex" doesn't get me first. Time to up your meds, Mark. To John Simkin, While I have to admit that I have put Purvis on my top ten most disliked list, he does provide research, right or wrong and who I am to say. Research is the issue here and all should be welcome, regardless of who agrees or disagrees. If he can prove the majority wrong, fantastic, we have learned from him. But Brendan on the other hand has provided nothing but personal attacks and his own unsupported opinion to attack others research. He has become a germ attacking every thread he can and provides nothing but insults. I know this is your site, but don't you think it is time to give this horses rear side the boot? Or are you going to continue to allow him to interject his crap on every thread? Al
  12. Mark, Dawn and All, Thank you for your postings here to Mr. Purvis. I am extremely tired of it and it is nice to see that I am not alone at being offended by his arrogance and rudeness and am going from being honored by his personal attacks to just tired of them. He is from Mississippi and calling me a "podunk"??? Where a high school diploma is considered a masters degree??? Allow me this one dig please. Back on track and I am directing this at the forum in general, not Mr. Purvis as I do not care to debate those who cannot intelligently or respectfully debate. What one must consider that is not being presented here in wound angle identification is not the mere contact, but also what the resistance is before contact with the skin and outer tissue. Some materials such as multi-layer cloth will grab the projectile and according to angle, can create greater resistance and compromise what the actual entrance wound will look like. While the skin is elastic even under penetration of such velocity of mid-range rifle trajectory, it will be compromised under certain conditions. While I have conducted my own tests to verify what is presented by the DOJ, and ammunition manufacturers, it would be easier and clearer to direct you to their websites instead of trying to post my own second rate photo attempts through scans or downloading the digitals. Remington, Winchester and Federal have available on the web penetration shots into gelatin blocks showing various angles of penetration through foreign substances. It also shows how the projectile is effected through these penetrations and how the dispersion of energy varies due to ranges of yawing of the projectile. Al
  13. which is typical of those who do not have ammunition for an intelligent debate. Al Were it that I were debating, and/or debating with someone who demonstrated an intelligent capability, as well as the ability to conduct factual research, then there would be little problems. Come on "Big Al", inquiring minds want to know about all of the evaluation of the evidence you have conducted, as well as what new revelations you can prove. I do recall some time ago, on Lancer, when I first posted information relative to the weight loss to a bullet merely from having been fired, and that had not been taken into consideration in accountability for the accountable weight of CE399, that you "jumped" in and made some statement to the effect that "everyone" knew that a bullet lost weight. Nope! Big Al, everyone did not know that! And not only that, as of then, and as of this date, to my knowledge, I remain the only person who has taken the time and effort to weigh a WCC Carcano bullet prior to firing it, fire and recover it, and thus re-weigh the bullet to demonstrate this. Which if recalled, amounted to 0.63 grains of weight loss from being fired. Exactly where were you during all of this knowledge gathering, which I did way back in the early 90"s? Something which even you may have been qualified to do, yet apparantly did not have the understanding of ballistics to even take the time and conduct the test to present the FACTS!. And, this type of demonstration regarding your lack of factual research could go on, and on, and on. You fully demonstrated your own lack of knowledge as well as inability to research a subject matter when you "signed" on as one of the worshipers of "Dangerous Dan Marvin". When I saw this, on Lancer, there was little doubt as to your lack of qualifications in virtually anything, including even the most basic research capability. You remind me of a used car salesman, who because he claims to have been selling "quality" cars for 30 years, is therefore trustworthy and should be believed in regards to the quality and condition of some car which is attempting to be sold. Go back to playing with your paintball guns Al! Fortunately, there are those who visit this forum who understand the necessity of FACTUAL EVIDENCE. With the information which I have progressively been providing, it is now unlikely that the facts of the JFK assassination shooting will remain lost and/or confused for too much longer. In that regards, History will hopefully correct itself, and when it does, there will be many who, provided that they are still living, will want to change their names and hide for having expoused and/or believed some of the nonsense surrounding this subject. In event that it would appear that this "Correct History" has not occurred prior to my death, then rest assured that it will be engraved on my headstone" "WAS NEVER SO STUPID TO BELIEVE IN MULTIPLE ASSASSINS OR BODY KIDNAPPINGS", in order that the living world will always know exactly what position I took. You, as well as many others, have ranted on for years about the "impossibility" of the shots in Dealy Plaza, without even taking the time and effort to determine if the WC representation was factual. Yet, you continue to rant and rave about the WC Lie! It does not take even a smart or intelligent person to recognize that the WC is not a factual presentation of the evidence surrounding the assassination. It does however require a little effort as well as research ability to demonstrate the absolute error of the WC manipulations of the facts. None of which I might add, have ever been forthcoming from you! At least, over on alt.assassination, there is one individual who demonstrated the research capability to recognize that the Z312/313 headshot WAS NOT the last shot fired in the shooting sequence. And although he is still under the impression that the third/last/final shot was not fired from the TSDB, at least he is that much closer to the facts and truth than the great "Al Carrier", podunk cop extraordnaire! And, I might add, this person has little if any training and/or experience in police investigation and/or shooting/and or weapons. So Al! Continue to "blow smoke" up your on rectal orifice, since you apparantly have convinced yourself that you know something on this subject matter. And, by all means continue to blow it up those who have no better sense than to accept it as if it came from some reliable source. Which I might add, is one of the reasons that few have managed to even follow the evidence trail as they have become far too lost in searching for the BS which you and the Body Kidnappers continue to foster. And in that regards, those few of us who like to stick with the known facts, have little to worry about in the way of you and your followers ever coming upon the facts of the assassination as well as what the WC lie is truly about, as well as the WHY? of Jack Ruby shooting LHO. Lastly, I would remind those of "your followers", that the last time that I checked, you were merely a follower of a retired QUARTERMASTER SUPPLY CORPS, retired LTC, who was attempting to follow suit with the nonsense of conspiracies surrounding this subject. Therefore, I am reminded of the old saying about the "blind being led by the blind", as well as the numerous "dumb & dumber" sayings. Either statement of which I will personally pay for the cost of having engraved on your headstone, when History corrects the many misconceptions as regards the shots fired in Dealy Plaza on 11/22/63. Mr. Purvis, I will not get into your level of discussions because you discuss nothing other than name calling and attacking persons without actually looking to see who you are attacking. If you are bright enough, check with my state academy to see if I hold the credentials in LE that I claim to. Check with the first judicial district court in my state to see if I am certified as an expert witness in ballistics and weapons. Check with my department to see what my background in LE is. Check with any soldier who has been through the training to see if I am accurate. If you are unwilling to do that, then you are simply spouting venom at me due to your lack of intelligence and I feel sorry for you for that. I have paid many prices in my life in both LE and in the military and you are not worthy of my time. It is sad that so many exchange with you and allow you to spout your ignorant venom at them when they question your rediculous theories and ask simple questions. You are crude and ignorant and I am surprised that you have an audience at all. I would not now put it past you to have posted as me in the exchange prior to this before I had John change my access code. You obviously live in too small a world and I would suggest you get a positive hobby. I will not respond to you any more and others who question my credibility can check on me as it is all public. Al I will not respond to you any more and others who question my credibility can check on me as it is all public. Al Al: Your "credibility" came into question the minute that I first read some of your postings over on JFK Lancer some years ago. In that regards, my initial interpretation was that you were either grossly ignorant of the facts of the assassination, or else merely grossly ignorant. After having observed your lap-dog worship of Dangerous Dan, as well as other demonstrations as to how little you actually know on the subject matter of the JFK assassination, I have come to the realization that you obviously fall into both categories. Why don't you cease to blow smoke and present some factual evidence here. Or, is it locked up in the same Safety Deposit Box with all of your other "secret" stuff which protects you and your family from those who would like to keep you quiet? I would suppose that you had best also lock up your laptop from now on as well, in order to prevent those "unknown" persons from utilizing your name and continueing to make it appear that you are a dumbass. So, not unlike many others, why don't you presents some facts? Why don't you present some "original" research which is supported by facts? Why don't you tell all of us about the "Mythological Marathon Scout Sniper School? Why don't you tell all of us about all of your great duties as an MP in the U.S. Army. Why don't you tell all of us about all of your education and schooling in recognized schools which deal with forensics and pathology. Why don't you tell all of us about all of the personal research you have conducted in which you located and spoke with some of the "First Hand" persons such as the autopsy surgeons; FBI Agents: Parkland personnel;. There are no doubt those on this forum who "follow" your BS, just as there were followers of Jim Jones; Charles Manson; etc; etc; etc;, without requiring any demonstration of factual research and/or research ability on your part. Rest assured that I am not one of them, and not only that, I have a pretty good ability to recognize the BS which you keep attempting to sell on this forum as well as elsewhere. You apparantly do not even possess the intelligence and/or reading comprehension and research ability to recognize the shooting sequence as it occured in Dealy Plaza, even with multitudes of witnesses telling that the delay between shot# 1 and shot#2 was considerably longer than between shot#2 and shot#3. Which, would have informed ANY COMPETENT INVESTIGATIVE person as to where to look for the third/last/final shot fired in the assassination shot sequence. You, Al, as a Police Officer (Lt.), should possess the investigative ability to review the witness testimony as well as the FACTUAL ballistic, forensic; and pathological evidence, and derive a logical conclusion based on the evidence. Instead, you launch off onto your "Canyon Shoot" BS/Scenario, which happens to be founded in absolutely ZERO basis in fact, and not unlike some used car salesman offer your 30+ years of experience as evidence that the Multiple assassin scenario is factual. The fact is, you are factually ignorant of the facts! As well as apparantly being unable to read, research, and understand what lies in front of your nose. So! Remember this Al. History is about to correct itself as regards the facts of the JFK Assassination, and when it does, there will be many who will be labeled a complete "DUMBASS". Rest assured that I am willing to place my reputation on the line and risk haveing such permanently stenciled on my gravestone, or else I would not be providing the information in my possession. Therefore, might I recommend that you take a look at how you want to be labeled. Mr. Purvis, I know I said I would not respond to you but you seem to be getting a following and that is rather sad. And you keep outdoing yourself with rudeness and namecalling, which is typical of those who are clueless in what they are spouting off about. Where exactly did you get your training in investigative skills? How many years have you dedicated to investigating crimes? What interview and interrogation courses have you taken? How many crime scenes have you been responsible for investigating and preserving? How many crime scene photographs have you taken and what evidence have you collected in order to preserve a crime scene for court purposes? And who has certified you as a firearms instructor or armorer? Were you at Marathon Station 25 years ago to know that they did not have a scout sniper school qualification staging there?/Or is it simply that you can find no record of it that proves it wasn't? Are you aware of the process of establishing the relevance and/or credibility of evidence? Are you aware of the process of determining the accuracy of witness detail and recall? Have you heard of the term "critical incident stress" or "critical incident recall" and how it applies to witness recall? Have you studied how audio recall can be effected by visual observation and on location of the witness to the crime? Are you aware of how witness recall can also be effected by manner of interviewing and exposure to other wits prior to establishing their testimony? These are basic 101 areas. My background is an open book, and you as a researcher and expert as you claim should have no problem verifying me and what I am stating. I would be careful on using the term "dumbass". I am coming off a vacation and go back to work to run my shift starting Sunday night. If I don't respond to your obnoxious reply, it will be for one of two reasons; (1) I will not have time (2) It will not be worth my time. Al
  14. David, That is correct by the most part. Many agents came from either the military or civilian LE and some had basic training in crime scene preservation and evidence collection. However, their focus as dignitary protection agents of the secret service was just that and under the stress of a major incident such as this, they would focus on their responsibilites. In any dignitary visit whether it was 1963 or 2006, the SS would have one agent assigned to head up each duty, such as motorcade, sight security, airport detail, intelligence. In a briefing the day prior to the visit, these agents would meet with local LE and military and give an overall briefing of the planned events. This being after they spent some time with the locals who were put in charge of the respected areas of responsibility. The intel agent would pass around data sheets on persons of concern that details their background and photos. They would then break into groups of responsibility and go over the final details of each so that those can focus on their mission of the following day. Again, these are the advance agents and not those who are travelling with the dignitary who are hands on with the dignitary, including the driver of the limo and the follow-up unit. In regards with your posting on investigative backgrounds within the SS, agents generally start out in counterfeiting prior to going into dignitary protection and that is their specialty as far as LE investigative training. In the SS Dignitary Protection Course I took some years back, we were informed that when an agent performed poorly, they would be reprimanded internally by being assigned bad duty, at the time, the worst duty was to be assigned to Lady Bird's detail where they had to drive and provide security for this little lady when she went shopping and to the beauty parlor. While off-topic, thought all would enjoy their tribulations of inner politics. Al
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