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  1. I just clicked on the link. It worked OK on my Mac. I just tried it again, using the link provided in the original email that I sent (see email above, the earliest one). That works on my Mac. Don't know how to fix the glitch you are experiencing.
  2. I do not understand why. . . Here's the link that works on my MacIntosh, a link sent to me by someone in Southern California, who simply sent it from his cell phone. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwKhqmknBdJmrCkfKjFMBWXTxGb?projector=1 I can only suggest that someone follow up with the British TV source ("This Week"), or with YouTube. Its certainly worth watching. DSL
  3. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwKhqmknBdJmrCkfKjFMBWXTxGb?projector=1 Never saw this filmed interview before. Very illuminating,nIMHO, not so much for specific content (i.e., quotes) but because it illuminates his personality. DSL
  4. DSL NOTE TO READERS (10/7/20, 9 PM PDT): In posting this edit, I am seeking to correct an important error. As originally posted, I wrote that Dr. Perry called Dr. Humes and asked, "Did you make any wounds in the back?" Pardon my error, but it was the "other way around"; i.e., it was Humes who called Perry, and asked that question, and (IMHO) that constitutes important evidence that the back wound was man-made. The source for this information was one of the two times that Perry testified. See Best Evidence, Chapters 7 - 8, for further details. Again, sorry for the error. Hi Jim;
  5. I interviewed James Jenkins at length back in September 1979 (approx), just prior to the publication of Best Evidence. He made no such statements to me at that time. (See Chapter 27 of B.E.) Further, I then conducted a multi-hour filmed interview with him, at his lakeside home. Again, Jenkins had no such recollections. Only after --well after--- Best Evidence was published (Jan 1981) did Jenkins' account change. Bottom line: only after Jenkins read the account of Paul O'Connor (to whom he was distantly related), and who described --in detail-- that the cranium was empty), did Jenkins then
  6. ((edited and modified, 6/21/2020 - 430 AM PST)). The numbered list you provided --while attempting to be "comprehensive" --does not provide an accurate picture. The idea that what happened in Dallas on 11/22/63 represented a coup was first voiced by M.S. Arnoni in a series of articles in his publication "The Minority of One," (TMO). TMO was available at the UCLA Research Library and I spent hours studying his writings back in 1965/1966. Another pioneer was Vincent Salandria who (along with Thomas Stamm) went to the National Archives, and viewed the Zapruder film and then came his (Sala
  7. Re Dr. Stewart (6/6/20): Dr. Dave Stewart’s statement was first published in a Tennessee newspaper -- part of a major article about him published a few years after the assassination. Somehow I learned of it and ordered the original microfilm record of the relevant article (from a Tennessee library, as I recall). Flash foward now to 1989 (or 1990): When I set out on my trips to Dallas (and other cities) with a film crew, I planned the itinerary divert to Tennessee, and to include a filmed interview with Dr. Stewart, in which he provided a detailed account of his background, and his acti
  8. Hi Micah: I do not understand what you are driving at, when you ask if the Bryce Miller (UPI) story "has an exclusive source". Please clarify; i.e., please reword and/or provide additional context -- because (as presently worded) I don't understand what you're trying to ascertain. Thanks. DSL (You might also email me directly at dlifton@earthlink.net, and elaborate as you wish. Thanks.)
  9. The Zapruder film was altered to hide basic facts about the murder. The "car stop" was one of those basic facts. Another concerns the parameter of time-- and specifically, the matter of "elapsed time." If the limo stopped, then the assassination was not a "six second" event, or even seven seconds. If the car stopped, the assassination was very likely closer to a 20 second event --which, by the way, is what Sheeriff Decker (who was in lead car,) said was the case. Why do I estimate 20 seconds? Because (if the car stopped) you can't bring a two-ton vehicle to a halt, and then re-accelerate it
  10. Sandy. . thanks. See my separate post, which is posted "above". DSL (5/26/20 - 7:15 AM PST)
  11. REVISED/EDIGED, 5/16/2020 - 7:15 AM PST Sandy: I was not aware of your post until now (5/16/20: 430 AM PST) Best Evidence describes my discovery of the images in the Moorman photo in Chapter 1. What is not included in the book (first published in Jan 1981) --because I discovered it years later-- is the image located on JFK's right shoulder, and which (for purposes of description) I have described as a "shoulder patch." In fact, that's a fragment of scalp and bone from the right rear portion of JFK's head, caught in flight by Moorman's camera, as she snapped her photo. Pulled downward
  12. Yes, that's true. Mart Felt, an Assistant FBI Director (I think) was Deep Throat. Google "Mark Felt, Deep Throat." There are quite a few stories that were published when --at age 90 plus-- Felt revealed the full story; and it was then confirmed by Woodward. Its really quite amazing that this secret remained hidden for so long. There are also stories about why Felt did what he did, and that concerns his own anger at being passed over for promotion to FBI DIrector (as I recall). DSL
  13. I never believed LeMay was there because, if he had been present, the FBI agents would have noted his presence on the list of individuals they included in their FBI 302 report. IMHO.
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