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  1. Don Roberdeau has done a tremendous amount of work on this and provided us all with a valuable resource. Good to see that Don has included the following: 1. Sixty-year-old F. Lee Mudd as Redshirt Man standing several steps below Emmett J. Hudson and the "young fellow. . . in his late twenties. . . [who] worked over there on Industrial" on the grassy knoll stairway. 2. Fourteen-year-old LV Stockard Junior High student Alan Smith as one of the two, letterman jacket-clad teenage boys on the Elm Street sidewalk behind and just west of the Chisms. 3. Thirty-six-year-old Doris Mumford as the woman sitting in the grass near the Newman family shortly after the shots. Thanks, Don. Ken
  2. I had the pleasure of interviewing Faye Chism nearly 15 years ago. She had no camera with her in Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination. Only her husband John and her son Ricky. So she wasn't taking photographs or shooting film. Not sure how or where you came up with that erroneous idea. Ken
  3. John, It's good to see that Chris Scally and Pat Speer came up with the same conclusion that I had about Alan Smith. Up until today, I hadn't seen their articles/remarks on this subject. A number of years ago I passed on what I had come up with at the time to Debra Conway on the Lancer forum. She had an interest in this witness. I included contact information for the school librarian and suggested that attempts be made to turn up the Stockard 1963-1964 yearbook in order to confirm that an Alan Smith had indeed been a student there. It seems like this information was then either passed on, directly or indirectly, in one way or another, to Chris Scally or Chris took note of my post himself from the forum thread. At any rate, he did exactly what I had recommended by contacting the school while I continued on with my efforts to do the same. We both discovered, independently, and unfortunately and unexpectedly, that there was no 1963-1964 yearbook in the library to review. A phone number was given to me for a city office that might be able to provide some assistance. I reached a dead end. Chris was given the same number. He persevered and got the answer that he was looking for. Good for Chris! He was able to confirm that Alan Smith was a student at the school during that time period. Bob Goodman was not. That means Goodman's story about being Alan Smith should be disregarded. Smith's location on Main Street rather than Elm Street was a simple mistake. And his mention of a building from which shots were fired being behind him (the TSBD) is correct. Have you ever been to Dealey Plaza? Very small and compact. The TSBD really was behind him. I believe witness Alan Smith, and I have no reason not to believe him. There may be more of the story to uncover if he is still alive and efforts are made to reach him. Ken
  4. Your 2? wearing school jackets and standing near the north Elm Street curb would be just two of the boys from Lester Vester Stockard Junior High School (Now Stockard Middle School). The rest of the kids can be seen running across the grassy knoll shortly after the shooting, heading for the area where the picket fence meets the Triple Underpass. By that time the two standing at the curb had run up the knoll to take refuge in the east Pergola shelter. They then joined their fellow students in the dash across the knoll toward the Underpass/fence location. All of them apparently had permission from their parents to miss school that day to see the President. One of the two at the curb, your 2? couple, would have been 14-year-old, ninth-grader Alan Smith. Ken
  5. After reviewing all of the relevant films and photos as well as statements from witnesses, I feel as confident as I've ever been that the two women, as seen in the Bronson photo, standing by the lamppost, are journalism student Cheryl McKinnon to our left of the post and 36-year-old Doris Mumford to our right of it. Immediately after the shots, the older Mumford dropped down to the grass near the Newmans. At the same time McKinnon bolted up Elm -- as seen in a frame of the Wiegman film -- and, in my opinion, was the woman who approached both officers Welcome Barnett and Joe Marshall Smith, running, in hysterics, with a report that someone was shooting from the bushes. Ken
  6. Not true that Don Hewitt and CBS have colluded in the cover up for the past 55 years. Hewitt died in 2009. Although CBS has yet to tell the full story, don't blame them. If you're looking for someone to blame, then blame the entire media, the government, and the so-called "research community" for their role in suppressing the one piece of hard evidence that would blow this case wide open. And by the way, Day One doesn't begin with Dan Rather's comments about the Zapruder film on Monday November 25, 1963. It begins with Rather on the day of the assassination. Where he was, what he did, what he said, what he didn't say for a 2 1/2 hour period from 12:30pm to 3:00pm CST. Following this simple trail leads to that one piece of hard evidence. Will anyone go there? Probably not. No one has publicly gone there for over 55 years now. Maybe it's about time. Finally. I can't stress enough that Dan Rather had no knowledge at all of the assassination before the shooting began. He did, however, find himself in a unique place that would change his life forever. Ken
  7. Reading threads from the dying so-called "research community" can be frustrating. This is where we're at after more than 55 years: Oswald is officially still the lone gunman. No conspiracy. And the "research community" has done nothing to change all that. I can't be any more clear on this. Nothing. That includes forums, journalists, authors and those beloved conferences down through the years. Here, on this thread, a forum member has said that JFK was murdered in a military-style ambush and that's as much truth as we'll ever get. Well, here's the real truth: our government and the media knew within 2 1/2 hours that there was more than one gunman thanks to what Gary Mack called "hard evidence." In other words, evidence that can't be disputed. Evidence, in this case, that's been suppressed all these years in one massive cover up. All that was needed to make it work was a "research community" that would somehow turn their collective backs on this obvious indisputable evidence. And that's exactly what has happened. The evidence is still out there. Waiting to be uncovered. What could it possibly be? Ken
  8. The shadowy figure you've circled on the east side of the grassy knoll in Bothun #4 has nothing to do with the couple who were standing at the top of the stairs (BDM) in Moorman and Betzner.
  9. By the time of the Moorman photo, the couple had already dropped down behind the wall for cover. That's why you don't see them in Moorman.
  10. We do see them in Willis and Betzner. Standing at the very top of the stairs. On the concrete. Not in the grass behind and against the retaining wall as some have said. A female closest to the camera. A male to her right, blocked from our view by the female, just as Emmett Hudson was blocked from our view by his "young fellow. . . about in his late twenties," in the Willis photo. In other words, this female and male are what we now call "Black Dog Man." They could only have been Sitzman's "colored couple. . . between 18 and 21, a boy and a girl" who were sitting on the bench prior to the motorcade coming down Elm Street. There was no one else it could have been. So, yes, we should have seen them if they had been sitting on the bench just before the shots were fired in both Willis and Betzner. But they weren't on the bench. By then they were standing at the top of the stairs. Ken
  11. Ron, I have no problem whatsoever with whether you were being serious or sarcastic about this. It was hard to tell considering your many posts over the years where you can be serious and, yes, sarcastic at times. Your answer above seems to indicate that you weren't being sarcastic but that you were serious. The young, black couple sitting on the bench behind the retaining wall left the bench to see the President and were photographed twice by two different cameramen as they stood at the top of the stairs when the shooting began. Who else could it have been? "Who was right there in the area?", you asked. That's how I understand what you were trying to say. Am I correct? I hope so. Ken
  12. Ron, I'm not sure if you're being serious or sarcastic here. Could you please clarify? Thanks. Ken
  13. Denny, Could you give us an update on how your efforts are going in obtaining a PDF document of Couch's 2007 oral history from the Sixth Floor Museum? If you've changed your mind for any reason about doing this, then let us know and I'll be glad to step in and request a copy. On the other hand, if you're in the process of proceeding as you indicated above, please indicate what Couch had to say about the "brain matter" (mistakenly called a "pool of blood" by Belin) that he saw that day. Hopefully, this will answer some questions and clarify how his story fits in with the stories of Jerry Coley and Jean Hill. It could also open up a whole new, but fascinating, can of worms. Ken
  14. I don't believe the Oral History PDF's are available online. Just give Museum Curator Stephen Fagin a call to place an order for the transcript.
  15. Malcolm Couch has two oral histories archived at the Sixth Floor Museum. One was taken in 1989, the other in 2007. The latter addresses, in detail, the pool of blood issue . A 40 page PDF document of this history can be obtained for a relatively small charge. I don't have my copy yet, but I plan to obtain one soon. I hope it clears up many questions that you and others have about this subject. It's extremely important, in my opinion. I don't believe David Belin did a very good job of making clear for all of us down through the years what Couch was trying to say.
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