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  1. Duncan.....now all you need are some before and after's showing Sitzman with a camera.... not a dig, just an observation.....keep up the good work.
  2. Did he mark the shell casings from the Tippet murder scene......or not? thanks, T.
  3. I've had the pleasure of firing a few rounds from an FAL.....nice. Ryan, or anyone....I can't recall where I've seen them, probably an old Guns n Ammo....but isn't there some kind of "brass catcher"(?) available?
  4. gee....Sal.....or whomever....where to start? You obviously don't know much about the Hell's Angels, or just how the European chapter's were started....the Angel's and the FBI?....together? excuse me while I recover from these broken ribs from laughing so hard. yes, the Angels(USA) volunteered to kill VC, but that was for show......no such thing as bad publicity.....and anyone who knows anything knows where the name came from.....and the FBI puts informant's around them, but to use them as assassins?......puhleeeeze. and.......you imply the Bear or Skip Taylor, through laParra's book, had something to do with Wilson's death....but don't elaborate.....great, thanks..I'd suggest to you that his book was nothing but a money making venture by an old out of money has been...it needed something to sell it. Because as big as CH was then, by the '80's they were largely forgotten, except for afew people like me, lol... and throw in some loopy ass timing with Janis to make it look spooky... hey Sal.......JUNKIES DIE......it happens every day.... the whole Billy Cox thing is exactly what it was....someone "dosed" him....add in that BC wasn't some big entertainment guy....he went from being Jimi's bud in the Army to being the bass player in one of the biggest acts in Rock practically overnight.....he was just a bit nervous....throw in some bad acid, and.... Now, granted, you may have a point about Michael Jefferies.....he was a shifty sort who ripped Hendrix off for BIG bucks...Hendrix was done with him, and Jefferies saw his free ride leaving.....and from everything I've read, Monica Danneman was a very " disturbed" individual.....and very possesive of Jimi....there's your best path..... I doubt Dolly Dagger had anything at all to do with anything.....it makes sense for Douglas to get her to London to get Jimi away from Ms. Danneman....Dolly's death wasn't so "mysterious".....again.... JUNKIES DIE... I'm not even sure why the Billy Cox and Devon are in this tome......fluff. could MJ have had Hendrix offed?......certainly. could MD have killed him outta jealousy of losing her only hold on her 15 minutes?....sure. but the Angel's?... the FBI?.....the Int'l Jewish Conspiracy.....(rolls eyes)
  5. Ok....this something I don't need to speculate on.....I 've been there.....so Nancy, you're saying the Angel's and the Pagan's are CO-OPERATING with each other? please elaborate.
  6. The choice of the M/C as always puzzled me, as well.....my other interest is Military History.....I know my weapons fairly well for someone who is an "armchair historian"...and have had the privilege of firing a few....my questions.. 1. An odd caliber for the Western Hemisphere, as has been pointed out, 6.5mm never "caught on" in the States.... 2. Outside of a few Beretta or special made weapons, WW2 era Italian weapons are crap....right across the board.....why would anyone use such an odd duck weapon when I'm sure there were any number of low cost options. 3. Mauser actually made a 6.5mm for the Swiss, Model1895 I believe...I would have to check on numbers and world distribution....it does resemble the M/C in that it has a magazine that is similar....don't be fooled by the age of the design.....10x better than that piece of garbage now in the Archives...it provides 6.5mm 'evidence" and allows for the initial rifle ID...a Mauser. just putting it out there as an alternative weapon. Thanks to John R., Al C. and Ryan C....I always enjoy the benefits of your insight.
  7. No, not carte blanche...but every good murder mystery needs suspects. I'd be interested in a LN reaction if it turned out that it really all DOES tie together...MIC, Bush/CIA...what would you say then?....I'm not trying to wag my tongue at you or anything, just an honest inquiry.... anyways... IMO, Ike the great organiser and staff officer, and outgoing CinC, would know when the MIC was becoming more than the machine that won The Last Good War. But I'm just a working stiff with a severe interest problem, what do I know, lol....
  8. Hmmmm....hope I've understood correctly....so I'll be brief. I'm not real hot on Greens and Grey's....much better chance LHO did it on his own, lol.... However, nothing humans do or might have done would surprise me. Particularly in the pursuit of power. A question for you, if I may? If I'm reading right, you support the LN conclusion....that's ok, I can see that side as well...although I don't believe it....so.. What do make of Eisenhower's heads up on the MIC...or MICC if you prefer? a cranky old man.....or a warning to America?
  9. Well, Paul......it would depend on just what info was being denied, wouldn't it? for example, I wouldn't want CNN or a web/print outlet revealing any current military operations plans.....that would be silly. However, to continue to deny information on an event that happened 41 years ago does tend to breed a certain sense of mistrust....IMO, all Americans certainly want to believe it is truly "for the people, by the people"....to face facts, it has always been for the very wealthy, and any benefits that trickle down the chain have made America a popular place to live.....but who wants that blatantly shoved in their face, especially after being through 12 years of American Public schools?... Perhaps I digress, but I see it like this.... If it was LHO alone....then hey, it was a natural progression of power....'Nam, etc. just being the natural course of events (mis)guided by persons put there by the system as we've more or less learned to accept it....most of us, more or slightly less.... If LHO had help...and the apperent nature of that help extended then, and continues to be extended to this day, as some posters suggest....that I tend to agree with....then it's a whole different ball game, isn't it?.....suddenly, ALL "conspiracy theories" aquire a certain legitimacy... from the "NWO" on out to...*gulp*....UFO's, lol....I've always found the Gen. Smedley Butler story fascinating, myself.... in other words, if "they" are willing to deny/lie about JFK......then what else is unplausibly deniable? to me, it invoves the base question of whether Democracy really works or not...as we learn it in the States, anyway.
  10. Hugh Thomas' epic "the Spanish Civil War"....and Anthony Beevor's work of the same name...Beevors' book is approximately 1/4 the length, but remains very informative.... If you live in the "States", those are likely the only two books that you'll easily find anyways...a shame, actually. the SCW is certainly a fascinating bit of history, no?
  11. Hi Tom, Thanks for your answer, Tom. One thing more: In your view, if Oswald did it alone, would everything else be the truth? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not entirely...a wise young lady once told me "you can't know everything"....however....IMO, IF....if....if there was a cover-up, and the events after JFK's death were stage managed...not according to JFK's script.....i.e. Viet Nam, the Fed,etc....what else in this "land of Freedom" are we being lied to about?.....or not told "for reasons of National Security"....Iraq, OBL, 9-11....Haliburton.....the list is bigger than my endurance over a keyboard....and it goes against all we learn about our particular form of democracy..... "for the people, by the people" suddenly lacks meaning, doesn't it..... " you can't trust freedom when it's not in your hands."
  12. simple.... Because if LHO didn't do it alone....everything else is a lie.
  13. thanks, Nic.....maybe it was in one of the "mighta been movies", lol...
  14. Wallace Plumbing. Didn't Julie Ann Mercer have remarks about a Wallace plumbing truck near the knoll?
  15. Thanks for your responses, gentlemen... Al, I would have my doubts as to accuracy as well. Just something I was mulling over on a slow day....
  16. This is possibly off topic, however it's something I've been curious about... LHO's supposed weapon is an Italian made 6.5mm.... If you were going to pin this weapon on the assassin, would it not make sense to use that calibre as the one of choice that day? Accounting for fragments would be made much easier, as any fragment or whole bullets would be linked to LHO's weapon. Even the same ammo batch could be used. I recently came across an Italian made semi-auto rifle, WW2 era, that would fit the bill....supposedly accurate, but not widely issued due to the suseptibility of the action to dirt and typical battlefield conditions. 10,000 were manufactured, according to my web-source. Theoretically, it would account for the "fusillade" of shots. also, btw, I think Weismann(?) made an honest mistake of identification. Apologies for using the words "supposed" and "theoretically"....but hey... thanks, T.
  17. Tom Kutzer, I'm in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. I am 40 yrs old....I've been interested for 34 yrs... I have read damn near EVERYTHING on this (JFK assassination). Sorry, no degrees.....no class to teach.....I'm just a citizen.
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