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  1. Fernandez Feito was the alias of Ignacio Hernandez Garcia, a Cuban Exile who worked for Ramon Buenrostro Cortez in Texas. They worked for the Intercontinental Company of Garland, Texas, a subsidiary of Lionel Corporation. 'Feito' also worked with Lorenzo Saunders during this time.
  2. FWIW, I believe stuff like this gives credence to those that put the JFK Assassination in the realm of 'Frank Sinatra's drummer was on the grassy knoll,' and 'extra-terrestrials saw Kennedy's Space Program as threat to alien pre-eminence' theories. Agreed.
  3. 1642, except it's possibly 1643, there is a slight curvature when edge detecting that indicates a possible 3. It would be nice to see other versions in other save formats. The last two letters on the lower line could be RE,AC the first in that line may be N I am thinking it is 1644, I am trying to enhance it though. From preliminary enhancement of the bottom half I get F81 183 38JC
  4. _____________________________________ Gratz, Interesting question. Unfortunately I don't know the answer. Hey, have you ever noticed that the names "Abraham Lincoln" and "John F. Kennedy" both have an even number of letters?? _____________________________________ There are many "coincidences" between Lincoln and Kennedy: Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters. Both were
  5. Mark and Ron, thanks for the thoughts, Was just wondering if this car could possibly be with the fire department or possibly a taxicab? There are no lights or sirens on the roof and the DPD Criminal Investigation Departments cars were unmarked.
  6. Thanks Steve, I am slowly reading through the Jack threads and through the case book site, should be able to add comments soon, Cheers, Adam.
  7. Would any forum members know what the numbers are on the side of Patrol Car #337? Any other photographs are appreciated. Cheers, Adam.
  8. This is not about Jack, but I had no idea where else to put it. Nobody will ever know what went on in the mind of Ed Gein. Just what was the dark and terrible world he inhabited that caused him to rob graves? What made him create a second skin of female skin, live in what was little more than a human abattoir and murder two women who he subsequently mutilated and disembowelled? After his arrest, Gein related in detail to psychiatrists how he had robbed graves, but was never able to explain what had happened when he murdered, he only ever confessed to one killing and all he would say was th
  9. Happy New Year...yes even to you Ms. Foster....where has she gone by the way? Havnt heard from her for quiet a few weeks.
  10. I have reports of the following: Barbee Specimen: Found embedded in the roof of a building located at 1615 Stemmons Freeway by William Barbee in 1966. The building, about 1/4 a mile away from the TSBD was in the line of fire from the sixth floor window. It was handed over to the FBI where they determined the bullet to be a .30 calibre full metal jacketed military bullet. This bullet is consistent with that which could be shot from the CIA's silenced M-1 .30 calibre carbine. Lester Specimen: A bullet fragment found in Dealey Plaza by Richard Lester in 1974. Its precise location was reported
  11. Its 41 degrees celcius in Sydney this Christmas Eve Merry Christmas to all
  12. Stephen and the gang: Have you noticed her absence? To what do we attribute this? (John's common sense kicking in or she found other places to haunt.) Either way.....tis a nice Christmas present. Another was that the local 3rd court of appeals here in AUstin has said "No and no" re Tom Delay. No special Christmas favors to that Republican (alleged) criminal. Dawn I actually have noticed her absence, they have made mine even happier holidays Merry Christmas everyone
  13. Thanks for the info Lee. I will have a closer look through the Warren report. I would be extremely interested to find out LBJ's frequencies.
  14. I'm almost certain that's the one, although I could be wrong. Has anybody got any details on this?
  15. Can anybody answer these questions for me? What radio frequencies did the SS use? And what frequency were LBJ and Bowers operating on? Thanks.
  16. Does anybody have any information on Patrol Car #337? It is shown at an odd angle on the Elm Street Extension on Roberdeau’s diagram. Any information on the car at all is appreciated,
  17. I agree, if there is even the smallest chance of an innocent person being executed then capital punishment should be ended. Unfortunately it is not just a small chance, many people are found to be innocent after they are executed. However, what about these innocent people being given life sentences? I think a life sentence could be as bad, if not worse than the death penalty.
  18. Adam Wilkinson

    Google Talk

    I also downloaded it to try it out. I don't know enough people who have accounts with gmail though, they all have MSN. So I think I will stick to MSN.
  19. Thanks Steve, I wish you and all other forum members a happy, safe Christmas and New Year.
  20. Although it does breach privacy laws, I do support it. What's the problem if you have nothing to hide?
  21. Ms. Foster has broken rules 4 and 6 on many occasions . My question is why is she still here? Three strikes and your out I say Ms. Foster, if we followed this rule, you would have been banned long ago.
  22. Again, wikipedia provides some interesting information. Reading up earlier, I also found that the U.S still legalises hanging, fire ring squad and the gas chamber as a form of execution, however, prisoners in most states are allowed to choose their method of death, and rarely do they choose these forms over the virtually painless lethal injection Wikipedia - Death Penalty
  23. Massive riots have erupted in Sydney after a ten year build up was boiled over by the beating of two surf life savers by Lebanese gangs. Over 5,000 Australians have rioted in the beachside town of Cronulla, bashing people of middle eastern descent. retaliation attacks have followed by Lebanese gangs who are bashing innocent people, setting fire to cars and buildings and stabbing innocent bystanders. today, a Lebanese friend of mine was threatened by a white Australian man with a bashing and rape. We see this elsewhere but never do we think it will happen on our doorstep.
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