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  1. It is remarkable how little I disagree with your comments, it would be worth a moment to point out that what I hope is my contribution to JFK research, is not so much to influence perceptions but, in the words of the late Gerry Patrick Hemming to "keep it real;" So, in that sense what is incumbent upon me is to make sure everyone who reads my posts is "aware" of what is in the universe of facts, speculation and leads, with an emphasis on the latter. So, I am not advocating a particular belief as much as letting individuals do their own thinking. As they say in the movie JFK...Clay Shaw....
  2. I do not believe there is any one opinion, or interpretation of "facts" that can make two Mexican officials description of a "blond Oswald" fall into the same first-day evidence subsequently dismissed as inaccurate... What were those discarded statements? Weapon described as "Argentine Mauser," 30.06 rifle, Oswald-Ruby ties alleged, decades later it is asserted that when Jack Ruby called 1026 N. Beckley and the line was busy, Jack would call with the pretext of an emergency, and the operator would cut-in. Obviously, the point-counterpoint has went on ad infimitum. Well, there is another ac
  3. If everyone had had a camera as good as Stuart Reed Jr., [he took the photos in front of the Texas Theater of coffee table book quality] that day, we wouldn't even be having this debate. because it would be obvious who it was. I do think, David Joseph's photos he posted are extremely interesting, especially the last one.
  4. I second Larry Hancock in this matter, the bottom line is that to believe Mary Ferrell's online database which has everything except the proverbial kitchen sink in terms of content helps coverup the truth, is to impugn the character of Rex Bradford, and that doesn't fly. This reminds me of the same type of comments made about Bernard Fensterwald, he was knee deep in JFK research, and an extremely valuable asset to JFK research. Having said that Gerry Patrick Hemming used to visit Mary Ferrell back in the day, but you would have to have been there to know what that was all about. Hemming also v
  5. Chicago Tribune (IL) - October 07, 1964 Deceased Name: Dr. Winfred Overholser Dr. Winfred Overholser , 72, psychiatrist and retired superintendent of St. Elizabeth's hospital in Washington, a federal institution for the mentally ill, who pioneered in the use of group therapy, tranquilizing drugs, and many therapeutic agents in the treatment of mental disease; of a heart ailment, in Washington.
  6. There was, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 34, 1963, a 14 year old named Alan Smith who witnessed the JFK shooting on November 22, 1963. The article didn't mention his having a bicycle, but did say he had his parents permission to stay home for the drive through Dallas. He was, in his words about 10 feet from JFK's limo at the time of the shots...He was a ninth-grade student at Stockard Junior High School...FWST "Boy Tell's of Seeing Shooting" I didn't realize Chris Scally had written about this http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=146599&search=Bicycle#relP
  7. Ron Ecker I have the book and there is nothing at all in it about the assassination. John F. Kennedy is not even in the index. Is there a loose timeline of his career; I take it there is no account of his stay at the Fort Worth Hotel?.....lol
  8. Just for the record, when it comes to Lansdale he did write his own book, I've always wanted to get it, but not at some outrageous price. It's called.... In the Midst of Wars: An American's Mission to Southeast Asia By Edward Geary Lansdale As much as I wish, I doubt he really goes out on a limb and gets into topics like Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 or much else. But I don't know. Although he's not one of my fav researchers Bruce C. Adamson has a couple of mimeographed copies of photos of Fletcher Prouty in the same photo with Howard Burris, who also [besides Lansdale] figures into de-cl
  9. Mr. Jack Cason and wife Gladys, TSBD; Years after 11/22/63 Glady's wrote of her living on Druid Lane, the 1963 Dallas White Pages have Jack Cason living at 4015 Druid Lane .....Funny thing so did Ramon B. Cortes, 5534 Druid Lane he was affiliated with Transcontinental S.A., of which there are several documents on maryferrell.org Here is one. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1559&relPageId=12 Reminds me of the Cheers theme..."Where Everybody Knows Your Name"
  10. Mae Brussell was the penultimate researcher into ODESSA, and similar areas, and stands in need of updating and fact-checking. My own efforts in this area are well documented on the Forum. There is one book [below] that mentions Werner Von Alvensleben and Hjalmar Schacht as inhabiting the same Nazi circles. http://www.amazon.com/German-Big-Business-Rise-Hitler/dp/0195042352 Alvensleben's son, of course was friends with D. H. Byrd and the latter credited Hans Udet as saving him from trouble when he traveled to Germany before Pearl Harbor. A long time ago, I was, and still am, fascinated by
  11. Someone Bill would know a little about...... https://www.ikn.army.mil/apps/MIHOF/biographies/Matlack,%20Dorothe.pdf
  12. The Logansport Press from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12 www.newspapers.com/newspage/4023242/ ....Congo and Algerian issues and Rome's "cosmobiologist," Prof. Tommaso Palamidessi, forecast Kennedy "will obtain notable solutions to eliminate the cold war...... Robert I believe this is an AP article from December 20, 1960.....the full article is rather interesting.....
  13. Ferguson "Fergie" Dempster I believe was a member of SIS. I found the following to be enlightening. Malaya's Secret Police 1945-60: The Role of the Special ... - Page 16 https://books.google.com/books?isbn=9812308296 Leon Comber - 2008 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions In 1954, Sir John Sinclair, a senior MI6 officer from London, and Fergie Dempster, the MI6 representative in Saigon, flew to Washington, DC, to discuss intelligence operations in the Far East with Allen Dulles, the CIA Director-General. The following book mentions Dempster, ASIO and how Fergie Dempster interfaced with the
  14. Hosey Lee McCoy's Bad Day.......actually the title is.... Fuse Box 'Shorts' at Medical Arts Dallas Morning News, page 1 April 3, 1964 A fuse box in the 18th floor kitchen of the Medical Arts Hospital, Pacific and St. Paul shorted out about 6:45 p.m. Thursday, but there was no fire or explosion, and no one was injured. Janitor Hosey Lee McCoy told firemen he was mopping the kitchen floor when the electrical flash exploded. He was examined at Parkland Hospital and released. Thanks to James Richards for posting his full name. I did a lot of digging and this was all I found, except
  15. Larry, is correct regarding my confusion between Odio and Lorenz. The Lopez Report states [page 277-78] In 1972 Ms Odio married a Communist painter named Rudolfo Sanabria Gonzalez, and moved to Rio Neba-16, Apartment 40. On May 24, 1972, Ms Odio was found dead in her bathtub. The official presiding at her autopsy concluded that she poisoned herself. Apologies for the confusion. Here is the URL http://aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/hsca/lopezrpt/pdf/LopezRpt_8_Appendices.pdf Think I am losing it. This Odio was Silvia's sister, not Silvia. I am having some problems obviously. Sorry
  16. Larry, I couldn't agree more about Ms. Connell. There are a few things that should be pointed out. The "Odio incident" will be argued ad infinitum, because there is simply not enough definitive information to come to a consensus about so many aspects to the story. I will throw this out. The book Hitlist Richard Belzer has 50 persons cited, Silvia Odio is not one of them, nor am I suggesting she should be. Yet, according to one document or book interview, her mother worked for the National Security Agency, no-one to my knowledge has ever explored that area, and the Lopez Report states that when
  17. I remember reading Brandy, Brandstetter's bio, in retrospect, I realize how much self-aggrandizement plays into some JFK related books. Obviously, a certain amount of reality about the former can be gleaned by fact-checking in that area. Some things I didn't know back then included the fact that Don Carlos Trouyet (died 1971) was the architect who built Las Brisas, of Brandstetter lore. [source Jefferson Morley: Our Man in Mexico) In addition, to what is known about Win Scott, whom Morley described Scott's personal politics as to the right of then segregationist Alabama Gov. George Walla
  18. http://khmerization.blogspot.com/2015/03/jacqueline-kennedys-charm-offensive.html The Magazine source for this article is McCall's, but a 1968 Saturday Evening Post article is much more detailed, revealing that Averell Harriman was directly involved in circumstances which lead to Jackie's trip to Cambodia. The point of this is that it is not certain that Jackie knew who was behind her husband's murder, but would she have went on a diplomatic mission to Cambodia arranged by the person responsible for his death? Harriman as JFK Conspirator might fly on the Forum, but not in the real world.
  19. Here is the section from No More Silence, containing the Harry D. Holmes interview. Harry D. Holmes U.S. Postal Inspector “In the case of Oswald, I don’t think that he would have ever confessed; he was that adamant. He was so direct. He’d look you right in the eye and ask you a question. He had an uncanny ability to determine or guess when I had evidence or when I was fishing… In fact, I thought in my own head that probably in Russia he had been trained to evade questions and be able to keep himself composed to guard what he wanted to keep secret…” Born in Indian Territory in 1
  20. When D. H. Byrd maintained an office in the Tower Petroleum Building he had two photographs hung on his wall. They were photographs of a German World War I ace, named Col. Ernst Udet, who was credited with some 62 kills. After World War I ended, he even made it over to the United States to do some stunt-flying. He also was very close to Herman Goering, who swallowed cyanide before the Nuremberg gallows could take him. According to a Dallas Morning News article shortly before Udet's suicide, [D. H. Byrd was interviewed in the same article] where Byrd mentioned he had met Udet circa 1935, where
  21. patsy (n.) "fall guy, victim of a deception," 1903, of uncertain origin, possibly an alteration of Italian pazzo "madman" (see patch (n.2)), or south Italian dialectal paccio "fool." Another theory traces it to Patsy Bolivar, character created by Billy B. Van in an 1890s vaudeville skit who was blamed whenever anything went wrong. "Poor Rogers," Vincent said, still smiling, "he is always the 'Patsy Bolivar' of the school." "Yes," Frank answered, "if there are any mistakes to be made or trouble to fall into, Rogers seems to be always the victim." ["Anthony Yorke," "A College Boy," 1899] h
  22. Holmes death if it is even in the Dallas Morning News archives is for 10/16/89... I did a search that did not pull it up but I think there is some mechanism that screened it out. As soon as my health gets better I will go to the source. I am not the only one working on this. If there was a counterpart to Harry Holmes it was the Dallas Secret Service'S Robert Steuart; he was so similar he was not mentioned period in some of the recent JFK/Secret Service tomes. Thought for the day: During the Worlds Fair in Chicago, a mass murderer was killing people in droves who came to the fair his name....
  23. For those interested, Harry D Holmes died in Garland, Texas on October 14, 1989. Anyone who can get a copy posted here would be very helpful. I have dozens of JFK related obits, but I have never found Harry D. Holmes.
  24. There was a Jack Martin who was the very erratic companion of Guy Banister, then there was John Martin, as mentioned before he was practically tailing Oswald after LHO left the Depository. In addition, some of Oswald's paychecks in New Orleans were cashed by a Martin. It had, at one time been my view that there may have been some sleight-of-hand regarding John Martin's name or even his background. This is all very complicated when you're trying to find inconsistencies, in the official version of events....So, James Hosty interviewed in a one paragraph Warren Commission document of someone name
  25. I didn't say it was suspicious, I said I didn't know they knew each other.......Lighten up Francis
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