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  1. One of the reasons, I won't walk away from the Rose Marcades aka Cheramie story is I have digged enough to realize she was not really some peripheral person in the assassination of JFK. Remember that when Francis Fruge contacted the Dallas Police regarding her, they "were not interested." (We've got our man on All Counts). When you read the following remember that Lee Oswald had a connection to the same hospital..... Todd Elliot writes, in A Rose by Many Other Names - page 44. Rose was arrested on 10-29-63 by the Houston Police Department for "drk & abu lang (drunk and abusive language).
  2. Cant help but think G. W. Becker identity in Warren Commission document cited above was really person below. Lt. Col. George N. Becker Retired from the Army and Allstate Insurance Company, Lt. Col. George N. Becker was the grateful son of Rev. James and Helen Becker. He graduated from Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio, and was a member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He was a life member of the American Legion and past Commander of Post 36, a member of Post 134, a member of the Army Counter Intelligence Corps Veterans, a past commander of the Chicago Chapter of the Militar
  3. Thanks for the heads-up; I remember some of those comments; along the lines of Oz, allegedly telling NY officials "he was abducted in the Soviet Union, while on guard duty." I suppose the ultimate conundrum about the assassination legacy is the inability to tell who is telling the truth about "their accounts" of virtually any topic. Thanks for the post. I have always been a big fan of yours, and you certainly have made an immense contribution to authentic research since back in the day; which is no small feat.
  4. There is something of a correlative on the American political far-right that tacitly endorses any and all military excesses by the IDF best exemplified by the old news story below. http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Glenn-Beck-heading-to-Israel-again-for-summer-rally I am not anti-Semitic by any stretch of the imagination, and I realize Hamas and like minded groups most assuredly share in the conundrum, however universal acceptance of any disregard for human life is reprehensible in my mind. Persons of Mr. Beck's ilk seem to believe Israel is "incapable" of anything that is not hol
  5. Thanks! Any valid government document that states Oswald went to the Soviet Union with State Department approval, can't be insignificant. The sentence about studying in Switzerland under the G. I. Bill is perplexing to me in the sense, there are no supporting documents, elaborating on that; It makes me wonder just what were in some of those missing, destroyed documents.
  6. Reprinted from Warren Commission document 75 verbatim is the following. Mr. HAROLD J. STAFFORD, Regional Attorney, Room 901, 1401 Commerce Street, Department of Health Education and Welfare (HEW) Dallas, Texas, advised that one of the programs of the Social Security Administration is the arranging for temporary assistance to United States citizens and their dependents who have returned from a foreign country and are without available resources. The program is financed with Federal funds. Mr. STAFFORD informed that the Dallas files reflect several pieces of correspondence under the caption - "
  7. As everyone knows, one of my ersatz areas of interest has to do with cryptologic history. Bamford, by far, is the MC, when it comes to this area; Body of Secrets is the penultimate book re NSA overlap with the Kennedy saga. Operation Shamrock is a interesting area, one of my observations has to with the 303 Committee. A 303 Committee document at maryferrell.org seems to provide a 1963 chronology, with a large amount of redactions. Two people, mentioned in the 303 Committee document, [not incl. here;] who are not exactly household names are Dr. MacMillan and Colonel Frank Steakley1. We all k
  8. Although, what is cited is not about the Kennedy Assassination, although the book does cite Carl Oglesby's The Yankee & Cowboy War. It was something else that I found in it that was real enlightening. A few months ago, I purchased Law & History: The Evolution of the American Legal System - Anthony Chase - 1997 - The New Press; It is, a very hard read unless you are well versed in reading Legal Journals, but at the end of the book, Chapter IV, the article Wake Of The Flood, is noteworthy. I suppose one could call the piece an "analysis of global and nation state eco-political hist
  9. The two pages I previously cited, [after going through some other old threads I posted on], sort of leave you hanging; so I am going to go back and try to piece all of it together. I will post all of it, but it will take some time. Bear with me.
  10. Now maybe researchers will see why I beat the dead horse, about the original Warren Commission documents. Did anyone know that the first re-enactment of the JFK shooting with a limousine took place on November 27, 1963! This is according to the Dallas Times Herald, and I do not believe anyone knew that. Where does it say that? CD 87 see below https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=10490&relPageId=664 MOVEMENT RE-ENACTED In preparation for its report to the Justice Department, the FBI Friday re-enacted movements of the fatal motorcade past the Texas S
  11. I am also very, very excited about the news; kudows to all responsible.
  12. Regarding Steven Gaal's last post, going by memory, it was either before or after, or both that some Spanish newspaper(s) were purchased. Details escape me, although I do remember that William Gaudet published the Latin American Newsletter, which was funded by the CIA; La Prensa was also an interesting paper.Regarding Paul's comments on Phillips and Angleton with Winston Scott out of the loop, I find quite accurate, with Goodpasture also helping the former. But my one observation has to do with the Colonel Bishop that Dick Russell interviewed, I always thought this was a different "Bishop," an
  13. The following document in two pages contains some rather explosive assertions, that tend to, at least in my mind be very credible; While not, as the title of this thread reads JFK and RFK, but JFK and MLK. also the document in its entirety, is explosive. Time does not permit me to post excerpts, but it is from the Church Committee Papers. https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=1462&relPageId=36
  14. Under your section in United Technologies, the company Smith Kline is mentioned. Although the title is different, when the FBI interviewed some of the associates of Ruth and Michael Paine in Philadelphia, one of those persons interviewed was employed by the Smith Kline French Foundation. Although I am not sure if, or if not, there is a relationship with Smith Kline the pharmaceutical firm. All of these years later however, it seems in the realm of probability that the Smith Kline French Foundation had a relationship to the world of behavioral psychiatry....... See below; I found the sm
  15. He was a former FBI Agent, who went to work as security chief for the H. L. Hunt family from 1957-1969, among other things, according to Dick Russell he provided an inside scoop to the security surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald the weekend of the assassination, probed information being gathered by Jim Garrison about the Hunt family and being available for interviews for select persons. If I had an interview list regarding the JFK Assassination, he would be in there with Postal Inspector Harry Holmes, to name but one. The Hunt family fired Rothermel in 1969, and was sued by the family or maybe it w
  16. No, there isn't. You will notice I included the footnote reference, which was the most specific segment of the account in Belzer's book. You may remember that there was a big flap between Walt Brown and members of another JFK Forum, who wanted Walt to produce JFK Documents he had with a deceased researcher, whose name escapes me. I have wondered if, perhaps Walt's information came from that. Which, is just speculation on my part. I am sure others know more about this than I do. As to the Rothermel/Ragsdale issue, I am confused about that myself. But my position about this whole story is conv
  17. It would be "very interesting indeed," if we could tie Rose Cheramie's death to H. L. Hunt or Lady Bird / LBJ. Two Questions-- 1) Was Jerome Ragsdale Lady Bird's attorney, Madeline Brown's son, or both? Answer: The lawsuit, as I understood it, was that initially Jerome Ragsdale was accused by the Brown's of being the father, and that allegedly Jerome Thorne Ragsdale claimed he was the father, then after a period of time, with the previous litigation either in limbo, or the case did not proceed because Scott Brown never appeared for a court date; then at that point Steven Brown filed
  18. There has been a very unusual twist to the Rose Cheramie/Melba Marcades story. A recent book, which I have mentioned in one of my recent posts, HIT LIST: An In-Depth Investigation Into The Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination - Richard Belzer & David Wayne - 2013 - Skyhorse Publishing, contains a short passage provided by the authors by Walt Brown. The passage in question; page 51, reads as follows: .......Rose Cheramie, on the other hand, is always listed as "Big Sandys," Texas. It is never taken far enough to state that she was found on the easement to the property
  19. Have you heard about the book Talking To Rudolf Hess? See http://www.amazon.com/Talking-Rudolf-Hess-Desmond-Zwar/dp/B006G80YXI
  20. I spent a considerable amount of time researching the Tippit shooting, knowing that Dale Myers book, while considered the Bible of the topic by mainstream media, had a fatal flaw; that being that it was more or less written in the same vein as the Vincent Bugliosi style; meaning the verdict in his book as Oswald as Tippit's killer was a predetermined conclusion. Having come to that conclusion, and being aware that a writer for the Detroit Free Press, at the time the FBI and Dallas Police were interviewing Tippit murder scene witnesses Roberts stated words to the effect that a suspiciou
  21. Brian Freemantle, who is more known in mainstream circles as a spy novelist ala John LeCarre, but also has written about the CIA and the International Drug Trade, alleged in the book, about the latter, entitled The Fix, that Lady Isabella Frankau, who died in May 1967 was connected to a drug network that was at worst on the periphery of social circle that included Stephen Ward. I am not familiar enough with Freemantle's work, or Lady Frankau to have an opinion about the issue, but thought someone might know more about the veracity of the claims. From what I have read, it doesn't seem t
  22. My guess is that the uniform is from Absolute Security Company, a DMN article dated October 5, 1981, mentions the company was responsible for the event. There were also individuals from Southwest Seminary present. See Dallas Morning News; Second burial lacks eulogy, solemn rites; 10-05-1981 - Page: 4;
  23. One of the more ironic facts regarding being a JFK researcher in 2014 is that while there is the usual debate taking place between the "conspiracy theorists" and the "official historians," the latter who occupy center stage on any television specials in the media world, is that very bona fide books continue to come out. Much to my delight, a week ago, I purchased the book referenced below http://www.amazon.com/Hit-List-Investigation-Mysterious-Assassination/dp/1620878070 see If I were to rank this book on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9. Many past and present members of th
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