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  1. Wow, this is great Robin. I can't speak for anyone else, but you guys from Down Under rock! Viewing these photos makes me think of all the people of Dallas, I've spoken to over the years. I believe it is one of those things right out of Ripley's Believe It or Not, that while Dallas has its negative association with the assassination, I would be hard pressed, to recall a single person in Dallas that bought into the official version of how JFK was killed. There are many many people in Dallas, who, myself included, look at that day as one of, if not the greatest tragedy of our time. Whether
  2. If I remember correctly, no one put a gun to Walker's head to distribute John Birch Society material to his troops. If anyone remembers when General Edwin Walker testified before the Warren Commission, he was one of a handful of persons, who came to testify who actually seemed to enjoy delving into the concept of a conspiracy regarding the assassination, albeit with the imprimatur that said conspiracy was left wing in its roots, he even delved into the death of George Deen, who had died before the assassination of JFK in Dallas in a fire. While I have arguably made enough contributions here o
  3. Thanks Tom. I wanted to wait until I found more corroborating information, before I responded. There is a book by Mitch Helpern?, not sure that states the "magic bullet" was found on a schoolboy's stretcher, or something to that effect. At any rate, the downside to "how all this happened" at Parkland sadly, does not seem to include Jack Ruby dropping off the bullet on a stretcher, as chronicled in Oliver Stone's JFK, but it might be worth reminding that a Bay of Pigs veteran Rodolfo Godinez, was a anesthesiologist at Parkland, Dr. Crenshaw, of course has his input, although his book
  4. I tried to assimilate the most pertinent information, and I hope that everybody familiar with the whole Dallas element of the assassination weighs in, and as egotistical as I do not want to seem, I think there may be some new facts in here, as well as a feeling Patrick Dean may have been an insider regarding the whole "estate" business, the one that was "being guarded" on 11/22/63, although that is speculative on my part... OFFICER WHO HEARD JACK RUBY'S CONFESSION DIES The Dallas Morning News - Sunday, August 14, 1988 Patrick T. Dean, 56, the Dallas police officer who said he heard Jack R
  5. Commission Document 296 - Post Office Dept. Summary of 17 Jan 1964 re: Postal Inspection Assistance page 2 also CE 1797 In accordance with the request of the Honorable Earl Warren, Chairman, President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, there are attached two copies of an summary setting forth the assistance rendered by the Postal Inspection Service in the investigation of the assassination. There are also attached for the confidential information of the Commission two copies of the front and back of POD form 2153x dated September 18, 1963, covering a publication calle
  6. A Record from Mary Ferrell's Database Record: KANTOR, MARVIN ----- Sources: HSCA, Vol. XII, p. 364; CIA 1004-400; CIA 1188-1000; HSCA Reel 9, Box 7, Folder J, K (AMKW 7) Mary's Comments: DOB: 5/9/34. POB: New York, NY. Parents Irving and Sarah Brodsky Kantor. Married Lis Petersen (Danish girl) in Copenhagen 8/13/61. Educ. Copenhagen Univ, 1961. Fordham Univ., M.A. 1962. Univ of Michigan, Ph.D. 1966. Lecturer in Slavic Languages Univ of Michigan, 1964-66. Brooklyn College of City Univ of New York, Brooklyn, NY, asst Professor of Russian, 1966-67. Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL, asst. prof. o
  7. It is strange for me that Mr. Hilsman passed away, as only a week or so ago, I came across a book he wrote entitled American Guerrilla: My War Behind Japanese Lines - 1990, in 2005 the book became part of Potomac Books, Inc, Series of War series, I do not know if the Series of War edition is different from the original 1990 release. A few years ago, I started reading various memoirs of JFK Administration officials; Hilsman, from my viewpoint, was very forthright in his reminisces and, as one who is no stranger to the various persons in the JFK Administration, I believe he supported JFK in a
  8. Ron, I have asked myself the same question. A pat answer, would be that anything is possible. But, obviously something more rooted in specifics is desired. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that the flaw in Armstrong's belief, hinges on the account of the "Tippit" family that told the story of Harvey Oswald stated specifically that Harvey & his family were Communists, so if you take that assertion to it's ultimate conclusion, then Harvey would be part of a Communist conspiracy, which, supports the conclusion of known disinformation stories by everyone from Michael Eddowes to the U
  9. Sorry about the incorrect document reference. Here is the correct page https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=10428&relPageId=10 As best as I can tell, [you know how all these persons are scattered throughout various Warren Commission documents] in CD 27 the only name reference is the soldier named "QUIROGA." But in other documents there is, apparently "in investigating" the possible identity of "QUIROGA" at the border the day of the assassination, attention is directed to a soldier at Fort Bragg, named ANTHONY MICHAEL QUIROGA. At Fort Bragg, investigatio
  10. To: Bill Simpich, one last thing.....I am a little skewed in posting this because I don't have access to my files. But I saw a Warren Commission Document.....pretty sure it was CD 1084, page 48; thought it dovetailed nicely with the whole post-assassination confusion, but in the sense of being like a scene from Stone's JFK that should have been in the movie. It is a story about a Mexican Border Patrol agent talking to a U.S. Army soldier named "QUIROGA." The border between Texas and Mexico has been sealed for at least awhile, [this is November 22, 1963, of course] and QUIROGA tells the border
  11. Bill, As you have been doing your research have you ever read the interview of LHO's fellow Marine Allen R. Felde, where he describes the "books" Oswald had in his possession? See below 1224. Commission Document 1229 - FBI Schoenecker Report of 26 Jun 1964 MILWAUKEE 5 pages re: Oswald - Russia/Cuba page 1 LEE HARVEY OSWALD ALLAN R FELDE Milwaukee Wisconsin advised that he served in the U.S..Marine Corps from October 1956 to September 1957 with LEE HARVEY OSWALD. FELDE described OSWALD as continually discussing politics and writing to U.S. Senators.....OSWALD condemned U.S. partici
  12. Otto Skorzeny had a relationship with Josef Spacil see http://books.google.com/books?id=kHpGSYf27HgC&pg=PA112&dq=Spacil&hl=en&sa=X&ei=1toAU5PyFMfuyQGgkIG4Aw&ved=0CDEQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=Spacil&f=false which is one reason why the Bonn Memorandum regarding someone named Oswald in Vienna is of interest to me, and Franz Spacil. Of course, the time frame for this particular era is years before the Kennedy assassination. Nothing ever surpasses research more than hard work, and although I don't enjoy banging my own drum, I am intimately familiar with Oswald's 201 File
  13. After reading what I am posting here, there is a serious, very serious question that needs to be addressed, at least in the 'eliminating wheat from the chaff" department. See end of post. JAMES CRITCHFIELD, CIA OFFICIAL WHO RECRUITED NAZIS, BAATHISTS By MARK FRITZ, Associated Press writer NEW YORK -- James H. Critchfield, a powerful CIA insider during the Cold War whose anti-Soviet missions included recruiting former Third Reich operatives and supporting the Iraqi political party that put Saddam Hussein in power, died Tuesday from pancreatic cancer in Williamsburg, Va., his family said. He wa
  14. John, I have been intending to respond to your Postal Service JFK Debate thread, but there never seems to be enough time for anything for me lately. Hopefully, I can get in there before the JFK Forum goes kerplunk. At any rate, you may remember my post about Lady Jean Campbell, Norman Mailer and their "work researchin" JFK's assassination, lol; at any rate when I was looking at an obit on the Guardian Co., UK..... I came across the following comments, circa 2007, which looked at the very least politically incorrect, in this era when Eric Snowden is in the Nobel laureate circle and the mostly
  15. Ballistics and the humanitarian rifle, were never something that I explored in depth. Which was because back in the day, George Michael Evica see his book And We Are All Mortal pretty much cinched that the Warren Report version of "Oswald and the Fateful Rifle was your basic fairy tale. Mind you, I am not trying to answer any of the detailed thoughts being explored here, but there is some excellent work that has been done in this area. The URL below contains the article The Great Carcano Swindle By Bill MacDowall © 2000 http://www.oocities.org/whiskey99a/carcano.html As far as the 7.65 Carc
  16. It was entirely by chance, but I discovered that in Peter Dale Scott's - Deep Politics & The Death of JFK, pps. 367-68 footnote to section from page 230 HOOVER, BOBBY BAKERAND THE ELLEN ROMETSCH STORY, he elaborated on the similarity between the former and the Profumo Scandal. Below is the footnote in its entirety. Some miscellaneous speculations: Owen, it will be recalled, was with Ruby's stripper friend Candy Barr in 1957, just before she was arrested. Both Lester May, her attorney in that case and his brother-in-law Gordon McLendon (whom Ruby listed as one of his six closest frien
  17. I probably wont win any popularity contest for posting this, but hopefully we all agree that when there is a discrepancy in this case, John R & Minnie Smith as John Armstrong's ersatz other Oswald ID, will not shoot the messenger but deal with the information presented. Some of what John Armstrong wrote about John R. & Minnie Smith is not exactly accurate. For instance he wrote, in Harvey and Lee that the Warren Commission did not have a single document about the two, which is not correct. http://www.acorn.net/jfkplace/03/JA/DR/.dr04.html The connection that I discovered is in tw
  18. CD 1396 Marie Francis Gassway Tippit recieved an extortion note from Germany implying that J D Tippit was part of the conspiracy two pages later the document states that Pansy [Patsy?] Anglin of 320 Glencairn is helping “handle the extortion” attempt See http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=11791&relPageId=121 The person behind the extortion attempt allegedly was Alvin Edgar Philip Wolfgang aka D. Evershire of Amsterdam letter of confirmation to be sent to Charles Rozenblad, Admiralengracht 142. 1 The Netherlands, Amsterdam Wim M Rehorst Directie Politie advise
  19. TIME Magazine Southeast Asia: Family Tradition Friday, June 29, 1962 Even civilian families no longer find it strange in "peacetime" to have their sons dispatched to the world's remote corners; for service families, the deep U.S. commitment in Southeast Asia is merely the renewal of a tradition. The sixth U.S. fighting man to die in the jungle war since last December, when U.S. "advisers" began to accompany Vietnamese forces into battle, was 1st Lieut. William F. Train III, 24, West Pointer ('58) and son of Major General William Train, commandant of the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks
  20. There is only one other person I can think of who would be a part of the "dramatis personae," his connection is mentioned in some obscure WC document; HIs name was Roel Everhard Wolfgang, he was in Germany and he had sent letters to, get this, Profumo and Marie Tippit, the letters were extortion attempts, pure and simple, the investigation ostensibly revealed he was a well known nut case. I always wanted to dig deeper, but was never able to learn more about him. My main suspicion, was simply that there was no shortage of nut cases in the Warren Commission documents and some of
  21. I am in an unusual position, in that I am halfway across the country from my computer, hence I am not able to access my files. At any rate there are two things about Lyndon Johnson most people do not know. One, he was also in attendance, on Tuesday, November 19, 1963 at the same bottler's convention that RIchard Nixon, Joan Crawford & her Pepsi Cola CEO, then-husband were. And two, I came across an LBJ obituary that stated he had patronized the same gun store, Brantley's where the DPD Detective bought Jack Ruby's Colt Cobra. I remember being shocked at how the Brantley/LBJ factoid wa
  22. As everyone who knows me is aware, I have an adage that I am fond of saying "the devil is in the details.." So Tom, my response would begin with pointing out, why did the UPI article state that one of the persons arrested was Barclay Frandsen of Iowa, when there is a very good chance his real name was James Barclay Frandsen of Louisiana see find a grave entry, and why are GIllis & Frandsen mentioned in Steve Wilson of Interpen's file at Maryferrell.org? Then I would ask is James Barclay Frandsen connected to the Barclay associated with Jack Ruby mentioned in CD 1193 h 199? - Malcolm J
  23. I would only say that the following person would at least be a person of interest. Also since the person "who was the drug courier" irrespective of whether it was the person below was even alive today, he would not, I believe be charged for anything because of the statute of limitations..... NO TITLE pg 9 RIF#: 124-90093-10025 (11/06/69) FBI#: CR 92-2801-75 Found in: FBI - HSCA Subject File: Nofio Pecora NO 92-47 1969 red Ford registered to Hertz Rent-A-Car Company and rented by LUTHER D GILLIS Jordano Construction Company,.720 Hind Avenue Kenner Louisiana 1969 Cadillac bearing 1969
  24. I would say the following is required reading....Even though it isn't going to blow any doors off. Still, I'm sure the fact that Lady Jean Campbell is featured in Warren Commission documents and her marriage to the author of Oswald's Ghost "I did it for the money," Mailer, might be a jolt to some. Lady Jeanne Campbell — obituary The Telegraph 09/23/2007 Lady Jeanne Campbell , who has died aged 78, was a journalist who reported for the Evening Standard from New York for many years; she was also the former wife of Norman Mailer, the daughter of the reprobate 11th Duke of Argyll and the favour
  25. To be honest with you, I was X-Mas shopping and saw it in a used bookstore for a hefty sum, ie jacked-up. I just skimmed through it, and was fortunate to remember what little I shared here. I would also take everything he said with a tremendous grain of salt. It was a very egocentric account of his experiences, to say the least.
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