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  1. Here are some good references: Bailey, G. W. (2011) “A Mauser, is a Mauser, is a Mannlicher-Carcano”. Oswald’s Mother Craig, J. (March 2016) “The Guns of Dealey Plaza: Weapons and the Kennedy Assassination” Evica, George. (December 1995) “Perfect Cover – A Theory of the JFK Assassination: What Happened on November 22nd, 1963”. The Assassination Chronicles Volume 1, Issue 4 Graf, W. and Bartholomew, R. (1996) “The Gun That Didn't Smoke” Griffith, Michael (2002) "Twenty simple Truths About the JFK Assassination" Griffith, Michael (April 2001) “Extra Bullets an
  2. Perhaps Italy's strangest manufacturing story concerns the 6.5mm Carcano. The M91/38 short rifle, of Dealey Plaza fame and the most incredible rifle in history (according to WC supporters), began production in early 1940 and ended production in early 1941, being replaced by an all new design of long rifle; the M91/41 long rifle. What made Italy drop the M91/38 short rifle after only ONE year of production? Regardless of convictions that each Carcano made bore a unique serial number, the fact is that several Carcanos may have carried the serial number 2766 with or without the "C" prefix.
  3. Interestingly, the Klein's advert entered into evidence by the WC is for a Carcano of the right length but comes from the November 1963 issue of Field and Stream. This advert was offered to the WC by the ubiquitous Postal Inspector Harry Holmes. This might be as good a time as any to mention that Harry D. Holmes was more than just a Postal Inspector. In addition to his postal duties, Holmes was an FBI informant. He appeared to have an uncanny knack of being in crucial places at crucial times during the day of the assassination and on subsequent days. Odd though it may seem, he also took part i
  4. Jim/Steve The White Russian crowd seem like a bunch of snakes (of the poisonous variety) ... they remind me of the Manson clan depicted in the recent "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" movie. I wouldn't trust much of what George deMohrenschildt told the Warren Commission (or anything he is quoted as saying). He was clearly connected to Allen Dulles, as evidenced by his previous experience as a CIA contact for a New York lawyer named Herbert Itkin, who was knee-deep in anti-Duvalier politics. Notably, George had been introduced to Itkin by Allen Dulles. In the early 1960’s, de Mohre
  5. Back to the thread topic of the Paines (and their White Russian associates), I found this comment from a oil industry colleague (H. Gordon Calder) from Shreveport, Louisiana, who was interviewed by the FBI in March 1964 regarding George deMohrenschildt: He described George deMohrenschildt as an atheist, a free thinker who likes arguments, and a ladies' man. He said that he had no morals when it comes to women and he suspects that if there was any friendship between him and the OSWALDs, it was due to his interest in Mrs. OSWALD as he prides himself with having had affairs with many women.
  6. Steve/Joe I would add that - by 1963 - the location (and control) of uranium reserves was less critical than it was in the 1950's. The focus had shifted to high level enrichment of mined uranium, and its use in special reactors that could make plutonium, which was then extracted by special processes. But by then, weapons limitations and proliferation treaties were also underway. The development of Israel's nuclear capability was however a strategic US interest at the time (as well as the prevention of certain other countries' capability). I don't think we (the US) had much of a chance
  7. Steve An excellent New Mexico Tech website on the geology associated with uranium can be found here https://geoinfo.nmt.edu/resources/uranium/where.html . It states that uranium deposits occur in many different rock types from sedimentary to volcanic. One thing all economic uranium deposits have in common is that the uranium is remobilized from one area (i.e., leached from a source rock containing minute quantities of U or as mineral grains with elevated U concentrations) and reprecipitated in a host rock where chemical conditions (reducing) are conducive to concentrating the uranium in
  8. Steve Being a nuclear engineer, I can comment upon uranium. Its a relatively common metal, found in rocks and seawater; and economic concentrations are not uncommon. Very large amounts of uranium occur in the world's oceans, but in very low concentrations. The quantity of mineral resources currently are greater than perceived, and are relative to both market prices and cost of extraction. Uranium supply comes from two sources currently: mining and decommissioned nuclear warheads, and it has been successfully mined since the 1940s. All isotopes of uranium are radioactive and, over
  9. Thanks for the clarity Sandy. I am still a bit confused (Stripling is perhaps easier to understand) but I originally thought that RCD was criticizing Jim Di Eugenio ... but if it was Jim Hargrove, the same sentiment applies. I can't find the original RCD post now, but I should've paid closer attention to Jim D.'s example when he stated that he would only make one post, and then leave. I must say that a number of very respectable researchers have weighed-in on this thread, so I was drawn to it. But when it becomes polarized, and the argumentum ad hominem begins, I suspect another agenda i
  10. Sandy Thanks for validating my initial post (I didn't think that I had confused the two Jim's). Also, it as not my intent to imply anything about James Hargrove's views/posts. I used the phrase to emphasize that its one thing to disagree or refute some point, but quite another to characterize it as misinformation. In other words, it goes too far. While I might question some aspect of this entire theory, but I would never label it as misinformation. I visit these threads to learn, and understand ... not to criticize other's views or try to convince them otherwise. Gene
  11. Peace, Robert ... you're one of the most respected posters on the EF. So, I would hope that I'm simply over-reacting. If the 'Jim' you referred to was Hargrove, then that's my mistake. But he too deserves some respect (disagreement notwithstanding). I'm not sure that I would go so far as to characterize Mr. Hargrove's views/posts as "disinformation", but that's your prerogative to maintain. And for the record - its not indignation - I'm just surprised (and mildly disappointed) at the vitriol, coming from (of all people) you. I've always been impressed by your command of the storyline,
  12. Steve Thanks for turning me on to Kleinerer. He is quite the interesting character. Mrs. Gibson (Gary Taylor's ex-wife) described Alex Kleinerer as: "Short, very dark, moustache, black moustache, European dresser, an accent, very much the gangster type in his looks, very oily looking, very oily in personality, actually a rather creepy customer. He spoke Russian fluently. She believed that he came from Paris (he was actually a survivor of the Concentration Camps). The area in Poland in which he originally resided was apparently overrun by the German Army, and he was confined i
  13. Robert I've always respected your posts (and views). So, I am surprised at your animosity and verbal gymnastics. I do not not appreciate your fancy and sarcastic soliloquy, now aimed at me. You seem a little too cute with your words and arguments ... so please save the thinly-veiled sarcasm for someone else. Speculating on my "skin in the game" is none of your business. As far as use of the word “valet”, you should should show Jim DiEugenio more respect (as he deserves such). You are backing away from what I consider boorish comments; using the phrase "converts to the cause" is cond
  14. All: There are many individuals in this thread (started less than a week ago) whom I respect highly for their contributions to the Forum. But I am disappointed in some of the tone expressed. I agree with Jim D. that this particular subject evokes unusually strong opinions and reactions. Armstrong’s work on Mexico City, the rifle, Kerry Thornley, and the Tippit shooting are all thought-provoking. The fact is, John Armstong’s work has had influence … and I see no right or wrong here, especially in such a complex and controversial subject as JFK’s murder. I can’t for the life of me under
  15. Tony I'm not too familiar with Mrs. Elena Hall. She was apparently a member of the White Russian cabal (Anna Meller, George Bouhe, George deMohrenschildt, Max Clark, Mrs. Elena Hall, Lydia Dymitruk and Igor Vladimir Voshinin) that surrounding the Oswalds. She and her husband are apparently from New York. I'd recommend that you study the Warren Commission testimony of one Alexander Kleinlerer, who really does a number on Lee Oswald, painting him in the worst possible light (as a husband and a Communist). It was way over the top ... for example: Other friends told me he frequently
  16. Tony Most of the "evidence" that Lee Oswald lived at the Neely St. apartment comes from his wife (Marina), Ruth and Michael Paine, George and Jeanne DeMohrenschildt, and Gary Taylor. Its all verbal and word of mouth (duly recorded in FBI/SS interviews and by Warren Commission testimony. There's no physical proof or documentation (i.e. real evidence). Not sure that I would put much stock in these sources. Admittedly, I don't know much about Gary Taylor, but he threw George deMohrenschildt under the bus during his Warren testimony. Oswald later told his interrogators in custody not onc
  17. Jim I do not think the Oswalds ever lived at this apartment. I am influenced by the work of Greg Parker and Ed LeDoux in this regard. Oswald was making $1.35 per hour at Jaggers Chiles Stovall during the month of March 1963, but he was paying $72.68 a month for a one-bedroom flat at the Neely Street house (doesn't compute)? It appears that the apartment at 214 W. Neely was a CIA safe house. The landlord (Waldo George, odd name, an intelligence tease/joke) doesn't provide a consistent surname in several documents, and he alleges that someone with a duplicate key broke into the apartment
  18. The other aspect that Greg expertly surmised is that - according to evidence discussed on the "Ruth Paine's Calendar" EF thread - she forged and then mailed the Klein's envelope. There are indications that she dropped it into a box in Postal Zone 12 (near Neely St.), just before her visit to Marina's apartment on March 12th. The 5-foot carton was shipped on March 20th (a Wednesday) and probably didn't arrive in Dallas for another two days. Greg further speculates that perhaps a Chicago postal informant alerted Harry Holmes in Dallas that the Hidell rifle was on its way (or even Ruth directl
  19. Paul B. and Jim D. To be clear about Point #6 from my Thursday post - regarding the coincidence of Ruth's visits to the apartment and milestone dates for the revolved and rifle - the source credit goes to Greg Parker. In his April 11, 2011 thread on 'Neely Street Questions', he makes the following three key points: March 12, 1963: Ruth Paine visits Marina at the new apartment. Also that day, LHO orders a rifle from Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago. March 20, 1963: Ruth Paine makes her second trip to visit Marina at the Neely St address. Also that day, the rifle and the revo
  20. See the September 8, 2014 blog of Gayle Nix Jackson entitled "The Georges of Neely Street" and the 2011 Forum thread "Neely Street Questions" which offer the following: An unidentified Secret Service agent personally interviewed an F.M. George, living at 6769 Inverness Lane, with regard to Oswald's rental of the Neely St. apartment (WC Hearings XIV: CE 2189, p. 8). On the basis of the information he gave the Secret Service investigator, F. M. was the same individual as the M. Waldo George of the 1964 affidavit. According to the Secret Service report, George showed the agent the rental
  21. And others (e.g. Steve Thomas) believe that it was Marina who ordered the rifle. Joachim Joesten's "Marina Oswald" speculates about Marina's complicity in setting up Lee. Some relive that the signatures on the rifle order are Marina's. As Steve Thomas pointed out, Lee and Marina had only been married for 6 months when they took separate vacations in 1962 (and she returned to Russia, 600 miles away). Aint love grand?
  22. Jim I'm not sure anyone can ever answer those questions. All I can say (based on the work done by Ed LeDoux, Greg Parker and others) is that something seems fishy about the West Neely address. If I were to speculate, I'd say that Gary Taylor 'ordered the weapons. And that Marina actively helped in the setup of Lee (a priori). Here are some interesting tidbits: October 1962: Marina and June move in with Gary and Alexandra Taylor (de Mohrenschildt’s daughter) at 3519 Fairmont (Apt #12), Dallas, for 4 days. Gary Taylor, the estranged son-in-law, testified before the
  23. Kirk My response to your question would be that Vincent Salandria was less interested in the Paines complicity/guilt, and more in who they pointed towards. I don't think he is giving them a free pass in the crime, but he is inferring that they could've been unwitting (i. e. a "need to know" status), where the end game and actual details may not have been understood a priori by them. So, in that sense, they were manipulated and used. He was also making a plea for them - as virtuous people - to come clean (a posteriori) and admit there was something fishy going on, and that they were co
  24. Jim/Paul: The timeline that is laid out in early 1963 looks like the following: Feb 13: Oswalds attend dinner party at the DeMorenschildt house Feb. 22: Oswalds attend dinner party at the home of Everett Glover (and meet the Paines) March 2: Oswalds move to 214 W. Neely St. March 9-10: Someone takes photos of Walker house March 11: Militant letter allegedly written by Lee (L. H.) March 12: Ruth visits Marina at the Neely apartment; Lee allegedly orders rifle from Kleins (Marina is taken away from Apartment) March 20: Ruth makes her second trip
  25. Paul The Neely St. coincidence is pieced together from Jeff Carter's 2015 article in Kennedys and King entitled "A New Look at the Enigma of the Backyard Photos" Gene
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