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  1. Talbot's "The Devil's Chessboard" and other authors make it clear that Allen Dulles used religious groups (like the Quakers) to further his schemes. In George Michael Evica's book “A Certain Arrogance: The Sacrificing of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Cold War Manipulation of Religious Groups by US Intelligence”, he reveals how Paine's circle of Quakers was among the Protestant groups that served as covert breeding grounds for intelligence operations, effectively disguised because Quakers are known for advocating peace. The Paine's are historically characterized as an average middle-class religiou
  2. Paul and Kirk: I've always admired Vincent Salandria for his courage, insight ... and the fact that he's a fellow Philadelphian. Vince originally taught at John Bartram High School (near where I grew up) for eight years before his conspiracy theories made him an outlier among fellow teachers. Even his wife didn't believe him. He finished the last 30 years of his career as a school-system and ACLU lawyer. He was troubled by how Arlen Spector (another Philly guy) seemingly sold out, and he called him on it many times. At the end - and only six years ago - they met and attempted to make
  3. Great interview with Vincent Salandria in 2016: The Role of The Paines In History - Transcript of statement by Vincent Salandria read on April 8, 2016 during his interview as background for the Documentary, The Assassination & Mrs. Paine. In this, he lays out how they were used ... and that they knew it, and should admit such: Let us briefly summarize some, but certainly not all, of the vital work carried out by the Paines without which no successful Dallas conspiracy to kill Kennedy could possibly have occurred. The work of the Paines regarding Oswald was essential for the successfu
  4. Ron I second Denny's comments. I am a huge Stones fan, and glad to see them doing their thing during these unusual times. They always remind me of the chaotic late 60's as I was graduating from HS and entering college. Sympathy for the Devil was inspired by the French poet Charles Baudelaire (and Bob Dylan), and the classic line about the killing the Kennedys has an interesting backstory. In a 1995 interview with Rolling Stone, Jagger said, "I think that was taken from an old idea of Baudelaire's, I think, but I could be wrong. Sometimes when I look at my Baudelaire books, I can'
  5. You guys hooked me, so here goes. Isn't It Shocking was the ABC movie of the week on October 2,1973 (I was in grad school in Teaneck NJ at the time). The New England town of Mount Angel (ironic title) had a serial killer using a defibrillator to shock his victims ... all of whom were senior citizens of the same age, and from the same high school (the Class of 1928). A young and charming Louise Lasser (married to Woody Allen, and soon to be Mary Hartman) was making her mark. Alan Alda had just started the very popular MASH series. Character actors Will Geer and Ruth Gordon played familiar s
  6. These excerpts from Gibson's book sum it all up: By the early 1960s the Council on Foreign Relations, Morgan and Rockefeller interests, and the intelligence community were so extensively inbred as to be virtually a single entity. The Morgan and Rockefeller groups had always been dominant forces within the CFR, Morgan people being more prominent until the early 1950s, when the Rockefeller interests filled the positions of leadership. The CFR was also from the beginning tightly interconnected with leaders of the British establishment. The global interests of the Morgan and Rockefeller group
  7. Fascinating stuff Ed and Bart ... Amy Gladys Johnson and Earleen Roberts (never knew the distinctions between those two individuals). One resided in and managed the rooming house, versus the other who owned and operated it. Interesting that she says "FBI agents were all over the place" ... and when she stated no one lived here by that name, they said that they "knew better". And he never had any family with him while staying there for 6 weeks ... so strange. A little room, all to himself (close to work?). First that I had heard of the map he drew. As the say, the devil's in the details.
  8. Ed FWIW, I think you've laid out a compelling set of facts that show the N. Beckley legend is just that ... invented for purposes of obfuscation. Whenever I see squabbles about fact versus opinion, it creates a red flag. Further, I wouldn't much trust anything written on the part of the DPD (or FBI) ... in fact, for the gravity of what had happened, the DPD paper trail is extraordinary for it's poorly-documented interrogation of Oswald and initial investigation. More prominent for what's left out than what's included. And labored over by a multitude of earnest serious researchers for
  9. Pretty cool cover ... a sprayman for the Pan Am Exterminating Co. I wonder if he painted houses too? Regarding allegiances, its easy (with the hindsight of 50 years) to point towards the factions who are most anti-Communist. Soviets (and their sympathizers) were the ISIS of the 60's. Id think that the individuals in question had an allegiance to whomever was staunchly against Communist influence. That included an awful lot of military brass, politicians and CIA 'officers'. As far as CIA versus the military, the former are (imho) more like project managers and the latter are f
  10. Paul I know that Steve likes his colonels, but it’s difficult to ignore the Generals ... LeMay, Lansdale, Cabell (an enthusiastic promoter of the U-2 along with the Dulles Brothers) and Lemnitzer. Those were seriously powerful people, who had an animus and contempt for John Kennedy. And they certainly had the means, motive and opportunity at their disposal. JFK stood in their way for dealing with Cuba, but he was also an obstacle for world-wide policy in Indonesia, Central America, Vietnam, Congo, the Middle East and elsewhere. Castro seems like small potatoes, in comparison, and hi
  11. Mark and David This is fascinating. Not being a photoanalyst (although I am a physicist), can you summarize for me what this all means? Eddy posits that there has been a removal of around 9 frames from Zapruder after Z312 - which may have masked a deceleration (to a near stop) and then a rapid acceleration - explaining JFK's rapid head lurch, and suggesting a missing rear head blowout. Is your work in essence proof of Z film alteration? Proof of the limousine slowing to a stop? Proof of more than 3 shots? Were these missing frames strategically important because of what happened ea
  12. And what I forgot to add is, with all due respect to John Newman's work about the Army, Veciana and Alpha 66 ... I'm not ready to give Phillips and CIA a "bye" on culpability just yet
  13. Mike That's is an excellent presentation. As a communications expert, you recognize and provide insights about the public opinion manipulation that went on after the assassination. Its as interesting (if not more so) than the mechanics of the plot itself such as shooters, players, sponsors etc. Plus, it helps point towards who those true culprits were ("clean beacons to the killers" as Vincent Salandria would say). I'm curious as to who the CIA DRE case officer was before Joannides, who was suspicious of the official story. Fascinating that the NOLA leaflet legend was not distributed
  14. I belive that Veciana was duplicitous, and I wouldn't put much stock in what he states. That said, its not too difficult to connect the dots between Lobo, United Fruit, Dulles and Phillips. One of the largest companies with sugar holdings in Cuba during 1957-1959 was the United Fruit Company ... important at the time to Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother, Allen Dulles ... both on the United Fruit payroll for nearly four decades (that's a long time). Cromwell and Sullivan had seats on the board of directors of United Fruit. And in 1958, Julio Lobo, the “Cuban Sugar King”, e
  15. This is quite the sophisticated discussion thread, amongst the true experts in this case. At the risk of rushing in where angels dare not tread, I would add that: (a) putting stock in what Antonio Veciana states or admits to is a big leap of faith; and (b) there is not a clear distinction between military/DOD and CIA (in my experience, they are one and the same). Therefore, to debate whether Alpha 66 was run by Army Intelligence vs. CIA is (imho) a distinction without a difference (i.e. a logical fallacy). Also, with all due respect to Douglas, I would not characterize Lisa Pease as "
  16. O.V. Campbell quoted Truly - who accompanied the carpenter team that removed the window on Byrd's instructions - that the westernmost window on the sixth floor was removed, not the one in the southeast corner. Perhaps Byrd knew/wanted the real sniper's nest. Since I'm convinced that the successful shots which hit the President came from other locations (the fatal one originating front /left of the limousine, from the South Knoll), the Southwest window frame was used to put incriminating MC brass into the limousine ... quite the trophy for a "big game" hunter.
  17. Congratulations Jim ... and very well-deserved. I love the title, as it says so much. ... as Albert Rossi's 2013 review of your book once described it: The deliberate theft of what should have been ... both in terms of US foreign policy and in bringing the perpetrators to justice ... the unravelling of five decades has "betrayed" (i.e. revealed) the character of John Kennedy" Finally a series that will be informative (for a change). Given the contemporary more favorable press coverage (e.g. Salon, Washington Post), do you think we will see the distortion campaign and ad hominem a
  18. Just an observation, but the AMIPA film shows quite a bit of activity on the Knoll in/around the Pergola prior to the motorcade passage. You can see Zapruder on the pedestal (there exist very few good photos of him) and what appears to be a male standing on top of the Pergola. Has anyone studied that film in detail?
  19. Interesting ... memo to Mr. Belmont (with a copy to W. Sullivan). We know what happened to those two in 1977, prior to talking with HSCA. Donald Gibson had this to say about Belmont: The review of the facts that follows shows that Alan Belmont, the number three man in the formal hierarchy of the FBI, was the primary official in charge of FBI activities following the assassination. It is Belmont, not Hoover, who ran the FBI cover-up. Reports written by Sullivan and Angleton became the basis for the Warren Commission ... at the time of his death Sullivan was working on a book with j
  20. Gladio points to the plotters and perpetrators ... some implications: Italian politics, fascism, Angleton and Harvey, Allen Dulles ... Clay Shaw The precursor assassination attempt (1961 Generals' Putsch) on Charles DeGaulle who later kicked NATO out of France in 1966 Extensive use of false flag events Middle East foreign policy and Israel NATO secret armies created by Dulles and Angleton in 1952, and controlled by the CIA JFK's approval of "l'apertura" and financial support to Italian socialists (and Aldo Moro's fate) William Harvey's posting a
  21. Lyndon Johnson had many political pressures imposed upon him, as well as personal reasons (i.e. Bobby Baker) to deflect Congressional inquiries with a Commission. LBJ initially rejected the idea of a Commission after consulting his de facto counsel, Abe Fortas, who cautioned against getting the White House involved in any way with an investigation into the murder, believing that such a commission would set a bad precedent by engaging the federal government into what was a state matter. The President then got a call from journalist Joseph Alsop, who encouraged him to discuss the matter with Dea
  22. Admiral Zumwalt spoke at my college graduation ceremony in 1972. It was also the night of the first Watergate break-in (and the height of the Vietnam War).
  23. Ron and Jim I read your July article about Gladio in Kennedy's and King and it is excellent. This article connects quite a few "dots" ... Gladio and Permindex, the Aldo Moro murder and the attempts against DeGaulle. Shaw and PERMINDEX (and CMC). Italy becomes Ground Zero for Angleton and Harvey's activities, and the sociopathy of Allen Dulles ... and how NATO was structured and used. The subversive work of Gladio operatives, Aginer Press, and who the real Puppet-Masters are. How secret warfare is approached, stay-behind networks, false-flag operations and the use of patsies. I often w
  24. That interview is shocking to watch and listen to ... I was a fan of Carson (as was everyone) in those days, but he really showed his true colors. I would assume many folks in those days (me included) had no idea how well-informed (or who) Jim Garrison was, and how close he was to a more truthful account of JFK's murder. That fact was effectively suppressed from the public for many years. The interview occurred at the end of the chaotic 60's when I was a senior in high school; Bobby would be killed that coming June, race riots were erupting all over, and we would all soon find out about the
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