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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. Hi Paul, Interesting your brief review of "The Inheritance". Has it brought you to again consider LBJ as being behind the assassination.If such a notion would start to proliferate i would certainly expect a lot of resistance from Jim. i don't tend to believe  but I don't have a great resistance to the LBJ idea. Sounds like a successfully guarded deep state secret that has left us completely clueless.

    Might as well give up, .But I understand who can? I don't say that facetiously. I've come to the conclusion that the idea that we're here because someday people will learn the truth is not as important to most here , as it is to me, but more of a personally obsessive search that people have no choice over. And judging from the progress over the last 20 years. I don't give it much hope unfortunately.But like you, I'm checking for the newest angle.

    Did you like your stay in San Pancho?  How was that area North of PV.?  I always thought it was beautiful.


    1. Paul Brancato

      Paul Brancato

      Hi Kirk. Jeez - San Pancho seems like ages ago. It was very nice. So were Todos Santos and Pescadero on the Pacific coast above Cabo San Lucas where my daughter had her wedding party last year. 

      The book is interesting, yet no one is interested. Jim has a short fuse. He invited me to a Symposium in SF in December which was nice of him, and very interesting. John Newman, Bill Simpich, Peter Dale Scott, Pat Speer, Linda Pease, many others there including David Josephs, who made a presentation on Oswald in MC. Jim does good historical research, but seems very opinionated. I’m not sure what he believes. 

      Its not far fetched to think LBJ was involved, and it doesn’t conflict with the general theory that elements of CIA and military, FBI were complicit. It’s for sure a state secret and it does seem futile at times to think anything further will be revealed. I keep reading though, even hoping. I’m curious was John Barbour has going with Garrison files. He seems like a really straight shooter. 

      Think we will send troops to Venezuela? I’m not even sure what’s going on. 

    2. Kirk Gallaway

      Kirk Gallaway

      Some people, (including Jim Di) never seem to consider  the dangers of a severely weakened Trump looking for a Hail Mary Pass.(football analogy) We should  1)come in with humanitarian assistance, and 2)agree to take in refugees. About #2, yeah fat chance!

      About Jim in general, I suppose we could have a long discussion. That's a good lineup at that symposium. I remember my high school history teacher loved John Kenneth Galbraith, who I believe you said Jim Di talked about.Talking to Galbraith's virtue as an influence on JFK might be fine for other wonks like us, at the Symposium, but I'm reminded of a Jim and Roger Stone interview, when Jim has the floor , i believe after a commercial break and he goes into Guillome. We've heard his wrap on that countless times and it's impressive, but in trying to persuade a new audience to consider the JFKAC, it puts audiences to sleep. Don't introduce and try to color some character no one''s heard of. A publicity whore like Stone immediately sensed that and started fidgeting around, I think considering trying to bail Jim out. It was quite an incongruity considering that Stone. as I say, is a complete charlatan as far as the JFKA. Jim is prolific and intensely ambitious, but part of his unwitting frustration that I always sense is really  because he's clueless as to what translates to people.

      I've only checked threads I have a particular interest in. Does Robert Card contribute much of use?

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