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  1. off the top o me head, a few "smoking guns" (what a lovely American expression) in no special order: 1. blowout right rear of JFK's head, seen by 68 at Parkland. 2. hole in JFK's shirt and jacket at T4 level between spine and scapula, moved to shoulder by G Ford, A Specter and WARren COmmissioN. 3. hole in JFK's LEFT temple, seen at Parkland by Father Huber, Dr. Jenkins, and at Gawler's by the morticians; ignored of course by War Con. 4. evidence that disappeared or was messed with-- 1.Harper fragment; 2. bullet that fell from JBC's left thigh; 3. bullet that rolled out of JFK's clothing a
  2. I heard the St. John Hunt interview on Coast to Coast, 6 Dec. 2015. Thank goodness the host was Richard Syrett, not the worthless George Snorey. When they took calls they put me on first, 4:16 to approx. 4:25 am, "Roy in Summerfield, NC." I picked up his new book "Dorothy" two days ago at my local independent bookstore; had to order it of course. I've read a good chunk of it; won't take long to read it all -- less than 200 pages, big type with many photos mixed throughout the text. The book is Trine Day, so if typos bother you, you will be bothered. I understand and relate to St. John.
  3. Scott, I believe you mean Silvia Duran who worked in Mexico City at the consulate where a fake LHO applied for a visa to Cuba. She was arrested twice and beaten. Her apartment was tossed. All because she refused to identify the Oswald impersonator (much shorter, maybe Larry Crafard) as the real LHO. Sylvia ODIO was the far-right Cuban, daughter of a man jailed in a Castro assassination attempt, who lived in a DALLAS apartment in late 1963. She was visited that fall by a motley trio which included one "Leon Oswald" who gave his nom de guerre as "Leopoldo Oswaldo" or some such tripe. Coul
  4. Ron Ecker #476, 479 -- These are Great: 1.) December 2005 thread "South Knoll shooter in Cancellare?", 2.) magnified SK. General observations: The figure to the right of the tree in the blow-up (the second tree left of the overpass in the full photo) is a largish man in dark clothes. Like a dark uniform, like a police uniform. True, his back is to the sun, so his front is in shadow, but his clothes look a lot darker than his face and the shady side of everything around him. And don't snipers like to have the sun at their back, hence the sun in the face of their victims? Someone suggested
  5. Guys, with your recent posts, I have cracked the case of the throat-entry and back-exit bullet. Somewhat. Ray Mitcham #466--Cancellare photo (originally #455 I believe). I never knew how high up that car park is; it's above the train tracks, 2 feet higher according to James Gordon #405. It would have been easy for a sniper to set up a position with blinds among those cars, with a couple spotter/lookouts around him keeping wanderers away. And the rifle of a man shooting from the shoulder is five feet above the ground. And JFK is less than 300 feet away, for a 1 in 12 pitch, with the tilt d
  6. James Gordon #457--Thanks for that frame of Z190. I was citing Z190 by memory; for some reason, I thought that had been determined as the frame when JFK was first struck. But he is way back, and hasn't started to reach for his face or throat. He comes out from behind the sign about Z225, and has just got his hands up to his collar-bone. So he was hit around Z220. Is that a good approximation? 30 more frames down Elm is about 1 2/3 seconds. Travelling at 10 mph, about 15 ft / sec, so that would be about 25 feet farther down Elm from Z190? Thanks for helping me refine this. Thanks a lot
  7. Sandy #444: "I'd like to see a diagram..." I can draw one on paper. As for getting it on here, well, I don't know how to get a link or photo on here. I'll probably be able to learn pretty soon. My son who runs IBM is supposed to come over this weekend. I may be the first guy kicked off Ed Forum for a sub-human lack of computer skills. But I'm a heck of a typist. Ray # 445: GREAT view of SGK. I've never seen a better one. It looks plenty high up enough to do what I'm suggesting---clear the windshield and roll-bar. Do you know how soon after the shooting the top photo was taken? I wis
  8. Conspiracy Reporters, I'm not married to the idea that Greer tried to elevate JFK's seat to give a clearer sight-line to the French/Corsican sniper team on the South Grassy Knoll. I AM still married to the idea that the back wound is an EXIT, shot from his left-front, from that slope between the Postal Bldg car park and the RR tracks. I may delete that whole point "3." in post #414, where I "reach" for more ways that JFK's throat could have been more exposed, could have cleared the big, flat roof support of the limo in a line to SGK. Wild conjectures give us CRs a bad name. First, let me t
  9. Guys, you are scientific historians and historical scientists. This is who and what i've been looking for, lo these many years. Chris Davidson, your two posts, the video of the Kennedys getting into the limo at Love Field and the photo of the back seat raised up all the way, are pure gold for me, manna from heaven. My new favorite bookmarks. SO, the seat WAS down then. Mea culpa. Sidenote: notice John Con; that is one scared stiff Texan. He has an educated idea about what's about to happen. So far I have not been able to find a citation that JFK ever ordered the seat down on 11-22-63.
  10. Tom Neal #415: "source for this exchange" between Kennedy and Greer at Love Field before the parade --- I'm almost positive it's in the generally execrable Jim Bishop's The Day K Was Shot, pronounced "shat" in snotty Eastern Establishment-ese. I have my heavily annotated copy right in front of me, and since the book is strictly chrono, it would be relatively easy to find it. Ten minutes tops, 10 min. I don't have at the moment. Within a couple hours though, I promise I'll get that to you. I feel bad that I've been so slack on sources while you guys are like walking reference books. Bish
  11. Fellas, sorry it took me so long to get back. Yesterday and today I've been looking at hundreds of photos of DP, maybe over a thousand. And that interactive thingy linked by Ollie #409 has kept me busy for a couple hours. First, I am really knocked out by the attention and consideration you very knowledgable experts have given this idea. Especially Sandy who started the topic, and Ron and Robert. You've really made me dig. I'm afraid I've caused a couple of wild-goose chases here, but we're all adults, so I don't feel too bad. When I have more time, I may opine on that. I've fine-tuned
  12. Robert Prudhomme #372: That shot had to come from fairly high up to the front-LEFT. The elevation of the RR tracks south of the overpass or an elevation high up in the Postal Bldg. I used to think there was a lone boxcar on the closest spur to DP at the far left side of that RR bridge, which would fit the direction, but I haven't been able to find it in pictures since. I thought a complete Nix film where he pans the plaza from left to right showed this boxcar. The postal bldg is actually too much to the left of JFK for that shot unless he turned quickly that way, which I've never heard th
  13. Egg is on my face. Literally because I'm eating breakfast. And figuratively because my first post on this topic, #319, I said it was SS Win Lawson who was on the front-right running board of the follow-up car who said he saw a "spray of water come OUT the boss's back." Now, someone said this but it wasn't WL because he was riding shotgun beside Jesse Curry in the lead car. In the follow-up car: Sam Kinney driving, Emory Roberts beside him. On the right running-board: Jack Ready in front of Paul landis. The two DPD motorcycle police on the right of the limo: James M. Chaney inboard and Dou
  14. Thank you, Ron Ecker #338. "...military man who told David Lifton..." When I read that, I knew it was at the back of Best Evidence, and my copy fell open to one of the many dog-eared pages. Chapter 29, The Assertion of Adm. David P. Osborne, p 645. 2nd P: "The HSC reported Osborne's assertion that he 'thought he recalled seeing an intact slug roll out from the clothing of President Kennedy and onto the autopsy table; at the outset of the autopsy.'" The next page Osborne stated, "I had that bullet in my hands." p590 is the first appearance of "The Osborne Allegation." I believe; haven't h
  15. Tom Neal post #329 -- "fibers pushed into wound" I don't know where you get that. From when JFK was stripped by the nurses as soon as he entered Trauma Room One until his body was spirited out of Parkland, none of the medicos even knew he had a back wound. I assume the clothing was put in a bag pretty soon. Did anyone examine the clothes then? According to Ron Ecker #328, Greer took possession and responsibility for that bag. I believe that's right. I don't know about the clothing never making it to the autopsy. Though I wouldn't put anything past Bill Greer, that Henry Cabot Lodge-lovi
  16. Ron Ecker post #328 -- "Clothes never at autopsy" These are JFK's clothes I said in my first post in this thread, #319, that Sibert and/or O'Neill saw a nearly intact bullet roll out of. Which no one ever saw again. 1. Examination of a victim's clothing is one of the most essential parts of an autopsy, especially when there is blood, brains, and bullet holes present. Are you telling me the inquest couldn't even do that right? Though how they flubbed everything else, it's almost believable. 2. OK, how about the sheets JFK was wrapped in when he left Parkland? Maybe the bullet rolled out of
  17. Sandy Larsen #325, Wow, I cannot believe I never considered this possibility -- the throat wound being the entrance and back wound being the exit for the same bullet. A potential problem I can think of right away is that the slope of the back wound was reportedly downward from back to front. That's inconsistent with this new (to me) theory. Sandy, That is the problem: "reportedly" downward from back to front. I have never seen that any of the autopsists even tried probing in different directions. When the official autopsy began, after 8 pm, over six hours after JFK was dead, it seem
  18. Cliff Varnell re post #321, I'm not making an issue of where exactly the genuine back wound is. Thorax vertebra-3,4, or 5 doesn't make much difference for what I'm talking about. I think it's T-4, maybe between 4 and 5, the reason there wasn't destruction of the back part of some rib. What I'm wondering is why is everyone sure that this is an ENTRANCE wound? I think it's an EXIT wound. Lord have mercy, I don't think it's a mystery that it IS a wound! Or even where it is. I edited my last sentence of the original post, #319, to try to make it clearer, but now that I see it, maybe I shou
  19. The back wound is very important, i.e., the lower of the back wounds. I'm talking about the one between T-5 and scapula, from the slug that made the holes in the President's shirt and coat six inches from the top of the (small, Edwardian) collar. The higher right-back wound, the shoulder actually, seen in some photos, seems dubious to me Muh notes are a mess right now, and I have a few pots boiling on the stove so to speak, but this is my general idea of the T-4, T-5 level back wound and why: This back wound is an exit wound. The TINY throat wound, the damage to the top right lung, and th
  20. Interests: politics, history, music all tied together.
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