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  1. Posted January 20, 2005 Above is the second post of the earliest Ed Forum thread on the motorcade route. Ralph Yarborough to Jerry Bruno at their first meeting for the Texas trip: They (LBJ and Connally) would be "after [Texas argot for kill] Kennedy in a minute if they thought they could get away with it." In John Simkin's first post, Evelyn Lincoln remembers JFK saying to her after a John Connally visit, "He (JBC) sure seemed anxious for me to go to Texas." The President smelled a rat on the governor from the start. That's why he made sure Lyin' Lyndon's boy rode in the car wit
  2. Paul, No, the back of the head in this first Frank Cancellare photo (crop/blowup) is a photographer in the foreground, on the North (Grassy) Knoll. The Newmans are still on the ground in front and below him, and James Tague is still in his position on Main, below the TUP, all unseen in this small crop (courtesy of Ron Ecker from a while ago): http://www.ronaldecker.com/southknollfigure.jpg Here's the original: CANCELLARE_zpsiyhpkjh3.jpg You will probably have to blow it up some to see what I'm talking about. The second tall tree left of the TUP -- on its left is a l
  3. Paul B., A sort of epiphany/wild guess: --Before noon, a few witnesses saw a bear of a man (at least 6' 4", 275 pounds) strolling down Main Street with a full rifle case, heading toward Dealey Plaza. Someone on Ed Forum must be able to cite a source for this. Skorzeny was just such a bear, and with a very obvious scar on his face in an interrupted "C" shape, going from the right sideburn area, interrupted by the mouth, and on to the jawline. And remember, OS was only in his early 40s at this time, not too old. [WRONG!!! Skorzeny was 55 at the time. SORRY!!!] --Here's a cro
  4. Mike, thanks for the heads-up. Unfortunately, the Amazon blurb right at the top of the page makes the rookiest mistake of all-time re RFK, calling him R "Fitzgerald" K. Anyone familiar with the dude knows it's Robert Francis Kennedy. Rose and old Joe had their boy pegged to be a priest. Man, were they wrong.
  5. Michael Crane, Good topic, a good exercise. I agree with your shot estimate, "about 9 or more" -- which is shown by the physical evidence. IMO, we can nail down that 6 shots hit inside the limo. I'll deal with that first. Later, I'll deal with the shots that hit outside the limo, 3 at the very least; most likely 4 or 5. [ASIDE: It must be remembered that 1.) most of the 9-11 shots came from rifles with sound suppressors, 2.) supersonic "cracks" may have been heard by witnesses near the bullets' paths, 3.) the assassins tried to fire in volleys so that multiple shots coul
  6. My desk computer went down last October.  It was too hard to type on my little ipad, so I only followed EF, and spottily.  My kids gave me this new desk rig, so I would be ready to add to the discussion, but the level has advanced beyond me by the looks of it.  Hats off, folks, to your great research.  Doug Caddy's findings from all over the info universe have especially educated and entertained.  Maybe I'll have something to contribute soon.

  7. Ian, Thanks for that. It figures someone would have asked Frazier about PM. You have the Kennedy wit: "Jack Dougherty is an interesting character TOO..." I'm still chuckling and I'll always remember how it's spelled. Funny thing is I've known several Doughertys who spelled it right. But with anything from the South, I figure they mangle it. "When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you." which is me... suffering from reverse psych projection. (BTW, everyone, it's WIEgman, not Weigman. I've seen it both ways so much, had to go and look it up and commit it to memory.) Looki
  8. Dumb question to everyone, Will someone please ask Wesley Buell Frazier who Prayer Man is? (or has it already been done?) Buell was standing at the top of the steps at this time, right? He's been identified in Wiegman, Couch, and Darnell, right? In this amazing GIF above (BTW, where is Chris Davidson?), Billy Lovelady is going down the steps, and PM is straightening up or going up the steps. The right elbow in strong sunlight to PM's left is Buell Frazier's elbow, right? (or he's farther back in the shadow) In other photos, WBF is looking in PM's direction. If I had the computer skill
  9. Above should have at the bottom : "Portion of JFK's tie showing hole through it." from R Prudhomme #262 Jan 24 (I don't know why the above didn't quote and have a heading. I had a helluva time doing all this.) Robert and all, This is a nick rather than a hole in the tie, right? I have a big favor to ask everyone. I am certain that I read, many years ago, in a primary source, that: "There was a nick in the lower left of the tie-knot." Can anyone help me out with a reference? If you rotate the above photo 90 degrees clockwise (as you did in the GIF that follows), as a tie goes horizontal
  10. Very interesting -- Ed Haslam found out that Ozzie was in New Orleans the day before and the day after he was in Oak Ridge, TN 7,25,63. That's when he signed the registry at the Atomic Museum "Lee Oswald, USSR" and gave his address as "Dallas Rd., Dallas, Texas." Of course there is no Dallas Road in Big D. Haslam is certain that LHO had to fly there because of how long it took to drive to NE Tennessee back in the day, 14-16 hours each way. Further, EH thinks LHO must have flown there and back on a CIA bird. And EH thinks Ozzie and crew were most likely transporting guns and/or military or
  11. James, Thanks so much for that informative reply, really. I'm seeing, more and more, how many experts in the field believe that LBJ was NOT a prime mover. I had no idea. I guess I ASSumed that it's so obvious. No serious researcher thinks he had NO idea it was coming, but I am so surprised by how many seem to think LBJ was just along for the ride. Not me. And that's not only from McClellan and Nelson. Don't forget Zirbel, the first to lay it out. I love me some Craig Zirbel. By the way, James Douglass doesn't go into LBJ's part because that's not the purview of The Unspeakable. That
  12. James, Thanks for taking it easy on me with the five million. Your intuition is correct that I am busy. My book, due around the year 2030, is behind schedule. (conservative figures) - 3,060,000 needless war dead in Southeast Asia - 500,000 " " " " Indonesia (the rottenest genocide in history) - 500,000 " " " " Congo, Mid East, Brazil (+ Caribbean, Latin American in general) a wild guesstimate +_______1 multi-trillion debt that never was or will be paid; US from world's creditor to world's debtor 4,060,001 How did all these
  13. Vis a vis Southeast Asia now: President Obama, during his 9-day tour of Asia, visited LAOS, the only U.S. president to do so. While there he promised $90 Million toward cleaning up the unexploded ordnance (UXO) that litters the landscape and lurks just barely beneath the surface. Over 40 years ago we dropped 2 million tons of bombs on Laos, about a quarter of the SE Asia total. We had the Plain of Jars, the world's most fertile farmland, looking like the surface of the moon for a while there. In the time between Election 1960 and Inauguration, Ike pushed hardest for troops into Laos. Jac
  14. Doug, You are a treasure of current important stuff. Thanks so much for that interview of Joan Mellen by Len Osanic, maybe the most knowledgeable interviewer today. Why is it that non-American English-speakers (Canucks, Brits, Aussies) seem to have the best big picture take on Americans? Early in the interview JM mentions that Robert Caro does not mention either Malcolm Wallace or Billy Sol Estes in his LBJ series; neither appears in any of the indexes. So who walks up to Caro after a talk on his last book-tour and asks him about Mac Wallace? Doug Caddy, who gives RC his card and welcome
  15. (Above quote is from Jim DiE, #8 of this topic) Most highly esteemed Jim DiEugenio-san, (I tried to put this in my previous post, but...computer skills of a monkey, etc...prevented me) Please, I'm dying to know, what about Phillip E. Nelson's masterpiece, Mastermind, bugs you. There must be, literally, a million pieces of info in there. It's a completely different animal from Jim Douglass' Unspeakable. PEN's opus is wonderfully sourced, and the scope of it, there's nothing like it. Unspeakable is more about the big picture, a whole different purview and subject. Jim D paragraph 1: LBJ
  16. To all, The Nathan Darby analysis of the previously unmatched left pinkie print on a box in "the sniper nest" is NOT the end-all and be-all of Mac Wallace: 1.) being LBJ's go-to murderer-for-hire, OR 2.) being in AND around TSBD when the American Republic went the way of the dodo. 1.) The 8 murders for LBJ is a minimal number. When MW walked away from the Kinzer murder, he was in Johnson-Connally's pocket. In this thread, someone grudgingly admits "Yeah, Henry Marshall was probably not suicide." Ya think?! Shot himself five times with a bolt-action rifle, now that's perseverance! Bruis
  17. Doug, Thanks for that brief video from Michael Parenti, under 7 minutes. MP always has good humor. The laughter in the audience sounds like an old Mort Sahl show. That old timey Italian Harlem incredulity. I credit Parenti with giving me a sort of Rosetta Stone to the assassinations of the 1960s. Five or six years ago, I saw him on C-Span talking about his book The Assassination of Julius Caesar. My degree is in Classical Greek(how's that for practical?) and I wanted a break from JFKA (which bug bit me hard summer of 2005), so I ran out and got it. Manna from heaven. Turns out that Ca
  18. Ramon, I'll take a stab at this. I see problems with 3 questions, which I wouldn't necessarily call "wrong." #19: How many children did Jack and Jackie have? The answer "4" is not offered, perhaps because the stillborn Arabella is not considered a child. Though it would have been nice if Ms. Dove had noted this in her explanation for the answer. #23: "35th President" -- an idiotic pet peeve of mine -- JFK's PRESIDENCY was the 35th, but he was the 34th President, unless Grover Cleveland was two men. GC is called the 22nd and 24th presidentS because he served two non-consecutive terms. #2
  19. James D, Thanks for that The Nation article by James K. Galbraith. I've seen a lot by the younger Galbraith, but this one is great for its brevity AND its countering the garden-variety "liberal" consensus about JFK and Vietnam, here as put forth by Rick Perlstein. (RP's Nixonland is very decent, though wordy, can be used as a doorstop.) Nam is the thing that drives me craziest about JFKA. Vietnam before and after 1964 is like day and night. I was only in fourth grade 11-22-63, but I had big ears. Listened to adults' conversation, read the newspapers. The word Vietnam was never mentione
  20. Why did Humes think the back wound hit at a sharp angle? -- He was incapable of doing a gunshot autopsy, had never done one before. -- Someone who was REALLY in charge TOLD him that the ONLY gunman was in a sixth floor window, behind JFK. And Humes assumed that's like a New York skyscraper. 45 to 60 degrees???!!! That's right on top of Kennedy, as if he never got more than 40-50 feet from the base of TSBD. -- We have to remember that there was no communication between Parkland and Bethesda. Humes didn't know about the throat shot until the next day. Then he had to change the whole repo
  21. James R. Gordon #98, Difference in elevation, height above sea level, is not the only factor affecting the angle of a shot from South Knoll area. The tilt of the limo itself OFF the HORIZONTAL is just as important. 1 -- Elm Street has a down grade heading toward the TUP. It's a maximum of more than 3 degrees at the steps, around Z-313, and after. When JFK was behind the Stemmons sign, it was probably about 2 degrees or a hair more. 2 -- The forward tilt of the limo could have been a couple degrees, front wheels lower than the back wheels, just less air in the tires. Since SSA often rode
  22. The physical evidence in this topic PROVES that these three wounds lined up at the time of the gunshot: 1 -- circular throat wound/puncture 2 -- avulsed top right lung 3 -- elliptical, ragged back wound between spine, T-3 or 4, and scapula, lower than the throat wound, but not much. And that wound 1 is the entrance and wound 3 is the exit for that one bullet around Z-207, no later than 224 as RP has it. 1 -- Doctors at Parkland judged the throat wound to be 4-7 mm. An average of that range is 5.5 mm, or a hair bigger than 22 caliber, say more like a .223 Remington high velocity job. The
  23. Kathleen Collins #53, link to Robert Morningstar interview on Richie Allen show -- thanks for that. At around 27 minutes, they discuss JFKA specifically. At 35:00, evidence for a switch of JFK and JDT bodies. (Personally, I believe if the plot took anything from JDT for JFK's autopsy, it was only the brain -- whatever brain was at Bethesda wasn't Kennedy's. Every Parkland witness who saw the head closely said at least a quarter of the old gray matter was missing. There was at least that much in the back seat and on Elm St.) 35 minutes and change, RM tells why there were at least five gu
  24. Kathy C., At the end of your post #51appears "GO TO: [EVIDENCE OF] LEFT HEAD WOUND". (Wow, that blog is a strange mix of the good and the weird, but sometimes that's where some good stuff is.) That link is a great summary of those who saw a bullet entry in JFK's left temple, which IMO is one the most neglected aspects of JFKA. Here's a direct link: http://jackiekilledjfk.webs.com/leftheadwound.htm It is excerpts from the work of Lifton, Palamara, and Gjerde. One of the best and most neglected witnesses to a left temple wound is Canadian Norman Similas, first noted in D S Lifton's Best Ev
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