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  1. The toddler's name is Ronald Fuller, two and a half at the time. Page 161-5 in Six Seconds in Big D. Even in these few pages of Tink Thompson's seminal tome, the accounts vary. One witness says cut on the chin, another says on the cheek. Either way or both, there was a lot of blood. It took a while to find the source(s) of the blood. They stripped the kid because his clothes were bloody all over. And it was right there on his face. His mother didn't help any. They couldn't find out where the baby was hurt from HER. She was hysterical, had to be given smelling salts. She took
  2. Ron B., Kirk G., David A., thank you so much for those links/sources. I don't believe I've seen them before, and I'm a major lurker on Beatles websites, minor poster on the Beatles Bible. The folks here on EF are so helpful. It's amazing, heartwarming. The first thing about The White Album (TWA) is that it is a Satire/Parody of America. A loving parody, but satire nonetheless. Jonathan Swift said "Satire is the last refuge of a pure heart." When people asked him why he chose to write mockery/satire, he said, "How can I NOT." Desperate times call for desperate lyrics. All a
  3. So are you saying that the back wound was NOT at T4 level? That God might say it was really L2 or C3? If you answer that, certain researchers, inc. one with initials CV, may go ballistic. PS: This human says it was T5, close enough for gubbament work. PPS: Don't get me wrong; I don't hold it against THE expert (CV) on the wounds below the head, esp. since he has documented so much physical evidence about them. Which bolstered my absolute certain knowledge (none of that "theory" garbahj) that the back wound (between scapula and spine at T5 level) is essentially the EXIT for th
  4. As everyone here knows, Paul McCartney was one of the earliest "conspiracy theorists," in CIA parlance. He read Mark Lane's Rush to Judgment in manuscript form and offered to compose a score for the documentary, gratis. The producer and director turned him down because they wanted somber music and they thought the "cute" Beatle could only write cute teenybopper stuff. Lennon, Harrison, and Starr followed Macca into the awareness that President Kennedy's slaughter was an obvious, massive plot. As did the vast majority of the world outside of America, fairly quickly. I was in Mrs. (
  5. On 11/22/1963, 55 years ago yesterday: -JFK died. -C. S. Lewis died. -Aldous Huxley died. -Phil Spector put out A Christmas Gift for You, which became the iconic rock Xmas album, but not until 10 years later when it was re-released by Apple records. -The Beatles released their second album, With the Beatles. It was actually their first properly produced album, with mostly their songs. In Europe it was an Event, record pre-sales and then sales. They were reaching a crescendo that didn't end for nearly ten years. They were unknown in America at that
  6. Ron B., You called it. "Holding hands, the kids appearing to skip, he's smiling." So much going on there, so much vitality. Seven and a half days to go. Numerologically you know, John Fitz is a "lucky 7". Now it's my personal all-time favorite photo of the family too. Thanks for that.
  7. The first Cancellare is one of the greats. I believe this one furnished by James Gordon is a bit cropped because in the original, James Tague is still in his spot on Main Street way off to the right, unseen here. Somewhere Ron Ecker proved to my satisfaction that this photo was snapped around a minute after the limo sped off. Tague and the Newmans are key to that. A minute and a half tops, nothing like three to five minutes as has been suggested. The best thing about this Frank Cancellare photo, as Ron Ecker pointed out a while ago, is a figure way off in the distance on the level of
  8. Ron, It would be great if you could upload some of those pics from the South Knoll. A while ago, I believe it was Chris Davidson who put some pictures from SK that his brother took. Yes, Fiester broke new ground with her cones/ranges of possible shots from there. What I think she had wrong that a head shot went in right temple and out the back of the head. There WAS a left temple wound, seen by many, that she didn't know about. I believe it was that shot that blew out the right occiput, and it was from SK. And it was almost coincident with a softnosed/frangible bullet from behin
  9. By the way, part of the original thesis of this topic, the "pre-arranged" part, is wrong, though it has borne much fruit. ADRENALINE is the worst, most powerful drug ever. The crooked police were hopped up on adrenaline. They panicked. How many times have you heard of crooks crashing their cars getting away from the scene of a crime? Or having a falling out and shooting each other? For sure many DPD were involved in Tippit's murder and the coverup. For my money, it was Roscoe White who was "the shooter," who got po'ed, panicked and did his comrade in. A LOT of corroboration for tha
  10. Paul B., Ms. Kittrell at a previous meeting with the real LHO "had added additional work qualification codes to Oswald's employment records to increase the possibility of his finding work." And I bet those additional codes were for office jobs. Seems to me the LHO impersonator removed qualifications so that Ozzie would get fewer job offers, esp. for his desired office work. And the phony Teamster membership would do the same because there were fewer union jobs in Texas, and probably many employers saw "a union guy" as a negative rather than a plus. All in all cutting down on poten
  11. Jim Hargrove, Thank you so much for this Gaeton Fonzi interview of Laura Kittrell. Off the top of me hat, it seems obvious that the October 21 "Oswald" at TEC was Larry Crafard, Jack Ruby's new live-in "handyman" whom he picked up at the fairgrounds. Crafard, at a glance and from a distance, looked very similar to LHO. After 11/22/63, Ruth Paine was certain she was looking at a picture of Lee when in fact it was the drifter/carnival worker LC. And there can be no doubt that it was the loud obnoxious Crafard who took the high-speed test drive, having said he was Lee Oswald lately of th
  12. Doug, Once again, thanks for an excellent research article I never would have seen otherwise. That CIA-developed gun that shoots a poison dart that dissolves, I believe was used in a few assassinations of liberal, independent journalists and political leaders in the 1970s. Can't recall their names at present. One, I'm sure was in England just like good old Adlai. And in a very public place like AS shot down in Grosvenor Square. I believe it was the most famous bridge over the Thames. There can be no doubt about at least three of them; add the happy warrior Adlai Stevenson to tha
  13. Image result for oswald band Have y'all seen this? Three-man band: Leavelle on keyboards, Ozzie on lead vocals, Ruby on axe.
  14. Joe Bauer above is how I get the "Occam's Razor" (simple) explanation for Ruby getting in the basement at the right place. He definitely did not get in by the Main Street ramp, as the WARren COmmissioN says. And it's so doubtful as to be impossible what Curry conjectured, that he got in by the big double doors near the ramp -- BECAUSE there are other doors to go through that must have been guarded, AND stairs to go down. Ruby had less than four minutes to get in place. His Western Union money order was stamped 11:17, and he shot Ozzie at 11:21. Witnesses saw Jack Ruby turn left on Ma
  15. This topic is VERY JFKA-related. The news coverage of the Kavanaugh nomination and the Senate Judiciary Committee is perfect proof that we can no longer make simple distinctions, let alone fine distinctions. That we can be distracted by any shiny object. The sexual assault charges are a diversion. It is the snowball on the tip of the iceberg that sank the Titanic. The rest of the tip: his underage heavy drinking that pickled his privileged, arrogant little brain; and his gambling problem that caused him to go 200K into credit card debt. The rest of the iceberg: Kavanaugh is the m
  16. Douglas, Thanks so much for this article sketching out the three long Kennedy-MacArthur conversations, with that third long conversation on pdf. I take the most enjoyment from Jack listening the vast majority of the time, which was rare from what I've seen. And DM actually being funny; he must have caught some of JFK's humor-bug. Noted in this article, though seldom noted in most Kennedy material: * his vigor and fitness. American historians (i. e., usually crappy) like to point out JFK's maladies, sometimes even saying he was some kind of dead man walking. The truth is golfing
  17. This topic is bearing much fruit recently. To recap/summarize some points especially salient to me from Joe Bauer and Ron Bulman: * Jack Ruby's long friendship with William J. "Blackie" Harrison, delineating that relationship with great, often hilarious, examples * credentialed Seth Kantor couldn't get near that basement, while Ruby had carte blanche, sailed right in (BTW, I love Seth's first edition "Who Was Jack Ruby?", one of the first I devoured on this long journey) * cool, funny recollections by the strippers Rose Cheramie and the lesbian "Satan's Angel" (are you kidding?
  18. Since I referred to JFK's humor in Houston that same day that he was in San Antone, 11-21-63, I ran across a youtube from Vince Palamara with that e (2) JFK's humor, Houston, 11/21/63- Kennedy Detail- Clint Hill+ - YouTube xact excerpt. Here's an attempt at a transcript: "Next month, when the United States of America fires the largest booster in the history of the world into space, and for the first time gives us the lead --- fires the largest payroll -- uh, payLOAD -- into space, giving us the lead -- It WILL be the largest payROLL, too. (extended laughter and applause from those
  19. Does anyone remember reports of a car parked along Stemmons that was loaded with explosives? I think near Cobb Stadium (atop which a rifleman was spotted BTW). This car-bomb was a last-ditch weapon in case Kennedy left Dealey Plaza alive, supposedly. Speculation: What if the explosives for this car came from the storage facility outside Alamo City above. And when they cadged the bomb from Medina Base, they had to move materials around, and that was the cause of the igloo and the two "Straddle-carriers" going boom. Possible?
  20. Great anatomy illustration, Sandy. How was the apex of the right lung bruised? I don't figure the bullet had to pass directly through the affected areas. All that bone and cartilage in that area has to push and pull with different forces. The pleural lining had to have been breached at sharp angles, creating who knows what auxiliary damage. About the back wound, why would Humes lie RE 1. shallowness of the wound, 2.the downward sloping track? 1.he never found the tear in the pleura. Remember the body was 8 to 12 hours cold, serious rigor mortis must have set in, and probably if
  21. Vince, Good golly, this is quite a find, fills out the scenario of cataclysmic incompetence in the Lone Star Republic Nov. 1963. San Antonio, 11,13,63--eight days before JFK and LBJ were there on their big Texas swing, an EIGHTH of a million pounds of explosives in a special igloo go kerblooie. Towering mushroom cloud, windows break 30 miles away. Our fine military/weapons/complex "at work". Three grunts, two in the igloo when the chain reaction starts (starting with a "popping noise like a shotgun blast"), and one at the nearby "straddle-carrier" (is that fancy military t
  22. Thanks, Sandy. I had never seen this before. And since Dr. McC didn't see the back wound, he has it high, probably relying on the data from the Bethesda abortion. Additionally, the right occipital "blowOUT" can be explained by a left temple entrance wound, as seen by SO many. Another shot from the South Knoll, most likely. The other head shot, IN over right ear, from the North (Grassy) Knoll was definitely a frangible. If not, why the "constellation" of lead/metal particles emanating from there?
  23. "Where is the exit?" (for the throat wound) From Cliff Varnell's excellent physical evidence, I have nearly perfected the answer to that question, 90-some % I would say. -- burn, nick on left side of necktie knot -- 5-6 mm puncture wound in lower third of throat, centrally located -- right side of trachea grazed at 3rd or 4th tracheal ring; trachea deviated to the left -- apex of right lung contused, making an upside-down pyramid -- transverse process of T1 deformed, a "stress-pull", not a direct hit but weakened by all tissues around it being pulled, I bel
  24. Much neglected, one of the greatest journalists of the 20th century, HELEN THOMAS, claims to have been at the Murchison's. There's so much independent corroboration for this get-together that it isn't funny. It happened. It's kind of like professional witness Seth Kantor seeing/hearing/touching/smelling (everything but tasting) Jack Ruby at Parkland. It happened. Johnson, Nixon, Hoover, et al. could get around with all the modern transportation at their disposal. LBJ left Carswell a few minutes after 11. (Ron Bulman, thanks so much for Dave Powers' annotated itinerary. He was so at
  25. The Man Who Was Everywhere, Douglas Caddy, is about to be on Coast to Coast. Thanks for the heads-up, Doug.
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