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  1. Without seeing the documentation - it's just mentioned in the Pawn Stars clip - I wouldn't bid on this. And the embroidery seems a little too in your face. But good question about the jacket LHO wore to work that day. What DID happen to that?
  2. Not a real reply, but I’m not able to access my full keyboard at the moment. You’ve made some excellent points. I’ll be back later today or tomorrow to agree with more words.
  3. Okay, you guys have talked me into finding a copy of this!
  4. Hi! It's been awhile since I've been here, but I was sure that there would be a discussion thread on this film. I actually came over here to post my belated response to watching the film, but then I found myself caught up in reading all of the posts in this thread. So, first and foremost, I wish to congratulate the maker(s) of this film. Great job! I don't think I've seen anything that deals with Ms. Paine in such detail. I definitely haven't seen anything that does such a good job of giving both sides of the story. I also think this film does a great job of presenting the material for people who aren't as familiar with every detail of the existing research. Even my husband - and his eyes tend to glaze over when I start discussing history - paid attention from start to finish. To briefly touch on some of the comments in this thread about the film, I honestly had to go back and rewatch the film before I posted here just to make sure we were discussing the same material. I cannot see how this film is in any way critical of Ruth Paine. For better or for worse, she is permanently attached to the JFK assassination story. In the context of this historical event, Ruth Paine is a semi-public personality. She has made numerous public appearances over the years in this context. She has not made herself a private figure in this saga. Any thinking person would see that there are a plethora of coincidences which revolve around the Paine household while she was in contact with Marina and Lee. I believe she says something very similar in this film, so I'm not sure how it can be seen as any way derogatory to her or her version of events. The film even seems to go out of its way to emphasize that she should not be considered a person of interest in the assassination itself. Regardless of opinion of her involvement - or lack thereof - in those events, the film is very fair and balanced. Again, congratulations to the filmmaker and his team!
  5. If it weren't for COVID still impacting travel considerations, I would so be there for this. So that leaves me like everyone else - when/where can we see this in the United States?
  6. Mr. Caddy - thank you for posting this! I don't get over to FB, so I never see stuff like this unless it's posted in a more general setting like this one!
  7. It's been awhile since I read this book. I honestly don't remember that much about JVB being in there? But like I said, it's been awhile. I thought the theories about Dr. Sherman's demise were fascinating. It's clearly a case with so many question marks. Any story which begins with a personal angle of how/why a person started investigating it is always one to draw you into their research, even if you can't always agree with all of their conclusions. As far as the Reilly Coffee company employees - I do wonder what eventually happened to the other people who worked there at the same time as LHO. Much like I wonder what happened to all of the people who worked at the TSBD.
  8. I think at its core, this is a great question. Why not release the rest of those files that still exist? What possible reason(s) could exist to withhold them at this late date? Of course, it would be difficult to verify that anything released now was the original document in its original form. Very few people are still alive who would be able to confirm or deny anything there.
  9. I don't have anything time-wise to contribute here yet, but your question prompted me to go on a search to see what was said about LHO that Friday in the US papers. It is fascinating to see what made the late editions here, especially since they couldn't exactly Google his information. Just looking through online resources, the first UPI story I ran across seems to focus on Oswald's connection with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and seemed based on information from Captain Pat Gannaway. (Eugene Guard, Eugene, Oregon) The AP story seems more similar to what is posted in the photo above, although the version I read attributed the confirmation of Oswald's Soviet adventures to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. (News Palladium, Benton Harbor, Michigan) And the Benton Harbor didn't have Tippit murdered in the theater, although it was rather vague on those details.
  10. Ohhh, a book I haven't read yet! I had not heard that story before now, but it is interesting...
  11. Andrew - I'm not the best person to discuss videos or photos, but weren't those older clips which had already been online? And did they actually say that these objects were alien vessels or just UFO's? I haven't read an official statement if there is one. I just read the news summaries from two or three different sources.
  12. https://www.thedailybeast.com/did-marilyn-monroe-abort-john-f-kennedy-or-robert-f-kennedys-baby-before-taking-her-own-life?ref=home&via=twitter_page "Did Marilyn Monroe Abort JFK or RFK’s Baby Before Taking Her Own Life? The biography ‘Norma Jean: The Life of Marilyn Monroe,’ out April 28, contains a truly eye-opening claim concerning the actress and the Kennedys. Read it exclusively here." If you read the entire piece, there's not a lot of fact, but there's an awful lot of what if. I haven't read the book yet, but Marilyn Monroe's involvement with the Kennedy brothers was always a fascinating subject. (If somebody already posted this, sorry! I missed it.)
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