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  1. It's been awhile since I read this book. I honestly don't remember that much about JVB being in there? But like I said, it's been awhile. I thought the theories about Dr. Sherman's demise were fascinating. It's clearly a case with so many question marks. Any story which begins with a personal angle of how/why a person started investigating it is always one to draw you into their research, even if you can't always agree with all of their conclusions. As far as the Reilly Coffee company employees - I do wonder what eventually happened to the other people who worked there at the s
  2. I think at its core, this is a great question. Why not release the rest of those files that still exist? What possible reason(s) could exist to withhold them at this late date? Of course, it would be difficult to verify that anything released now was the original document in its original form. Very few people are still alive who would be able to confirm or deny anything there.
  3. I don't have anything time-wise to contribute here yet, but your question prompted me to go on a search to see what was said about LHO that Friday in the US papers. It is fascinating to see what made the late editions here, especially since they couldn't exactly Google his information. Just looking through online resources, the first UPI story I ran across seems to focus on Oswald's connection with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and seemed based on information from Captain Pat Gannaway. (Eugene Guard, Eugene, Oregon) The AP story seems more similar to what is posted in the photo abov
  4. Ohhh, a book I haven't read yet! I had not heard that story before now, but it is interesting...
  5. Andrew - I'm not the best person to discuss videos or photos, but weren't those older clips which had already been online? And did they actually say that these objects were alien vessels or just UFO's? I haven't read an official statement if there is one. I just read the news summaries from two or three different sources.
  6. https://www.thedailybeast.com/did-marilyn-monroe-abort-john-f-kennedy-or-robert-f-kennedys-baby-before-taking-her-own-life?ref=home&via=twitter_page "Did Marilyn Monroe Abort JFK or RFK’s Baby Before Taking Her Own Life? The biography ‘Norma Jean: The Life of Marilyn Monroe,’ out April 28, contains a truly eye-opening claim concerning the actress and the Kennedys. Read it exclusively here." If you read the entire piece, there's not a lot of fact, but there's an awful lot of what if. I haven't read the book yet, but Marilyn Monroe's involvement with the Kennedy brothers was alwa
  7. The last paragraph feels cryptic. What does it mean?
  8. Scary but prescient descriptions of what could happen here.
  9. That's a great photograph! (Of course, the first thought in my mind when viewing it was - wait - they're all standing too close to each other! Yes, I know, the photo isn't recent. It seems to be an automatic reaction, though, to seeing pictures of two or more people now.) So while I need to go back and read the first part of this thread, I was reading page 5 with great interest. As far as Putin and an attack on the US, your remarks reminded me of a conversation I had with somebody online earlier this week. We were talking about how the US appears to other countries & had reached
  10. This is a very cool article. Surely if this woman wanted to make up stories to enrich herself, she'd make up better ones. These are vague enough to have a ring of truth. I liked how the article linked the possibility of the story of Buddy Walther to the Spanish speaking caller. Too bad that nobody who listened in on that call also spoke Spanish...
  11. Possibly only a slightly related question, but what documentation was required that year to apply for a passport? Could a passport be applied for without submitting new photographs? What were the documents required to apply for a passport that year? (And this was LHO's first passport application? Yes???)
  12. There's another auction on the same website with a high school yearbook connected to LHO as a school which he attended and was apparently signed by Jim Leavelle. Also in the same lot -- "Sold together with a metal key to Room 850 at the Texas Hotel in Ft. Worth. This was the room that the President & Mrs. Kennedy stayed in during their visit to Texas; however, it appears to predate the 1963 event."
  13. I'm fine with logging back into the site to eliminate guests. I'm also fine with finding out how to make those non-active, non-JFK forums invisible if they are no longer active or moderated. They will count against usage, regardless of whether or not they're being used. A form admin would have to handle that detail. And - as far as I know from previously working Invision boards - there is no way to take the content of the JFK forums and make it into a new board without a substantial upfront cost. A cheaper option (in the past, at least, and this board seems to work l
  14. I have no idea how Invision does their viewer counts these days, but I know that they sometimes used to count 'guests' as active viewers. At that point, it all had to do with whether or not a forum was public - as in anyone could view the threads - or private - as in topics/threads could only be viewed by registered users. Back then it was easy to create a spike in forum traffic by posting a forum page address on public media somewhere. That almost always guaranteed a rise in views from all kind of bot accounts. It's also possible that there is some kind of malicious bot traffic that is ta
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