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  1. 6 hours ago, Chris Davidson said:


    The shot from behind could have missed and the blob was added to give the impression of a rear shot at that moment.

    Ah yes, of course.  I'd forgotten to consider the fact that nobody at Parkland saw this monstrosity. 

    I just believe that the forward movement of his head circa 313 is an indication of a shot.

    I think so too.  As, of course, many do.

    And, as you said, impossible for 1 shooter.

    But, this is more about timing using Wiegman's film as the clock, comparing it to the acoustical and showing the after affects of a limo stop/frame removal process.

    More coming.

    I understand Chris.  I can't help but speculate as you lay this out.  :eat 




  2. Chris, may I use my own words to describe what I think you're saying?  And then you can tell me where I've got what you're thinking correct or incorrect.

    A shot from the Dal-Tex 7th floor ledge @ z310.  We see Kennedy's head move forward slightly from z312 to z313.  Then, at virtually the same moment in time, the head is driven back by a shot from the front which also causes the back of head blowout.  The limousine has come to a stand-still just after z313 and before the shot from the front.  Kennedy's head is driven "back and to the left" by the frontal shot.

    So, the frame removal was done to hide the fact that there were two shots, at virtually the same moment in time, which would have been impossible for a lone gunman.  And the "blob" is real and not painted in, as has been suggested.  The "blob" was created by the first of those two shots which came from 7th floor Dal-Tex.

    Do I sort of have this right?

  3. 3 hours ago, Eddy Bainbridge said:

    "The limo did not travel 2.24 mph from extant z161-z166, it just represented the difference in average speed from z161-z313 when 38 frames were removed from that span." - C Davidson


    or in other words - The survey was done with a film that no longer matched the measurements taken. There isn't enough Elm Street between the Surveyed points to model a car moving at reasonably constant speed (Between Z161 and Z313), so the measurements have been fiddled. (There is another copy of the table showing the fiddling, obtained from the surveyor)


    I hope that explanation is good enough to catch anybody up whose interested.

    If it isn't Chris will help.



    Eddy, thanks for this.  It helps.  I hope you continue.

    I am transfixed by Chris's analyses.  Like the Math Rules thread, it's dense.  It takes time and concentration to follow the numbers, and I'm doing very poorly.  But, at this point, I have a decent picture of what the analysis is revealing.  Unbelievable work from Chris!


  4. 42 minutes ago, Eddy Bainbridge said:

    Hi Mark, I don't know much about testing the rates of cameras but my view is that there is other evidence suggestive of frame removal, for example the alleged limo stop evidence is pretty substantial and the testimony of Clint Hill conflicts with the extant film. So rather than being stuck not knowing the camera frame rate, we now have more indication of frame removal. 

    To add to your "other evidence suggestive of frame removal", the child behind his father suddenly appears beside his father, in 1 frame -1/18 of a second. 

  5. Frame removal, which was one of the major alterations in the Zapruder film, will create no discrepancy with other photographs.  Only the Nix film, where it overlaps the Zapruder film, would have had to have been also altered.  And we all know the provenance of that film is in question.

    The conspirators were not stupid.

  6. 4 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

    I am beginning to think this might have been manmade.

    I doubt it.


    Is there any evidence the virus was engineered?

    The scientific consensus rejecting the virus being engineered is almost unanimous. In a letter to Nature in March, a team in California led by microbiology professor Kristian Andersen said “the genetic data irrefutably shows that [Covid-19] is not derived from any previously used virus backbone” – in other words spliced sections of another known virus.

  7. Just FWIW, I saw a report the other day about why the shortage.  It's not hoarding, although that's probably playing a roll (no pun intended).  There are two types of toilet paper, one residential and one commercial.  You know the difference- one type is soft and pleasant and the other is the stuff with the wood chips still in it.  Some companies make one type, some the other, but they don't make both.  Commercial grade goes to institutions--schools, government, offices, etc.  Now that those institutions are closed, there is plenty of the commercial grade.  And since all of those people are now at home, the demand for the residential stuff is much bigger than normal.  It seems that the toilet paper industry is pretty predictable in terms of quantities, but now that has changed.

  8. 5 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

    The things this guy has been saying for the last two weeks are just ridiculous.

    Long overdue resignation.  Man, his mania over Oliver Stone was palpable, just read about it.


    I believe Joy Reid is taking his place --a woman with great intelligence, insight and courage.  Unlike Mathews, Joy has social skills that will bring out the best in her guests.  I find that replacement ironic, because, as a guest with Mathews, she was treated badly by Mathews on a number of occasions.  It seemed to me that Chris couldn't keep up with her and dismissed her thoughts outright.  But, last night, she was effusive in describing Mathews' helping her with her career.  She's a classy woman.

  9. Thanks to both of you Larry and David, you've just brought me to a new understanding!  And, thanks to you David, I'm seeing how this relates to the Mexico City events.  I've never fully comprehended what that was all about --it's been a weak point in my studying.  I get it now.

  10. On ‎3‎/‎2‎/‎2020 at 8:42 AM, Ed LeDoux said:

    Yep all sounds perfectly logical doesn't it Paul.

    I don't completely grasp what you're saying to me in your post, but I'm able to see that you don't buy my idea that witnesses were meant (by the plotters) to see suspicious activity in the TSBD to divert attention away from the actual shooting positions.

    My thoughts were prompted by the idea that the original plot may have been intended to implicate the Cuban government in the assassination.  In that case, it wouldn't matter how many men were observed in the TSBD, or who witnessed "Lee Harvey" Oswald running right out the front door into a car driven by another man.  It was only decided, after the fact, that the lie would be lone assassin.

    In the end, though, it really doesn't matter.  I am still trying to make sense of all the convoluted evidence.  I'm not even sure I'm making any sense... just floating the idea to see what others thought.

  11. 15 hours ago, Larry Hancock said:

    As to the car and the DCM, well it did happen, that is for certain.  But I can't think of anything more risky and stupid than to plan a pick up on Elm Street after the shooting so whatever that was it must have been somewhat by chance -

    Unless the whole idea of that event was to create witnesses noticing the escape, including witnessing that the driver was Cuban --a setup that could imply a Cuban conspiracy.

    For about a year, I've been chewing on an idea.  The idea that witnesses were meant to see "movement in the windows of the TSBD", to observe "men with guns", to see "someone who resembled Oswald".  Some of the witnesses who described what they saw, seemed to me to be describing a kind of "laid back" demeanor --almost as if they were trying to be noticed.  Heck, even Umbrella Man and Fist Man were obviously suspicious.

    Maybe this was all, in the beginning, to implicate the Cuban government.

  12. When screws are tightened fully, the screw heads will always lie in the same position no matter how many times the pieces are re-assembled if the same screws were used for re-assembling.  I'd say these are two different guns.

    Late edit:  I just realized that if the same screws were used, but were put in different holes, that could account for the differences we see.  So the best that can be said is that the gun was disassembled between photos.

  13. My parents moved us from Massachusetts to New Hampshire in '63, in large part, because they had become avid skiers.  Every weekend, us kids would spend the day at the local ski slope, which cost $.50 for the day.  It was a large hill that had, in small portions, every degree of difficulty.  On one side of the rope tow was the main slope that everyone used.  The other side, we simply called "Suicide".

    I quit skiing in the early eighties because it had become way too expensive and way too crowded!


  14. On ‎12‎/‎25‎/‎2019 at 9:18 AM, Steve Thomas said:

    If the phones became dead, how could another worker be talking on the telephone?

    It might have been within this forum (I'm not sure where I read it) that someone suggested that the phone lines didn't actually cease to work, it was just that the lights on the phones went out.  I don't remember how phones were designed in '63, but the idea was that the lights on the phone were powered by house current but the actual communication was powered by the telephone company.  So Geneva Hines may not have been able to take incoming calls.

  15. It's in the article linked to above.  There were some number of witnesses to an altercation that happened at 10th and Marsallis.  Three men and a woman attacked a man who was then whisked away in a blue car just a few minutes before Tippit was killed.  This is supposedly what drew Tippit to the area, according to some researchers.

  16. This is a great interview Joseph.  What a difficult thing it must be to try to convince listeners , in fifteen minutes, that there was a conspiracy involving the highest echelon of the United States government.  It took me years to fathom the depth of this conspiracy.  You showed terrific discipline.  Thank you for having kept at this for so long.

    You stated that you'd interviewed Senator Yarborough and, among other things, he said that during the limo stop Secret Service agents swarmed the car.  I'd never heard that before.  It means the Z film was altered much more than I previously imagined.  Could you say a little more about what he told you about that?

  17. 8 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:
    12 hours ago, Paul Bacon said:

    I though Mark Felt was Deep Throat.  It was revealed 10 to 15 years ago--I forget how long its been.  Is this not true?

    I thought so too.  They're going way over my head and loosing me in a hurry.  Glad I'm not the only one.  I've not read the book's they speak of.

    On behalf of Ron and me, thank you gentlemen :huh:.  There just isn't time, in life, to read everything needed to understand CIA shenanigans over the past 5 decades, sheesh. 

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