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Mr. and Mrs. Hester...who were they

Jack White

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Todd W. Vaughan said:
I understand that, but I think it's just a surmise in Johns part. What I'm saying is, I don't know of anything in the record that indicates that Cancellare (or anyone) suggested they stay put while he filmed.

Weigman was already filming the Newmans when Canceallare took his first photo. By the time of Cancellares 2nd photo, close up of the Newmans, Weigman had already left.

Well, whichever acted first, we see the results of a TV news cameraman and a press photographer standing over the prone Newmans to exploit the local color (of fear). The Newmans look about as happy to be pinned down by cameramen as they had by the gunfire.

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