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JFK Case Officially Closed

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I stand by the story and the sources until the FBI denies that the case is closed.

Bill Kelly

Straight from the horse's hoof (yes, pun intended, Mr D)

Well, I can assure you so far as the FBI is concerned, the case will be continued in an open classification for all time. Warren Commission Testimony of J Edgar Hoover; an oblique admission that he hopes the case remains unsolved for all eternity...

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Conspiracy conceded.

Gary Mack, the manager of the 6th Floor Exhibit, owes the world an apology for

repeatedly claiming there is no hard evidence of conspiracy in the murder of JFK.

........To me the salient point, for the most part is, that as most of us know,

after the release of the HSCA Final Report, it was recommended that the Department of Justice "investigate further."

So the press release in a sense sucks all the life out of any real possibility of closure.

The Department of Justice is sort of like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Since everyone is dead..........and the ambiguity over "what kind of conspiracy," exists.......

Seems like game, set and match......

There is something very slick about this......

THE conspiracy .No, not all are dead,yet!

Harry Dean

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