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Gary Mack about Bugliosis book, quote Dallas Morning News. June the 9. 2015

Gary Mack, the curator at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, told me when I wrote the story on Vince’s book that he considered it a monumental achievement.

“No book will ever put to rest the belief that there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy,” Mack said at the time. “What this book and others like it will do is provide a resource to discover answers. I often suggest to people that part of finding out what happened to President Kennedy is learning what did not happen. My responsibility is to know all sides of these issues. And the beauty of Vince’s book is that he has given people a place to go, a place to start when they have a question.

close quote

Well, unless they are using it as their evidence of what did not happen. Bug Man was supposed to be putting together something that proved the case once and for all. All he succeeded in doing is convincing everyone that he was lost from the beginning.

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I have been informed that Harrison Livingstone of "High Treason" fame first brought Larry Dunkel out into the light.

Ahh, that explains why I was in the dark. Who in their right mind would ever buy that book?

Who are you kidding? I suspect it was one of the 1st books you read and BOUGHT concerning the murder of JFK on the good streets of Dallas Texas...

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