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Again whatever one thinks of this argument, or what side of the argument you are on, Robin deserves some kudos for putting all these gifs together and making them clear for the layman.

This kind of work is not easy.

Thanks Jim

Although i can't take Credit for this particular GIF

That is Gerda Dunckels work

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The face sticks out ,because he leans forward into the sun. :blink:

also watch the limo, as it approaches him, he appears to retreat back into the shadow


While I've only followed the "It was Oswald on the steps" argument off and on, I must say this clip from the Martin film seals the deal. The shirt in the clip s NOT the shirt worn by Oswald at the police station, and it is NOT the shirt Lovelady wore when photographed by the FBI. It is--quite clearly--the shirt Lovelady later showed Groden.

Does anyone recall how Cinque and Fetzer explained this one? I mean--what--this film was faked, and then fed Robert Groden, in hopes he'd put a DVD out 30 years after the killing in which this clip was featured?

I do have a question for you Pat...

According to every report of the interrogation, Oswald tells us he changed his clothes - shirt and trousers - when he get to his room. The inventory of his room included items found in the dresser drawer where he says he put them that matches the description of what he was wearing at work: Grey trousers and a brown collared shirt... Whether those are the EXACT clothes we are not sure... but we either ACCEPT that he changed or we DON'T.

If he changed, then what we see in this image would have NOTHING to do with his Arrest clothing.... We also find on 11199-G that his clothes from Beckley were NOT photographed or given an Item # between 1-455. AND Drain took the brown shirt on 11/22. We find later that Bledsoe talking about the ripped buttons had to be AFTER THE FACT since IF he was even on that bus, he changed his shirt before being arrested.... which is the sihirt with the ripped-off buttons.

Fetzer's initial evidence for Doorman being Oswald comes from Fritz's notes... as does the information about his changing.... the discussion is moot before it even begins... yet he still gets mountains of airtime about Doorman wearing the shirt Oswald was arrested in...

Do you agree that Oswald changed and there is something fishy going on with his clothes?


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No big news on the drivers license interest, we know he had been taking lessons, he had even planned to take the test and missed it for a reason I don't recall off hand. There is an interview with an insurance agent from the neighborhood of his apartment describing him coming in asking about insurance. Its been a long time since this came up but its pretty clear he had learned how to drive and was anticipating getting a car.

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That would make those alleged sightings of LHO actually driving possibly true, if a friend would have loaned him a car for practice.

I simply had never heard the story of his application or of his missing his test before.

I have often wondered if one reason Oswald never had a drivers license was because he was trying to operate "under the radar," for whatever purposes...and having a drivers license with a home address on it might interfere with his life of "intrigue"...real or imagined.

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Mark, again I am pulling these sorts of memories out of decades old articles in the Third and Fourth Decade publications...bits and pieces here and there. I think its safe to say that

Oswald had learned to drive at least at some level, that he was interested in getting his license and probably at some point in the distant future when he could afford it his own car. We forget

that he was a pretty normal young man with a growing family and an interest in getting back together with his wife and family, even concerned about his daughters shoes while in

jail. Lots of things may have been going in with and around him but it would be more than odd not to see him interested in driving, he was a pretty independent fellow and in Texas that

would mean a car.

As to the test, of course the problem would be getting a car, perhaps Ruth would have let him borrow one to take the test for Marina's sake. It seems to me that I recall something

from Ruth herself about his wanting to use her car for a test but that's way to back in the mists of my memory to be reliable. I think there was an article devoted to his interest in

a car and in the car insurance and it was mentioned there...again most likely in either the Jerry Rose's articles or in Penn Jone's publications....the best lead I could offer.

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