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Film revealing 2nd gunman...

Mark Haley

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I posted the YouTube video of the Nix film only because I thought its existence should be noted for the record in the forum.

I still think there is a long suppressed film out there of the actual JFK assassination that would clarify some of those involved in the shooting. This was what I was led to believe about seven months ago. My hope is that it does see the light of day -- and soon.

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No news on the proposed sale of a previously unseen movie of the assassination? Did everyone viewing it sign a secrecy agreement?

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not that I am defending these bozos in any way, but Gawker and the toronto star were laughed at when they said they had seen a video of...wait for it...

the crack smoking mayor of Torana Canuckistan....

but yeah...it looks pretty dubious to overstate the obvious.

I wanna see Jack Valenti getting a hot oil rubdown from LBJ while Connally cleans the pool in one of Buckleys "Hoover hand me down" twotwos....

" Naw, you dun git all them leaves outta my pool Johnny or hot damn if i don't get's 'em ta shoot ya's again" says LBJ between swigs of moonshine...

I'd pay for that...

i would too if they could just black out LBJ's please-god-don't-let-it-be-so naked body.

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I just came across this (below), obviously the subject of this very thread - did anything ever come of some "new" film?


The Wrap:

JFK Assassination: New Motorcade Footage Could Challenge Lone-Gunman Theory (Exclusive)

A Hollywood producer believes the footage may support John Kerry and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s comments doubting that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

(WHAT? John Kerry started this whole thing???)

In a development that could shed new light on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a Hollywood movie producer is shopping new, long-hidden footage of JFK’s Dallas motorcade which the producer believes may support the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone, TheWrap has learned.

Stephen Bowen is a successful Texas-based real estate developer who is a principal at Waterstone Entertainment, represented by the Gersh Agency. Bowen acquired the footage from a local Houston television news producer who has held it for more than 40 years, according to an individual involved in the deal. Bowen decided the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death was a good time to bring it to market.

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