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This is a nice find, Robin.  Here's mine taking all of the individual frames and then running it at that speed.  The extra frames in lower left are from the encoding at a different speed. Unfortunately, there's a fake element in there that I used for another post:


By the way, on your site that Willis photo of the black "spot" on the wall is very clear in your version.  Amazingly, you can no longer see it in the Bronson photo from across the street.  I read that it was a black couple who had been sitting there and eating lunch waiting for the limo to go by.  But it just seems so weird how it's not "obvious" any more as the car gets closer.

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Yes when i save my frames from documentaries i use PowerDVD player to advance the frames 1-frame at a time, and them snapshot each individual frame i require..

it is very laborious, and takes 2 - 3 hours to complete, but it means that i don't get the interlacing effect produced by some software programs.

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18.3 is claimed by the FBI and ONLY the FBI... even NPIC couldn't understand by 18.3 was used when the camera settings are 16 & 48...  


One of the things Chris D and I have worked on is the transition from 48fps down to 18.3fps.  We've shown thru math that the ce884 distances and the speed ratios work.  The infamous 161-166 as 5 frames moving .18' each times 5 frames = .9' = the distance from 168-171 BEFORE Shaneyfelt moved the limo path.

From my observations and work the film was taken at both 16 and 48fps... it was then altered to remove, add, conceal as needed and then filmed again using Zapruder's camera.  What we see at 303-304 for example, the quick head turn of Greer, is the end result of removing 4-6 frames from a 8-10 frame sequence @ 48fps.  

As a rule of thumb you'll find the limo moving at an averaged speed of 1' = 1 frame (12.47 mph; .897' per frame = 11.2 mph) between 171 and 313, the range of frames they claim they had and at which the film "began" - although ce884 was changed from 168-171 to 161-166.  We should also note that Elm's decline works out to 18.3 horizontal feet for every 1 vertical foot so that every second of film = 1 vertical foot.

Both the frames and the distance are incorrect...  which makes reconstruction impossible.  Making the assumption that every second contained 18.3 frames will surely lead us down the wrong path...

168-171 9 10ths of a foot traveled changed to 161-166 in CE884.jpg

Mr. SHANEYFELT. This is an album that I prepared of black and white photographs made of the majority of the frames in the Zapruder film---- 
Mr. SPECTER. Starting with what frame number? 
Mr. SHANEYFELT. Starting with frame 171, going through frame 334. 
Mr. SPECTER. And why did you start with frame 171? 
Mr. SHANEYFELT. This is the frame that the slides start from. This was an arbitrary frame number that was decided on as being far enough back to include the area that we wanted to study. 


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Not sure what you're trying to say here Robin...

A 48fps film with the 2nd and 3rd frame of each 3 frame set removed = 16fps movie.

Frames 1  2  3  4  5  6  at 48fps becomes 1  4 at 16fps when shown at 16fps.  Ratio is 3:1

To get 18.3 fps we remove enough frames so there is a 2.62:1 ratio.  486 * 2.62 = 1275 frames if all were taken at 48fps.

I think you will notice the limo take 21-22 frames to cover it's length of 21.4 feet - the point being what we see on the film is not CE884 yet it is also not a ride that appears at a constant rate of speed...  It slows considerably as it goes around Elm and as Greer stares at JFK from z300 until he is shot.

This is how the FBI converted 168-171 into 161-166.  The limo took a slightly more Northerly path than the FBI's dots on the plat.  



By doing this the LOS for 161 (at CE884's 3+29.2) we find that 166 cannot possibly be only .9' farther at 3+30.1.  Z166 is actually 3+35.1 or 5.9' farther down Elm on Robert West's marked path along the station #'s.  

I tried to superimpose the two limo positions (166 and Shaneyfelt's 171) and JFK's position is noted... the LOS thru the corner of the limo doesn't change.




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26 minutes ago, Chris Davidson said:

When Z133 is not the true Z133.

See if you can locate Gov. Connally with his left hand over/up-to his head from z133 on.

Triangulation using Phil Willis' position.

Station# 2+99.0 = Z133 (JFK'S position in the limo)




Is Kellerman looking to his right?

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In the mid to late 50's, cameras were internally set to run at 18fps so to remove the flicker effect. However, the hardware (dials) were not changed because so many were already produced, so they were used instead of making new ones.

I for one have never seen any evidence of film alteration on the Zapruder film. Unless there is a new claim I have not seen - all the past ones had been debunked. One of the best moves Zapruder could have done was having three copies of the film made. Zapruder kept the camera original and a first generation copy made from the original film. When Life Magazine bought the original film - Zapruder kept his first generation copy. As far as I know - Life magazine damaged the original and had to splice the film at a point before the shooting had began. The first generation copy made from the original has remained in tact.

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Oh, no...not the 67% Solution again. The biggest question regarding that is - if the film was shot at a higher film rate and then frames were removed, which frames were removed and, most importantly, WHY were they removed?

The film debunks the SBT.  The timing of the shots and the reaction to injuries shows that one bullet could NOT have created all of the injuries the WR says. So you mean to say that the original film of 48 FPS, which NO ONE here and elsewhere, has EVER seen, had "x" number of frames removed (hence my nickname for the other thread being the 67% Solution), and we don't know WHY they were removed, and yet they left in the frames that shows conspiracy?!

Sorry to say but the 67% Solutions wizards can be lumped right in with the wizards of the Oswald and his Mom clone fairy tale.

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