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Mark Shaw: Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen?

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Thanks for posting the video, Roger. Seems to confirm that Dorothy was suicided. Just to sum up.

Dorothy was found dead in bed wearing a hair piece, which she never slept in.

Wearing nightclothes she never wore.

Had slept with makeup on, which she never did.

Wearing false eyelashes which she never did.

In a bed she never slept in.

In a bedroom she never slept in.

No reading glasses were around,despite a book she had been reading was alongside her bed table.

Two cops outside sitting in a car.

Had been drinking cocktails, with her boy friend, Ron Pataky, hours before. (Pataky later wrote a poem “Vodka Roulette”, about poisoning somebody with spiked drinks)

More than one barbiturate found in her blood.( Doctors used remaining tissue samples to ascertain that Kilgallen had in her system three barbiturates: pentobarbital, amobarbital, and secobarbital.)

Body found at nine a.m.

Police not called until 3 p.m.

Medical Examiner from Manhattan where she died was not called, but instead the M.E. from Brooklyn was called. (Brooklyn M.E. Branch was allegedly controlled by the Mafia).

No police investigation into her death.



Strangely (or perhaps not), none of the above details are mentioned in McAdams dismissal of the suiciding of Dorothy. (See   http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/death4.htm)


Thankfully, the case is now being re-examined.


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On May 4, 2017 at 10:03 AM, Ray Mitcham said:


Had been drinking cocktails, with her boy friend, Ron Pataky, hours before. (Pataky later wrote a poem “Vodka Roulette”, about poisoning somebody with spiked drinks)




While I’m spilling my guts

She’s driving me nuts

Please fetch us two drinks

On the run.


Just skip all the nois’n

Make one of them poison

And don’t even tell me 

Which one!



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Is it true that Dorothy Kilgallen exposed the CIA-Mafia plots against Castro in 1959? --> http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKkilgallen.htm

Sometimes Kilgallen included highly subversive material in her column. For example, on 15th July, 1959, Kilgallen became the first journalist to suggest that the CIA and the Mafia were working together in order to assassinate Fidel Castro. This disclosure upset high-ranking government officials and J. Edgar Hoover began to keep a dossier on Kilgallen's activities.

This I also found interesting:

Kilgallen's reporting brought her into contact with Mark Lane who had himself received an amazing story from the journalist Thayer Waldo. He had discovered that Jack Ruby, J. D. Tippet and Bernard Weismann had a meeting at the Carousel Club eight days before the assassination.

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With just the suicide contradicting crime scene facts presented in Ray Mitcham's post alone ( and there are even more )  any argument still promoting Dorothy Kilgallen's death as a suicide is embarrassingly baseless and even childish.

As much as the Mafia and anyone else ( Hoover perhaps? ) despised and or feared Kilgallen, the okay to off someone of her huge celebrity status and standing both nationally and even internationally, had to be sanctioned by someone above even them IMO.

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Here is a Dorothy Kilgallen tid-bit that presents something just a little odd IMO.

What's My Line? - Raymond Burr; Buddy Hackett [panel] (Jun 3, 1962)
I hope the You Tube link I provide above takes you to an old "What's My Line" episode where Dorothy Kilgallen, Buddy Hackett, Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf ( founder of "Random House" publishers ) try to identify the "Mystery Guest."

The Mystery Guest on this episode is Raymond Burr of "Perry Mason" fame.

After Burr is identified ( the very end of the show) and there is some light banter between Burr and show host John Daly, Burr cites two past meet-ups with Bennett Cerf and Kilgallen.

Burr reminded Cerf of the time he ( Cerf ) was invited into Burr's office in the ...  "Pentagon." ???

Burr even mentions the Secretary Of Defense being present. ??? What the heck?

Burr with an office in the Pentagon? Cerf hanging around there and seeing the Secretary Of Defense? Mockingbird?

Burr then reminds Kilgallen that he once caught her looking through a keyhole.    ???

Burr and Kilgallen where in Rome at the time. Kilgallen seems slightly embarrassed and mentions something about Burr being in a horse drawn carriage there. ???

Watching Kilgallen on reruns of this show is very compelling.  It is in black and white and her presence on this seems almost ghostly. Especially remembering her place ( and suspicious ending ) in the JFK/Oswald/Ruby affair. 

Kilgallen and her whole life story and especially her tragic, suspicious death are so compelling... what is Hollywood waiting for? 

Fame, fortune, intrigue, secret love affairs, high society doings on a daily basis, feuds with other celebrities, the famous, long running and huge audience TV show of which she was a regular, the Sam Sheppard trial and his retrial and release after Kilgallen shares some inappropriate bias dirt on Sheppard's original trial judge, her cloak and dagger Jack Ruby investigation, death threats (including the Mob) FBI surveillance...and on and on and on.

Kilgallen's life story SCREAMS a big screen adaption!

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