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Why Splice?

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In two other current threads David Josephs and Chris Davidson discuss and illustrate the possibility that the Zapruder film (and others?) were spliced.  Up to three times, to delete frames.  Why would the frames they refer to have been taken out?  The what I consider the throat shot was not eliminated.  Nor was the back and to the left Jim Garrison exposed to a jury as a shot from the front which means a conspiracy.   Why were the portions alleged eliminated but not those important sections?

The first possible splice is most convincing to me.  Greer swinging wide right around the corner of Elm and Houston is glaring in that is missing but why?  Once again, going from 132 to 133 is Bam.  From motorcycle cop sitting in the same spot for almost 30 frames to JFK's limo in almost the same spot in one frame.

132 is blurred compared to prior frames as in a possible stop of the filming but as David points out there is no lightness as in frame one in the start up in 133.  And as he points our Zapruder says he filmed the turn.

Supposedly no shots were fired during this period.  What might have been in the background that justified eliminating these frames? 



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Frame syncing for one.

1296 = 486 x (48/18)
354.6666666 = 133 x (48/18)
941.33333 = (1296 - 354.66666)
470.666666 = (941.3333 / 2)
470.666666 - 25% = (1/2 x 1/2) =

470.666666 -  353 = 117.666

How many frames from 470.666 to 486?

What's the difference between z118 and z133?





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54 minutes ago, Chris Davidson said:

What's the difference between z118 and z133?

The difference between the front of the limo (z133) and JFK in the limo... 15.25 feet further back or about 15.33 frames @ 1 foot per frame

133 - 118 = 15

All depends on where on the limo we are talking...  front bumper, JFK, or rear bumper....


edit: Or they simply moved 118 to 133....  to create the sync

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470.666 to 486 = 15.33.. frames

15.33 frames / 3 splices (z133, 157, 207) = 5+ frames per slice

More frames within splice, missing. Same as Towner splice.

Average speeds via West path (in which the splices reside) using "JFK within limo" as measuring target:

z133-z149 = 14.88mph.  Station# 299 - 318.125

z149-z166 = 11.99mph.  Station# 318.125 - 334.5 = (329.2 + 5.3)

z166-z182 = 13.53 mph.   Station# 334.5 - 351.9 

z182-z201 = 11.40mph.    Station# 351.9 - 369.3

z201- z222 = 10.83mph.   Station# 369.3 - 387.58

Average =  12.52 mph

18.3/1.47 = 12.45mph = 1ft per 1 frame

z133-z207 = 74 frames

74/18.3 =  4.04seconds

4.04seconds x .102ft per sec (12.52-12.45) = .41ft

15.41ft vs 15.33frames

Close enough for WC work.








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But why would whoever want to take these frames out?  They didn't want anyone to see the laundry truck or box van or whatever in front of Dal Tex?  I've read a very little unsupported speculation years back somewhere that a shot was fired from there (after the limo went around the corner) or that a van or box truck there was a control center.  Once again, with no supporting evidence I can remember.  Was H L Hunt or Jack Ruby or George Bush somewhere in the picture?  Another walkie talkie man?  It looks more like a splice than a start/stop to my untrained eye and David says Zapruder said he filmed the limo coming around the corner.  I can accept that it at least looks like it (a splice) happened but why? 

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There was indeed a shot up at the top of ELM...  While "they" can say the Willis stops running due to being called... she heard a shot.

From a meeting with some of the witnesses years later:

Rosemary: As they made the turn from Houston to Elm Street, they'd just gone a few feet when the first shot rang out, and upon hearing the sound, my normal body reaction was to look up and follow the sound that I heard, it was so abrupt.

Hickey - if you look closely, looks down at the street from about 138 until 154...  The TOWNSEND film shows a quick jerk of JFK's head as well...  also they cut out the wide turn since it makes the SS look very bad...

More importantly - it removed shots....  3 and only 3 were allowed...  z313 was shot #2 as early as the TIME/LIFE re-enactment/survey (actually another 4 feet down ELM) in Nov 63...

313 was shot #2 in the Dec FBI/SS survey and again in Feb with the FBI survey....




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