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Escape From The TSBD- The Fire Escape Plan

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10 hours ago, John Butler said:


So, that leaves a question concerning who was controlling traffic and the stopping and moving of the various motorcade segments controlled after the shooting. 


No clue on who was directing traffic, but I pulled out No More Silence by Larry Sneed (I have no idea how reliable/unreliable that's considered to be) which says the following:  


Bobby Joe Dale:  "About that time it was on the radio that he'd been hit.  If I'd speeded up, the press buses and everything else would have gone with me, so I got the driver's attention of the bus behind me and told him to stop, then I accelerated to catch up to the limousine." 

Edgar L. Smith: "I was situated on the southeast corner of Houston and Elm in front of the Criminal Records Building."  (Nothing said in his chapter about stopping traffic.)



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Officer one near the corner of the Dal-Tex building



Officer two next to Truly and Campbell

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Thanks Bart,

Officer number one is Joe Marshall.  He is where he is supposed to be according to his testimony.  Officer number two is Welcome Barnett.  Ditto on location.

Officer number three is Edgar Smith.  He is where he is supposed to be according to the Muchmore film.  He said he was under the windows of the Court Record Building and this is confirmed by Muchmore. 

The reason I was checking their testimony and location is the fire escape plan.  Although speculative, it could work according to the circumstantial info.  Did that happen?  Who knows.  If you were an assassin or co-conspirator in the TSBD and did not want to be seen on the first floor or exit by any of the exits on the first floor then the only other sensible option is the fire escape. 

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