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JFK's policy of aid to Israel

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From the Jerusalem Post, 1/23/63: "The [US] Government hopes aid to Israel can soon be terminated, it was revealed yesterday by President Kennedy's new foreign ...aid director. . . In New York, the Wall Street Journal noted the pro-Israel activities of a leading Washington lobbyist in an article on Senator J. W. Fulbright's forthcoming investigation of . . . foreign agents in Washington."

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Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

From the author’s bio on Amazon:

As a consequence of my interest in the Middle East, I obviously did a lot of reading on the topic. I discovered back in the mid to late 1980's that there was one aspect of U.S. Middle East policy that was hardly explored at all in most published material on the subject. That was the fact that John F. Kennedy was engaged in a secret behind the scenes war with Israel, over Israel's drive to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

As we all know, nuclear weapons of mass destruction were at the center of the war against Iraq and certainly at the center of the intended war by the Zionist and their bought and paid for politicians in America. That is the subject of their drive for war against Iran.

So as I began to explore — I was always interested in the Kennedy assassination, being interesting in politics — I began to see that all the published works on the Kennedy assassination, there was never anything mentioned about JFK's war with Israel.


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This was the subject of my essay in the new zine garrison for this month.

Except I did not use Piper at all.

I used Phil Muehlenbeck, Robert Rakove, RIchard Mahoney and most importantly, the great Malcolm Blunt.

He got me a whole folder full of declassified documents from the JFK library.

Its a very interesting and ignored area.  Kennedy was the last president who was trying to be fair to both sides.  He was also the last president to threaten to cut off all aid to Israel. He was also the last president to befriend  a pan Arab leader in the Middle East, namely Nasser.  After doing the research on this, I agree with Robert Dreyfuss, that the best chance to have gotten an overall agreement in the area was through Nasser as the key.

When Kennedy was killed, the same pattern occurred.  LBJ completely vitiated what Kennedy was doing there.  And it started us down the road to the mess we have there today.


BTW, the paper version of the zine sold out.  But you can get a pdf of it.


Edited by James DiEugenio
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6 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

 But you can get a pdf of it.

I bought the pdf over the weekend. Very good launch of material and writing. Your article on JFK/ME was very encompassing and very well written. It might be said that the peace process took a dive when Rabin was killed in the same way the deaths of JFK and RFK and MLK were used. The build-up in settlements mirrors the build up in Vietnam.

I don't know why you made it a point to "not" consult Piper, but in my own case, I ignored Piper for years because I was informed - in numerous places  that he was "anti-semitic" and during a period of time I used to pay attention to such "descriptions" and stay away from them. 

 Once I found that the anti-word  was so bent out of shape, it lost all meaning, it no longer held any sway. Finklestein is called it; Goldstone was called it. Anyone who breathes a whiff of criticism of the gangster state is called it. The misuse and smear tactics lubricated by that term has been harmful to rational dialogue. It's now one of those words - like "terrorist" - that belongs in the witch hunt file. Like Vidal writes--you can't wage war against an abstract noun.

Also very much liked the way Hougan can encapsulate any Watergate related theme.

Reading those two articles in the pdf and Vidal's book that Assange was carrying when arrested, took up my weekend reading time. 

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Thanks Robert.

I don't have Piper's book.  That is why I did not use it.  I do have the other books.

I agree with you that the whole anti semite thing is so overdone its meaningless.  

In the article, I point out that this is what Ben Gurion was doing to Kennedy.  He was trying to demonize Nasser.  Kennedy did not fall for it.

JFK was correct about this suspicions of course.  The Israelis were lying to him about Dimona.  In the Roger Mattson book that I also referenced, he said that Kennedy was the last president who was really rabid about nuclear proliferation. So Ben Gurion was barking up the wrong tree.

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I'm not real knowledgeable about this subject, just what I read in Jeff Morley's Ghost and another thread on here about or relating to it, maybe just a thread was diverted to it.  I think Jim commented a time or two then.  What I do remember is that within a few years after JFK was out of the way Angleton basically told the Israeli's where to find what they needed then looked the other way.  I don't think he would have done that out of hand, completely of his own volition.  It seems more likely the powers that be, the CFR, The East coast establishment, call them what you want likely approve.  Could it be they decided that if a country in the Mid East was to have nuclear weapons it should be an ally they could most trust in the region to continue to be so, as long as we reciprocated.  One with a large established population in the United States.  One that would (hopefully) only use them in defense if other methods failed?

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IMO, that was a very bad error.

I agree with Kennedy on this issue.

I will talk about it more on BOR when I discuss the article.

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