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A Study in Showboating-- Kamala Harris and the RFK Case

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Sometimes these right wing endorsements are purposely put out there for disingenuous confusion and doubt creating agenda reasons.

I remember when Rush Limbaugh once aggressively pushed a campaign of telling his Republican listeners to crossover and vote in the democratic presidential primaries to throw them in confusing disarray.

So many of Limbaugh's followers did so it actually caused some serious confusion and integrity damage.

The uproar that followed against Limbaugh for doing this forced him to go into frantic public statement issuing damage control mode where he meekly defended his campaign of Democratic voting disruption by claiming it was all just a funny joke born out of his self-described status as more of a comedic radio personality entertainer versus a right wing paid political propagandist.

I think he might even have suggested that he didn't think his listening base would be so dumb as to take his Democratic voter disruption suggestion as seriously as they did.

Excuse my main topic diversion post but my point is you can't always take these right wing political endorsements as honest ones.




















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36 minutes ago, Andrew Prutsok said:

Entirely possible, why I have reservations rather than outright opposition. But there's a lot of that stuff out there. This one just from today:





Oy... Daily Stormer?!  Speaking of conspiracy theorists who need to be banned... 🤥

But, Andrew, surely, there must be a rational U.S. foreign policy middle ground somewhere between the military agenda of Likud Party hard-liners, (including Neocon war mongers like Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, et.al.) and the Anti-Semitic fascism of Neo-Nazis wack jobs who publish crap in the Daily Stormer.

As an example, I read a story somewhere about Zbigniew Brezhinski once advising President Obama not to allow Israeli hard-liners to simply, "lead him around by the nose like a stupid mule."   The last time I checked, Brezhinski was not a Neo-Nazi.

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