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Anyone care to disprove this throat shot scientific theory from the South Knoll?

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1 hour ago, Tony Krome said:

From a planning perspective, to ensure the assassination from the South Knoll area, they would not place you at that elevation to begin with. The planners would regard the bubble-top as a variable. The windscreen is non-variable. The shooter is below you.

I agree. They’d have had to plan to complete the task regardless of whether the bubble-top was on or off.

Just a quick thought but, If the bubble top was on, it makes all the more sense to have a shooter on both sides of Dealey Plaza. I can see from imagery of the bubble top on the limo that there was often a panel missing above each rear door, which would leave a glassless shot at whoever was sat in the rear seats from each side. You perhaps wouldn’t know which side JFK was going to sit until he left Love Field. You might plan for both. 

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13 hours ago, Adam Johnson said:

Tony, no i wouldn't,  back in 63 I'm sure most outsiders would assume that the bubble top was bullet proof. However whoever was running the show would have known the bubble top was on when JFK left love field.  By the time the parade hit Dealey Plaza a go or no go regarding the bubble top would have been already made and passed on to shooting teams. 

Hi Chris, wow 20ft above the limo or ground level in the parking area?  sure didnt look like I'd need to be 20ft higher then ground level when standing in that parking lot.



Adam, it surprised me a bit but the math works out to approx 20 ft difference. Just to set the stage the ground elevation in the annex parking lot is approx 424 ft hasl and Elm St at the throat shot is 421.4 hasl. Jfk was 3.5 ft off the ground so his throat was at 425 ft hasl.  That is only a one foot elevation difference between throat and a prone shooter so the shot would have been almost level. 
When you look at the downward angle from the Altgens 6 theorized hole to JFK's neck you get a 3 degree angle. The shot was level  but the 3.5 degree slope of Elm makes for that 3 degree downward angle from windshield to throat.
  That gives the basic relationship of shooter to JFK. If you measure the angle from throat to the top of the windshield you get 3 more degrees upward angle. 3 degrees of extra angle to clear the windshield makes for .63 inches of rise per foot of travel. 400 feet from throat to parking lot means .63" x 400' = 252" / 12" = 21 ft elevation gain.

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If the bubble top was on that day then the assassination attempt would have likely been ditched to wait for the next time JFK rode in a motorcade. He did a lot of them.

The plans to kill JFK were continuous; when opportunity presented itself, there would be plans to take advantage of it.

With regard to a shot from the south knoll needing to go through glass in order to hit his head, I've not seen any evidence that is the case, so I'd certainly like to see some. 

Shooting JFK at the end of the motorcade route was strategically the best plan, as the crowds would be the smallest. The south knoll is the only spot in Dealey Plaza that lacked spectators, making it an ideal location to shoot from, and then escape.

I myself don't think the throat would was an entry wound.

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