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David Christ and the Bay of Pigs

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2 hours ago, Larry Hancock said:

Readers might find some background documents interesting:   https://www.maryferrell.org/php/cryptdb.php?id=ZRCHEST


You've gone and confused me again Larry.  So Christ admitted he might have lied about his time at the Isle of Pines (the "TNT" incident?).  But the story Matt linked by Nichols about Crist's wife pursuing his freedom through Dulles and other could be true?  Or am I all mixed up, again?

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Ron, I was really only offering some insight into the story from contemporary documents - none of which appear to have been reviewed or used by the author of the story.  Given that particular remark by Crist is documented I suspect that their might be at least some embellishment of the story - and the TNT would be a good example. 

As far as his wife was concerned, I've no reason to suspect she didn't reach out to anyone in the CIA that she could - and anyone else for that matter. He was a prisoner, that was public and her pushing any button possible to get his release would be expected.  

I'd just say his experience is dramatic and personal enough to make a good adventure story and certainly elements of it are provable - but it while its a good story it probably needs a little balance and I thought the documents might help provide that.

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