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Buddy Walthers' widow and Al Maddox on a bullet found in the grass south of Elm St.

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Great video.

I've always loved Beverly Oliver.

I think Mark Oakes has proven with much documentary evidence how much many of the agency people have lied throughout the years regards their actions, knowledge and roles in the event.

So many examples of this.

James Hosty withheld in his initial Warren Commission testimony the 11,25,1963 destruction of his office's Oswald note per his Boss's intructions to "get rid of it" and a file on Oswald was never made public as well as far as my knowledge.

Hosty took a "tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God" sworn oath before his WC testimony.

Withholding an incredibly important part of the Oswald FBI truth in that WC testimony deposition is a ridiculously blatant violation of the "whole and nothing but the truth" part of that sworn testimony before the WC.

According to journalist Seth Kantor who wrote the book "Who Was Jack Ruby" the FBI also had reams of information regards Jack Ruby. information Hosty and his agency never released to anyone, especially the WC.

Years later under questioning again Hosty came clean about withholding his and his agency's actions in destroying crucial Oswald related evidence and when asked why he chose to violate the full and clear intent of his WC sworn oath in doing so he blythly and smugly states "they didn't ask." !!!

"they ( the Warren Commision ) didn't ask?"

They did ask!

They asked Hosty clearly to "tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT the truth." So help him God!

Catholic Hosty later justified his "witholding the WHOLE truth" from the WC by inferring (if not stating) that his loyalty to his agency employer and protecting "their" interests was more important than his loyalty to his oath to the Warren Commision in perhaps the most important criminal investigation in American history and whose mission it was to find the truth about the JFK assassination and give this to the entire American society.

Those other agents who were present or even aware of the order and actions of Hosty destroying crucial Oswald evidence and never reported this were guilty of the same truth withholding.

Oakes video above just highlights this higher loyalty lying with other officials.

Al Maddox. What a character.

He was present in the immediate Dealey Plaza scene. He was present throughout at least a few Ruby related legal events during Ruby's incarceration.

He was credible and respected enough to be interviewed in the JFK memorial history venues where many people who had intimate contact with Ruby and others who were involved in the JFK event in other ways such as Parkland hospital employees also have been called to talk in these events.

This is the same man we see in the fairly well known Youtube video, making the BLOCKBUSTER claim that Jack Ruby himself pressed a personally written note into Maddox's hand while shaking it. A note that Maddox claimed contained Ruby's admission that it ( Ruby's actions in killing Oswald? ) was a Mafia ordered conspiracy! 

It doesn't appear that retired Dallas Sheriff Al Maddox was some mentally deranged or fringe person who would make up such a mind blowing Ruby claim story.

I've always wondered why Maddox wasn't inundated with interview requests by researchers or news persons right after this incredible Ruby confession story video was released.




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