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Felipe Vidal Santiago and Roy Hargraves

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This is old news to many, I'm sure, but it was something new I learned from Larry Hancock's 2021 book "Tipping Point."

I was curious to hear everyone's thoughts about the possibility that Felipe Vidal Santiago and Roy Hargraves were Dark Complected Man and Umbrella Man. I didn't know much about these two and I haven't read much else beyond "Tipping Point" and the information contained in the links below: 




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On 4/30/2021 at 2:48 PM, Matt Allison said:

I will try to find it, but there is a photo of "dark complected man" that looks like a middle aged black man, which is how I believe Louis Witt described him.


Edit: Here you go: UM1.jpg

I've never seen this close up / blow up of of Dark Complected Man and the Umbrella Man.  I'm not sure from the picture about the resemblance to Hargraves or Santiago.  

JFKhargraves6.jpg (167×251) (spartacus-educational.com)

1AAVidal1.jpg (600×256) (spartacus-educational.com)

But if David Boylan believes it's them I have to defer to him given his knowledge in this respect.  Those interested might find this thread interesting.

Umbrella Man pic? - Page 2 - JFK Assassination Debate - The Education Forum (ipbhost.com)


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Some have wondered about the apparent lack of response to the shooting by these men; at the time of the fatal shot the limo had passed these two and it's possible they had turned their attention to the next group of notables in the parade.

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