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Marilyn, Sinatra, and RFK

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10 hours ago, Cory Santos said:

I find this odd, as it downplays what others have said was a catastrophic last weekend at the Cal Neva lodge for Marilyn.  

At the same time, it would make sense that Sinatra had some knowledge of what really happened...though that seems to be sidestepped as well...

Looks like some kind of diversion book...

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Posted (edited)

According to Oppedisano, the movie star and singer "were close friends but not lovers."  

According to biographer James Kaplan (Frank: The Voice; Sinatra: The Chairman) Sinatra and Monroe were friends with benefits before-during-after the DiMaggio marriage.  When DiMaggio was separated from Monroe and drunkenly wanted to paste the guy he thought was sleeping with her, Sinatra knew where to lead him because he had installed Monroe in that apartment himself.  

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