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How the MSM blew the JFK case

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This is part two, where I review McBride's book which recently came out.

Oliver called me up and said "Jim, film historian Joe McBride has written a book on JFK and the media.  Get it!"

I didn't have the heart to tell him, Oliver I told Joe how to get that book to you.  And he already sent me one.


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I still haven't seen a real review of JFK:Revisited.

I don't mean negative or positive. Left-wing or right-wing. Donk or 'Phant. Pro- or anti-LN or CT. We have seen dozens of hit pieces, and a few that are more accepting of Stone.  

But where is the review that critically but fairly ponders the evidence? I realize such a review would require more than a few thousand words.

I don't see how anyone can dance around CE-399, or say anything but that the autopsy of the most important murder case on the century was bungled badly at best, and at worst...well.

The Z film shows Gov. Connally being struck about one second before the JFK head shot. There is no way to explain that except by at least two gunman.  

Of that there is a small bullet hole in the rear of Connally's shirt, meaning that the large slug fired by a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was not tumbling when it struck JBC. 

The historical context provided in JFK-Revisited is powerful, but not dispositive. 

Maybe I will write a review. 





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Thanks much to Jim DiEugenio for his thoughtful coverage

and expert analysis of my book POLITICAL TRUTH and Jim DeBrosse's


Jim's many reviews of books on the case are the most comprehensive

and in-depth analyses of that field. I always learn a lot from his astute commentaries,

as I do from these two reviews.

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Excellent reviews, and the works by DeBrosse and McBride are must reads. 

One quibble:

"This ignoring of facts and data allows men like Donald Trump to label any story he does not like as “fake news,” going as far as to stage an attack on the Capitol when he did not like the results of the 2020 election."

The M$M is with us yet, but even more so than in the 1960s. 

Despite extensive surveillance of the 1/6 Capital riot participants---the federal government can now retroactively seize all texts, social media posts, tweets, phone conversations, and determine location within a few meters through smartphones---not one 1/6 participant has been said to have been in touch with Administration officials. 

The 1/6 event has the look of a scrum, and at worst was triggered by federal instigators. The Capital Police, 3,500 officers strong...would have been nice if they showed up. The Commander of the Civil Disturbance Unit was home making meatloaf, per WaPo

The idea that federal assets triggered the 1/6 event is now treated as a "right-wing conspiracy theory." Of course, the primary investigative agency into the event is the 1/6 committee, a political body that specifically bounced pro-Trump representatives from serving. A committee is not a courtroom, and there is no defense counsel. 

Just remember it was once a "left-wing conspiracy nuts" who pondered the JFKA. William Buckley on Firing Line dismissed Mark Lane as a leftie. The Warren Commission was also not a courtroom, with an aggressive defense counsel. 

None of this makes Trump a good leader, or someone who should be president.

But the populist movement is deeply, deeply loathed by establishment DC. Caveat emptor





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I tried not to read the second review, of Josph's Political Truth.  I just finally ordered the book on Thursday.  The price held me back until then.  After having to dip into savings for the first time ever to pay property taxes in January, the highest two electric bills I've ever had in January and February ($391 , $450), and, having to take on a vehicle payment for the first time in years after another one was unrepairable (of course insurance went up too!) I was holding off until a couple of payments came in.

I gave up and read the review of course.  It's great and at 491 pages I don't think Jim gave away too much, there should be plenty of details and more information for me to learn.  I think likely a good investment in my own continuing attempt to understand the world in which we live today and how our past affects it.

When the book was ordered I was surprised there were still no reviews on amazon.  I wondered if something was afoul.  But there is now one very good one there.  More to follow imagine.

Political Truth: The Media and the Assassination of President Kennedy: Joseph McBride: 9781939795618: Amazon.com: Books

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Thanks much, Ron. I am glad you are reading POLITICAL TRUTH

and finding it valuable. If when you are done

and feel inclined to post a review on Amazon,

that would be helpful too. It's good to call attention

to books you like and hope others will read. I do that as well.

Edited by Joseph McBride
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