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Interview With Wild Bill Harvey's Widow. "Kennedy's Were Scum." "Johnny Roselli Was A Patriot."

Joe Bauer

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Every few years I have to review this interview just to believe it.

Jul 01, 2017 · Watch on. In this world-exclusive video, JFK Facts presents a fascinating interview with C.G. Harvey, the widow of legendary CIA officer William King Harvey. Filmed at an …

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  • Joe Bauer changed the title to Interview With Wild Bill Harvey's Widow. Kennedy's Were Scum. Johnny Roselli Was A Patriot.

The interview reveals the hatred Harvey and his wife had for the Kennedy's.

Especially RFK. 

Imagine referring to Mafioso Johnny Roselli as a real "patriot" and at the same time calling the President of the U.S. and his wife and brother..."real scum" ?

Clearly tells you where the Harvey's deepest loyalty lied.

From the "scum" statement one has to assume Harvey and his wife didn't shed a tear when JFK was killed. And RFK especially.

Amazing that after 40 years Harvey's wife's animosity toward the "scum" Kennedys never softened.  Their brutal slaughters and the tragic loss trauma suffered by Jackie Kennedy and even Ethel never touched the woman.

You'd think she ( a wife and mother herself ) might have had at least "some" empathy for the tragically traumatized and widowed Jackie Kennedy, especially after 40 years.


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William Harvey was part of a dealth listi in the 1970's, when the Federal Gov. started investigating the JFKA.  Here is a post  by John Simkin on this website,,

  Tim Carroll said:
If you move up to 1975, that summer when the Castro assassination plots first came out of the Church Committee, you immediately had the deaths of Giancana and Hoffa.  A complete list of '75 to '78 JFK-related deaths might be an interesting assemblage.  I would add William Sullivan, head of the FBI's counterespionage section in 1963, who was mistaken for a deer and shot by the son of a New Hampshire state policeman in 1978.  Also, Rolando Masferrer, killed by a car bomb in October, 1975.





When the Select Committee on Intelligence Activities and Select Committee on Assassinations began investigating Kennedy's death in the 1970s the deaths of potential witnesses increased dramatically. This included several criminals with links to the secret Executive Action plan to kill foreign political leaders. Those who were killed or who died in suspicious circumstances during this period included Lucien Sarti (1972), Thomas Davis (1973), Richard Cain (1973), Dave Yarras (1974), Sam Giancana (1975), Jimmy Hoffa (1975), Roland Masferrer (1975), Johnny Roselli (1976), George De Mohrenschildt (1977), Charlie Nicoletti (1977) and Carlos Prio (1977).

William Sullivan, the main figure in the FBI involved in the Executive Action project, was shot dead near his home in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, on 9th November, 1977. Sullivan had been scheduled to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Sullivan was one of six top FBI officials who died in a six month period in 1977. Others who were due to appear before the committee who died included Louis Nicholas, special assistant to J. Edgar Hoover and his liaison with the Warren Commission; Alan H. Belmont, special assistant to Hoover; James Cadigan, document expert with access to documents that related to death of John F. Kennedy; J. M. English, former head of FBI Forensic Sciences Laboratory where Oswald's rifle and pistol were tested and Donald Kaylor, FBI fingerprint chemist who examined prints found at the assassination scene.

Several important figures in the Central Intelligence Agency died before they could give evidence to the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigations. William Harvey, head of the ZR/RIFLE project, died as a result of complications from heart surgery in June, 1976. William Pawley, who took part in Operation Tilt, died of gunshot wounds in January, 1977. David Morales, who some believe organized the assassination, died aged 53, on 8th May, 1978.

John Paisley was deputy director of the Office of Strategic Research. On 24th September, 1978, John Paisley, took a trip on his motorized sailboat on Chesapeake Bay. Two days later his boat was found moored in Solomons, Maryland. Paisley's body was found in Maryland's Patuxent River. The body was fixed to diving weights. He had been shot in the head. Police investigators described it as "an execution-type murder". However, officially Paisley's death was recorded as a suicide.

According to the journalist, Victor Marchetti, Paisley was a close friend of Yuri Nosenko. Marchetti also claimed that Paisley knew a great deal about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and was murdered during the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation because he was "about to blow the whistle".


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Mrs. Harvey:

"Johnny Roselli was a true patriot."

Even though he did some really bad things that Mafia people do.

Mafioso Johnny Roselli rated higher than their own President of the USA and his wife and RFK in her and her husband's morality and respect standard mind?

Mrs. Harvey is just as Kennedy hating 40 years after 11,22,1963?

Not one expression of time softened empathy for the brutal murders and the trauma and loss for the widowed Jackie and Ethel? Wives and mothers like her?  Nor their fatherless children?

That's a "hard - take to your grave" kind of hate.

Makes one sense that if W Harvey were told of the Kennedy take downs before they occurred he probably wouldn't have reported or even objected to them.




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  • Joe Bauer changed the title to Interview With Wild Bill Harvey's Widow. "Kennedy's Were Scum." "Johnny Roselli Was A Patriot."

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