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Stop the Presses: RFK Jr on Tucker Carlson

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1 hour ago, Matt Allison said:

ok. That's one hell of an interview. From 2018 it seems. More of that and less of his other nonsense, please.

Matt, if you haven’t seen the long form interview Bobby did with Mike Tyson, they go pretty deep into the subject - probably his most comprehensive interview on the Assassinations of his father and uncle. Well worth a watch.


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19 hours ago, Matthew Koch said:

That's an awfully long way of saying you don't think Israel killed JFK. Funny seems like the only misrepresenting going on is Cliche Lefties like yourself misrepresenting Tucker Carlson.. 

I've been at this, to a modest degree, for a long time.  Not only can I express myself coherently, but I can tell a cultural trap when I see one.  Yours, also.

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