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Who in the world is that?

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I got to talking with another researcher about the Hidell Selective Service card, and the fact that it had a photo on it.


I started wondering if it matched any other photos we had of Oswald.

One of the places I looked was Oswald's Russian passport photo, and I saw this from the Portal to Texas History:




And I asked myself, who in the world is that? His nose and mouth and chin are completely different.

Who the H*** went to Russia?

Steve Thomas


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The bottom pic looks beefier and more Marine like than the top one.

The fellow on the bottom pic has his hair cut military short, especially on the sides.

The bottom fellow's face seems fuller. His nose seems kind of stubbier? 

Looks like an active duty military pic on the bottom.

The fellow in the top pic looks older than the lower pic person.

Not sure but the top pic guy's eyes look brown.

The bottom pic guy's eyes look lighter in color? Maybe green or blue?

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My nephew before going into the Marines trained nearly a year to be in shape and get ready. He got semi buff but as soon as training camp was over he toned down and started losing weight. Point is when entering the Marines and leaving he had two different bodies like LHO.

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Seems that the only time you see Lee Oswald with his hair as long and relaxed as it is in the top picture here were those of him in Minsk.

Sitting with his new buddies and wearing sunglasses to be cool.

Standing with Marina outdoors on what looks like a bridge with big buildings behind them? Lee has a well made long coat on so it appears to have been taken in cooler weather fall?

Even what pics of Oswald there were after he came back to Texas and New Orleans and right up until his arrest on 11,22,1963 his hair always seemed much more neatly cut and on the short side.

Oswald was Marine training neat and tidy from what has been written about him.

His hair cut, dress, clean shaven general appearance, even straight posture walking and bearing.

Sharp white shirt and tie in his New Orleans leaflet passing job and his radio and television appearance there.

Always wore his Marine Corp ring.

Marina said Oswald shared household cleaning duties. It sounds as if he liked things neater than Marina.

North Beckley rooming housekeeper Earlene Roberts never mentioned seeing Oswald's room looking anything but neat.

He only bought and neatly placed in the shared home refrigerator peanut butter and milk.

Oswald knew how to neatly and efficiently pack his duffle bag. A military learned trait.

Judith Vary Baker commented how she found Oswald to be always sharp about his personal appearance.

The less than Marine neat and short hair cut in the top photo throws me.

Where was Oswald when that was taken?

Only time I ever recall seeing Oswald disheveled was after his fist fight and struggle in the Texas Theater and for hours when he was thrust about in the Dallas Police Department hallways Friday night.

He looked like crap. Raggedly stretched T-shirt. Hair mussed up. Swollen eye.

He even complained that his handlers wouldn't allow him a shower!

Sylvia Odio said Oswald looked like he hadn't shaved for a day or two when he came to her Dallas apartment in late September, 1963 with Angelo and Leopoldo.

Makes sense if he and his companions had been driving for two straight days.






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On 6/21/2023 at 1:16 PM, Jonathan Cohen said:

The one, and only, Lee Harvey Oswald. No doppelgangers required.

Jonathan, thanks.

Of course, SS cards in the era contained no photograph.  So, Oswald "modified" his SS card or someone else did it for him.

Was there not a least one thread here where the was a long debate whether or not those two photographs were of the same person - as well as many other photographs purported to be of Oswald with some here agreeing and some dissenting

I am no photography expert or knowledgeable enough to discern if the facial structure/features in all, many, several, or few of all the photographs in question in the aforementioned thread are or are not of Oswald.

FWIW, if memory serves the long-hair photograph (above) and the the one of Oswald with Marina, on the bridge in Minsk appear to be same person, no?

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