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The three tramps mystery

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Some researchers believe that two sets of tramps were arrested based on the timing and location of the arrests. One set was taken off a boxcar in the yards behind the TSBD shortly after the assassination. The three tramps we are familiar with were arrested in a gondola type car south of Dealey Plaza.

I believe that the same set of tramps were arrested twice - once by the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, and the second time by the Dallas City Police Department.

From Denis Morissette's site:


William Earl Chambers was interviewed on 3/3/92 by SA Gary Gerszewski of the FBI and Lieutenant Kenneth Lybrand, City of Dallas Police Department.

William Chambers worked for the City of Dallas Police Department from October, 1954 until January, 1992. In approximately 1959, or 1969, he as assigned as a Detective in the Forgery Division

He was assigned to the Trade Mart and went back to City Hall after it was announced that JFK had died.

When Chambers and the other officers arrived back at the forgery division, “Captain Jones assigned Chambers to watch three hobos who were already at the station when Chambers arrived”.

Chambers questioned them together and found their answers confusing and inconsistent.

“their stories as to where they came from and where they were headed differed from individual to individual.

“When questioned regarding the circumstances of their arrest, the three individuals indicated that they were on a freight car sleeping when they were wakened by officers with different colored uniforms than the ones worn by the officers who drove them down to the station.

Question: Sleeping? what time was this? They got out of the Salvation Army and on the way to the freight yards heard that the President had been shot. It couldn’t have been more than an hour lapsed maybe. Different colored uniforms? Driven down to the station?

“They were briefly questioned by those officers who then told them that they better leave town. The three then boarded another boxcar and were shortly thereafter arrested by the City of Dallas Police Department”.

“Chambers believes that the Officers who first interviewed the hobos were members of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, who at that time had uniforms of a different color than that of the City of Dallas Police Department. The hobos were then brought down to the station.

During the course of the interview, Grinell came into Captain Jones office for a minute and discussed the possibility of conducting a “gunpowder” test on the hands of the hobos.

Later, Captain Jones came into the office and advised Chambers that they had arrested the individual who had shot Officer Tippit and that he was the one who had also shot the President. Chambers then advised the three individuals, “You’re free to go”. The three then left the office. Chambers never saw them again.

Question: What were they still doing in jail four days later?

Steve Thomas

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