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Thanks for the .png files. High quality and appreciated. Gary Mack has informed me that he does not have the Croft. I have been unsuccessful in learning where the Croft negative resides btw.

Well, I'll admit, I've looked at it, and played around with it, and I am in doubt as to whether or not there are two, or three individuals here - certainly appears that something is standing [or kneeling] behind the wall, in between the wall and the car in the background. Still would be a great spot IMO for the throat shot and an occiput - a physical barrier between you and the street, access to the parking lot [or tool shed], a similar trajectory to the TSBD, etc. There still remains some of the accounts and all of the missing accounts of the eye-witnesses gathered there.

Aside: Where are the photos or films that show people on the north side of Elm throwing themselves flat on the ground? This occurred at both the stairs [Emmett Hudon], and on the sidewalk [F. Lee Mudd].

As for Bill Newman, who did not return my calls or my letter...[which is understood, given how he has been popularly sought after by a great number of folks over the years].

Bill: Well, the visual impact that it had on me was that shots were coming from straight behind us. What you've got to remember was the testimony that I gave that day was probably pure testimony, but over the years I've been influenced -- picket fence, storm sewer, and, you know, all this. But my reaction at that moment, what was going through my mind, was that we were narrowly being missed by that third shot...I thought the shot must have come from behind because [of] the way President Kennedy reacted to it. It was a visual impact. And, when I'm talking with people, I'll say it came from behind, lot of times I'll pause to wait -- if you're a researcher, you've already got an opinion, you want to know [from] behind where: to my left, meaning the school book depository? To my right, meaning the picket fence?... I always just leave it with 'behind,' because I reacted to what...I saw in the car.

I asked the same question as Bugliosi - can you please confirm the location of the Pergola Gardens. I don't see how the retaining wall or the parking area would qualify - it would be nice to see a photo taken 11/22/63 of the walled walkway area to see whether or not it had any kind of flowers planted there. Today it has some kind of green plants - I don't know what they are - but if you kneel down and dig in them, you may be surprised to learn how many red ants live there.

I've asked it before, and I will do so again - if anyone has a good relationship with Bill Newman, I would greatly appreciate this question being resolved - otherwise it will remain a point of contention for all time.

- lee

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Dr. I've always been bothered by the angle of entry from the TSBD not leading to orbital/facial damage -- especially placing the entry wound there the WC has it. I've often felt that Z313, if it came from behind at all, came in at a much flatter angle. These angles cause problems, too. The SS car, with the agents on the board, might produce angle problems for many of rear-shot scenarios; moreso for lower angle variants (2nd floor Dal-Tex, etc).

The traditional GK position seems to explain the back+left motion, but the obvious lack of damage on the left hemisphere of JFK's skull creates obvious problems here, too.

The questions I have about South Knoll shots are twofold. Jackie leaned forward and at Z312/313, at least from Zapruder's angle, appears to block certain angles from the south. The second question is how the dent on the limo chrome can be explained.

I'm a newbie on this site - so even after reading much I will be re-stating the obvious...but as a Midwestern hunter in my youth...I have shot many types of firearms (even through tree branches)...and understand relative ballistics.

- The shot that brought blood on a bystander by the curb near the underpass could not have been a "tree" ricochet. A true ricochet that held anywhere near it's initial velocity would have had to bounced off a rock (a smooth one in my opinion - like marble). The directional change (hitting live wood - of a round branch - would be too much). This is a layman's approach from a hunter/shooter with decent experince. The Manliicher-CC is a medium-high velocity round without much true punch (unlike a 30.06 at 3000 fps out of the barrel). The MLCC probably put a lighter bullet out at around 2450 fps. Hit a branch and it will ricochet a few meters at range. It will not change direction seriously because in order to do that it would have to hit at such a penetrating angle that the re-direction would slow it down a bunch and would realistically make it a tumbling projectile. Actually, from my experience with medium powered guns - I would be comfortable catching a bullet that had gone through those physical maneuverings with a baseball glove.

- Therefore, the shot that had the power to scar/indent concrete at the underpass was a clear shot. Probably of heavier calibre than a MLCC bullet. It was likely a 30.06 (or similarly high powered) bullet that went straight from the muzzle to the curb. - - - - draw a line backwards from the curb impact , slightly over JFK's head to the origin...and there's a shooter.

It only makes sense that a shooter from that area would be shooting for the top of JFK's head - in order to miss Mrs. Connally and others...and when the street went (almost un-noticeably) downhill, the bullet would miss high and arc across to the underpass (probably a 150 or so grain bullet) and smack into the curb..

That kind of miss from a true high powered rifle could still be travelling at arounf 2500 fps at that range and would have the impact to throw up small shrapnel.

The key for me though is the lack of a shot by a "single assassin" when the motorcade was coming straight at the 6th floor window of the TSBD. Why on earth would an assassin pass up a shot like that? The assassin should obviously recess himself/herself back from the window to prevent a gun barrel from showing - and then taken the shot when it was the easiest (and least dangerous to others). That shot would have been easiest and best. There is only one reason that the execution took place where it did - it was a triangulation of fire and the final shot was the closest covered place for a true marksman to hit. When you are killing the King - one thing is most important - you have to kill the King. Therefore the triangulation of fire near the picket fence/grassy knoll was the prime finishing point - and why the motorcade slowed/stopped at that point. (just the opinion of a layman/logical/shooter).

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