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Lee Forman

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Hi Lee.

Interesting thread on Hicks.

I posted a photo at Lancer of him with the Garrison boys, i will try and find it.

Thanks Robin!

Here's a God awful gif I created using Bell Frames, trying to somewhat stabilize the area that may be our 4 door cream colored station wagon with Texas plates. Horrible job. My apologies. Interesting to note that Babushka Lady appears to be catching that area on film.

- lee

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James Hicks Ignoring Reporters

Original caption: Photo shows James Hicks © of Enid, Oklahoma, saying nothing to reporters as he arrived at DA Jim Garrison's office, before seeing the Orleans Parish grand jury. Hicks is answering a subpoena to give information regarding the assassination of President Kennedy, and is reported by police to have been roughed up and pushed through a glass door last night, by two unidentified men.

Image: © Bettmann/CORBIS

Date Photographed: January 11, 1968

Location Information: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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Dec 9, 2005

Dear Lee:

I'll try to answer your question as best I can.

Her regular parking space was: from the southwest corner of TSBD, about 5 or 6 spaces west of the corner of the building. This space was also used by Sheriff's Dept. and all had assigned spaces.For this reason, anyone parking in a space assigned to someone else usually got some reaction.

I have asked Mother many times about this incident (she is now 87 years old) and her story never varies. She can't remember what happened yesterday, but her long term memory remains good. Her name then was Lee Whatley. She has never described the car as anything but a large 4 door sedan, creme or beige color. Chevrolet made a large Impala 4 door and I think that was what it was.

In looking at your diagram: the original layout of the parking lot was somewhat different. As I remember, there was not parking up against the wood fence, but a drive which allowed access to a row of parking just north and west of the fence. Any one using the fence as a place to shoot over or through would have been standing in an open drive and would have been pretty obvious. I suspect that they would have moved west to the end of the fence where they had some vegetation for cover.

Hope this helps,

Jim Conner

Dec 13

At that time she was divorced from a G.L. Whatley, who was my step-father. She had worked for several publishers who collectively officed at Texas School Book Depository. At the time she was working for Lyons & Carnahan. In Texas, schools were allowed to select their textbooks from an approved list, and then purchase them from Texas School Book, who filled the orders and shipped them to the schools. They would then remit to the publishers their portion of the sell. I'm sure some congressman thought up this scheme so he could get his cut. But this procedure was and is still used.

I worked at TSB during the summers when I was in High School. I knew all the managers because they knew my Mother, but I worked hard and eventually earned some standing.

My sister also worked for one of the publishers and happened to be married to Billy Lovelady, he has since passed away, as has my sister. The Warren Commission, as well as the DPD were not too kind to him. Long after the assassination he was hounded by various groups until they eventually moved to Colorado.


If several events had occurred differently, I would have been standing on the steps of TSB that day with my Mother. She had called and suggested we have lunch that day and see the President pass by. At that time I was working for Sanger/Harris and was out at one of the branch stores that day.

Thanks very much to Jim Conner. Jim also okayed my posting these emails.

Also thanks to Tim Carroll for sharing a lot of his work and making me better understand the scenario.

And thanks to Robin Unger - unless someone else first spotted the Rambler before him in the Murray photo.

Worth noting, there is no reference that I could find to Roy Truly mentioning anything about the incident or the license plate number. There is no reference to Lee Whatley at NARA. There is no reference to Lee Whatley or her account concerning this incident in the DPD files - that I was able to find.

Aside from the fence area, I can see why this area, to the side of Shelter #3, would work as being a very good possible on one of the 'Ground' shooter locations, and solving the Nix / Moorman vantage point dilemma.

I still have yet to find anything anywhere at all that provides further enlightenment concerning James [Jim] Hicks having been a radio coordinator for the operation.

- lee

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One more comment on Hicks [Wish there was an easier reference available aside from Adobe - the HTML paste got fairly screwy].

In the film, Day of the Jackal, the Jackal is given the assignment to take out DeGaulle after the miserable failed earlier attempt.

- He uses a disguise, as an older man - along with some ingested chemical to produce an aging effect.

- He arranges to make us of exploding rounds

- He creates a specially modified and camoflauged weapon, which resembles a pipe, and is easier for him to transport and conceal - later it become part of the crutches he uses to gain access to a secured area.

That's it. I found some of the parallels interesting. Especially on the pipe. Was any of the Clay Shaw Trial recorded does anyone know? From the sound of what Hick's is saying, he would have been standing on the North side of Elm. Could the individual behind the wall in the Croft photo be Hicks? Does anyone have any idea as to where Hicks physically located himself and the car he allegedly saw on 11/22 for the New Orleans Parish Grand Jury?

JIM HICKS, appearing before the Orleans Parish Grand Jury on January 11, 1968, was questioned and answered as follows: MR. GARRISON: Qo Jim, a few minutes ago you said you were extremely nervous and I thought I would point out at the outset '1 that I am not going to try and trap you in any way and neither are the Grand Jury, they are just interested . in having the benefit of what you remember. You were at Dealy Plaza when the assassination occurred and none -. of us were. You arenot a target of the office in any sense and we are interested in having the benefit of your recollections. So if you relax and tell us when you arrived on the scene, what you saw, and everything you can remember, and what I am going to do is turn you loose so you can tell it in a narrative way rather than ask you a lot of questions. Tell us of when you first arrived there, when you first noticed things happening, et cetera. Just tell us about it. A. 'Well, I arrived there before the parade really got started, it was coming down Main Street when I found a place to stop to watch the parade. Before the parade -t turned I first noticed the car in the parking lot, it had

-2- two fellows in the car, one was . . . . .

Q- In the parking lot, about where? Is that the one by the Book Depository?

A. Yes z that's the one alongside the back. I first noticed the car, it didn't make too much sense to me because everybody was standing around there, but it did after a few monents, after what happened. At the time of the assassination, where the President's car .-. was coming down the road there I heard the shots. I heard four shots and I also saw the President's head explode. It wasn't like something that was shot, it just seemed to explode I guess is the best way to say it. There was a sign, a caution sign, alongside the road that was hit, at least I believe it was hit, because the shot came over my head and I think they hit the sign. Anyway, the Dallas Police Department car, people I assume to be because one of them was in uniform and the other two weren't, took the sign down there I don't know anything more about the sign.

Where was Jim Hicks standing?

MR. GARRISON: (Pointing to aerial photograph of Dealey Plaza) North is up. Here is the Book Depository. This is Houston Street, here is Main, and here is what they call the grassy knoll, this is a very steep knoll, it is steeper than it looks. This is kind of an arcade. The parade'came down Main Street, turned right at Houston and made a second turn which caused : it to slow down on Elm, and the shots began approxi- mately when the parade reached this p&&nt and continued . to about this point. The two sides of the grassy knoll have unusual features, this is a stone wall from which some of the shoot&g occurred and we have witnesses to that, this is a cement stairway that goes up, and this is the parking area, some of the aars are hidden under the trees, and the parking area continues back there. This is notth, this is the way the parade was going, this is what they call the triple underpass, its really three streets, Elm, Main and Commerce going on one overpass, its,a single overpass, but it is a triple underpass. The famous picket fence is concealed by the trees that goes down to here and then down to here. Some of,the activity observed by other witnesses immediately after the car has pulled off began here cars began milling around and pulling out. But what

Jim Hicks is talking about is generally here in this area. Jim, if you would come up and point to where you were it might be a little easier, you can start off with where you went and what you heard.

What area is Jim Hicks pointing out?

A. Well, approximately right in here is where the car was, with the two men , one kneeling, at the time it 'looked like he had a piece of pipe or broom handle or something like that, it didn't look like a weapon, -. . . . . . . . . .

JUROR : Where was he kneeling?

A. In the trunk of the car.

Q* Where were you standing, Jim?

A. Right in here approximately. The shots seemed to me like they come over the top of . _ my head. The sign that was here was approximately here.

Any ideas?

MR., GARRISON: How long did it take before they remotied the sign?

A. It was within thirty minutes.

JUROR: Were there any holes in the sign?

A. The sign was marked, I don't know whether it had any holes in it or not, I didn't look at it that close.

Q. A. Q. . A. Q. A. Yes. -5- How many people were in the crowd? Was it like a mass of people, like Mardi Gras here?

There weren't all that many people, quite a few but I wouldn't say it was like it would be down here. You were facing toward the street, what made you notice the car if it was in back of you?

I was looking for a place to stand.

Then you faced the front and the shots came over your head? -.

MR. GARRISON: A. A. Q- A. Q* A. From what other direction did you hear shots coming from?

It seemed like to me there were shots coming from here and here (pointing to picture).

This is amazing.

In relationship to the time you first heard the shots fired, how long before the first shot was fired that you saw this man? I saw him beforehand, I was like everybody else looking around and the car was gone when I turned back. Where were most of the people running after the shots c were fired, up the grassy knoll?


Were the police running up there too?


-6- Q* Did you see the police questioning anyone in that area? A. I stopped a man and told him who I was and about the sign, and all. JUROR: Was that a uniform policeman? A. Yes. _ MR. GARRISON: A. Q. A. Q. A. Q- A. Q. A. Did the Federal Government ever question you about this at all? No. You say one man was kneeling in the trunk of a car? Yes. Where was the other man? The other man was standing beside the car. You remember anything about the description of the car? I told Mr. Garrison at the time, last July, that it was a '56 model Pontiac. And the color of it? If I remember right, a brown, sort of beige,, off-color c white.

JUROR: '7 It was backed up to the fence?

A. It was back in here.

-7- % Facing A. It was Qa It was behind north or south? facing here. backed up to the fence, is there a fence that knoll?

A. Yes, there was. -_

MR. GARRISON: A. Qa A. Q* A. Q* A. Q* A. It has been torn down since. . There was also a fence going across here headed toward a park area. Was there a gateway to get through there?

Yes, but it was blocked off.

Did you look in the direction of the car after the shots?

Yes, the car was gone.

Did you look during the shooting?


Any particular reason why?

Well, at the time the shots were going off I don't * exactly know what I was doing, I think I was trying to hide and everything else. There were a lot of shots . ..*

JUROR:j Q* Ilid you hit the ground? :

8 A. No, 1 don't think I hit the ground.

Q. I mean, did you duck to get out of the way.


Q* How many different areas did you hear shots coming from?

A. At least two.

Q. At least two you mean besides the direction of the Depository?

A. Like I say, I don't know about this up here, I didn't hear any shots .come from up there, the ones I heard came from here and here (pointing).

JUROR: -- You saw the President when he fell?

A. Yes.

Q* You were that close? About how far?

A. Approximately in here. I would say about 50 feet at the most.

Q* He went frontward, sideward?

A. Well, when he was hit he sorta went backward to one side, There was one thing that when I read about it I wondered how he could go back this way when he was shot from the.other way. It doesn't make sense, does it?

Q* In other words, if the bullet came from the Book * Depository he would have fallen forwards rather than back to the left. 00 I think the Report made mention of the fact that his throat was torn open which would be the result of a bullet from the back or side rather than from above.

MR. GARRISON: About the throat - now this is off the record, but nothing in here can be mentioned outside anyway - we have talked with one of the top pathologists in the country and he has conclusively demonstrated that the throat wound had to be an entrance wound because from the that . back there are so many throat bones/breaking those throat bones would have brought the throat bones with .-- them and tom a big hole, it had to be a puncture en- trance wound - that was the conclusion of the doctors at Parkland too, the conclusion of all the doctors. Incidentally, the cause of death is described by the doctor in charge, Dr. John McLelland as a gunshot wound of the left temple, that is made real gray so it is kind of hard to read, if you have a magnifying glass - but apparently they were stuck with it and had to put it in, but it is a gunshot wound of the left temple.

JUROR: That means his face was turned this way?

A* * No, he was turning, facing to the right all the time

Similar to what Bill Newman said.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Page 12

A. Qm A. Q. A. Q. A. Qa A. Q. A. -lO- and it happened in five or six seconds. You had shooting from here and from here, you also had some shooting from the back; for example, the wound in Governor Connally had to come from the Dal- Tex Building or the Records Room because its almost : straight in the back and could not have come from the Depository. Jim, who did talk to you and who did question you about this? Nobody except you.

Nobody took a statement from you?

This one officer, I told him what I had seen and he took my name and I have not heard anything from him. You say Officer, do you know exactly what he was a member of?

The Dallas Police Force.

What about any of the Secret Service men in the area?

I did not know who the Secret Service men were. But you did report it to the Dallas Police and you have never heard from any official authority, so to speak, concerning what you saw?


Were you living in Dallas at the time?


Q- How long did you stay there after the assassination?

Maybe three

You say you relation to weeks. saw the President's head explode. In the shot, you say it came over your head or from those directions, did it appear to you that '..: the shot that exploded the head came from those directions?

A. Yes, very definitely. For one reason I think this way . is because when'his head exploded his blood and every- thing else in a backward way . . . Q*

A. Hit the motorcycleipoliceman to the rear on the left?

Yes, the motorcycle policeman - I did notice that the blood and all that going to the back.

Q. Q- Brain matter. Did you have occasion to discuss what happened with any other people on the scene afterwards? A. Q. Yes, everybody was talking to everybody. This isn't courtroom evidence, but to give us the benefit A. of their impressions. What was the impression that you gathered from individuals you talked to? Most of the people felt that the shots came from the mound. Everybody was running toward that position. Like the rest of them, I did too.

Q- Incidentally, none of the witnesses who thought the shots came from the knoll were called before the Warren Commission.

JUROR: Did they take a lot of the names of the people?

A. I saw a policeman going through the crowd. ,

Q- Did this policeman ask you what your name was?

A. , I told him. ?

Q- Did he write it down?

A. Yes.

Q* You don't know his'badge number or anything?

A. No.

JUROR: Where is Oswald supposed to have been in the Depository?

A. Sixth floor, right here.

WITNESS: There is also one thing I forgot about - it looked to ' me like the windshield that the car the President was riding in, was cracked.

Q- But you can't find out about that because the car was dismantled afterwards. It has all been taken apart. c Q. Jim, could you tell us all you remember about the , two people you saw by the automobile?

A. Well, the one kneeling in the car looked to be - I would think Spanish, Dallas has a lot of Spanish people in it. The other one I wouldn't say he was colored, but he was darker than the one kneeling. When you say he had an object in his hand, what position was the object in? He had it between his legs, he had the object up like .: this. Would you say similar to a parade rest, when you hold a rifle, say, in an arms drill? Like I say, I didn't pay too much attention because it -. did not look like a rifle. Why did it not look like a rifle? It was bigger, it looked like a pipe.

obr>The barrel part was bigger?


What about the other person, anything in his hand?

Not that I recall.

JUROR: Were there other cars around it? Or was it by itself?

A. Yes, quite a few other cars. This was a parking area, people who wanted to see the parade, all this back in here was full of cars, and this was full of cars.

Q. Were there any people standing around?

A. Quite a few people were standing around.

Q. Were there any cars in front of this car?

A. No, it was backed up to the fence.

Q- The trunk of the car was open and the man was kneeling in the trunk?

A. Yes.

Q- Where would the manhole cover be?

MR. GARRISON: The entrance to the sewer, among many entrances, is right here at the corner and'the entire substructure of the . sewer - you can see some of the sewer entrances here and here - and the sewers are big enough to hold a man. I will showyou pictures next week, and inside you can see a convertible, I don't know why, but you can. There is another sewer just about here, but that was filled in a few days after the assassination, they covered it over and it isn't there anymore. In the diagram they introduced of the sewer system there is a lamp and here would be the outlet. The original diagram, before the assassination, said 'lamp and inlet'(which is the sewer). The diagram introduced after the assassination by the FBI has a change and it says 'street lamp'. What they have done and stooped to are beyond belief. The inlet is not mentioned anymore, it has been removed from.the diagram, but z it used to be there. I will go into that 1ate.r on.

JUROR: Mr. Hicks, what is your business?

A0 Surveyor.

Q. Are A. No, Q* Did you notice how they were dressed, were they in suits or . . . . A. Q.

A. Qm . No, they had only regular work clothes looked to me like.

You were standing in front of them? Yes, I was in front of them. Could you see the license plate, a Texas plate or what State?

A. Q* A. At the time, like I say, I didn't put too much emphasis on anything.

* Did you see any smoke or smell any?

No. All I heard was the shots. I did not see anything. If anybody said they saw any smoke I don't see how they did it.

Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. Did it come like a barrage or one shot after another? It sounded like to me at the time that they were all together, just bang, bang and then another bang.

Are you a veteran? Yes. What branch of Service?


A. Then you are somewhat familiar with shots coming from which direction? The directions which sound would come from?

If a shot goes over you hear a zing. And I definitely heard a zing.

you a Texas by birth? Arkansas. -

15 ._


Page 18

Qa MR. GARRISON: -16- What was day that the Book A. I could JUROR: Qe Did you A. Q. A. Q- A. Q- A. Yes. And the Yes. You did No. your reaction when you read later in the they had captured the lone assassin from Depository? not believe it - its impossible. turn immediately after you heard car was gone in that short time? not hear the car start up? the shot? I wonder about the possibility of an echo in there area there - I remember I lived in Dallas - but Dealey Plaza was built after I left there. Well, I didn't hear any echoes. What I heard was shots and they came overhead. They were not echoes. MR. GARRISON: You heard the zing coming over your head? AC. Yes. JUROR: Now many? A. I would say at least one came over my head that I heard the zing.


Page 19

-17- Q* A. Q* A. Q. A. Q- A. Q* You went to the parade alone? Yes, I wasn't married then. What was the business about laht night? I don't know, I was sleeping in bed and the next thing I know I am going through the window. Was it men, or . . . . Two men. . . Did you get a description of them? , Well, I would know them if I saw them again. I just can't believe someone would harass a witness like this . . . . . MR. GARRISON: This is an improvement, they have been killing them. JUROR: Q* Did they throw you through the plate glass window that goes out onto the patio? A. He didn't throw me, he pushed me. Q- How high were you? A. Sixth floor. Q* They didn't say anything to you? A. No. MR. GARRISON: big 4 How tigh is that balcony on the other side of the window? A0 About 3 feet, very narrow. JUROR:


Page 20

-18- They let you go as soon as they pushed you through there? As I went through there, they ran, it caused a lot of noise, and I jumped up off the floor and ran after them out the door and they were gone. HOW did they get in your room? Did they have a key? Well, I don't remember if I locked the door or not. Don't those doors automatically lock? I think they do. -. MR. SCIAM.BRA: i. Another point brought out here, I am not sure that the effect everyone knows or is aware that/the press has on witnesses and potential witnesses because I am sure the press has hurt us tremendously with people we have attempted to talk to. An interesting story, and Mr. and things Hicks can tell you about it, are the phone calls/that were said to Mr. Hicks concerning his visit to New Orleans and the effect of him coming here to see the two-headed monster, Jim Garrison. Tell the Jury about some of the things people told you on your way down here. SUROR: Was this on the plane? AC. Well, a lot of different places. I have been convicted of


Page 21

-t9- conspiracy; if I cOme down here there is no way to get: home; . . . . . . . Q- Didn't you tell me that your home town paper ran a headline that you were.&harged in the conspiracy? A. There was a warning issued for me. MR. GARRISON: Well, that is simply a misunderstanding. ' JUROR: .-. You mean you have been harassed in your own home town? A. Q. A. Q- A. Q- A. Q* A. Quite a bit. h Well, our local press and TV media didn't do atiy good t either. I got ten or fifteen crank calls. The Police Department has been pretty nice and has run a special car up there in front of the house. Have you been threatened? They didn't exactly threaten me, it was more or less my family, better shut up or things will happen to your family. Last night did you get any phone calls in your room? No. What time did it happen last night? The policeman got up there about 1:15 or 1:20, about ten or fiftean minutes after it happened.


Page 22

Q* A, Q* A, Q= A. Q. A. Q* A. -2o- I don't really know if they had anything to do with the investigation, or whether it was a robbery attempt, or wl-at it was, I just don't know. Were they white men, Cubans, or colored men? Colored men. . . They pulled you out of bed? I was laying there asleep and the next thing I knew or when I come to my senses, I was going toward the .-. window. They must have been pretty husky? One was quite a bit bigger than I am - and the security guard downstairs said he met two men coming down the stairs, or the elevator or something, and he looked at their ID cards and let them go. Were they dressed in suits?' No, I would say slacks, not dressed up. It was cool la&t night, did they have jackets on? I didn't notice. MR. GARRISON: You mean to say that while you were going through the window, you didn't notice what they had on? JUROR: c Did the window break? A. Yes.


Page 23

. -21- Q* Someone said this kind of window would give. A. This one gave, and he went right on through it. MR. GARRISON: Any other questions? Thank you very much, Mr. Hicks, obr>. -.


Page 24

CERTIFICATE I certify that the preceding is a true and correct copy of testimony given, under oath, before the Orleans Parish Grand Jury, on the 11th day of January, 1968, and reduced to typewriting by me. .


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Just to add this to the mix.


Perhaps this may be of some assistance.


1930:(Clement M) Keys and (Richard F) Hoyt Group as a financial holding organization.

Aircraft & Airways of America Inc

Reading Airways Inc

Servair Inc

Aviation Corp of Calif

Aviation Credit Corp

Aviation Exploration Inc

Aviation Securities Corp

Aviation Securities Corp of New England

Cessna Aircraft Corp

China Airways Corp of New York

Curtiss Assets Corp

Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Corp Ltd

The Curtiss-Wright Corp

Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Co Inc

Curtiss Aeroplane Export Corp

Curtiss Airports Inc

Curtiss-Caproni Corp

Curtiss-Robertson Airplane Mfg Co Inc

Curtiss-Wright Flying Service Inc

Curtiss-Wright Sales Corp

Keystone-Loening Aeronautical Corp

Moth Aircraft Corp

New York Air Terminals Inc

New York & Suburban Air Lines

Reed Propeller Co

Travel Air Co Inc

Wright Aeronautical Corp

Intercontinent Aviation Inc

National Air Transport Inc

National Aviation Corp

Aeronautical Industries Inc

North American Aviation Inc

Eastern Air Transport Inc

Ford Instrument Co

Sperry Gyroscope Co

St Louis Aviation Corp

Transcontinental Air Transport-Maddux Air Lines Inc

Varney Airlines


There just may be some "common ground" in here somewhere!

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On 11/21/2005 at 10:39 PM, Ron Ecker said:



Two related questions (pardon the pun):


1 )  Was the "Karan Daniel Hicks" who claimed, according to the FBI, to have been standing with "Gloria Calvary," "Carol Reed," and "Karen Westbrook" during the assassination, married to the James Hicks who was "captured" on film walking across the "infield grass" after the assassination?

HSCA photo of Karen (sic) Hicks, "wife of James Hicks," according to the HSCA.HSCA-039-khicks.jpg


2 )  Go to this website and, under "Jame's Relatives," click on K Hicks. The next page identifies this relative a bit further by supplying the middle initial "D." Could the full name of this person be "Karan Daniel Hicks"?  You know, one of the gals who claimed to have been standing withe Gloria Calvary during the assassination? Could she be the tallish gal wearing the head scarf?  I think I see a facial resemblance, but of course Bill Miller will probably disagree.  https://www.intelius.com/people/James-Hicks/Texarkana-TX/08C1HJE0D7Q

Oh, and by the way -- please note that this person lives in Irving, Texas.

--  Tommy :sun

Edited by Thomas Graves
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On 12/28/2016 at 0:16 AM, Thomas Graves said:

Two related questions (pardon the pun):

1 )  Was "Karan Daniel Hicks" (who claimed, according to the FBI, to have been standing with "Gloria Calvary," "Carol Reed," and "Karen Westbrook" during the assassination) married to the mysterious, possibly-radio-toting James Hicks "captured" on film walking across the "infield grass" after the assassination?

HSCA photo of Karen (sic) Hicks, "wife of James Hicks," according to the HSCA.HSCA-039-khicks.jpg


2 )  Now, go to this website and, under "James' Relatives," click on K Hicks. The next page identifies this relative a bit further by supplying the middle initial "D."


Could the full name of this person be "Karan Daniel Hicks"?  You know, one of the gals who claimed to have been standing withe Gloria Calvary during the assassination? Could she be the tallish gal wearing the head scarf?  I think I see a facial resemblance between that gal and the (unfortunately) smiling gal, above, but of course Bill Miller will probably disagree. https://www.intelius.com/people/James-Hicks/Texarkana-TX/08C1HJE0D7Q

Oh, and by the way -- please note that this person lives in Irving, Texas.

--  Tommy :sun

Bumped for Bob and Sandy, and Robin, et al.  Oh yeah, and Bill Miller, I suppose.

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The taller girl was Carol Reed. Karan Hicks was the shorter blonde seen crying in one of the film stills.

I can't recall where I saw it but it was mentioned somewhere that our Karan Hicks was not married to James Hicks. You never know with this whacky case, though.


Uh oh, hang on. I just went back and read her FBI statement. She gives her name as Mrs. James Daniel (Karan) Hicks, 19 years of age. Maybe she is this guys wife, unless there was another James D. Hicks?

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9 minutes ago, Robert Prudhomme said:

The taller girl was Carol Reed. Karan Hicks was the shorter blonde seen crying in one of the film stills.

I can't recall where I saw it but it was mentioned somewhere that our Karan Hicks was not married to James Hicks. You never know with this whacky case, though.


Uh oh, hang on. I just went back and read her FBI statement. She gives her name as Mrs. James Daniel (Karan) Hicks, 19 years of age. Maybe she is this guys wife, unless there was another James D. Hicks?


Uh huh.

Hmm. Irving, Texas.

(Imagine that.)

Please remember that the "researcher" who originally labeled these gals in Zapruder, etc. is some French dude who thinks the Moon Landings were faked, iirc.  I think his name was Thierry Speth?  Going from memory here, Bob.

This is almost as much fun as prospecting for gold.

--  Tommy :sun

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The problem is those darned FBI statements from these women. They place them on the north side of Elm, halfway to the TUP.  It looks like everyone else is accounted for.

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2 hours ago, Robert Prudhomme said:

The problem is those darned FBI statements from these women. They place them on the north side of Elm, halfway to the TUP.  It looks like everyone else is accounted for.

OK, Bob.

I only hope my little "research project" on "K. D. Hicks - a relative of James Daniel Hicks" of Irving, Texas, is not for naught.

It seems to me that the real problem is that, although tallish, headscarf-wearing Karan Daniel Hicks appears to have been where she claimed to be during the assassination, Gloria Jean Calvary (in whose recent wedding Bill Shelley just happened to have been best man) is odd woman, out.

Was she somewhere she shouldn't have been, and did Willy and Billy then "cover" for her by saying she'd run up to them somewhere or other more-or-less right after the assassination?

Just thinking out loud here.

--  Tommy :sun

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Hi Thomas

According to this photo Carol Reed is the taller head scarf wearing woman.

Image result for gloria calvery jfk

And he makes Karan Hicks as the shorter blonde sans scarf.

Of course, he also makes Calvery to be an Hispanic/black woman so..........

Edit: unable to post photo with names below it.

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