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Oak Ridge and the Assassination of JFK

Lee Forman

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I thought that this one should run again.

Torbitt, Gemstone, DoeWatch, Conjurella, and There's a Fish in the Courthouse - all seem to contain elements of the truth.

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Opinions: A DOE Watch Exclusive Report


The serious problems that arose from the Manhattan Project's rush to make nuclear weapons. The Jewish factors in this project would become a monster.


Oak Ridge was involved in the death of JFK

Oak Ridge and the JFK Assassination

Genesis of make work projects


Oak Ridge and the JFK Assassination-->Genesis of make work projects

By: Jim Phelps

Copyright 2005


US citizens believe they have been deceived of the real information on the assassination of JFK in 1963. A majority of the people believes there was a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK and they are correct in their intuitive sense of a cover up. The story is involved, but is ultimately one of deceit and treachery from the highest levels of US Government, its money brokers, and the corrupted national security system. This monopolistic collaboration has sold out the citizens of America. It is a story of treason against the American people and gross violations of the US Constitutional values of freedom.

People have often asked me about how Oak Ridge was involved in the assassination planning on JFK. I learned of the connection to Oak Ridge on the day it happened back in 1963. So, here is that story made very clear. The missing piece of the big conspiracy puzzle is revealed here for all to see the connection between CIA, DOJ, Castro, Cancer, and Oak Ridge. This is the true story of the "crooks" of the Oak Ridge national security system.

Oak Ridge was one of the centers of the Manhattan Project and produced the enriched uranium for the "Little Boy" atomic bomb and was the nuclear rector design center for the Hanford Plant that made the plutonium for the "Fat Man" atomic bomb. Oak Ridge is three large Govt. plants, X-10 / Y-12 / K-25, built near Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Oak Ridge is similar to the "Windscale" and "Sellafield" nuclear plants in the UK, or like the "Dimonia" site in Israel. Oak Ridge is one of the most connected national security zones in the US.

The crime of the century and an even greater one are split wide open in the text below, with supporting photos near the end. Some books speak to the conspiracy on JFK's death, but this monologue will take you into the key elements and the missing links of the nuclear national security supported plan to make jobs in Oak Ridge. Lots of the JFK assassination trail is about following the money system of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and the Prescott Bush implementation of the military / industrial network. The ultimate antithesis is one of "Good Vs Money" and the ultimate catharsis for solving the hit on JFK is "Follow the Money" and those who use and abuse God to get money.

Books like "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper [iSBN: 0-935036-49-0] published in 1994 or "Opium Lords" by Salvador Astucia will get you closest to the level of the conspiracy and the varied interests, but only here can you see the key elements in the JFK conspiracy. Books like "Case Closed" by Jewish surnamed Gerald Posner, published in 1994, bring in the corrupted Warren Report cover up stories and what is supported by the ADL. This book was likely written to oppose Piper's book and continue the cover up of the Israel factor in JFK's murder. The Warren Commission Report is a fabrication to support a pre-determined outcome, and so is most all of Posner's scurrilous works.

Other books like "The Love Story Of Madeleine Brown And President Lyndon Baines Johnson" get into LBJ's mistress and her witnessing of the JFK assassination build up from Dallas. Madeleine Duncan Brown attended a very exclusive party in Dallas on Nov. 21, 1963 hosted by Clint Murchinson, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, an oil-rich millionaire. Attending this party were the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson, oilmen and industrialists H.L. Hunt, George Brown, and R.L. Thornton. Also CIA Director Allen Dulles, brother of John Foster, the former Secretary of State in the Eisenhower administration and John J. McCloy, chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, LBJ, and Jack Ruby.

Another good book is "Mary, Ferrie, and The Monkey Virus," by Ed Haslam. This one gets directly into the special project to make a mutated form of the SV-40 carcinogenic monkey virus to be used to kill Castro. This effort was part of a JFK and RFK effort to kill Castro and make it appear a natural event. RFK ran this so called "Project Freedom" from his DOJ office for JFK after all the CIA plots turned into disasters. Oak Ridge trained cancer specialists at its ORINS training meetings in the 1960s, and these persons organized and funded via Alton Ochsner were using David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Judyth Baker to make batches of this virus from cancer tumors grown in mice.

In these times, these ultra rich people of Dallas were so powerful as to control Washington, DC, much as we see how the money power of Israel controls DC today. In these times, capitalism was defined as the CIA joining ranks with the big Federal Reserve Banks to monopolize, racketeer, and control world energy. There was little difference between a Jewish Banker and the Jewish Mafia in these times, as both used like methods for power. It is this Dallas power nexus that continues into this day and time that helps to empower Israel to do these same methods. The power of wealth concentrated in small elements of the population can challenge the power of the White House, and this is a real problem since the 60s. Today, these elements of the Presscott Bush military / industrial network's alliances of these factions control the White House via this Bush Dynasty. The money ideals of the Bush Dynasty and the Kennedy Dynasty would come to lethally collide in 1963, as JFK tried to keep America's Freedom.

Perhaps it is best to begin with the telling of the factors of RFK's murder first. An Arab person named Sirhan shot RFK. Sirhan was mad because RFK supported jet fighter planes for Israel. RFK was likely trying to appease problems for his brother not supporting Israel on nuclear weapons. The bottom line was that RFK was shot over a religious hate crime issue concerning the continual Holy War between the Arabs and Israelis. It is also a war between Judaism and Islam, as Judaism has some serious problems that Moses started. These problems are so serious as to end the existence of Israel and Judaism itself. Interests from the JFK assassination deliberately incited this hatred of Sirhan of RFK. It is this very same theme in reverse that was the principle motive behind why JFK was murdered years earlier, where the Jewish factions and the Bush Dynasty opposed JFK.

The deadly plan to kill JFK evolved at the Oak Ridge Y-12 plant and took on the shape of a hate crime as Oak Ridge declared JFK a communist [person not supporting religion], a bootlegger, an adulterer, anti-Israel, drugged up on pain medicines, and worse. When JFK took on the elimination of Israel acquiring nuclear weapons it became a full-fledged religious hate crime. Israel's David Ben-Gurion declared that JFK was going to be the end of Israel. JFK appears to have come across some of the hidden elements in the Jewish religion that if exposed would change everything. From the very beginning of the Manhattan Project, it has been a highly Jewish dominated research and management aimed at Hitler. And with anything Jewish, there is a huge support for Israel over even that of your own country. It is the "state within a state" issues that affect all areas where Jewish nationalism effect conflicts for control of Govt.'s. Oak Ridge used this against JFK.

Oak Ridge national security types were hearing that JFK was becoming good friends with Russia's Premier Khrushchev after the Cuban missile crisis and that the cold war was going to end from this. JFK was even going to make peace with Cuba and Castro. Peace meant job layoffs and plant closings for Oak Ridge. To counter this Oak Ridge national security networks were pushing for a new invasion of Cuba, to force mistrust between JFK and Russia. Oak Ridge used national security make work tricks to provide jobs for the town. Israel also did not want the cold war ended because it harmed their US welfare.

Oak Ridge's involvement in this new Cuba invasion process was found out via leaks from persons like New Orleans Lee Oswald leaking plots to the Cuban Embassy. When the cancer virus hand off in Mexico failed, Oswald was trying to get into Cuba to deliver the vial of cancer virus that was to be induced into Castro by a doctor close to him. Oswald's earlier leaks were connected with leaks of Lockheed "Skunk Works" U-2 altitude ceiling and RADAR profiles information that later lead to the Gary Powers U-2 shoot down over the USSR on May 6, 1960.

Oswald was sent to the USSR by the CIA to gain access to their operations, and had to give up some obvious information to attempt to gain trust. This all failed to work. Oswald was even suspected of taking a pot shot at the fascist General Walker, in what appears to be attempts to quench Walker's red baiting and war mongering public roles. Oswald was linked with Guy Bannister, the former Chicago FBI Station Chief, because they were mapping out Cuba and communist friendlies in New Orleans. Oswald liked infiltrating the Cuban plots in Dallas and New Orleans. Oswald would tip off varied Agencies as to the problems of aims being converted toward JFK's murder. Oswald's Russian wife Marina pushed to get him out of Dallas, by moving back to New Orleans, but then Oswald found even more sinister Cuban plots and his old Civil Air Patrol pal Ferrie and his gang.

JFK learned of this new invasion plot and he raided their weapons stockpiles using the FBI to shut them down. When this attempt failed to succeed in going against JFK they moved into using their connections to play the Israel card and have JFK killed and insert Israel and weapons / war friendly LBJ. Oak Ridge used their ace in the hole, Ray Tucker of the Y-12 plant who had extensive Texas oil connections and with pro-Israel Jack Ruby and LBJ. This would put the cold war back on track and supply more money to the strangled war economy of Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge would be guaranteed funding as the country came under more Jewish / Zionist and Military / Industrial network control. Oak Ridge would use the very same methods the Jews used against Hitler, methods of "Demon-ization" aimed at JFK. The plot thickened with the emergence of "Operation Northwoods" type fake out missions developed by the Joint Chiefs, which used methods of "deceit and treachery."

JFK knew about the plots to get rid of Castro arising from Florida due to Batista living there. And JFK knew "National Fruit" was big in Cuba and considered a CIA assist, because this is where the CIA's Dulles boys came to power. New Orleans was the home office for the National Fruit sugar cartel. It is no accident that the Paine's of Dallas Texas had National Fruit investments and were the ones that got Lee Oswald his job at the TSBD and also had Maria stay with them.

Oak Ridge got into the Castro assassination because of a plot to kill him using cancer and cancer viruses. Books like "Emerging Viruses" by Horowitz [iSBN: 0-923550-12-7] speak to the cancer virus programs involving carcinogenic SV-40 and others. These viruses are activated or triggered by exposure to toxic agents that damage the immune resistance; like radiation, fluorides, and metals. Oak Ridge had its own research on cancer and its own study group called Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, ORINS, and Oak Ridge Associated University, or ORAU.

There were extensive studies on radiation and cancer around Oak Ridge in the 60s. Children were irradiated in Oak Ridge ORINS cancer studies using the "LETBI" and "METBI facilities." A fellow that I worked with named Chet Morris designed these human whole body irradiators. Some of these Human Experiments information was revealed in the book called "The Plutonium Files" by Welsome [iSBN: 0-385-31402-7]. The cancer virus research program was a reality in the 60s and so was the legend and reality of plutonium causing cancer. If Castro could be poisoned with an undetectable cancer-causing agent, the US could succeed in killing him and then the capitalistic sugar and Mafia drug dealers could be rid of him without anyone knowing the better. After the CIA had failed in more that 30 attempts to kill Castro, the only effort still aimed at Castro was managed by RFK and involved this cancer virus killing method.

Cancer was to be designed as a biological weapon for use on Castro. Lee Harvey Oswald was a courier for materials and information from Oak Ridge to the CIA / Mafia cancer works in New Orleans and later the courier to Mexico City for the viral material to kill Castro. Oak Ridge was into the Cuba issues because they knew cancer better than anywhere, but also had a covert method to assassinate persons using fluorides, especially hydrogen fluoride.

There are interesting connections between radiation and fluorine in causing cancers. Fluorine is the highest electronegative element and affects cell enzymes due to affinity to beneficial trace metals these enzyme repair processes require. Fluorine and aluminum compounds affect the lymph node dedritic cells and thyroid processes and cause the immune system's ability to respond to pathogens to lock up and stop functioning, allowing the viruses to take control. Radiation causes a very similar effect due to ionization of water to make free oxygen radicals and the next most electronegative effect next to fluorine. External radiation makes lots of free oxygen in the body that tightly binds these metals and removes them from proper cell use.

Fluorine or fluorides in the body and cells involve the same mechanism on beneficial trace metal availability and formation of dangerous G-proteins with toxic metals. Rising fluorine in the body removes beneficial trace metals such as manganese from the bloodstream and cells, which is required to protect against HIV and other retroviruses. Fluorine forms dangerous G-proteins with aluminum that shut down the immune protection functions. These two effects are the prime vector for fluorine health problems. All diseases and death literally follow the curve of fluorine concentrations in the bone mass, which is an indicator for the pineal gland's dysfunction.

Internal radiation, as from a plutonium particle in the lung, does the same due to highly localized alpha radiation forming intense oxygen radicals. It is this process that damages the cellular immune protection enzymes, the macrophages, etc. and upsets the cytokine system that lead to cancer. It is these effects that Oak Ridge passed into the information channels on ways to kill Castro using cancer. Judyth Baker wrote a report on these methods and effects and even suggested the use of radiation to pull down Castro's immune system so that the cancer would take hold.

There are several contact poison methods to covertly kills persons and the Mafia used one based on the chemical "thiophosphate" and others used methyl mercury. The Manhattan Project had serious health effects from HF releases that took a toll on worker's health. US vaccine programs had problems with SV-40 contamination that would cause serious problems with rise in cancers in combination with toxic activators. So, they came up with a way to conceal this effect by making it part of the CIA methods to covertly assassinate foreign leaders.

A weak 20 percent HF solutions splashed onto unsuspecting persons clothes and skin will go into the blood stream and cause cumulative damage to heart cell organelle mitochondria DNA, mtDNA, and calcium channel damage that results in a sudden heart attack. This effect was found in accidental HF fatality situations such as Y-12 worker named Jack Owens being exposed to HF via skin in the "Green Salt" operation and then suddenly dying after a few days. New books like "Fluoride Deception" by Bryson [iSBN: 1-58322-526-9] now expose some of the HF problems linked to the Manhattan Project and industry. The many heart attacks from the 1948 Donora, Pa. air inversion is a good example of how HF adheres to water vapor and increases to dangerous lethal levels with air inversions and fogs. Another book called "When Smoke Runs Like Water" by Davis [iSBN: 0-465-01521-1] is also good to present the HF problems further back in time from coal smoke. In Oak Ridge, the early 40s Manhattan Project spent 25 percent of the funds to contain this deadly HF problem from UF-6 enrichment.

The Oil industry's high octane gasoline refining process was invented in 1940 by Phillips and called the "HF alkylation" process. This process was releasing HF to the atmosphere and injuring workers connected with the process. Doctors, like fluoride expert George Waldbott, were noticing these effects and their links to cancer and permanent disabilities. Oak Ridge was doing the same thing with their uranium and fluoride processes that released huge amounts of HF to the air and damaged worker and regional health. Oak Ridge and the oil industry were joining forces in efforts to study the problem and to hush them up from public view. This is how Dallas Oils Murchinson, Ochsner cancer studies, and Oak Ridge's polluting HF systems became partners in health deceit on cancer.

The cover up methods on cancer and toxic effects sprang out of the Manhattan Project's need to Freon and its strong association with General Motors and its president Kettering. Kettering was involved with the Cincinnati based Kettering Research group that sequestered information on the effects of lead and fluorine causing health effects from the public. Kettering and hospitals like Sloan-Kettering of New York are highly associated with the cover up of toxic materials causing cancer, while at the same time making huge profits and getting huge research money to continue the cover up. Ochsner and the Dallas people were to join in this system of deceit around national security issues for the Manhattan Project.

In the 60s, in response to sputnik, president DDE started the space race and NASA. The initial choices of rocket fuel was the most extreme of the oxidizers called fluorine, F2. NASA built the largest fluorine production plant in the world at Cape Canaveral, Fla. to support this effort. NASA eventually had to give up the fluorine-based fuels because they were so dangerous and caused all kinds of long-term health problems. Fluorine rocket fuel was used on the moon landings away from the Earth. JFK was becoming well aware of the problems associated with fluorine. LBJ was one of the chairmen for NASA. Ironically, years later "Cape Canaveral" would be renamed to "Cape Kennedy" over these fluoride problems that resulted in his death and NASA Houston would be named Johnson Space Center after the top Texas conspirator in killing JFK.

JFK had a serious immune system illness called adrenal deficiency, which would become diagnosed as "Addison's Disease." He had almost died on several occasions due to the illness. The illness was aggravated by fluoride. Wines, which all Catholics enjoy, were also heavily laden with fluoride as a fermentation stop. This could have affected Rose and pre-natal and post-natal health of her child. Fluoride is highly connected to the adrenal deficiency health effects, and JFK had a keen interest in this area. Then add in the information that JFK learned of the Castro cancer projects in New Orleans and using things like fluoride as a cancer adjuvant.

The problem with fluorine is that it upsets the HPA axis via damage to the pineal gland's control of night-day sensing and releases of metatonin and control of pituitary TSH that regulates thyroid hormones of the body. When fluorides damage this system, it causes depletion of glutathione enzymes in the body and the process that leads to illness, diseases, and cancer. JFK had knowledge of the main factors for cancer, and how Oak Ridge had been poisoning its work force. Oak Ridge knew that JFK might well shut Oak Ridge down with his ending the cold war efforts.

The Manhattan Project had supported the fluorine equipment technology for the NASA race to the moon project. Problems connected to fluorine came out, and its close associations with strategic metals and national security concerns would surface. Fluorine and its health effects would become a huge issue in winning any war on communism. It was a part of the space race for moon landing and part of the uranium bomb process. It was eliminated in the space race, but it was not possible to eliminate it from the uranium bomb projects. It was possible to eliminate JFK, so Oak Ridge had him killed under Atomic Energy Act criteria that says any and all measures are to be used to insure the production of nuclear weapons.

Fluoride releases from industry have long been a problem for health and the problems were spotted in the 1930s in Meuse Valley of Belgium and the idea was used to make nerve gas. German derived nerve gases, sarin / soman, are fluoride based and are essentially methylated phosphoric fluorides. The methyl compounds seek and damage the nervous system, and easily penetrate the skin, as per methyl mercury, which is the effect the nerve gases were patterned after. HF, which is the hydration product of these nerve gases, is a systemic poison that also easily penetrates the skin and gets into the blood stream and upsets essential metal enzymes needed to clean the body of toxic metals.

When fluoride is vectored into the nervous system as a methyl compound, it attacks the mtDNA of nerve cells and shuts down the acetylcholine, AchE, nerve conduction system. Plain HF is an un-vectored toxic and damages the mtDNA and calcium channels of cells that use the most energy, which is the heart muscle. The effects of nerve gas are sudden and highly recognizable, where the effect of HF in causing heart attacks is extremely difficult to detect with symptoms. HF latent effects come on looking like flu / fatigue as the immune system is damaged and in a couple of days, sudden death occurs.

Like the heart, fluoride also affects the small organ with the highest blood circulation that is the "Pineal Gland" in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland is extremely sensitive to fluoride. This gland is called the "Minds Eye" or "Third Eye" and is sensitive to night and day, and regulates melatonin and serotonin in the brain. These are essential to proper brain health and function, as they aid in cell repair and even eyesight. Rising levels of fluoride in the environment are producing the need for drugs like SSRI's and the problems of eyesight with aging.

Healthy pineal gland endocrine systems are essential to higher awareness and consciousness of the brain. When the pineal gland is impacted with too high a level of fluoride in the environment, memory and higher order cognitive processing is impaired. This is the principle use of fluorides in mind control or methods to retard human intelligence. It is the principle method to dumb down America so these scams to control the US can go unnoticed. This is why both the Germans and Russians used fluorides in the water for their prisons, as it made the prisoners less resistant and dumber.

RFK had a covert CIA connected "Operation Mongoose / Freedom" running out of his DOJ office that was designed to get rid of Castro using cancer. They had one insider close to Castro that was willing to help. Naturally, places like Oak Ridge and CIAs Jesus Angleton got involved, because were else does one look to cause cancer than toxic places like Oak Ridge and radiation effects. Radiation can cause cancers, but radiation sickness and things like mycoplasma effects are easy to spot in the long term. Toxic metals were another way, but these might also be detected. Oak Ridge had one toxic called HF, that was extremely hard to detect being used and post-mortem, as well. It was also a perfect choice to kill Castro, either aided with cancer methods or directly.

Operation Mongoose soon was supplemented with the Joint Chief's "Operation Northwoods", which was about the US doing faked up terrorist actions on the US or US bases. The desperation to get the US behind a take over of Cuba was so great that the Joint Chiefs and CIA were planning faked up attacks in the US to outrage the American people and overcome JFK's resistance. "Northwoods" was patterned after how the Jews had baited the US into WWII to aid the UK. These were methods of deceit and treachery long connected to Jewish methods. This plan became a Track II plan to kill JFK, if the hit on Castro failed. CIA connected Oak Ridge was quick to aim this type operation at JFK, and blame Cuba. Operation Northwoods in Oak Ridge is called "Operation Norwood" for the area in which the person that made the operation into one to kill their enemy JFK. See Notes below for details on Northwoods.

JFK inherited the Cuban CIA mess from Nixon, who lost to JFK in the election narrowly. Both Eisenhower and Nixon were put into office by Presscott Bush and his Military / Industrial Networks power and influence. Nixon was pushing the Cuba invasions for National Fruit and their CIA interests in making Central America into a Democracy using mostly sugar and bananas as commodities. Sugar was a central issue for fluoridation, and for support of masking fluoride releases from varied metals processes for national security concerns. JFK was warned by Eisenhower of the power of the Military / Industrial / Congressional Network in his farewell address. Eisenhower also knew the claims of religion on God were false, but did not want to let the people know they were deceived. IKE knew how to handle Israel and would tell them to turn around, when they often sought war. None other than Prescott Bush's money put IKE's VP Nixon into place politically.

Bonesman Prescott Bush was a member of Brown Brothers Harriman Bank, and they invested in Bush-41s Zapata Oil. Nixon authored the Cuban invasion plan at the behest of the Bush / Dallas Oil gang. Nixon and Bush put in CIA player and Zapata chief Bush-41 to manage the Cuban invasion from Houston. Bush-41 spoke fluent Spanish to do this job and helped organize in Miami. Bush-41 involved Cubans like Felix Rodriguez, the former top police person in Cuba. It was the CIA, Prescott, Nixon, Johnson, and James Baker behind the Cuba invasion.

The Prescott Bush folks were highly connected to Germany's IG Farben, which is where all the secrets on fluoride used as a nerve gas were invented. Later the Bush oil cartel would link up with the Rockefeller medicine and oil types. They would act collectively to suppress the fact that illnesses were caused by varied chemical toxics, and then make money from the pharmacy and invasive medical methods used to treat the rising health epidemic. Fluoride would emerge as one of industries biggest problems and these folks would be helping to cover up those health effects.

The failed Cuban invasion on the Zapata peninsula, or the Bay of Pigs, of Cuba cost the CIA reputation and 1,100 persons put in prison in Cuba. Zapata is also a common Jewish surname. The CIA code named "Operation Zapata" invasion used some converted ships named "Houston" and "Barbara," all with connections to Bush-41 oil designs heading the failed CIA invasion. Persons like General Cabel was a CIA / Air Force person that asked JFK for air cover for the invasion, but JFK said no to methods too public as to show the US's high level of involvement. After the invasion failed, JFK bailed out the invaders from Cuban prisons by giving Castro various human aid monies.

General Cabel's brother, Earl, was the mayor of Dallas and helped on the last minute route changes to set up JFK. A large Pepsi Conference and Nixon were in town to tie up a Dallas convention center and force the change to the Dallas Trade Mart and the JFK route change. When Nixon did succeed in becoming president he would use this information, direct consultations with Alton Ochsner, and his involvement in it to establish the "War on Cancer." Nixon's war on cancer was more designed a avoiding the toxic causation of cancers, vaccine SV-40 contamination, and promoting high tech cures for the ills oil and industry were causing. It was a political over up of serious problems.

Bush-41 ran a company called Zapata oil. Zapata Oil sunk the first offshore well for the Kuwaiti government. Members of his family heavily backed Bush-41. Uncle George Herbert Walker, also a Skull & Bonesman, put up a large amount of capital, as did Brown Brothers Harriman. CIA person named Allan Dulles was the Harriman family attorney and the Bush family attorney. Lazard Brothers, a Jewish brokerage house with longstanding friendly ties to the New England WASPs, put up some money as well, at the urging of Andre Meyer, the owner of the Washington Post Corporation and the father of the current Post publisher Kathanne Graham. It is largely this money Cabal, Rothschilds and Rockefellers, Bush Dynasty, that is behind the "NWO." The Jewish elite world of the Federal Reserve Bankers was directly tied to issues like the Zapata oil field profits in Cuba and forcing the Cuban invasion.

Ultimately, both the Cuba take over and the Vietnam War were about the CIA and the banking oil monopoly working in concert to gain control of energy resources. In the US, with the creation of the Federal Reserve System, it licensed racketeering to take over oil resources. All the hate and war mongering was about getting the US citizens to support takeovers to gain these oil assets. Persons like Allan Dulles and his close ties to the Federal Reserve bankers readily lent the CIA resources toward these venues. These type activities came under the basic concerns of the JFK inspired RICO act on racketeering. Today, the Bush / CIA uses religion issues to invade Iraq and corner this oil asset, and Vietnam repeats itself.

It complicates and confusing things in that JFK took on reform of the US Government in dozens of ways. One JFK reform was that he made the secret arm of the military that was using CIA methods into the more visible, accountable, and public "Green Berets" or "Special Forces." JFK also took note that the CIA had essentially embraced the Mafia for hits in foreign countries. The CIA used the US domestic Mafia sources for funding to attack Cuba. This same domestic US Mafia was highly dominated by Jewish persons, many of whom highly supported Israel and its creation. A prime example is Meyer Lansky, who is the Jewish syndicates "godfather." Lansky also supported the ADL for Israel. The term "godfather" means the ones who inspired the invention of god, which speaks to the faked up design of god by Moses for man's designs.

JFK also took on national debt reform and set up the "US Notes," or pseudo silver certificates, to oppose the Jewish banking dominated federal reserve system. In JFK's term, the beginning of what would soon become the RICO Act began to take on organized crime and syndicate operations. JFK and RFK were into shutting down the highly Jewish dominated Mafia in the US and the connections the CIA had with these factions highly interfered with these efforts. It is over these type situations that JFK wanted to splinter the CIA into a million pieces.

JFK was falling into the same problems as Abraham Lincoln fell into on the Civil War that was funded by Rothschild banking interests in Europe. The Rothschilds were fearful of the power of the US, so they wanted to break things up and get a hold on the economic power system of America. When Lincoln moved to tie the US money system to silver, Booth - who has interesting Jewish associations, killed him. Likewise after President James A. Garfield noted that "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all commerce and industry," he was assassinated. More recently, John Hinkley sought to kill Reagan to put GHW Bush into the presidency.

JFK was going to fix America, return their freedom, and end the use of the White House for illegal methods. JFK fired CIA Dulles over these problems, especially over plans to attack the US with faked up Operation Northwoods methods. Neither Catholic nor Jewish religion factions were going to control JFK's White House. JFK considered himself more a president than a puppet, as he was busting up the corruption of the old money system that rode the skirts of religion. He made more enemies than most presidents in a very short time, and all his directions still need to be completed.

JFK was going to pull the US out of Vietnam, which began over issues of Catholic crusades in Vietnam. The Vietnam War broke out over the issues of Catholicism taking control of the rulers of Vietnam, like Diem. The war broke out over trying to protect these Catholic crusaders in Vietnam, when Buddhist factions attacked them. The Pope and family company were none to happy when JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam and let these people support their own wars and choose their own religions. In Texas and Louisiana, the real reason for the war in Vietnam was to gain control of one of the largest oil reserves in the ocean off Vietnam. It was these same interests that was the largest drive to get control on Cuban and the Zapata ocean oil field there.

JFK learned a lot on religion and perhaps even that God was created for Man's purposes and not vice versa. He certainly learned to let the people of Vietnam choose their own directions. All that, while shutting down the CIA funding methods for Cuba using drugs. This did not sit well with the Catholic Based Mafia and their drug operations either. The French Connection were Corsicans, which were mainly Italian and Catholic, and next door to Mafia's Sicily. These are the folks that supply the best Mafia killers with the highest code of silence. They did not appreciate JFK for many reasons, and had long standing connections with the CIA since it began in 1947.

JFK was even going to take on the largest Govt. misinformation on aliens. The problem here was the US Govt. and industry [Rockefeller interests] took on some human experiments with little natives in equatorial jungles to look at the long term generational effects of toxic's. These experiments began in the early 30's and were termed mankind ultra experiments looking at degenerative effects in humans. It had a special White House panel to monitor these experiments, which became known as MK Ultra. Their experiments with teratogenic toxic's resulted in many birth defects from these experiments. Kids with altered fingers, altered bone structures, altered height, and etc. The experiments made human freaks. Later, the natives used in these experiments were moved from their poisoned areas to an island near the Panama Canal Zone and cared for with a special Army detachment there.

Then, when the bomb came along some of these human experiment freaks were used to look at the effects on humans from a nuclear explosion. Some of the nuclear tests included little brown skin natives of "aliens" in cages at varying distances from ground zero. In 1947, the experiments were about how air detonated nukes affected human flight crews and RADAR. It was one of these balloon-supported tests that got loose from White Sands and the Trinity Site and fell near Roswell, NM. The real answer on the aliens is that they were part of top secret human experiments supported by the White House. It is more fakery and spin, ala Northwoods styled methods. These Rockefeller based experiments began the huge succession of national security type cover-ups that we see today associated with environmental end times and pro-Israel religion. This was the major precedent case that allowed US national security to cover up war crimes and illegal actions. This case was in JFK's sights.

JFK wanted to stop Israel's nuclear proliferation and also to cut the funding for the Jewish dominated nuclear weapons production in the US. This was the main issue for his assassination. JFK ended atmospheric nuclear tests due to health effects, and he was likely going to take on national health reform in his second term. JFK certainly listened to the fact that radiation was connected to causing cancer in kids exposed to Sr-90 and I-131 from atmospheric testing, and it was only a matter of time until JFK took on the same problems with other toxic chemicals and petroleum causing cancers. These toxic's activated carcinogenic viruses like SV-40. JFK was more honest than the crooked Rockefeller systems could withstand, perhaps to the point of ruining them financially. Rockefellers conspired in their plans with the Rothschilds / Israel factions, who had much to loose.

JFK tripped on suppressed issues between Rockefeller big oil and medicine as detailed in the book called "The Drug Story" by Bealle. Big oil was using HF to produce high-octane gasoline and HF poses the highest risk in refinery accidents. This is how oil oriented New Orleans and Dallas took on major associations with his assassination. Big oil Dallas and big oil Rockefeller Standard Oil was in cahoots in cover up health effects from petroleum processes and making money off the pharmacy methods at the very same time. One process fed the other.

Bealle failed to note that Big Oil started with some old Jewish secrets about a natural effect where a volcanic rift zone intersected an oil rich region thousands of years ago and produced some interesting columns of fire displays, effects on the local weather, and health. The first oil refineries attempted to mimic this effect seen in nature and even used HF and H2SO4 to boost production. Bealle notes these same oil interests attempting to find and exploit the medicinal effects that came from this effect also. Man seems not to have done anything new with oil, and even when it comes to nuclear energy nature made natural reactors in an area called the OKLO mines near the Belgian Congo region.

Oak Ridge also knew an Oswald leak on killing Castro using cancer and fluorides would shut down the entire USAEC fluoride based uranium operations, if JFK discovered the health deceptions there. Oak Ridge has long been an intelligence advisor to the CIA on nuclear proliferation and these resources were consulted on the Israel bomb efforts and the Dimona rector production of plutonium for bombs. Oak Ridge has had a stream of CIA persons coming to consult on varied proliferation issues and still does to this very day. Case in point recently is the Libyan nuclear works shipped there recently.

Because of this long standing CIA connection, Oak Ridge had access to all the CIA methods to take over Governments and assassinate politicians, even the Northwoods type diversion methods. Oak Ridge had the plan for covert assassination of Castro using cancer / HF effects, for which JFK would become unglued and put Oak Ridge crooks in jail. If Oswald leaked this information, JFK was soon to be onto them. Oswald could not be arrested and tried because he knew too much, and the only way to get him was to set him up for being killed. This is why policeman Trippett was killed, with the hopes the Dallas police would kill the "cop killer" named Oswald.

Oak Ridge knew if this Oswald leak on the fluorides health effects made it to JFK that the entire USAECs, now called DOE, fluoride based methods for bomb uranium would be shut down, and they did not want this to happen. Oak Ridge operations leaked HF into the air like a sieve and also emitted lots of radioactivity and heavy metals into the region air. It was these type plans that went into high gear when JFK threatened Oak Ridge funding for weapons projects. Oak Ridge changed the faked up target designation of "Project Northwoods" to JFK, and enlisted Ruby, LBJ, and others to the plan. Such faked up missions worked well for the Jewish factions in drawing the US into WWII, and Oak Ridge liked and used these methods of deceit and treachery to gain its goals.

The principle plan to assassinate JFK came from one of the Oak Ridge national security persons that was in this information circle and well connected to Texas oil and Mafia circles. This person was highly religious [connected with Wallace Memorial Church in Knoxville, Tn.] and did not like JFK's excessive pain drug usage, nor his wild womanizing. He and these Oak Ridge persons hated JFK for his screw-ups on the Cuba invasion support due to JFK trying not to set off Communist Russian expansionism. He originated the plot to kill JFK and quickly tied the hate words against JFK into his Dallas rich Mafia connections.

These hate words infected all the Oak Ridge nuclear plants and the entire city, then Dallas. He is credited in Oak Ridge as the one that had JFK killed. He went to high school with Jack Ruby in Chicago and even moved to Texas, before coming to work for Oak Ridge. The Dallas Texas oil mob liked to have supplanted observers in the new nuclear energy area of Oak Ridge. The same year Israel was formed, Jewish born Ruby moved from Chicago to Texas in 1947, to handle Texas Mafia business development. Jewish Ruby was a nexus between the Capone Italian Mafia and the Jewish Mafia. The Jews are about family blood and secrets, and so is the same Sicilian Code that made for the Italian Mafia.

It was the Jack Ruby connection that was used to promote the assassination of JFK and the plan used the standard CIA methods. Jack Ruby's real Jewish surname was Jacob Rubenstein and he was a huge supporter of Israel. He sent Israel money and guns and would do anything to help Israel. Ruby also had long standing connections with the Jewish dominated Mafia. The Mafia and Hollywood like to conceal just how Jewish the Mafia really was, as things like the Valentine's Day massacre in 1929 was really about some six Jewish Mafia members being murdered at once in Chicago. Again, it was a hate crime sort of thing against the Jewish dominated syndicate operations. These Jewish linked mob persons always used Italian Mafia connections for the dirty work of killing.

Ruby had long standing connections with Cuba due to Batista being Jewish in origin and Ruby came to Cuba just after Batista was tossed out to attempt to form ideas with Lansky and others to get Castro out. "Jacob Rubenstein" changed his name to avoid exposing his Jewish heritage and so did "Ruben Batista." Jacob Rubenstein's major motive to have JFK killed was to get Israel the implosion bomb, and many Zionist supporters from Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project were leaking the details on how to make bombs to Israel. Zionist factions stole plutonium from nuclear works in Apollo, Pa.. Much of the story is about matters of high treason and Zionist spying to get the bomb for Israel.

The JFK assassination was enabled by Texas Christian University in Fort Worth canceling an honorary degree for JFK in the last days before his trip, and this then making time for a slow parade in Dallas and a dinner at the Dallas Trade Mart. The international Trade Mart well knows the importance of oil futures from Vietnamese and Cuban waters. This is how persons like Clay Shaw and New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison got involved in seeing intentional manipulations leading to the death of JFK. Oswald traveled from this area in New Orleans before coming or being placed in Dallas. Dist. Atty. Jim Garrison was right on track with Oswald's connections to intelligence and CIA special operations linked to Cuba and his being setup. Oak Ridge and the New Orleans cancer weapons people wanted Oswald dead as much as they wanted JFK dead, as he could put them all in prison.

D. A. Garrison was stalled by the Trade Mart being used to shift some of the research information on the cancer projects and people to California, where Ronald Reagan refused to give up information on these projects and blocked extradition of persons for the trial in New Orleans. This would gain Reagan the presidency in later years. Reagan's job when in the service was conservator of the US Military archives on the German Jewish Holocaust, and this show his ties into the Jewish equation for power. He has ties to highly Jewish persons like Hollywood's influential Jack Valenti and the Motion Picture Association of America and right hand man political advisor for LBJ.

Numerous people were killed as warnings toward anyone that might come forward to provide information on these New Orleans based CIA cancer experiments. David Ferrie and others died as a warning, just as Dr. Mary Sherman from the New Orleans cancer weapon research was murdered before the Warren Commission was to hear unsolicited testimonies.

When Jack Ruby pushed for and got a new trial for his involvement in the JFK assassination and killing Oswald, which could re-ignite JFK conspiracy investigations, Ruby complained of being injected with cancer in jail as per the Castro plan and died a month later. Even the untouchable Hoover was suspected of being killed with a heart attack inducing "thiophosphate" contaminated toilet paper [which was more likely one of fluoride toxic effects] as the Nixon Watergate mess escalated and the risk of the entire Cuba / JFK conspiracy being revealed became a real possibility. A person in the FBI named Mark Felt was "Deep-Throat," and he wanted the director position of the FBI. Felt had protected Hoover and his live-in lover Clyde Tolson, who was second in command at the FBI. Hence, the name for another gay appearing person called "Deep Throat" as being tied to this FBI gay alliance. Persons like gay Clay Shaw had close connections with Hoover and Tolson via this association, and the FBI's highest in power were also highly black-mail vulnerable. Hoover would opt to bring down their entire house of cards to protect himself and his position. The big oil interests were into cancer research because cancer is due to toxic causation, a fact they wanted to suppress.

Oswald's home town was New Orleans and he knew persons like David Ferrie from his Civil Air Patrol Days. CIA asset David Ferrie was into ways to kill Castro and take back Cuba. One of the methods was to induce cancer into Castro and a doctor named Dr. Mary Sherman and young genius Judyth Vary Baker were helping Ferrie with experiments. Alton Ochsner provided Texas oil cartel funding, largely via Clint Murchison funding them. Louisiana was a hot spot for cancers due to the many chemical and oil refinery releases. Ferrie's home was periodically filled with lab mice to do the processing and collection of the cancer tumor viral media. Oswald was a friend with both Ferrie and Baker, as they worked on this project.

Judyth Vary Baker, JVB, has recently surfaced with more of the story leading up to the JFK hit that is most revealing. She has appeared on the "Men Who Killed Kennedy" series by Nigel Turner. More on her story is on this part of the web page:

Judyth Baker story.

The last three parts (7, 8, 9) of this series called "The Final Chapter" have been vacuumed up, but they provide some critical information. The Final Chapter tells the JVB story and tells that Murchison oil associate D. H. Bird started the Civil Air Patrol and owned the Texas School Book Depository. This makes for a solid association with Ferrie and Oswald, who were both members of this group. Murchison also owned the very posh and elitist "Hotel Del Charo" in California that provided free vacation stays for Hoover, Nixon, Bird, and many Mafia members. Murchinson ran a small version of a "Bohemian Grove Club," where the rich and powerful, and Gay cult, could rub elbows and make plans for greater wealth. Gay Hoover lived next door to Texas Senator LBJ in Washington DC for years, and they were close buddies.

The attack on the public release of the "Final Chapter" to removed it from airing on the History Channel was spearheaded by Hollywood's Jack Valenti, who was Special Assistant to LBJ from Nov. 1963 to June 1966. Jack Valenti was after "The Guilty Men" part of the story by former LBJ law-firm person named Barr McClellan. He fingered LBJ as being involved in the JFK murder and this would most likely get into Jack Valenti's close associations. Valenti appears more concerned that the LBJ connections to the Jewish and Israel / Zionist factions would soon become evident as LBJ was implicated in the cover up and plot to kill JFK.

Oswald knew all about the most covert operation to kill Castro, which came to involve Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge interjected the use of toxics to induce cancers or latent sudden death via latent heart attack. This was to be used by placing a person close to Castro. Ruby was helping this project along. Interestingly, just before the New Orleans efforts Judyth Baker worked at the University of Florida at Gainesville. Here she was doing cancer research using isotopic tracers and studies of HF / fluoride chemicals. She had the critical vector knowledge to make the cancer virus kill method work.

It was ultimately this Holy War for wealth that JFK got into that killed him. JFK being called a Communist was all about religion. Persons like Meyer Lansky lost a huge casino down in Cuba and he wanted that operation back. The Texas fruit growers group, United Fruit, wanted their investments back and there are many Jewish factions in that group. LBJ has very strong Jewish relationships as he supported Israel. LBJ's three names tell the story, all three are strong Jewish surnames. Johnson even is derived from "John's son." Johnson hated JFK because JFK excluded him from White House decisions and it was likely all the catering to Israel that caused the major divisions.

Mafia persons like Jewish godfather Meyer Lansky connected up the Batista in Cuba due to Cuba having gambling casino image problems. Jewish linked Batista brought in Jewish Lansky to set up fair casino operations in Cuba. The US, due to this Jewish effect that turned on the money flow due to investments from the Rockefeller and Rothschild banking systems, always recognized the Batista regime dictatorship. Interesting enough Batista was born in the Banes area of Cuba, which seems to match LBJ's name. This region came to supply most of the bananas to the US East Coast via the United Fruit operations held by groups like the Rockefellers and DuPonts.

Johnson was involved with a company called Brown-Root, later called Kellogg-Brown-Root, KBR, out of Texas, that was the primary construction company in Vietnam. Kellogg constructed the Oak Ridge fluoride uranium plant. Johnson's company made lots of money from the Vietnam War. And running drugs into the US, using the Confederate Air Force operations from the Jewish Sassoon lead Golden Triangle made even more money. Drugs in Asia have historically been a highly Jewish controlled thing via the Sassoon Empire.

Johnson was the highest ranking friend of Israel in the US, and Israel was desperate for high ranking assistance from LBJ to get the bomb. LBJ was a long time lobbyist for Israel. If Israel lost LBJ due to RFK / JFK prosecution, they would loose US support. LBJ was put on the ticket for both his Southern Democrat appeal and his close ties to the Jewish and Zionist / Israel interests to attain this swing vote. Problems arose and JFK was going to toss LBJ off the reelection ticket due to criminal issues linked to him in Texas, and this meant Israel was doomed on its Dimona nuclear bomb project to attain the nuclear bomb. After JFK was killed, LBJ let Israel do whatever it wanted. In 1967, LBJ let Israel get away with killing sailors on a US ship called "Liberty," in an attempt to pull off a "Northwoods" like event to get the US to attack the Arab factions.

Under LBJ all manner of Zionist Jewish influence invaded high US Govt. positions and this can be heard from the words of Nixon in complaining of all the "Jew Boys" around the government. Even in the Nixon tapes one can hear a conversation with Rev. Billy Graham and Graham telling Nixon that he believed these high level Jews would ruin the country. It was this huge Jewish / Israel interest and their control over the media that helped to suppress the real issues behind the JFK murder conspiracy. LBJ would do anything to avoid landing in jail and his deal with the Jews, Oak Ridge, and the military would make it all possible to kill JFK.

It was this Israel issue and the Jewish hate for JFK that was the largest enabler for the killing of JFK. JFK landed right in the middle of a power battle involving Israel. Oak Ridge used this as the major motivator in connecting the varied factions in the plan to kill JFK. JFK died as a direct result of Jewish control and religious hate directed at JFK, and like methods have drenched Europe in blood from these Holy Wars for thousand of years. Now the US would be drawn into such Holy Wars and blood shed here to support those false aims. The US lost its innocence in 1963, as an ultimate game of deceit and treachery infected the US Govt.

One plan to kill JFK was running when JFK visited Miami in early November of 1963, but the police tip off warnings were clear and JFK avoided public risk positions. That plot was averted. It was Italian Mafia shooters imported for this plan that came up from Miami, per the story of Rose Cherami, and entered the more diverse Ruby / Oak Ridge plan with a patsy supplied to cover up what factions were involved in the hit. The CIA linked Bush good OLE boys in Miami almost shot themselves in the foot in that loose operation.

Just after the JFK assassination it appears that Edward Stockdale went to visit with RFK and on Dec. 2, 1963 Stockdale appears to have been tossed off the 13th floor of the DuPont Building in Miami. Just before Stockdale died he was panicked and said the world was closing in on him and rambled on about the assassination of JFK. Miami was the home of Jewish Batista and the gambling stronghold of Jewish Mafia boss Lansky. The DuPont Company was highly invested in Cuba and even had their "Xanadu" estate there and large compound. The DuPonts had huge problems with fluoride emissions and very strong associations with the US Govt's Manhattan Project and uranium operations. Years later the DuPonts fluorine chemicals would became the major problems of causing the ozone hole and global warming.

The hit on JFK was planned for months and took form with the need of a patsy to hide the real conspirators and their religious affiliations. Oswald had been spilling the beans on the Castro hit and the target's shift toward JFK, so the only way to seal off the leak was to kill him. Oswald knew about the Oak Ridge cancer, radiation, and HF assassination methods from Judith Baker, with whom he seemed to be having an affair. It became Jack Ruby and his obcession to protect Israel's attaining the bomb who took the fall to seal the Oswald leak.

Judyth Baker was recruited for the Castro Project from Florida due to its close connections with Jewish Batista, who ran to Miami with all the Cuban treasury in the first revolt. She was moved to New Orleans due to the United Fruit headquarters there and the connections with Ochsner. United Fruit was connected to the Bronfman Empire that used the sugar cartel for cheap sugar to make alcohol.

Ruby thought he would become a hero, but when reality struck, he was sentenced to death in Texas. Hot headed Ruby became a pawn for Oak Ridge nuclear interests and fell for the idea that he would be a hero if he killed Oswald. Ruby was also taking the bullet for Israel, which would come to an end of all the assassination factors were exposed. In the Texas lock up overlooking Dealy Plaza, he could not speak out without being killed. In police custody, Ruby became calm only after he learned that Oswald had died and he had completed his assignment. Ruby closed his girly bar not out of respect for JFK, but to deal with attempting to put out the fires from the aftermath of his involvement with the assassination. His original plot to kill Oswald failed, and he was the one to blame.

Jacob Rubenstein's next fear was that if the information became public on the massive plot against JFK that there would be pogroms against the Jews. After all this was a long process of Israel's spying to get the nuclear bomb and even killing JFK to further getting there. It was high treason against the American People, involving Rubenstein, Oak Ridge, LBJ, and Zionism. LBJ was busy selling there would be a huge war, should the facts come out on JFK's death. The basic fear of being exposed was countered by the Zionists interests by coining the faked up concept of "anti-Semitism." This is only about "Obstruction of Justice" mechanisms to suppress the American Public from learning what really happened and what the real motivations were behind JFK's murder. The games with anti-Semitism originated from Ruby and Meyer Lanski factions and are being used by high Government officials to subvert the American legal and justice systems from dealing justly with the facts of JFK's assassination to get Israel the bomb.

The JFK shooters were Mafia imports, just per the CIA methods. The Mafia style professional headshot did not come from the TSBD, but from the ground between the Pergola and the TSBD. At the time of the assassination, there was an area there with 10-ft. tall shrubs for the shooter to hide. It was also close to a road and car for quick escape. The first shot was from a low ground angle and down the center of the roadway, appearing to be from the Dal-Tex building second floor, due to the crowd being in the way and potential for SS agents riding the side boards of the limousine.

This first shot appears to have been deflected from some iron in front of the Dal-Tex building window and hit the concrete near the right rear tire of the presidential limousine causing sparks and lead fragments impacting at a curb near the rail overpass, splattering shrapnel onto James Tague. Persons connected to Dallas oil Lamar Hunt and New Orleans Mafia were in this building. H. L. (Lamar) Hunt funded an anti-Communist and anti-Semitic radio program in Dallas called "The Defender Hour." So, the CIA's Hunt and Angleton were into watching things. Ruby was in the building earlier. Even pilot David Ferrie came up to Houston after the assassination from New Orleans with some associates claiming to go goose hunting looking for leads on Mongoose, and allegedly stayed near a phone at a mall.

The Dal-Tex building was connected to the CIA's Hunt and is claimed to have a Jewish linked oil and uranium front operation on the sixth floor, the same floor as Zapruder. It was a closet on this second floor from which the first shots appear to have originated. This would pull in Israel supporter James Angleton and Oak Ridge again. Oswald is said to have signed into Oak Ridge on a visit where he flew in from New Orleans by catching a plane from Alabama.

The obvious thing to consider here is that if Oswald, in the TSBD, wanted to shoot and kill JFK, the timely shot was when JFK came into view on Main Street, or directly in front of his window. No shots occurred when JFK was directly in front of the alleged Oswald sniper position. Instead the first shot happens when the President's limousine turns the corner and gets in line with the Dal-Tex building window. The JFK hit begins in the area that Dal-Tex building resident Zapruder picked to get the best bird's eye view of the events of that day.

Trees obscured a first shot at this area on Elm St. from the TSBD window. The Dal-Tex building is the same building that Jewish surnamed Abraham Zapruder's business was located, and raises questions on why Zapruder did not just take film from his own building's 6th floor. Zapruder took this film for his kids, and he has certainly made these kids very rich from its sale. Zapruder's partner well knew Jack Ruby, and they shared the same Rabbi.

A few seconds after this deflected first shot, a second low angle shot from the same Dal-Tex window hit JFK in the back and went out his throat and appears to have clipped the limousine's windshield and traveled on down the direction of the rail overpass. Bullet fragments appear to have landed in the limousine from this shot. Many persons near this area claim there were four shots in total, and this accidental miss appears to have interrupted the initial plan for only three shots. Activity in this Dal-Tex window and a person leaning out the window shows up in a photo by AP photographer James Altgens.

The third shot was from a high angle and appears to have come from the TSBD and hit Connelly in the back, wrist, and leg. The scope on this TSBD rifle was misaligned or the person had difficulty tracking the limousine accurately. There is also the possibility that the third shot was intended for Connelly, as LBJ hated Connelly and one of LBJ's henchmen fired this third shot. The third shot happened just slightly before the JFK headshot, but after the JFK back shot. Two shots, the 3rd and 4th, were very close to each other in time, a fact that would disprove a single shooter. The fatal fourth shot from a duck blind type area, or the Pergola's garden, and hit JFK in the side of the head, at the temple, and exited his forehead. This is highly visible in the original Zapruder film, complete with high-energy fragment trace lines going off from those directions. This was the principle head shot or kill shot.

The Warren Report was set up by Johnson to write up a report that fit the staged incident of three shots and one crazy shooter. The Warren Commission even included the former top CIA person that specialized in this CIA type hits, Allan Dulles, and a large number of Jewish helpers like Arlen Spector. JFK fired Dulles over his CIA efforts to cater to the Federal Reserve Jewish Banking systems and the Cuba plots. Earl Warren originally promised Dulles the CIA Director position, when he made a run for vice-president in 1948 on the Dewey-Warren ticket. Eisenhower made good on Dulles CIA appointment four years later. Dulles was highly connected to United Fruit operations and this was how he came into the CIA's higher orders. Johnson drove the point home that unless the Warren Commission showed Oswald was the only shooter that it could mean a war where 40 million people would die. It really meant Israel would end.

This was Johnson's national security issue that was used to cover up the JFK assassination details and even the DOJ and FBI are obligated to protect US national security. Under National Security directives, LBJ could literally have RFK jailed or kil

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I see Jim Phelps is a member. I thought I'd simply pull this one back out and dust it off.

Ironic. Oak Ridge, where Phelps maintains planning and the nexus of the assassination conspiracy took form, played a role in assisting in testing to convict Oswald. Is anyone aware of a document or source that indicates that Lee Oswald signed the registery at Oak Ridge and visited at one time?


Neutrons and JFK

Most Laboratory personnel learned of the assassination of President John Kennedy over the Laboratory's public address system on the afternoon of November 22, 1963. A week later, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) asked the Laboratory to study fragments of the bullets that struck the president and the paraffin casts taken of the hands and face of Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin.

This request was made because the Laboratory had facilities and scientists available for performing neutron activation analysis. When neutrons from a reactor activate the atomic elements in a material, each element emits characteristic gamma rays, revealing its presence and concentration in the material.

About five years after John Kennedy had admired the Oak Ridge Research Reactor as a U.S. senator, evidence relating to his assassination came to the Laboratory, where William Lyon Jr., Frank Dyer, and Juel Emery, all of the Analytical Chemistry Division, tested it in the High Flux Isotope Reactor's neutron flux. The FBI hoped Laboratory researchers could match gunpowder particles on the paraffin casts with gunpowder from a rifle found at the crime scene. The fact that Oswald had fired a pistol, killing a Dallas policeman, the day of the assassination, and earlier tests made on the paraffin casts complicated the research and made the Laboratory's results inconclusive.

The FBI hoped that ORNL's neutron activation analysis of the bullet fragments taken from the president's limousine could determine whether the bullets were fired from a single weapon. Lead bullets have traces of silver and antimony, and the Laboratory's analysis of these traces indicated that the bullets did indeed come from the same rifle. Later independent study by a University of California neutron activation specialist confirmed the Laboratory's conclusion. ORNL's Nuclear and Radiochemistry Analysis group complied with many requests for neutron activation analysis in connection with crimes until the 1970s when commercial laboratories entered the field.

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Guest Stephen Turner

Lee mate, this is from memory, and knowing my memory its probably a total crock.

Wasnt Oswald supposed to have signed the registary at Oak Ridge, and added some complimentary comments about Communism for good measure. (talk about hammering home the point)

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Lee mate, this is from memory, and knowing my memory its probably a total crock.

Wasnt Oswald supposed to have signed the registary at Oak Ridge, and added some complimentary comments about Communism for good measure. (talk about hammering home the point)

Thanks Stephen - that is precisely what I was looking for - why would Lee Oswald be visiting Oak Ridge? The plaster cast molds of his hands wouldn't have been taken yet. :hotorwot

Judyth Baker, I believe has a reply for this, as does Jim Phelps. Puzzling.

- lee

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I see Jim Phelps is a member. I thought I'd simply pull this one back out and dust it off.

Ironic. Oak Ridge, where Phelps maintains planning and the nexus of the assassination conspiracy took form, played a role in assisting in testing to convict Oswald. Is anyone aware of a document or source that indicates that Lee Oswald signed the registery at Oak Ridge and visited at one time?

On July 26, 1963, somebody who visited the Atomic Energy Museum at Oak Ridge, TN, wrote in the guest registry book: "Lee H. Oswald, USSR, Dallas Road, Dallas, Texas." [Pg. 361: "The Man Who Knew Too Much"]

The FBI concluded it wasn't Oswald's handwriting, raising some obvious issues about why somebody other than Oswald would place so peculiar a reference in so obscure a spot.

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With regards to the Oswald signature on the register at the Oak Ridge Atomic Energy Museum, I did run across a blurb about it on the maryferrell.org site


Sources: CD 1066, pp. 612-613; Dallas Morning News, 3/31/93, p. 34-A


Comments: DOB: 5/6/13. POB: New Castle, TX. DOD: 3/29/93. POD: Dallas, TX. Signed register for visitors at American Museum of Atomic Energy at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on 7/26/63. Lee Oswald alleged to have signed register same day. From 1957 until retirement in 1987, Wood was director of Institute of Management at SMU.

There is the salient point regarding the Oswald signature, and seemingly a simple question.

Did Oswald sign it, or did someone else sign his signature to perhaps sow confusion, regarding Oswald's timeline? With regard to the issue, I would certainly not rule out his being there, but if he wasn't there and his signature was simply written in, the facts as presented as above, show that there was someone who could be a person of interest, or simply has some insight into the whole affair.

Edited by Robert Howard
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This is Franklin Pierce Wood Jr. below.

The family had strong ties to the oil and banking industries. Wood Sr. with connections that put him amongst the right-wing oil people.

Wood Jr. also gave many a lecture on human behavioral patterns.



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This is Franklin Pierce Wood Jr. below.

The family had strong ties to the oil and banking industries. Wood Sr. with connections that put him amongst the right-wing oil people.

Wood Jr. also gave many a lecture on human behavioral patterns.



Lee, Great post! To all who added, the same. Very revealing story, with many questions, and other events coming from this thread. One has to wonder what was really going on, and why more wasnt made of this a long time ago. [we know why! lol!] I dont have much to add, but wanted thank Lee for bringing this subject up, and what a good job he did of it, and to the rest of you who responded and added to the subject.


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This is Franklin Pierce Wood Jr. below.

The family had strong ties to the oil and banking industries. Wood Sr. with connections that put him amongst the right-wing oil people.

Wood Jr. also gave many a lecture on human behavioral patterns.



Lee, Great post! To all who added, the same. Very revealing story, with many questions, and other events coming from this thread. One has to wonder what was really going on, and why more wasnt made of this a long time ago. [we know why! lol!] I dont have much to add, but wanted thank Lee for bringing this subject up, and what a good job he did of it, and to the rest of you who responded and added to the subject.


Thanks Smitty!

I made more progress on this - may be found in other threads. The plotter that Phelps claims was part of the Dallas planning was an individual named Ray Tucker. I believe Phelps provided more info on Tucker - here or in an email I might have someplace. There are some other allegations that have been made with respect to Oak Ridge connections that are probably scattered throughout a few other threads. I did my own small bit of looking into fluoride. Just as an aside, the original control group [for the Grand Rapids experiment] was apparently intentionally fluoridated, making the entire experiment null and void from the perspective of scientific study. I was unable to find any sort of material anywhere that validated the use of fluoride as being useful for the retardation of cavities beyond the timeframe of the original formation of the teeth - and even that data appears questionable - but hey, I'm not a Dentist. Many towns have since demanded that the fluoride be removed from their water. Oddly enough, you can even buy spring water with fluoride added. I prefer the natural toxins associated with the consumption of alcohol myself. There was even one toothpaste [Radiogen] that advertised the fact to the public that it had radiation add for brighter and cleaner teeth. I don't know that a similar control study was ever performed to determine the value of fluoride in the water since Grand Rapids. I do know someone from that study that has multiple ailments today - unknown if there is a correlation. Cool similar story on Doromad [note the involvement of ALSOS]:


On the testing of human subjects - validated. There should also be a thread here or someplace where I pasted the link to the list all of the documented studies conducted by the AEC on unknowing subjects with respect to irradiation and side effects. This was done at a time when getting a government grant and an ego stroke was much more important than having scruples - can't help but wonder about connections between these tests and stuff Detrick was engaged in - like Ferrie's 'Operation Mosquito.' You can accuse the Nazis of having violated all kinds of human rights during the Third Reich - but don't look to put any pharmaceuticals or the AEC on trial anytime soon. And let's not forget that pharmaceutically connected McCloy interfered with any sort of plan which would have destroyed the railways or camp itself at Auschwitz, where a lot of valuable studies were being conducted allegedly, for IG. Good thing he went on to become head of the AEC.


most of the covertwork was farmed out by NSA, et al. to Rockwell International and their private armies. Most of the planning, briefing, etc. over the years took place ["In Isolation"]at the nuke warhead plants at Hanford, WA; Rocky Flats, CO; and Oak Ridge, TN. Some of my kin were 18-wheeler haulers, and did a lot of the "carrying" for these folks working at the above-mentioned sites.

The Hollywood filmsters repeatedly made reference to the "behind-the-scenes/invisible goverment as "THE TELEPHONE COMPANY".

Some curious stuff.

- lee

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You might be interested to know that Elmore Douglass Greaves* had a lot to say/write about fluoridation:


* http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9497

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Some Fluoride related stuff.



1944 The city manger of Grand Rapids, Michigan announces that the Michigan State Department of Health is planning a long range experiment with fluoridated water and that Grand Rapids was selected as the location for the experiment. The city commission approves a motion to fluoridate on July 31, and decides it is to begin in January 1945, despite the warning issued three months earlier, ironically, by the American Dental Association. Grand Rapids becomes the first city in the United States to conduct this experiment. It was to serve as the test city to be compared against un-fluoridated Muskegon for a period of ten years relative to tooth decay, "at which time it would be determined whether or not fluoride was "safe and effectiv." Dr. H. Trendley Dean was put in charge of the project. The experiment was terminated early, after the control city was fluoridated, ruining the validity of the experiment, with the pronouncement that fluorides in public water supplies was "safe".See 1945.

1944 The Pentagon Scientific Research and Development Group further pursued the project to fluoridate the drinking water of Newburg, New York. Members included Henry L. Barnett, a captain in the Manhattan Project medical section, John W. Fertig, SRDG, Dr. Hodge, and David Ast, chief dental officer of the New York State Health Department, who was placed in charge of the Newburg Project. The group sought information on cumulative effects, which was also a goal of the Manhattan Project. (See below)

1944 Through 1948. Previously classified documents from Manhattan Project which indicate the government knew the physiological and psycho-behavioral effects of fluorides, as a result of studies connected with determining the effect of uranium hexafluoride processing on workers, as well as studies in defense of litigation against the project by tree growers who experienced fluoride damage from airborne pollutants connected with the project. Ref: Declassified documents from the National Archives published in 1997.

1944 An April 29, 1944 Manhattan Project memo, released in 1997, states "Clinical evidence suggests that uranium hexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system effect, with mental confusion, drowsiness and lassitude as the conspicuous features... it seems that the fluoride component is the causative factor....since work with these compounds is essential, it will be necessary to know in advance what mental effects may occur after exposure, if workmen are to be properly protected. This is important not only to protect a given individual, but also to prevent a confused workman from injuring others by improperly performing his duties". Ref: Previously classified SECRET Manhattan Project Memo, 29 April 1944, declassified and released from the National Archives.

1944 Oscar Ewing is put on the payroll of the Aluminum Company of America ALCOA), as an attorney, at an annual salary of $750,000. In 1947, Ewing was made Federal Security Agency Administrator, with the announcement that he was taking a big cut in salary. The US Public Health Service, then a division of the FSA, comes under the command of Ewing, and he begins to vigorously promote fluoridation nationwide. Ref: May 25-27 Hearings before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. A by-product of aluminum manufacture is toxic sodium fluoride. Ewings public relations strategist for the fluoride campaign was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward L. Bernays. Bernays conducts a public relations campaign to promote fluorine ingestion by applying Freudian theory to induce public acceptance. It was one of Bernays most successful campaigns.

1944 The October 1944 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association cautions that "knowledge of the subject does not warrant the introduction of fluorine in community water supplies generally. Sodium fluoride is a highly toxic substance, and while its applications in safe concentrations, and under strict control by competent personnel, may prove to be useful therepeutically, under other circumstances it may definitely be harmful. To be effective, fluorine must be ingested into the system during the years of tooth development, and we do not yet know enough about the chemistry involved to anticipate what other conditions may be produced in the structure of the bone and other tissues of the body generally. We do know that the use of drinking water containing as little as 1.2 to 3.0 ppm of fluorine will cause such developmental disturbances in bones as osteosclerosis, spondylosis, and osteopetrosis, as well as goiter, and we cannot run the risk of producing such serious systemic disturbances in applying what is at present a doubtful procedure intended to prevent development of dental disfigurements among children ... because of our anxiety to find some therapeutic procedure that will promote mass prevention of caries, the seeming potentialities of fluorine appear speculatively attractive, but, in the light of our present knowledge or lack of knowledge of the chemistry of the subject, the potentialities for harm far outweigh those for good."

1945 An FDA Chief inspector discovers that fluorides are being added to beer by the Commonwealth Brewing Company of Massachusetts (the same state where they did experimental fluoride treatments on institutionalized children). The owner of the brewery was arrested and subjected to a Federal jury trial for poisoning the beer. The indictment charged that the beer contained "an added poison or deleterious poison, fluoride, which was unsafe within the meaning of the statute (Section 301a of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act), since it was a substance not required in the production of the beer, it could have been avoided by good manufacturing practice." The fact was established that the fluoride was added in the concentration of 0.5 ppm. The jury was instructed that fluoride was established to be harmful and poisonous, and that it was unimportant to show how much beer it would take to demonstrate harmful effects. Beer was classified as a food and fluoride as a poison in 1945. The Commonwealth Brewery Company was slapped with a $10,000 fine, and Kaufmann, the owner, was given a 6 month suspended jail sentence and a three year probation period.

1945 Newburgh, New York has their water supply fluoridated in May 1945. Subsequent exams of the children by x-ray reveal that almost 14% have cortical defects in bone, compared to the nearby unfluoridated town of Kingston, where 7.5% have bone defects. The data is suppressed. In tandum, Project F (connected with the Manhattan Project) conducted their own studies of Newburg residents, focusing on the amounts of fluoride Newburg residents retained in the tissues and blood - key information sought by the bomb program, according to previously classified documents released in 1997. See 1956.

1945 The newspaper Philadelphia Record, 18 October 1945, reveals an article entitled "First Bomb Suit for Ruined Peaches filed by Salem County Growers for $400,000" details suits against chemical manufacturers connected with the Manhattan Atomic Bomb Project for hydrogen fluoride damage to peach groves. Companies involved were DuPont de Nemours (which has been interacting with I.G. Farben in Nazi Germany), the Sun Oil Company and the General Chemical Company.

1945 The government does a public test case of fluoridation, comparing fluoridated Grand Rapids with unfluoridated Muskegon, Michigan. The study is to last ten years. After one year, it becomes obvious to the government that fluorides do not conform to their public propaganda, and the study is terminated. The city of Muskegon is then fluoridated in 1947 to conceal the difference in effect. Other experiments are performed covertly on population areas, without the knowledge of the subjects.

1945 Covert experiments with fluorides are conducted in Massachusetts and in Connecticut between 1945 and 1946 on indigent, mentally retarded children at state-run schools. According to 1954 testimony of Florence Birmingham, a trustee of the Wrentham State School in Massachusetts, her schools administration learned only by accident that fluorides were being put in the drinking water.


More humor on Fluoride. Jim Phelps has a lot to say on the subject.



by Raymond Francis

Fluoridation is a vast medical experiment, and we have all been guinea pigs. Unfortunately, the public is still unaware that this experiment has been a colossal failure. In January of 1995, I warned against the health hazards of fluoride in one of my newspaper columns. A month later, I devoted an entire radio show to the subject. Today, four years later, there are even more people exposed to fluoride, and the health damage continues unabated. Why do you suppose this is happening? Let's consider fluoride for a moment...

Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals in our environment. Did you know that? It is more toxic than lead and only slightly less toxic than arsenic, according to the Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products handbook. Fluoride accumulates in the body over time, and has been shown to damage teeth, bones, kidneys, muscles, nerves, the brain and immune function. It also causes genetic damage. So how much fluoride are Americans exposed to? Too much!

Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now concerned that we are getting too much fluoride. Skeletal fluorosis is a disease that weakens bones in a manner similar to osteoporosis. Fluoride causes this disease! Early stages are usually misdiagnosed as arthritis, and the advanced stages are usually misdiagnosed as osteoporosis. The minimum crippling fluoride dosage (the dosage that can cause skeletal fluorosis) is 5 mg/day for 20 to 40 years, according to the National Academy for the Advancement of Science. The World Health Organization's 1970 report Fluorides and Human Health, found that skeletal fluorosis occurs in India at a daily intake of 2 to 8 mg/day. Considering the damage that can be caused over time by fluoride, it's astonishing that Americans living in areas with fluoridated water average up to 6.6 mg/day!

Ostensibly, the reason we put fluoride in our water and toothpaste is to prevent tooth decay. Indeed, tooth decay has declined worldwide since the 1970s, and fluoride is often given credit. The exact reason for the decline is unknown, however, it is interesting to note that tooth decay has declined at the same rate in countries that do not use fluoride. Japan and all of continental Europe have rejected fluoride for safety reasons. Fluoride experiments in third world countries were terminated because of the harmful effects.

The truth about fluoride is gradually coming out, as shown by some of these studies:

• In 1987, a study published in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association found that areas reporting the highest cavity-free rates were totally unfluoridated. This data suggests that fluoride actually causes tooth decay.

• In 1989, Chemical and Engineering News published an analysis of data collected by the National Institute of Dental Research. It found that children who drink fluoridated water have levels of tooth decay virtually identical to those who do not.

• In 1993, the Canadian Dental Association officially concluded that fluoride does not prevent tooth decay.

• In California, a study of 1994 and 1995 Medi-Cal data shows that counties with fluoridated water had significantly higher per capita costs for dental care.

• A study of 60,000 children in New Zealand found that fluoride had no significant effect on the number of cavities in permanent teeth, and another New Zealand study found that a decline in tooth decay occurred before the introduction of fluoride.

• A study of 39,000 children by the U.S. Public Health Service found that the decay rate was virtually the same between fluoridated and unfluoridated areas.

These studies again suggest that fluoride does not prevent, and may even cause dental problems. But the alarming fact is that in over 50 years of testing and widespread use, there is still no scientific proof that fluoride prevents tooth decay.

If fluoride doesn't prevent tooth decay, what does it do? It can cause a type of fluoride poisoning called dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is a malformation of tooth enamel characterized by brittleness and discoloration, ultimately damaging the health of the teeth. A recent national study found that 22% of U.S. children have some degree of dental fluorosis. In 1993, it was reported that 80.9% of the children 12 to 14 years of age in Augusta, Georgia had dental fluorosis, and 14% of these were in the moderate to severe category. Dentists tell people that fluorosis is a cosmetic problem. It's really a sign of fluoride poisoning. In fact, x-rays of children with dental fluorosis often show bone abnormalities elsewhere in the body.

The damage that fluoride has done, and will continue to do still piles up. Bone cancer rates are 80% to 600% higher in communities with fluoridated water. According to Dr. William Marcus, a senior scientist at the EPA, fluoride is the only substance known to cause bone cancer. Fluoride makes bones brittle, and hip fracture rates are 20% to 40% higher in fluoridated communities. In animal studies, fluoride causes hyperactivity. A 1996 study in China showed that fluoride adversely affected children's IQs. Mortality rates are higher in fluoridated communities. New Alzheimer's research implicates a reaction between aluminum and low-dose fluoride as a cause of the disease. The heart disease death rate more than doubled in Grand Rapids, Michigan after five years of fluoridation. Deaths from flu and pneumonia are higher in fluoridated communities. A 1978 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that "This pattern of a higher crude death rate in the cities with fluoridated water supplies was apparent for all categories of death except for those by accidental means and suicide." Fluoride is a powerful enzyme poison. It fundamentally damages cell functions, thereby increasing mortality.

If all of this is true and fluoride is killing people, why are we still putting it in our drinking water and toothpaste? How on earth did it ever get FDA approval? Truth be told, the FDA never approved it! That's right, we've been using this stuff for half a century and it does not have FDA approval. All this time it has been classified as an unapproved new drug. No one has ever been able to prove that fluoride is either safe or effective, and both are necessary for FDA approval.

Once again, we ask ourselves the question "why is this happening?" One reason is economics. It's happening because there's money to be made selling fluoride, and because everyone involved fears the legal repercussions of admitting their error. Fluoride is a byproduct of the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries. It is so incredibly toxic that even one part hydrogen fluoride per billion will totally devastate vineyards and orchards. Naturally, disposing of something that toxic is both difficult and expensive. Rather than spend money for disposal, the solution is to convince everybody that fluoride prevents tooth decay, and then sell it to water suppliers who disperse it into billions of gallons of water. The economic incentive to do this is enormous. An added bonus—the teeth mottled by dental fluorosis look bad and have spawned a new, highly profitable market for cosmetic dentistry!

If you have been reading toothpaste labels of late, you will have noticed a change. The government now requires a warning that reads: "If you accidentally swallow more than the amount needed for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately." Why contact a poison control center? Immediately!? Because there's enough fluoride (among other things) in that toothpaste tube to kill a child. Other warnings on labels read, "Don't Swallow—Use only pea-sized amount for children under six." and "Children under six should be supervised while brushing with any toothpaste to prevent swallowing." Studies show that children under six use too much toothpaste and they swallow a lot of it, especially if it tastes good. Not that you have to swallow it to get poisoned—fluoride goes right through the mucus membranes of the mouth. Fortunately, these warnings are the first signs of recognition of the toxic effects of fluoride, and they bring us a little closer to ending fluoride use.

Cigarette manufactures are being forced to pay hundreds of billions for knowingly selling dangerous products. Just imagine what will be happening in the future as toothpaste manufacturers, municipal water suppliers, and dental professionals are held accountable for the damage they have done to the health of the American people. This is why you are seeing the warning labels, but no one involved is yet ready to admit the truth because the consequences are unimaginable.

Fluoride is a persistent bioaccumulator, and the amount found in bone tissue increases with both dosage and time. So how do we reduce our exposure to fluoride? First, stop using toothpaste that contains fluoride. After an eighteen-month search, I identified Weleda toothpaste as a safe and effective product. Changing brands is a simple choice that can significantly reduce your toxic load. (To order Weleda, call 800-250-3063 or order online.) Next, don't drink tap water. If your water supply is being poisoned with fluoride, drink high quality bottled water instead or get a Beyond Health Water Filtration System. Then, avoid products made with fluoridated water such as colas, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, and any number of prepared foods including soups and breakfast cereals. Consider that one can of soda or glass of commercial fruit juice contains half a milligram of fluoride. Some children drink more than a quart of fruit juice a day. Teenagers average more than three soft drinks a day and 7% of them drink more than seven! Because our exposure to fluoride far exceeds any prudent limits, do what it takes to keep your own fluoride intake below 2 mg/day.

There is now so much fluoride in the environment it is impossible to avoid it all. However, by making simple choices that minimize your fluoride exposure, you can help to keep your overall toxic load at manageable levels. As always, health is a series of choices and this is one of them.

Raymond Francis is an M.I.T.-trained scientist, a registered nutrition consultant, author of Never Be Sick Again, host of the Beyond Health Show and an internationally recognized leader in the emerging field of optimal health maintenance.

Oak Ridge was responsible for a lot of testing on unknowing human subjects - known as The 'Green Run' in 1948 I think. Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Hanford, Washington - Air Force and Oak Ridge, 1945 - 1963?


In February 1986, officials at the Department of Energy responded to requests from activists by releasing 19,000 pages of documents on the early operations of the world's first plutonium factory, at Hanford, Washington. Combing through these documents, reporters and citizens found references to an event cryptically named the "Green Run," in which radioactive material was deliberately released into the air at Hanford in December 1949.[1]In the aftermath of the public discovery of the Green Run, Senator John Glenn asked the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, to find out if there were other instances in which radioactivity had been intentionally released into the environment without informing the surrounding community. In 1993, the GAO reported twelve more instances of such secret intentional releases.[2]

Following additonal research by the DOD and DOE, the number of secret intentional releases has expanded to several hundred, conducted between 1944 and the 1960s. At the Army's Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, dozens of intentional releases were conducted in an effort to develop radiological weapons, some in tests of prototype cluster bombs, others using different means of dispersal; at Bayo Canyon in New Mexico, on the AEC's Los Alamos site, researchers detonated nearly 250 devices, which contained radiolanthanum (RaLa) as a source of radiation to measure the degree of compression and symmetry of the implosion used to trigger the atomic bomb. Other intentional releases were not classified, although not all were made known to the public in advance. At AEC sites in Nevada and Idaho, radioactive materials were released in tests of the safety of bombs, nuclear reactors, and proposed nuclear rockets and airplanes; in still other cases, small quantities of radioactive material were released in and around AEC facilities and in the Alaskan wilderness to determine the pathways such material follows in the environment.[3] Public witnesses from several of these communities told the Committee that they remain deeply disturbed by these releases, wondering whether there is still more information about the secret releases in their communities that they do not know and how much will, at this late date, be impossible to reconstruct.


Intentional Releases and the Charter Thirteen

The Advisory Committee is authorized by its charter to examine "experiments involving intentional environmental releases of radiation that (A) were designed to test human health effects of ionizing radiation; or (:unsure: were designed to test the extent of human exposure to ionizing radiation." The charter also called for the Committee to "provide advice, information, and recommendations" on the following thirteen experiments and similar experiments identified by the Interagency Working Group:

(1) the experiment into the atmospheric diffusion of radioactive gases and test of detectability, commonly referred to as "the Green Run test," by the former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and the Air Force at the Hanford Reservation in Richland, Washington;

(2) two radiation warfare field experiments conducted at the AEC's Oak Ridge office in 1948 involving gamma radiation released from non-bomb point sources or at near ground level;

(3) six tests conducted during 1949-1952 of radiation warfare ballistic dispersal devices containing radioactive agents at the U.S. Army's Dugway, Utah, site; [and]

(4) four atmospheric radiation-tracking tests in 1950 at Los Alamos, New Mexico. . . .

Tests of nuclear weapons, intentional environmental releases of radiation in amounts greatly in excess of any of the releases identified above, were not included in the charter. As discussed in chapter 10, the Committee did seek to investigate human subject research conducted in connection with these tests.


This chapter reports on what we found as we sought to retrieve what we could about the releases identified in our charter, determine the nature and number of further intentional releases, identify the ethical standards by which these activities can be evaluated, and determine what lessons can be learned from the past.

Because of the secrecy surrounding these releases--as opposed to atmospheric nuclear weapons tests, which were impossible to hide--many of them took place with no public awareness or understanding. The intentional releases were conducted primarily at sites such as Hanford, Los Alamos, and Oak Ridge, in which defense and atomic energy facilities were located, but they were largely unknown to those who lived in surrounding areas.

There is no evidence in any of these cases that radioactive material was released for the purpose of studying its effects on human communities. As we discuss later in the chapter, the public often was exposed to far greater risk from the routine course of operations of the facilities than from the intentional releases themselves.

That the possible health effects from the Green Run and other intentional releases are so slight that they cannot be distinguished from other sources of disease is small comfort to "downwinders" who were put at risk without their knowledge. The Committee heard from many of them and learned that the longer-term costs of secrecy extend well beyond any physical injury that may have been incurred. These costs include, first, the anxiety and sense of personal violation experienced by those who have discovered that they have intentionally and secretly been put at risk, however small, by a government they trusted. But they also include the consequences for that government, and its people, of the attendant distrust of government that has been created. And finally, they also now include the citizen and taxpayer resources that must be expended in efforts to reconstruct long-buried experiences, and determine, as best as can currently be done, the precise measures of the risks involved.

The chapter is divided into two parts. The first and lengthier section reconstructs the history of the three kinds of releases that were in our charter--the Green Run, radiological warfare tests, and the RaLa tests--and includes a discussion of some types of intentional releases that were not expressly identified in the charter. This section concludes with a review of what is known today about the likely risks of all the releases we consider, as well as a review of the science of dose reconstruction by which this knowledge is obtained. In the second part of the chapter, we focus on the ethical and policy issues raised by intentional releases. We examine the rules that currently govern intentional releases in an effort to learn whether secret environmental releases like the Green Run could take place today and, if so, whether, in light of lessons learned from the past, current procedures and protections are adequate.

Phelps may be ad-libbing for some of his material, however, seems to be quite a bit of substantiation for a lot of what he is saying.


- lee

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The Upper Echelon-----Who set up JFK---

The Jewish Tough Guy, the Missile Gap, Oak Ridge, and Op Northwoods:


The issue of Operational Prep time was the issue for the Missile Gap. It mattered who could launch first, not how many rockets in number. JFK and others well knew the US had for the moment the operational reediness advantage.

Then along came Oak Ridge that hated JFK, with a Jewish Contact with more that hated JFK. And a rather simple plan to kill JFK and make it look like a Russian sympathizer did it to start the WWIII with Russia.

Curtis LeMay said they could not even shoot back and surrender.


The calamity did not stop test launches of the R-16 and the ICBM was deployed in 1962. The Soviets were, however, still having trouble with the weapon in October 1962 when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred and Khrushchev had a total of twenty operational ICBMs to the 160 Kennedy possessed. Preparations to fire the R-16 continued to require several hours rather than the thirty minutes Yangel had posited and that was eventually achieved. “Before we get it ready to launch,” Kirill Moskalenko, a ranking Red Army marshal and friend of Khrushchev from Second World War days, warned in the midst of the crisis, “there won’t even be a wet spot left of any of us.”

A terrifying fairy tale called “the missile gap,” which had the Soviets surging ahead of the United States in ICBM capability, was roiling Washington. The controversy was another example of the chr…


Note: "Jewish Tough Guy" is the Mafia's Jack Ruby, aka Jacob Rubenstein.

The "Missile Gap" is the 1963 USA missile advantage over Russia, using operational units and not physical numbers.

"Oak Ridge" is the ORNL Masonic person named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. who called Jack Ruby to recruit all his anti-JFK buddies to kill him.. These were Chicago Mob, Texas Oil, CIA, LBJ, Hoover, et al.

"Operation Northwoods" is the JCS and Lyman Lemnitzer's Framework for False Flag method to have an alleged Russian Sympathizer shoot JFK.to inflame the US news to declare nuke war on Russia.


The Lower Echelon: Implementation for Murder

(Four JFK shooters, One LHO shooter, One Tippit shooter)

The JFK assassination is not that hard to solve. It was lean and hard to spot due to shooters being nearly Undetectable, and the snowstorm of 600 + Fake News Books to confuse the public.
Ending the Conundrum. Lets all make it happen.

The bottom level, the shooters: Nicoletti (Chicago Mob), Roselli (CIA-MOB), Mac Wallace (LBJ Hitter), Files (Chicago), and Marlow (Chicago).

Duty:Target JFK from three sites. Dal-Tex, TSBD, GN-Fence

Patsy: Lee Oswald as set-up fake shooter at TSBD. He no showed on 6th floor---big problem to frame up.

Execution Errors: Mac Wallace set to gun down LHO for the frame up of LHO on 6th floor.. Various mishaps changed LHO take down (Gary Marlow) to Texas Theater, then Basement DPD (Jack Ruby).


Next level the Planners and money men.

Lead planner: Edward Clark
Money Man Clint Murchison
Money Man: HL Hunt
Radio Coordination: Jim Braden
Plan Inception: Jack Ruby via ORNL's Masonic Raymond W. Tucker, Sr.


Agency Cover:

JE Hoover FBI
Bill Harvey CIA
Lyndon Johnson, VP-POTUS


Legal Basis: Atomic Energy Act

Framework: Operation Northwoods


The Title is awarded to those here: "I solved the JFK Assassination"

I think for those that have read and understood the basic factors here, you can claim that "You have Solved the JFK assassination.".

It is not very difficult to pin down the JFK assassinations players.

From this point forward, any of you should be able to see the scam books from the real ones. Most of them are scams, so don't waste too much money in search of the simple truth on JFK evidence.

The Warren Report is fake, the FBI lies on the JFK hit by telling only WR applies to the JFK hit. The FBI burned evidence, it damaged photo evidence, and FBI's Hoover were part of a Criminal Conspiracy to replace JFK and originally intended to start short lived Nuclear WWIII against Russia via False Flag set-up.

Edited by Jim Phelps
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