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1. Who was LHO's mob contact?


Oswald's efforts to get a job at the Allright Parking Garage - where Ruby parked his car; his efforts to get a job at the Adolphus Hotel - across the street from the Carousel Club, the reported sightings of Ruby and Oswald together at the Lucas B+B and Nita's Place and the reports of at least two mechanics I think saying that they saw Oswald driving Ruby's car lead me to believe that Oswald was either shadowing Ruby, or was trying to ingratiate himself into Ruby's life.

Steve Thomas

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In your reply to Mr. Antti Hynonen's question No. 6 about De Mohrenschildt, you stated

He suggested that Oswald should move to Dallas. In February, 1963 he introduced Marina Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald to Ruth Paine. On 24th April, 1963, Marina and her daughter went to live with Paine. Oswald rented a room in Dallas but stored some of his possessions in Ruth Paine’s garage. Ruth also helped Oswald to get a job at the Texas Book Depository.

I would like to expand on your statement about what happened on April 24, 1963. Up to that date, as I understand it, Marina and Oswald had been living together. Oswald was leaving Dallas for New Orleans. He was driven to the bus station by Mrs. Ruth Paine, and was on a bus headed for New Orleans on that day. Mrs. Paine had convinced Marina to stay with her while Oswald looked for work in New Orleans.

He did find work at the Reily Coffee Company in early May and began looking for an apartment with Mrs. Myrtle Evans (wife of Julian Evans and a friend of Marguerite Oswald) who drove him around New Orleans looking for an apartment to rent. As they were driving on Magazine Street, Oswald noticed a vacancy sign and ordered her to stop the car. She parked and they both walked back to the group of buildings and were shown an apartment which Oswald then rented. Oswald called his wife about his new job and apartment. Mrs. Paine drove Marina and their child, June, to New Orleans, helped them get settled in the new place and stayed with them before driving off on a vacation trip of her own to the East.

It was later that year when Oswald returned to Dallas and to Marina, who earlier had been driven from New Orleans to Mrs. Paine's residence in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. It was after he had been hired at the Texas School Book Depository Building on Elm Street that he rented a room in a boarding house on North Beckley Street in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas to be closer to his place of work. Marina and June continued to live with Mrs. Paine in Irving, and Oswald would visit them each week.


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There is apparently some misunderstanding of LHO's Timeline and I hope I will be able to clairify the sequence of events



In Jnne/July 1962 LHO and Marina arrives in Fort Worth from Russia and stays with Robert Oswald & Family

In July/Aug 1962 LHO and Marina lives with Marguerite Oswald in Fort Worth and he gets a job at Leslie Welding Co.

In Aug 1962- They move to an Apt at 2703 Mercedes St in Fort Worth. They also begin to meet several of the White Russians in Fort Worth as well as George and Jeanie DeMohrenchildt. LHO is then either layed off or fired from Leslie Welding Co.

In Oct 1962 Their new White Russian friends advise them to move to Dallas to look for work. Marina stays iwth some of the White Russians white LHO goes on to Dallas and stays at the YMCA. He obtains employment at

Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall Co.

In Nov. 1962 Marina moves to Dallas and they rent an Apt at 604 Elsbeth St. They meet and visit with more of the White Russian's in Dallas. and continue a friendhip with the DeMohrenchildts. At times, after fighting with LHO, Marina stays with some of the White Russian friends. .

In Feb. 22, 1963 In Dallas, they meet Ruth Paine at a party. They are later invited to Ruth Paines for dinner and meet Michael Paine, who picks them up and gives them a ride to the Paines house.

March 1963 They move to 214 Neely Street, in Dallas . It is claimed that LHO orders the MC rifle from ad for Klein's Sporting Goods in American Rifleman. Marina takes the backyard photogranps,

April 10, 1963 Someone takes a shot at General Walker. Marina says it was LHO.

The DeMohrenchildts move to Haiti.

April 24, 1963—LHO leaves for New Orleans and Marina moves to Paine home

May 10, 1963 New Orleans LHO gets a job with Reily Coffee Company and rents an Apt at 4905 Magazine Street, with the help of Myrtle Evans, a past friend of Marguerite Oswald.

May 11, 1963 Ruth Paine drives Marina to New Orleans.

July 19, 1963 LHO fired by Reily Coffee Company

August 9, 1963 New Orleans, LHO is arrested in altercation passing out Fair Play for Cuba leaflets

Sept. 23/25, 1963 Marina leaves for Dallas with Ruth Paine and moves most all their belongings which continues to be stored in the Paine's garage/ Oswald leaves for Mexico City

Oct. 3, 1963— LHO arrives in Dallas. Marina continues to stay with Ruth Paine, while LHO moves to 1026 N Beckley St. and uses the name O. H. Lee. Visits with Marina at the Paines on weekends.

Oct. 15, 1963 LHO begins work at the TSBD

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It is not easy to make such a determination about either June or Rachel. As with all of us, what we said yesterday, might not be the same today or tomorrow. I do know that through the years, Marina, June and Rachel have been exploited somewthat. Some who they believed they could trust actually screwed them over, in one way or other.

Whether Rachel was or is willing to come forward, I am sure her Mother might have plenty to say about that. It has probably been a factor all along, in preventing her from speaking out. Then too, what does she actually know anyway..only what she has been told by her mother! She may have some sort of sentimentality attached to her father, but again what does she really kmow anyway? Only what Marina wants her to know.

There are reasons that Marina does not reveal all, as we wish that she would do. This is the same reasons we are not being told the truth, by those involved in the coverup. Even if they wanted to reveal all, I believe they are most likely afraid to do so.

I believe the door has been opened by many JFK Researchers for them to come forward and stil they will only go so far. I suppose if and when they day should come, it will most likely be in their own time or when they feel safe in doing so.

Incidently,in past years, Marina has attended various JFK Conferences and has spoken to some researchers, but I think she may have given up on doing that.

I don't mean to either encourage or discourage anyone from approaching Marina or the girls. But, I do know some have done so, and don't really see any headway being made.



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You may very well be right about Marina and her daughters. However, the only living individual who probably has always had the most delicate first hand knowledge about Lee Harvey Oswald is Marina.

I believe she truly is the last person who could once and for all vindicate Lee. I have to agree with Wim; following up with Rachel may be the only way to approach Marina. From what I have read, June doesn't seem interested enough or doesn't want to follow through with this. I fully understand that researchers have come to a dead-end with Marina in the past. On the other hand, Marina has come a long way since 1964 and the WC. So, I would suggest that some of our fellow researchers in the Dallas area approach Marina, by means of talking to Rachel first, to see how Marina would feel about taking part in a professionally lead questioning session with a professional polygraph exam.

I understand such services are available in Dallas.

Antti Hynönen

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There is an interesting passage in Larry Hancock great book, Someone Would Have Talked.

Writing about Operation Tilt he says: “In addition to Bayo, Pawley, Martino and Robertson, the expedition was accompanied by Dick Billings, a LIFE staff writer obtained through the Pawley-Luce connection. Billings would later head the LIFE team in Dallas which purchased the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, as well as Marina Oswald's story rights (neither of which saw public exposure under LIFE auspices). Much later. Billings was hired by Robert Blakey, the second head of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, as editorial director for the final report of the HSCA.”

Over the last couple of days I have been doing some research into Billings. He was also involved in undermining the Jim Garrison investigation?


For more details see:

It is also worth looking at the following thread:


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Timeline corrections:

April 25: Lee told me he arrived in New Orleans by Greyhound Bus this day and checked into the local YMCA. He dined that evening with David W.Ferrie. There are conflicts in records and testimonies about when he moved in to the Murrets' home on French Street, but he actually did not move in with them until a few days before getting the job at Reily's, about May 7. The testimony as to this date is in my book.

April 26, Lee Oswald and Judyth Vary Baker met at the main post office.


May 9, Lee interviewed and was hired by Mr. Alvin Prechter for Standard Coffee, a subsidiary of Reily Coffee Company. I was hired the same day along with him and have documents to prove it. We clocked in at Reily's main building but worked part of the time a block down the street at the Standard Coffee offices.

May 10, Lee worked his first day as a Reily employee, along with me. By now he had called his wife and told her to come to New Orleans. Ruth Paine agreed to drive her and baby Junie there.

NOTE: Lee arranged ahead of time for the apartment at 4905 Magazine Street to have a vacancy sign out front. He had Myrtle stop as he 'spotted' the sign. Adele Edisen knows this address was picked out ahead of time. I have a timeline that proves the arrangement ahead of time in the book based on docuimentary evidence that has been overlooked. A witness knows what to look for!

Lee paid for utilities, however (the document is in the Warren Commission exhibits) to be turned on at 4907 Magazine Street. This 'proved' he lived there, which was never the case, but Lee Oswald placed '4907'instead of '4905'on all documents, correspondence, etc. When Eric Rogers moved in, he accepted the communist literature, etc. that came to his mailbox without complaint, but why he did so is in my book.


May 11, Marina and entourage arrive from Irving, Tx.

Ruth Paine will stay until the morning of the 14th.

Reily pays from Friday through Thursdays instead of Mondays through Fridays.

May 17: Lee Oswald and Judyth Vary Baker are both transferred from Standard Coffee, a subsidiary of Reily's, to the main building at 640 Magazine, Reily Coffee Company. With them they bring Lee's laundered records, which are not inspected by Personnel closely because they are merely transferred from Standard.

William I. Monaghan in volume XXIII of the Warren Commission Exhibits relates that Standard Coffee obtained Lee Oswald's (bogus) background report (showing no record of going to Russia, having a Russian wife, or having an undesireable marine discharge...and the address is 757 French Street instead of Magazine St... 'neighbors'were ínterviewed'who said Lee Oswald had been in the neighborhood up to 1 1/2 years.

Hope these comments are helpful. I won't be able to post here again for awhile due to a travel requirement about to pop up -- and hope that those who know my story, if there are questions, will respond for me. Sincerely, Judyth Vary Baker

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The LHO Timelime above is not something I wish to argue about. It is not written in stone and of course, I could have something wrong.

However, integrating yourself into the Timeline to change it, only works if one believes your story, and in which I do not. I also do not wish to argue about this and have no animosity towards you either.



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I have a very serious request concerning Lee Harvey Oswald's notebook. In it there is a listing for Lomo Industries, Inc. The Dallas Phone Directory as well as the Business Directory for the same year to my knowledge DO NOT have such a listing, however there is a Loma Industries, Inc with offices in Dallas and Ft. Worth. Can anyone enlighten me about this listing? Is it possible that Oswald's dyslexia, (he was dyslexic, right?) may have something to do with this? Any response is greatly appreciated.

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I have a very serious request concerning Lee Harvey Oswald's notebook. In it there is a listing for Lomo Industries, Inc. The Dallas Phone Directory as well as the Business Directory for the same year to my knowledge DO NOT have such a listing, however there is a Loma Industries, Inc with offices in Dallas and Ft. Worth. Can anyone enlighten me about this listing? Is it possible that Oswald's dyslexia, (he was dyslexic, right?) may have something to do with this? Any response is greatly appreciated.

LOMA PLASTICS (Loma Industries) was a local manufacturer of

plastic goods, such as kitchenware, etc.

They had a manufacturing plant in Fort Worth. I do not find them

listed in the FW yellow pages.


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I have a very serious request concerning Lee Harvey Oswald's notebook. In it there is a listing for Lomo Industries, Inc. The Dallas Phone Directory as well as the Business Directory for the same year to my knowledge DO NOT have such a listing, however there is a Loma Industries, Inc with offices in Dallas and Ft. Worth. Can anyone enlighten me about this listing? Is it possible that Oswald's dyslexia, (he was dyslexic, right?) may have something to do with this? Any response is greatly appreciated.


I'm going by memory here which is a dangerous ploy but I seem to remember that Loma Industries had a foreign representative named Alexander Kleinlerer who was friends with George De Mohrenschildt. I also seem to recall that this clique which included George Bouhe got together to provide clothes and the like for the Oswald family.

Loma Industries burned down in 1965 I think it was.


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I have had several replies to my question about interviewing Marina Oswald. This is what one contributor wrote:

Marina has zero credibility. I know there are lots of researchers who have met her, like her and believe in her. They see her as a victim, which I think she was, too. I can forgive the ridiculous, unbelievable testimony she gave to the Warren Commission. Undoubtedly, it was coerced and she had good reason to feel threatened and tell the authorities what they wanted to hear. However, by the mid-1970s at the very latest, when there was a critical firestorm brewing around this subject, with all public opinion polls showing the vast majority of Americans thought the official story of the assassination was wrong, Marina should have gone public with her doubts. Even when she finally turned around on the subject in the late 1980s, she refused to explain her inconsistent, highly damaging testimony. She was never grilled on her relationship with Ruth Paine. She has not, to my knowledge, ever admitted that any of her testimony before the Warren Commission was untrue. Not even the Gen. Walker story, or the even more absurd locking Oswald in the bathroom to prevent him from shooting Nixon story. I will believe Marina when she admits that she lied repeatedly to the Warren Commission.

I also spoke to someone yesterday who has interviewed her several times. He points out that it is extremely difficult to get her to say anything of worth about the case. She has also refused large sums of money to tell the real story of what happened. Is it difficult to understand why this is. Maybe she is being paid even larger sums not to talk about the case.

When you consider that many people who witnessed the JFK assassination and/or had knowledge regarding same, have died under curious circumstances, it is not hard to understand her reluctance to "spill the beans".

She has LHO's two daughters to worry about as well. I, for one, have no doubt that Marina has been cautioned about how far she can pursue proving LHO's innocence. :(

Claiming LHO was innocent, without giving any proof to support her claim, was a fairly benign way for the media to show interest in a subject that, up until the time Marina changed her stripes, they had historically avoided like the plague. :(

Wesley Frazier was arrested, just as Oswald was, on 11/22/63. :unsure:

His 30.06 rifle and ammunition had been seized, I presume, as evidence to support whatever charge he had been arrested for.

Does it take a great leap of faith to believe that Mr. Frazier had been persuaded to be a witness against LHO in order to prevent being charged as a co-defendant? :hotorwot

LHO, as far as I can determine, was aware of a conspiracy to kill JFK. The FBI knew where he was working in late Oct., early Nov., 1963. I believe LHO had various means of reporting any intelligence he developed about the conspiracy. My gut feeling is that LHO made this conspiracy known, to whatever Agency he worked for, via the FBI, who intercepted, decoded and then forwarded these reports to a DoD employer.

LHO, in his short time on this planet, made his way around the world, and back again, at an age that would find most people still attending college. He was, I think, very dedicated to the path he had chosen. :ph34r:

Feel free to disagree with my opinions, I don't mind at all. :tomatoes


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Regarding Mr. Jacob Rubenstein and the mob. He was not 'in trouble' with the mob, he was a member from early on in Chicago. He was relocated to Dallas a 'punishment' for killing a cop in Chicago and had to get out of town. Don't think that being Jewish makes this impossible, the Chicago Outfit has been a multi-ethnic organization since the Capone days. Greeks, Welsh, Irish and Jews all had their place. Heck, Lenny Patrick, who was Jewish, lived a couple of blocks down the street from me. Try the book 'The Outfit' for a lot more info.

Edited by Norman T. Field
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