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James W. Powell in Dealey Plaza

Guest Mark Valenti

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There were at least 2 individuals who saw a rifle barrel sticking out the TSBD window before the motorcade arrived. How can they stand there and not run for a police officer?

Also in the Hughes Film, there's a heavy-set man in a brown suit jacket, tan pants and a fedora. He's too fat to be Ruby, but boy is he racing, walking fast as the hordes are going the oppposite way. Didn't someone see a man like that in the TSBD window with the shooter?

Kathy C

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It's well known that James Powell, an Army Intelligence agent with the 112th, was in Dealey Plaza on 11-22-63, and that he took a famous photo of the TSBD within a minute of the shooting.

What may be less well known is his testimony given in the 70's, after he had moved to California and worked for a furniture company. There are many aspects of his testimony that are unusual.

Among the quotes:

"I ran security investigations for security clearances on both military and civilian personnel that worked, for instance, on missile bases or wherever. We were trained in investigative photography, both from the standpoint of taking actual pictures of – well, let's say we were expected to go out and photograph spies, or whatever, or follow suspected people that we were suspicious of doing something involved with the military against us. We were trained to be able to seek these people out, to photograph, to cover, to do surveillance on them, that type of thing."

** Why was he not working that day?

"I asked for time off, a leave of absence from my regular duties so I could see the motorcade, so I could go out to the airport and see the President. And I was hoping to get a few pictures. But I don't remember specifically how long before. I'd say in the neighborhood of a week probably."

** Did anyone else in his office ask for time off that day?

"To be very honest with you, no. That's surprising when I think about it. I know others were there, they were on duty, or they were working the normal things that they do and did not ask for time off to do this."

** What did he do at Love Field?

Took pictures. "Probably three or four as they came off the plane. And I was a pretty good distance away, and unfortunately without a telescopic lens."

** Why did he leave Love Field and go to Dealey Plaza?

"I wanted to get downtown. The motorcade route had been published in the papers so you knew where the President was going to go. So I went downtown and I think I…Well, I'm trying to remember where I parked. If I'm not mistaken, I parked in the regular parking lot where we parked our government cars, which was near the Rio Grande Building, and then walked a few short blocks away to where the motorcade was going to be coming down Elm Street. I stationed myself there waiting for the motorcade to come by.

** Was he driving his own car that day?

"That's a good question. I honestly can't say. Probably was."

** Where was he when he started taking pictures?

"When I took the pictures I was back here – again, I honestly can't remember if these things have published the main streets, but it was one of the east-west streets. The motorcade was coming down, I was approximately a block away, over here which is off this sketch, okay, taking photographs of the motorcade as it went by. Once it went by me, I…You know I WAS on Main because I went one block back to Elm Street and I was coming down this way and I was almost at this intersection when the motorcade came around and started down Elm Street, down the hill. I was probably half way down the block when I heard the shots fired."

** Why did he suspect that the shots came from the TSBD?

"I knew that when I got to this intersection, there were people pointing up at the TSBD indicating that they had heard shots coming from there."

** Did more than one person indicate that shots came from the TSBD?

"People, yes. More than one person. A couple. At least one pointed up at the building, and another standing near that person – I think this gentleman corroborated that. I crossed the street to the TSBD and walked on down."

** Where did he go first?

"There were, there were police officers, a few police officers there that had just been around the area, plus some – at least a couple – from the sheriff's department that were there. Sheriffs. In group, we kind of went to the parking area behind because there were, again, a lot of civilians standing around watching the motorcade coming down who'd said they thought they heard someone running through that area. So we all went together back there but didn't see anything obvious, other than the stampede…So I left the group and went back to the TSBD, it being the closest building that looked like it might have a phone in it, and went in there to call my office.

** Does he recall whether he showed (ID) to anyone in the time he was walking around behind the TSBD in the vicinity of the railroad yard?

"I recall that I, basically recall that I did. Because the officers were curious as to why I was joining them and I just flashed my credentials to show them and that was sufficient at the time and I put them back. I had my camera and so forth. We all sort of walked together back to that area behind the building. But then I left them in place."

** So he might have said "I'm James Powell, I'm a special agent?

"I'm a special agent with military intelligence. And show my credentials. It seemed like the logical thing to do at the time. It worked that time. It didn't work the second time, but anyway, when I was coming out the building, but that's something else altogether."

** What happened next?

"I went back to the TSBD and I went inside to use the phone to call my office and tell them what had happened. I went in there, made one phone call, came back out. There was a gentleman standing there who claims to have seen shots fired from a window above and I talked to him briefly. But then another policeman came up – he looked like a fairly high ranking policeman, he got out of a car, like a chief or whatever – and literally took the guy away from me. I told him I was interviewing him, showed him my credentials, but he had authority which superceded mine because this was his town."

"After that I went back into the TSBD to call my office again and when I came back down there were more police and sheriffs there with firearms, with shotguns, and they were detaining everybody that was in the building at that point. They were pretty well convinced that something had happened directly from that building and they wanted to make sure they had everybody who came out of there."

*** How long after the last shot was the (TSBD) picture taken?

"I'd say less than five minutes. A few minutes. Because I was only a hundred feet or so away from that intersection, and ran down there after I heard the shots. And someone pointed at the building and I wheeled around and took the picture, so it was a matter of moments."

** When he was interviewing the person outside the TSBD who was then taken away by the police, did he take notes?

"Yes. I started taking notes. I did. Don't ask me what happened to them. At this moment I don't know. We didn't get very far along. Didn't even get the gentleman's name.

** Did he recall someone from local law enforcement, named Jack Revill?

"This is interesting. I'll be again very candid with you, I don't recollect the name."

To sum up, James Powell was trained in military investigations, surveillance of spies and performing detail-oriented work.

And yet -

He doesn't remember where he parked his car.

He doesn't remember if he was driving his own car or a government car.

He doesn't remember exactly how long after the final shot he took the famous photo.

He doesn't remember what happened to notes he took from a vital witness.

Also, it's curious that he drove all the way to Love Field to snap photos - and then drove all the way to Dealey Plaza to snap more photos. But at neither place did Powell, who took photographs for a living, position himself at an advantageous location to take the best photos. Rather, his locations at the airport and in DP seem haphazard and particularly ineffective.


There has only been ONE photo of his released. What happened to the others he took at Love Field and in Dealey Plaza?


Col. Jose Rivera's friend from Texas:

After spending the day with friends, Edisen was picked up by Rivera at her motel, where "a tall, sharp-faced man hailed Rivera, addressing him as 'Colonel.' They spoke for quite a long while about their times together at an Army base. His friend spoke of his current work in the army on telemetry and some work with cameras and telephoto lenses."

Rivera later told Edisen that, "We're photographing demonstrators with telephoto cameras from rooftops. We'll identify individual demonstrators and put their names in computer files. We've started this on the West Coast." Edisen wondered how that could be related to his work as a science administrator at NINDB until Rivera told her of his "other office, on the hill," and ties with "Foggy Bottom," which Edisen thought to be a residential section of the city.

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"You must wonder when it is all going to end.

And when we can come back home.

Well, it isn't going to end...

We have to stay at it,

We must not be fatigued...

...John Fitzgerald Kennedy

... November 1963....

Captain James W.Powell Army intelligence ..

There are conflicting stories in regard to this man... I am finding..???

Lillian Mooneyham, a clerk of the 95th District Court told the FBI that she watched the motorcade moving west, on Main St. from windows in the Dallas Criminal Courts Building ,then she ran to the west side of the building with two others ..She heard what she thought was a "fire-cracker " then there was a " slight pause and then two more shots were discharged, the second and the third shots sounding closer together.."..according to a FBI report of Jan.10/64..

She left Judge Henry King's courtroom..that it was about four and a half to five minutes following the shots fired by the assassin ,that she looked up towards the sixth floor of the TSBD and observed the figure of a man standing in the sixth floor window behind some cardboard boxes ..This man appeared to Mrs.Mooneyham to be looking out the window ,however the man was not close up to the window but was standing slightly back from it, so that Mrs.Mooneyham could not make out his features."

Adding support to her account of the man standing in the sniper's nest window minutes after the shots...are photographs taken by military intelligence James Powell and news photographer Tom Dillard...Dillard who was riding in the motorcade, stated he took a photo of the TSBD seconds after the shots..Powell estimated his photo was made thirty seconds after the final shot..

A comparison by the HSCA of photos taken just prior and just after led photographic experts to come to the conclusion that "There is an apparant arranging of the boxes within two minutes after the last shot was fired at President Kennedy." Obviously,it could not have been Oswald as he was meeting Baker and Truly in the lunchroom while the boxes were being re-arranged.....

Mrs. Mooneyham was never called as a witness....(1).....Powell's photo along with Dillard's therefore are both very important when looking into this aspect of the shooting...( See Complexities post below in General for photographs )

...Seeing that James Powell seemingly zeroed in immediately on the 6th floor window of the TSBD and took his photo within 30 seconds...either another lucky coincidental happening that day, or a deliberate action in having his camera focused on the exact spot that it would be reported the shots had come from ,that had killed the President according to the WC...is not known.....or...could the AIC have had their man there, having received previous information, and warnings of the assassination...did they try to present some information that would prove that LHO could not possibly have fired the rifle, leading to the knowledge of a conspiracy ? if so, the WC ignored such and found LHO the lone assassin...but he did provide a stone in the works, as he did make the photo available...??

Mr.James Powell; has seemingly disappeared into history,( though he was found and contacted in 1996 by the ARRB ) there is very little on this man in the research....he simply was not followed it appears...and though I am still searching this is all I have found so far...These two conflicting stories...of what he did, where he went and was he in the TSBD as he states, and was there another in the Dal-Tex...and or was he taken to the DPD to be questioned..or does some of this lead to another un-named Army Intelligence officer...?..

A" curiously intriguing somewhat obscure photographer "

Powell took his photo less than half a minute after Dillard's from a position only some 100 feet from the TSBD at the southwest corner of Elm and Houston Sts. There also are very few references to his photo and name in the Commission records..

and what there is ,is fragmentary and contradictory..

James W.Powell was a Special Agent of Region 11, 112th INTC, ( the 112th had been told to stand down the day of the President's visit to Dallas : according to Colonel L.Fletcher Prouty ) the Army Intelligence Corps, had their offices at 912 Rio Grande Building in Dallas..Their official role of the Army Intelligence that day is unclear..as another representative of the protective service people that day was in the motorcade he being Lieutenant Colonel George Whitmeyer , US Army Dallas Sub-Action Commander..Powell was completely silent in his brief post-assassination interviews..as to what was his official role that day..if any..and of just where he was at the time of the shooting ...(2)

In the FBI report taken by George T.Binney..Jan.3/64 is states, "that Powell was approximately one half block east of the intersection of Elm and Houston ,and the presidential motorcade had already turned west on Elm ,when he heard two shots and possibly a third fired at President Kennedy. He then ran to the southeast corner of Elm and Houston Street intersection and, seeing some people pointing to the TSBD he took the picture...."(3)

In a Secret Service Report from an interview on Jan.28/64...his statement is...

That "Mr.Powell was interviewed relative to his location at the time of the assassination and his actions subsequent to the assassination . Mr.Powell stated that he had been watching the parade from a postion near the corner of Houston and Elm Sts., the site of the assassination. Mr.Powell stated further that he heard shots and then joined a group of Sheriff's Deputies ,who were heading towards the rear of the Texas School Book Depository on the basis of the information that the assassin had shot from the railroad yards".(4)

Did he watch from the corner of Houston and Elm, and as soon as the President passed ,but was not out of site, then quickly walk easterly ,or was he watching from the corner itself..? There is a Photograph by Altgens #5..of the President's limo on Houston that does show a young man at the northeast corner of Houston and Elm Sts. wearing an Army uniform with what seems to be a private's single strip on the tunic..Only one of his hands can be seen and it does not hold an object like a camera...he may be with a woman beside him, it is not known if Powell was in uniform that day..military in sensitive situations often are not in uniform..

His camera was a Minolta 35mm camera loaded with Kodachrome X slide film with an ASA 64.The shutter was set at 1/25th of a second focused on infinity and set at F-11, and his picture was taken approximately 20 seconds after the last shot..(5).

There is no mention of any other photos he took, but wouldn't he ??..His sketchy interviews show that whether on purpose or not Powell's actions, location ,and his photo or photos taken is not clear..The Secret Service nor the FBI bothered to follow up on any information in relation to him. It can also been seen in his photograph, some windows on the west side, that do not show in the Dillard wide angled photo..Also showing are two additional windows on the west end of the 6th floor as being open along with the three seen in Dillard...An open window also ,on the 5th floor at the west end ,a young woman peering out on the 4th floor ..and Bonnie Williams on the 5th floor ,are still both in place as in Dillard's...

In checking the interviews it would appear that he then followed the Sheriffs Deputies and worked with them for 6 to 8 minutes..( Powell told this also to researcher Penn Jones )..He questioned a man near the entrance of the TSBD..who he thought was a beer company employee whom the police took into custody for questioning..He entered the front door of the TSBD saw WFAA-TV reporter Pierce Allman and another man with him, using the phone in the lobby, as he wanted to use the phone to call his office..and..According to other information ,he ordered the man to hang up the phone.Upon entering the building he did not meet anyone nor was he asked for identification...He remained long enough "to be trapped inside...after the Depository doors had been sealed".....Thus forcing him to show his ID and that knowledge becoming public....In the Secret Service Report it states " Mr.Powell has submitted a report of his activities immediately subsequent to the assassination of the President and states that his report will be available to this office upon request." The report may be the earlier FBI interview report, but it sounds like a report filed with the Army, and if so it is not available..(6..7..)

In testimony given to the WC by DPD detective V.J.Brian ,it makes mention that following a search in the TSBD , at about 2pm , DPD Lt.Revill , a supervisor in criminal intelligence ,brought Brian and other detectives back to the city hall .Also in the car was one man Revill knew and who Brian believed to be some type of military agent..."I, don't remember whether he was a CIC agent or a CID or OSI ,he was some type of Army Intelligence man." The agent was dropped off around Field Street . So it is unclear if this man was Powell....if so he was present when the search was done of the TSBD..(8)..He had his photo developed at the Cardinal Card & Camera Store in Dallas .."though he could see not anything otherwise signifigant in this picture." ..""other than the Negro male on the fifth floor ,he apparently turned it over to Lt.Col.E.E.Boyd who, in turn, made the transparency available to the FBI""...on 1/8/64..(9)...Powell's photo came to public light in a black and white form in 76..and was first published in Gary Shaw's "Cover Up" ..But in 77 FBI Director Clarence M.Kelly was informing researchers that the photographs "( yes he used the plural) ...were only available to the FBI temporarily. The photographs had been returned to the Army Intelligence Corps"..FOIA requests in the mid 80's to the FBI resulted in colour, and black and white copies being made available ,though print copies of the photograph are invariably cropped..(10).

During the HSCA in 77-78...the photographic panel, with reports prepared by Rochester Institute of Technology and the Stanford Research Inst.Inc. showed that the shadows on both Dillard and Powell were taken at the same approximate time...Though Dillard's two were made first..A major item revealed in the Dillard was a circular light fixture including a light bulb hanging from the ceiling of the 5th floor room ....there were no signs of any human faces or forms in the open 6th floor window or adjacent window..Though it was noted ( through a trigonometric calculation ) that concerning the placement of the boxes in the 6th floor window ......the additional boxes visible in the Powell photo were moved during the interval between the Dillard and the Powell photos...Thus if the report is accurate, following the last shot sounding ,someone moved some of the boxes into a different pattern within less than a minute and a half of the shots..."Subsequent examinations of these photos ,the box locations and sunlight patterns would indicate that there is no inconsistency".?.(11)

Note: on the Dillard Photos:The HSCA was requested by the SRI International to be allowed at a cost of $5,000.00 to enhance by means of state of the ark equipment to find possible hidden information within the negatives of the Dillard photos....of the TSBD...Dillard had custody of his original negatives, but he co-operated and turned over twelve of the negatives..four eventually being processed....SRI would not accept liability and made this clear...in early 78 the study resulted in the findings above.

Unfortunately ,the negatives, particularly frame 24, "........became detached from the agitation apparatus and the gelatine was abraded during the time it was freely agitated without support"....in otherwords they ruined it.....they blamed it on a malfunction of equipment ...they extended apologies and regrets to the Committee and Dillard....

Robert Groden who was the HSCA independent consultant was asked to comment ..on the damage...He found that negative # 8 also had been damaged by a coating not originally on the negative...but now evident...negative # 24 suffered also from this problem...( this is the negative that showed the 6th floor window ) also part of this negative appeared to have had it's emulsion rubbed off from the film base....To a lay person, the negative looks terrible .....the emulsion on the negative appears to have run down and melted into a pool of taffy like, a pool below.... The left side of the sniper's double window in badly affected, though the lower part of the snipers window escaped serious damage ...the whole negative looked like it was worn and crackled...and in otherwords the negative also had a tear (hole) in it......Dillard in 1979 received back his damaged goods , and copies of the SRI report, and a letter and the Groden comments...Blakely lamely wrote Dillard that the Committee was assured the process was safe and regretted the damage...." These two historically signifigant frames had been irreversibly harmed by experts."....(12)

There is an error in the information about Powell....In searching to find any information related to the statement that he was taken out of the Dal-Tex along with Braden, I managed to trace him to " Six Seconds In Dallas" where it appears the information is first mentioned...on page 312.(3&4).in a document form ..ComDoc 354..SS Report by SA Roger C.Warner from the NA..including in the report on LHO ....of information given by Det. Jack Brian DPD..to SAIC Forrest V.Sorrels, by Captain Will Fritz....(13).

""Harvey Oswald --- 12:35 pm When interviewed by Captain Fritz on 11/22/63, Oswald said "as he was leaving the TSBD buildng, two men (one with a crew cut) had intercepted him at the front door; identified themselves as Secret Service Agents and asked for the location of a telephone" (CD 354). Oswald was probably mistaken as to the identity of these men. Mr.Pierce Allman, who had brown crew cut hair, and Terrence Ford, of WFAA TV, ran into the TSBD a few minutes after the shooting. They entered the front door of the building, emerged into a hallway and there met a white male who they could not further identify. Allman asked this person for the location of a telephone. Oswald watched as Allman used the phone and Oswald then left the TSBD and walked east on Elm.""''


In this report Brian "stated that he had interrogated Mr.James Powell ,Army Intelligence, who was trapped inside the Texas School Book Depository after the Depository doors had been sealed."

I have found in the book "High Treason" Livingstone: Groden:1980:89&98...page 160....what I believe could be an error ?.It states, "An Army officer, James Powell ,was trapped in the Dal Tex building after it was sealed off following the assassination. By coincidence, this is also where another suspect, Jim Braden was arrested ." he notes this information is found in J.Gary Shaw's " Cover-Up"..1976-92...page 194: Shaw states..."It is both interesting and ominous that an Army Intelligence Officer was found trapped inside the Texas School Book Depository after the building had been sealed off. He was Special Agent James Powell."(CD 354 (cited in Thompson's "Six Seconds In Dallas "1967 (3&4)...So if you have this book, you may want to correct this information...or add to it. ...I then followed this to "Six Seconds."..and from there, hopefully to the next book or books to continue on with any new found information about Powell...this led me to...two books that seem to have delved further into the Powell information........."Legacy of Doubt":Peter Noyes:1973 and

"They've Killed The President".Robert Sam Anson:1975.....Apparently in Noyes he goes into infomation pertaining to Braden...it will arrive by snail mail, one day....

Even though the following may repeat some of the known information and also some of what I have previously posted, the following is pertaining to James Powell , so for your input:

From Anson...

"Not long after the shell cases were found a high-powered rifle,mounted with a telescopic scope,was discovered near an opposite wall, wedged between some packing cases. The Book Depository was quickly sealed ,trapping three men who were not employees inside.Two were newsmen..(there were four :Dallas Morning News:Kent Biffle :WFAA TV reporter Tom Alyea:and WFAA Radio Pierce Allman and James Powell )(15)

The other was Captain James W.Powell,an army intelligence officer."

"Moreover, Oswald's apparently having been an agent does not necessarily mean he was a CIA man.Part of the common misunderstanding of the nature of intelligence derives from the assumption that all spies work for the CIA.The CIA ,in fact is only one member of a much larger intelligence community,and when compared to such giants as the National Security Administration ( whose chief stated function is the monitoring of Intelligence gained from ELINT,( Electronic Intelligence) COMINT,( Communications Intelligence) and "spy-in-the-sky" (satellite sources) ,the Defense Intelligence Agency ,the Office of Naval Intelligence ,Army Intelligence ,and Air Force Intelligence ,(the CIA) is a relatively weak sister at that.

Army Intelligence in particular has nearly as large a budget as the Agency, and more than three times as many agents. Long before the CIA ever dreamed up Operation CHAOS (see below),army intelligence was busy spying on thousands of Americans. The army paid particular attention to domestic dissidents like Lee Harvey Oswald. Moreover ,in June 1961, Kennedy ,in a memorandum to the Joint Chiefs of Staff ,set new rigid guidelines for the Agency's covert operations .Theoretically ,at least ,the Agency was supposed to clear and coordinate with the Defense Department it's paramilitary activities against Cuba, a requirement that brought the army into the picture (telephone interview with John Marks, Sept.26/75) .Finally, far better than the CIA,Army Intelligence was in a position to know the arrangements for the President's trip to Dallas ,as well as the security precautions the Secret Service was taking to ensure his safety. Chronically short-handed ,the Secret Service worked with army intelligence as a matter of routine. ............. .Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson ,who was responsible for the choice of the motorcade route had been a member of the army intelligence reserve,(WC 4 H 318). So was Captain W.P.Gannaway,the head of the Dallas police special service bureau ,which used Ruby as an informer. (WC .C.D 1426). So, was James W.Powell ,who was present on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository when the Mannlicher-Carcano was found,and was later "trapped inside" after the doors had been sealed.(WC.C.D 354)

The police pilot car which preceeded the motorcade contained the commander of the local army intelligence reserve and possibley one other agent.(Stevenson Exhibit 5053:WC 21 H 578).(14) ( the commander was Lt.Colonel George Whitmeyer..(15)

(On Main Street forty-five minutes before the assassination an Army Intelligence officer was in the company of FBI agent James Hosty..(16)

(Hosty was the FBI agent who had been to see Marina Oswald: his name and car plate number were in Oswald's notebook, and he destroyed a note written to him by Oswald. ( Hosty was also a bridge-playing companion of General Edwin Walker's aide ,Robert Surrey,( Surrey printed and distributed the "Wanted For Treason" pamphlets against JFK (17).).. An Army Intelligence agent turned up that afternoon this time riding with ,from the assassination site with DPD Lt. Jack Revill of the criminal intelligence division .(WC 5 H 57)..( Detective V.J.Brian ( WC 5 H 47 )

"we let him out a couple of blocks ,if I recall up about Field Street....Revill knew who he was ) ...

"Except for Brian, none of the other men who drove back with Powell mentioned him in their testimony..After they dropped off Powell, Revill and Brian,who pretty much comprised the Dallas Red Squad ,met with FBI Agent Hosty at Police Headquarters .

These were the men who were supposed to keep track of radicals and their activities in Dallas .It was their job to warn the Secret Service about "characters like Osawld"..

Powell was not the only Intelligence agent to appear on the scene..There were Treasury agents and at least one Army Major who helped search for the tramps ,Jack Crichton another Army intelligence agent, may also have been there..bm.A few hours later he would call upon one of the members of the Dallas White Russian Community

to act as interpreter for Marina Oswald.(WC 9 H 102).....(20)

..DPD:Lt Jack Revill wrote a memo re subject Lee Harvey Oswald ,605 Elsbeth Street..Oswald never lived at that address, but he had lived at 602.Though he had not lived on Elsbeth since March 63....If the police did not have a file on Oswald then where did Revill get the Elsbeth address? When asked by Allen Dulles when he appeared before the WC, he gave no answer regarding his source.Also, that afternoon a list of employees of the TSBD was made up and submitted by Revill, Oswald's name was on the top with the address at 605 Elsbeth.

Where did he get this address , most likely from the unidentified Army Intelligence officer who rode with him from Dealey Plaza. For the 112th Military Intell Group, which had a field office in Dallas, carried in it's files information on "Harvey Lee Oswald" residing at 605 Elsbeth St.in Dallas. (WC 5 H 57.)(18)

The night of the assassination a secret cable ( finally declassified in 1975) went out from the 4th Army Command in Texas to the US Strike Command at MacDill air force base in Florida.USSTRICOM ,which is known as an army-airforce operation set up in 1961 and designed to be a quick-reaction strike force.It's location in Florida

would have made it the logical vehicle for any attack on Cuba .And the cable that went from Texas to USSTRICOM the night of Nov.22/63 seemed to favor just such an eventuality..It read;(14)

"Don Stringfellow ,Intelligence Section, Dallas Police Department ,notified 112th Intelligence Group, this headquarters ,that information obtained from Oswald revealed that he had defected to Cuba in 1959 and is a card carrying member of the Communist Party."(19)

All of which was untrue. But at that moment ,with US forces on worldwide alert and the Secret Service fearful of a Communist conspiracy,( they said) few people knew it was untrue.If pressure was building for a post-assassination invasion of Cuba, the incendiary cable from Texas was an important element in furthering the plot ."(14)

Perhaps it was all just another of a thousand coincidences :The Army's cable :and it's ties with the exiles: it's spying on innocent citizens: also spying on dissidents: and also the Army's Military Intelligence ties that day on Nov.22/63...it's presence in Dealey Plaza and it's ties with the Secret Service, the FBI,and the Dallas Police..

All I can think of is the man who wasn't there.....!!.....All for now.....B..

DPD..Detective V.J.Brian testimony:WC


DPD..Lt.Jack Revill..testimony:WC: HSC




History of Operation Chaos


Scroll down to Photos & Films:

Dennis Morrisette on his site has new James Powell Documents...

They were in touch with Powell in April 1996..ARRB..

about his photo (s) negatives (s)...see below...


1: "Crossfire"..Jim Marrs: 1989, p: 53

2: "Pictures of the Pain"..Richard B.Trask,1994: pp:448-449-450.

3:& 4:" Six Seconds in Dallas p:312-313..Josiah Thompson

FBI interview of James W.Powell by Geroge T.Binney ,CD 354 1/3/64/

5: "FBI interview of Lt.Col.E.E.Boyd by S.A. Wallace R.Heitman 1/2/64.CD 206.interview of Powell..."

6: " Crossfire"...Jim Marrs: 1989:p: 309

7: Secret Service Inv.by S.A.Roger,C.Warner,CD 354 2/3/64..reproduced by Thompson p:313..and FBI interview of Powell cited.

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19:" "Government Documents and the John F.Kennedy Assassination".unpublished at this time...1975: Peter Dale Scott.

20: " Coup D'etat In America"...Alan J.Weberman: Michael Canfield..revised edition 1992..p:67-68

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The Guns of Dallas by 112th. 315th army.. Army Aid to Help Protect President Kennedy Was Refused

Trained U.S. Army Intelligence Units were told their assisstance was not needed in Dallas during the JFK visit. William McKinney, a former member of the crack 112th Military Intelligence Group at 4th Army Headquarters, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, has revealed that both Col. Maximillian Reich and his deputy, Lt. Col. Joel Cabaza, protested violently when they were told to "Stand Down" rather than to report with their units for duty in augmentation of the Secret Service in Dallas. McKinney said, "All the Secret Service had to do was nod and these units [which had been trained at the Army's top Intelligence school at Camp Holabird, Maryland] would have performed their normal function of Protection for the President in Dallas."

The 315th, the Texas unit which would have been involved if its support had not been turned down, had records in its files, according to McKinney, on Lee Harvey Oswald. The 315th had a Dallas office and its records were up to date.

McKinney added that, "Highly specialized classes were given at Camp Holabird on the subject of Protection. This included training designed to prepare this army unit to assist the Secret Service. If our support had not been refused, we would have been in Dallas."




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james powell.mi the Millitary Intelligence.....

robert e.jones hsca.......http://www.history-m...jones_0001a.htm


When it emerged in the 70's that the Army had been conducting serveillance and keeping files on thousands of American citizens ,in the name of national security....Congressman Richardson Preyer soon after the Assassination Committee learned that the records on the Oswald "Hiddell: file had been destroyed and that this file had existed before the assassination..when contacted he stated that "There have been instances of files being, I guess you could say maliciously witheld or even destroyed..We don't know what the motive is and it's this kind of problem we run into.The Pentagon had destroyed it's Kennedy assassination files, the Army file on the Kennedy assassination has been destroyed,and we don't know why it was done.' For some this raises the spector that by their conduct the American Intelligence agencies were involved in the assassination. of the President, and that his murder was a Coup d'etat..There is doubt though ,that it's leadership would have had involvement as a group .

In 1979 the A.C concluded bluntly in fact, that neither the SS nor the FBI nor the CIA were involved as organizations..It made no reference in it's main findings to the military.The Committee did though consider evidence that individual members of the agencies might have had prior covert associaions with Oswald and even played a role in the assassination...

The Warren Commission simply stated " Close scrutiny of the records of the Federal Agencies involved and the testimony of the responsible officials of the U.S.Government establish that there was absolutely no type of informant or undercover relationship between and agency of the U.S. Government and Lee Harvey Oswald at any time"...

Today we see with the wake of Watergate and a stream of CIA scandals....the WC did not see all the records, and as we know now some of the "responsible officials," consulted have been exsposed as being extremely irresponsible..and may I use the word criminal in their actions.

As an example:

Allan Dulles ..in the transcript from one of the WC executive meetings

realeased only in 1975..gives a good exposing light on the CIA's attitude on the ethics of public esposure..on how he as a former Head of the CIA would deal with agents that had been recruited:

""Dulles:.........he wouldn't tell.

Chief Justice Warren : Wouldn't he tell it under oath?

Dulles: I wouldn't think he would tell it under oath, no.

Chairman: Why?

Dulles: He ought not to tell it under oath. Maybe not tell it to his own government, but wouldn't tell it any other way.

Chairman: Wouldn't he tell it to his own chief ?.

Dulles" He might or he might not.""(1)

A Warren Commission story ,associated with document 1133..

In 1975...Seth Kantor a Washington newspaper correspondent ,discovered that the FBI was still holding back this 1133 document ..he found out that this information was in reference to his own record of telephone calls he had made from Dallas the afternoon of the assassination.

He found out that the reason why stated that this state secret might "reveal the identity of confidential sources of information"...Kantor was then instilled with the desire to find out exactly what his information would reveal..and having his own notes from that afternoon saved, he began to cross check ...after time he was given the document ,which contained the information that he had placed some phone calls drom the Dallas City Hall, Parkland Hospital and the airport at Love Field....of course the FBI said that it was a beaurocratic blunder ,that it had not been released......But when checking all Kantor found there was a call he had made from the City to a Florida number, Coral Gables MO 5-6473....and it was the phone number of one Hal Hendrix..he was a Miami journalist and did work for Kantor's newspaper group. Hendrix had offered information on Oswald,and so on the afternoon of the assassination, in Dallas...Kantor received information on his past, his defection to Russia, ,his involvement with the pro-Catro activists ,when he had returned and such..now this information would become known soon enough, but this shows that Hal Hendrix was no ordinary journalist..He had even won a Pulitzer in 1963 for his work on the coverage of the Cuban Missile Crissis in 1962......

But on Sept 24th,1963.... he was scathingly brilliant by describing the coup that busted pro-Kennedy President Borsch of the Dominican Republic....The brilliance of his reporting was that he described and justified this coup in his article ........24 hours BEFORE it happened.....

Hendrix had a source at Homestead Airforce Base, south of Miami...a CIA source.As the years passed, Hendrix became know to be the "Spook" amongst his Washington colleagues.because of his known relationship with American Intelligence...But it became known publicly and in 1976 he pleaded guilty to witholding information in relation to a Senate Committee investigation that linked multinnational corporations in co-operation with the CIA.He lied to the Senate Committee in collusion with the CIA concealing his access to them and their information....This man who knew too much about LHO the afternoon of the assassination was protected by the FBI for 12 years..till Seth Kantor had his information released.....(2)

As has been related previously we know that within the file the US Army Intelligence had on Oswald "Hidell" before the assassination ,contained information re the address of 605 Elsbeth and within a very short time of the assassination...this information became known to Lt Jack Revill DPD.

Military Agents were present in Dealey Plaza that Friday, it is now stated in some books that they had been requested as back up for the SS.

On Nov.22/63 in San Antonio, a Lt. Colonel Robert Jones was on duty as operations officer ,for the 112th Military Intelligence Group and as he heard the report of the assassination, he urgently asked for information from his men for any information from the men at the scene of the killing. He received an early afternoon phone call "advising that a A.J.Hidell had been arrested..." ..Published information does not suggest that the name "Oswald" was used..though both names were on id cards within Oswald's wallet..Jones states that he soon found the file on "Hidell" within military intelligence and it cross-referenced with a file on "Lee Harvey Oswald"..also know as A.J.Hidell.....It contained the information about his past including Russia, and New Orleans....

According to Jones testimony ,the summary of such within the Assassinations Committee, he states the file had been opened in mid-63 "under the names Lee Harvey Oswald and A.J.Hidell, following a NOPD report of his activities in support of Castro..Lt Jones, got on the phone and spoke to FBI Agent-in-Charge Gordon Shanklin..(3)Jones then wrote his report and as far as his work was concerned that summarized all...on his end. The AC said it found his testimony "credible:....however there is a flaw.of all the known facts about LHO's use of the Hidell name .......Jones states that "Hidell" was a name used by Oswald and therefore that is why the intelligence file contained both names. However ............Oswald did not use the name Hidell as an alias in New Orleans..nor anywhere is it found in the massive documentation of his life .(4).there are no references to that name until a "rifle" was ordered from Klein's ,and the pistol he is accused of using to kill Officer Tippit..Therefore if his testimony is correct the Army Intell had knowledge of the separate use of the name "Hidell" by Oswald or they knew of the name being used to buy the guns before the assassination....but the file had been destroyed........and without access the knowledge of Oswald's' affiliations with them is conveniently gone....

*** "FBI..records show Jones telling the FBI that Hidell was an associate of Oswald ,not a name used as an alias."

It is also now clear and certain that the CIA had interest and involvement in the left wing groups..but that Army Intelligence also had "operational interest" in these groups as well, including the FPCC .The Intelligence Committee found at least one case that a government informant was "fronting" as a Castro supporter. while being a source of Army Intelligence.

After the assassination of the President these agencies the FBI, CIA and AI all failed to make accessible any information to the official inquiry..The AI deserved special attention seeing that the AC revealed it had a file on Oswald and Hidell...and had destroyed all.(5) The Army of course said that it was destroyed along with the normal file management .Congressman Richard Preyer Chairman of the Assassination Committee in 1978 ,when he spoke to the author related that........."Secretary ( Melvin R.) Laird in 1971, after all the charges concerning Army spying, ordered that the spying be stopped and those files destroyed ...

Perhaps as a part of that destruction, the Kennedy files were also destroyed at that time.".....The report on the AC stated that the Army's actions had made it impossible to correlate from documentary evidence whether LHO had an "affiliation with army intelligence" It did not though say anything about the "spying" that the Congressman had mentioned to the author..

"Conspiracy:: Anthony Summers: 1980,81,89.with updsate 91..pages: 60-61,104-5-6,275-6-7,

1:Preyer author interview..Dulles: WC Exec Session,Jan27/64

2:Kantor and Hendrix:"Kantor" p.198 .."Bayo Pawley Affair", Soldier of Fortune,1976.

3: "Hidell" and the Military Intelligence: Paul Hoch memo on "Army Intelligence, A.J.Hidell, and the FBI," Oct.8.1977" FBI document 10582555 ( unrecorded) ( original) in 62-109060-811): "Dallas Morning News", March 19,1978:HSCA Report p.221..( Oswald both names in wallet: V1.228.

4:Oswald does appear to have used the name "Hidell" while living in New Orleans however not as an alias.The name A.J.Hidell does appear as chapter president on his FPCC card which he did show to police after his arrest there .It also appears on an FPCC leaflet distributed in New Orleans .Handwriting experts on the HSCA (V111.238) were of the opinion that the signature was of Marina Oswalds..The point being that Oswald was using the Hidell .....whether he existed or not....as someone other than himself ?? The name was also found in his index cards along with his cards for real people..(Meagher page 197)..However in WC X 52..Oswald was not carrying any Hidell ID when questioned in NO..

See discussion of this in "Blind Man's Bluff In New Orleans" Chapter 17..

5 :Army Intell.file: HSCA Report page 224.

6: Hearings of Committee on Un American Acitivites Nov.19,1963, John Glenn.

Congressman Richard Preyer: Chairman of the Assassination Committee



Secretary of Defence Melvin R Laird..under President Richard Nixon


possible powell photo information on the corner was done by dave williams..thanks..

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Most of the material has been covered here but I'd like to include the link to some work I did a few years back.


by Debra Conway,

with contributions from Michael Parks and Mark Colgan


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Most of the material has been covered here but I'd like to include the link to some work I did a few years back.


by Debra Conway,

with contributions from Michael Parks and Mark Colgan


Hi Debra,

Here's a sketch of the Man on the Grassy Knoll as he was described by Malcom Summers to Houston PD sketch artist Lois Gibson, who was trained at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Va.


I also appreciate your chronology of the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro that I refer to frequently. Thanks,


Bill Kelly


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