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  1. The original question did not require a yes or no answer. It asked what evidence was there that Lee beat Marina. Seems there wasn't much.
  2. "because he realized he could not continue to get away with it." Really, Mr Parnell. and you know this how, exactly?
  3. "They" have a lot to answer for.
  4. Logic has to be based on evidence, George. Not on what you think might have happened. There is no proof at all that what you said is true. The pity is you don't realise it.
  5. George, you just don't get it do you? You have just stated that it is your logical conclusion. That doesn't mean a carrot. The world is full of logical conclusions which are proved to be wrong. You are guessing. Cheers.
  6. George, I don't know which stretcher the bullet was found. Nobody knows including you. I criticise people who state things as being so, when they can't prove they are. Guesses are not the truth. You are correct I haven't solved anything. I have never claimed to do so. If you are after truth, don't guess.
  7. No, George. I don't have an opinion. Unlike yourself, I don't guess.
  8. I don't have an opinion, George. I go by what the evidence says- not on what I guess happened.
  9. "I Believe...." that's all you need say, George. That's what I thought, you were just guessing. Case closed.
  10. The butt in the left photo has increased in size. So has the length of the scope and also the length of the stock under the barrel. (As shown by red lines.) I can't tell from the video, how the ends of the rifle compare.
  11. Joe, I wonder if Ruby warned the DPD that an attempt on Oswald's life would be made the next day, in order that he would be arrested before he managed to do it. He was obviously under orders to eradicate Oswald, and getting himself caught before he managed it, might have been a way of getting himself of the hook. Just wonderin'
  12. Thanks for posting the video, Roger. Seems to confirm that Dorothy was suicided. Just to sum up. Dorothy was found dead in bed wearing a hair piece, which she never slept in. Wearing nightclothes she never wore. Had slept with makeup on, which she never did. Wearing false eyelashes which she never did. In a bed she never slept in. In a bedroom she never slept in. No reading glasses were around,despite a book she had been reading was alongside her bed table. Two cops outside sitting in a car. Had been drinking cocktails, with her boy friend, Ron Pataky, hours before. (Pataky later wrote a poem “Vodka Roulette”, about poisoning somebody with spiked drinks) More than one barbiturate found in her blood.( Doctors used remaining tissue samples to ascertain that Kilgallen had in her system three barbiturates: pentobarbital, amobarbital, and secobarbital.) Body found at nine a.m. Police not called until 3 p.m. Medical Examiner from Manhattan where she died was not called, but instead the M.E. from Brooklyn was called. (Brooklyn M.E. Branch was allegedly controlled by the Mafia). No police investigation into her death. Strangely (or perhaps not), none of the above details are mentioned in McAdams dismissal of the suiciding of Dorothy. (See http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/death4.htm) Thankfully, the case is now being re-examined.