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  1. I understand from another forum that sadly Bernice Moore passed away 13th March. Sad news. She was a great researcher and person.
  2. That "debunking" was by Dave Perry. Sandy. Have a look at this critique of his report. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/deeper-into-dave-perry
  3. At least we agree on something,Paul. I don't guess and present my guesses as facts. Paul Trejo "Here is how I believe LHO's rifle came to be in Ruth Paine's garage. 1. LHO held his rifle back when he loaded up Ruth Paine's station wagon in New Orleans on September 23, 1963, and Ruth and Marina and all their kids drove back to Irving, Texas. 2. LHO took his rifle with him to Mexico City, where he traveled in an automobile with two accomplices: "Leopoldo" and "Angelo." It was in the trunk. 3. LHO took rifle with him to Dallas from Mexico City after he failed miserably to get his instant visa into Cuba. "Leopoldo"and "Angelo" drove LHO to Dallas. 4. LHO kept it in a duffel bag when he roomed in Dallas in various places. 5. Without Ruth Paine's knowledge, LHO brought it to her garage one day in October, and placed it among the wide variety of junk that Ruth had in her garage from Marina Oswald's move from New Orleans. 6. Viola{sic] 7. As a loyal member of Guy Banister's team to Kill Fidel Castro, including "Leopoldo" and "Angelo" (who were members of Interpen), LHO was clueless when he was instructed to bring his rifle to the TSBD on 11/22/1964, that he was soon to become their Patsy. Regards, --Paul Trejo There fixed your post in red, Paul.
  4. In the absence of any confirmations from Paul Trejo, of the following "Vicki and Sandra hung around the fourth floor gabbing with the girls and looking out of the many windows at the Grassy Knoll for 5-8 minutes, as Sandra seems to recall (not Vickie)." (Lovelady and Shelley) then returned "to the TSBD[sic] side entrance where they saw Vickie and Sandra. " I believe we can safely say that the above statements were just conjectures, by the author.
  5. You're playing even dumber, David. Please tell me how the "rifle" got into the Paine's garage?
  6. I should have expected a non-answer. Par for the course for LNers
  7. This any good,Jeff? http://www.assassinationresearch.com/zfilm/
  8. Looks like Paul T can't answer the questions asked.
  9. Really, David. You "know" that a rifle was in the effects brought from New Orleans. Please tell us how you "know" this nugget of information.
  10. Glad to see that you confirm that you are mainly guessing. "At least "I" know it" LOL Please show us how you know it Please Dave, just not another guess.
  11. Bumped yet again for Paul Trejo.
  12. You still haven't answered how the "few little boxes" got from New Orleans. Seems you really think they were Oswalds, Dave, or is just another of your famous guesses.?
  13. Lots and lots of guesses, again. But Ruth Paine gave complete details of what she transported for the Oswalds from New Orleans, and few little file boxes were never mentioned. p.s. who said they were little file boxes, and since when has six or seven equalled a few?