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  2. Now, do you want to explain about the wrong interpretations Paul? Why and how were they arrived at?
  3. This is a really interesting piece which tells us about Felix Sater, the guy Josh marshall has tried to build up as Putin's right hand man. When in fact, he is a double agent. IMO, its gotten to the point now, that with Sater, Mifsud, Stefan and the phony Putin niece, someone was setting a trap. It was the Brits working with the FBI. It ended up being quite successful. Due to the usual stupidity of the MSM> https://consortiumnews.com/2019/04/24/special-counsel-mueller-disingenuous-and-dishonest/
  4. Why did Blevins photoshopped the photo? Someone here said he was a "good guy".
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  6. There is too much detail in the Oswald version. imo Take the original non-detailed version and apply "image-adjustment-variation" using Photoshop. (Pick whatever variation looks good to you.) Notice the difference in detail among the "original and variation" versions versus the Oswald version.
  7. "Every wonder why your Oswald in the window has no body - and the windows are disgustingly dirty... Let me show you something Lewis..." I never said it was Oswald. All i said was that the Dallas photo does appear to have the shape of a head....I'm not agreeing it is actually a person. Yes the dirt and marks probably make that shape...and as you say people see what they want to say. My point was that the original photo of this thread is definately photoshopped. I made the LBJ in the window image to show how easy it is.
  8. Every wonder why your Oswald in the window has no body - and the windows are disgustingly dirty... Let me show you something Lewis... I did this to show that most any random set of light and shadows can be made to look like something is there when it isn't.. Case in Point: Kneeling bush boy. Now we both know there was no one kneeling at that spot in the Moorman image... or any other image for that matter... But if you knew no better, you could argue that this was a real person.... it's not. And then there is the non-existent "Badgeman-woman-child" which is simply the sky, leaves and sunlight. But that man in the hat to the west WAS real and right where the footprints in the mud and on the bumper were found.... FWIW Between the dirt, artifacts and generations of images... conclusions are virtually pointless.... There is a pile of evidence that there were 2 men on the 6th floor up to and thru the assassination.... one in a white t-shirt, the other in a brown sport coat and horn-rimmed glasses.... both were seen leaving the TSBD... So maybe instead of p!$$!ng into the wind on this one... dig a little deeper into what actually happened from 12:30 - 1pm... You'd be amazed at the extent of the lying from Shelley, Lovelady, Piper, Truly... I beg to differ Keyvan... as I showed above... random patterns can be made to be almost anything... and once seen - it becomes virtually impossible to UN-see it that way. Where is the man's body? Why do you not take any of the artifacts and dirt into account as you "see" Oswald... Could it be someone else? Maybe the T-shirt man from the WEST Window? Below left corner is what a person in a window looks like: Head, Body, Legs, Arms.... I've always found David Healy to be extremely reliable when it comes to what could and couldn't be done with film.... then again we ain't gonna learn what we don't wanna know DJ
  9. Jim: would you please show Sarah Stanton standing outside the building in the eastern part of the building. I am familiar with all possible video clips and photographs, however, none showed Sarah Stanton. None could show because she entered the building in the first batch of people returning to the building and used the front elevator. Inspector Sawyer came in later. So, the elevator was not parked on the fourth floor during the shooting - it was on the first floor waiting to be used.
  10. Second Floor Hoax Officer Baker, Supt. Roy Truly, and Lee Harvey Oswald never met in the 2nd floor breakroom 60 seconds or 90 seconds after the shooting of President Kennedy. This alleged event never occurred. It is a hoax. It is a hoax for the following reasons: The WC reenactment with Officer Baker says that the least amount of time Baker and Truly could have made it to the second floor breakroom is 90 seconds. My calculation of events is close to that but, greater than 60 seconds by 24 seconds. Capt. Will Fritz’s notes say Oswald said he was outside watching the parade with Bill Shelley. FBI agent James Hosty’s notes say Oswald was outside watching the P. Parade. The Dave Weigman film shows Prayer Man / Lee Harvey Oswald on the steps of the TSBD as the film opens. And, that is about 13-15 seconds after the shooting of President Kennedy ceased. The Couch / Darnell films shows Officer Baker approaching the TSBD about 2 seconds into the film making a estimated 4 second run to the TSBD doorway. He has to pass Prayer Man / Lee Harvey Oswald who is standing in the doorway. This is about 30 seconds after the shooting. Pierce Allman, located at the SW corner of Houston and Elm, said after the shooting was he ran across the street and talked to Lee Harvey Oswald. This puts Oswald outside the building when the President was shot. Los Angeles Times Witnesses to the JFK assassination: Three Dallas stories By By Molly Hennessy-Fiske Nov 17, 2013 | 6:00 AM “Pierce Allman ran to the Texas School Book Depository, seen behind him, in search of a phone and briefly exchanged words with a stranger — who he later learned was Lee Harvey Oswald.” From Jim Hargrove comes this information Officer Baker said he stopped a man on the 4th floor and this was repeated by Det. Marvin Johnson who said “Johnson wrote: "Patrolman Baker was in the Homicide Bureau giving an affidavit and Oswald was brought into the room to talk to some Secret Service men. When Baker saw Oswald he stated, 'that is the man I stopped on the 4th floor of the School Book Depository.'" I have never heard the Det. Johnson statement before. Paul Jollife said, ““Further, the suspect description provided by Baker does not really fit our "Oswald" - 30 years old? 165 pounds? "Oswald" was sitting right next to him!” This indicates that the man he saw on the 4th floor may not have been Harvey Oswald but, his double Lee Oswald. In first day testimony there is no mention of a second-floor breakroom encounter. This comes the next day as the cover-up story facts are adjusted to fit the story of the assassination as being told on the second day. The story changes the next day and what Baker said about a fourth-floor encounter with a worker identified by Roy Truly is forgotten and not brought up again by the authorities. It is replaced with the second-floor encounter. There are a couple of interesting photos in the .pdf file Death Of The Lunchroom Hoax. These photos fit my bias on what Prayer Man was doing that afternoon. He was taking pictures of the Presidential Parade with a camera he brought that morning from Irving, Tx. You can see the camera flash. Particularly well, in the photo proclaiming Prayer Woman by Chris Davidson. Get someone with a coke into a shadowed area of deep shadows and see if you can take a photo of a 6 ½ ounce coke bottle producing this much illumination from sunshine or the lack of in this case. Davidson’s effort has enough resolution so that one can actually see a camera.
  11. Andrej, Look at the film clips of people entering the TSBD several minutes after the shots were fired. There is Sarah Stanton and her friend standing side by side on the east side of the steps. Geneva Hine said that after hurrying to the adjoining offices on the first floor (John says it’s about a 40 foot walk), she returned to her office and found the lights had been turned back on. We don’t know how long she was away from her office, but I doubt it was much longer than a minute or two. The men on the sixth floor just had to get into the elevator car, and then they needed the electricity turned back on so they could proceed down to the second floor, where, according to John’s theory, the white-shirted Oswald got off. Not sure whether it was Sarah Stanton or Inspector Sawyer who were first to use the passenger elevator after the shooting. Remember that Sawyer said when the elevator door opened, a man got off as Sawyer was getting on. John believes this was the man in the brown jacket who had been on the sixth floor and probably walked past Shelley and Lovelady as he exited the rear of the building to eventually get into the Nash Rambler when it was on Record St. (The same car that soon picked up the white-shirted Oswald). According to John’s analysis, the electricity to all or parts of the building (including the elevators) was turned off and back on twice: once during the hit, and again a few minutes later.
  12. Jim, I'm not sure if you're aware, or if I've mentioned this before, but I've already read all of that, and understand it. Nevertheless (one last time), NAA/CBLA cannot be described as junk science, simply because you (and others) don't understand it. Furthermore, you know nothing about the scientific process. That is patently obvious. The key phrase is highlighted below. "Although it has since been abandoned because the results of the technique have been wrongly interpreted in legal cases and have led to wrongful convictions." What was this thread supposed to about again? Before Jim went off on his tangent about CBLA (that tends to happen on the rare occasions that I bother to post here).
  13. Heres the Dallas website photo and the enhanced one together. The Dallas one does appear to have the shape of a head, but the other has definitely been messed with...making the shape of a head look like Oswalds.
  14. Is this from the Warren Omission?
  15. David - You have some really nice photos in your collection!
  16. Characterizing the groping of crotches and paying off prostitutes as sexual exploits really misses the mark. I think most us can all look back on our sexual exploits with a reverent smile; we are human. Dogs are lovable and can be forgiven their faux pas’. Trump.......
  17. David, You are wrong here. The image in the Dallas news website shows the same building with Oswald in it. If it was superimposed, it was done in 1963. Take a look - http://interactives.dallasnews.com/2015/jfk-portraits/
  18. Yesterday
  19. Paul, Looking at the statements by Baker and Arnold and Biffle and Holmes (and yes, Holmes should be considered with extreme care), I’m beginning to think “Oswald” was stopped not once, but twice: once on the second floor by the lunch room and again in the first floor lobby. Which doesn’t seem unreasonable, considering the circumstances. Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald in the 2nd floor lunchroom just five minutes before the shots rang out. And the FBI blew thick smoke around that fact. We know Oswald made it to the lobby because McNeil reported it as happening, though McNeil never saw Oswald go out the front door. The evidence that Oswald was also challenged on the first floor is a little more obtuse, but I’m working on it with a friend. More soon, hopefully.
  20. Here are some photos taken in or near Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.... http://kennedy-photos.blogspot.com/Dealey Plaza Photos (Nov. 22, 1963) SUPER-LARGE VERSION OF THE SECOND PICTURE ABOVE
  21. John, Timing is critical about almost everything that day, but when we start splitting minutes we may be taking things too far. These are all human estimates. I wouldn’t bet that Oswald was outside the TSBD when Baker ran into it. My bet is that he didn't go down to the first floor until after the shots were fired. Carolyn Arnold (who got married and was named Carolyn Johnston in the Earl Golz article linked below), saw Oswald in the second floor lunchroom just 6 minutes or so before Baker and Truly encountered him in the vestibule beside it. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/B Disk/Bronson Charles/Item 27.pdf
  22. Richard Gilbride's work is an abomination, it is filled with ifs, perhapses, and other baseless innuendo alike. Read HERE And read HERE If you want to know what really happened, with ALL (!) available evidence on display with regards the 2FLRE then read HERE Let's not forget that Richard Gilbride was kicked off this forum for his repugnant behaviour not too long ago.
  23. Interesting point on the CIA obtaining Secret Service credentials. However, thinks RFK was hit by a stray bullet from Sirhan's pistol.
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