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  2. Continuing forward: Would you agree/disagree that these two frames sync?
  3. I believe McAdams or someone found a picture of the same man at another location and it pretty clearly wasn't HW Bush.
  4. Re the Bushes, no doubt they stink to high heaven. But institutions have their own traits similar to a living organism which has it's own life cycles, defense mechanisms, survival skills and appetites. The CIA for example isn't going to do anything that could threaten it's existence. Even if the FBI knew the culprit of the JFKA cover-up was Hoover they're not likely to do anything with that information except burn it as fast as possible. FOX News (or other news orgs) isn't going to hire somebody who is philosophically at odds with their audience's views. The point is nobody has to give orders for this sort of thing. Doing anything different is counter the individual's and therefore the institution's survival. The MSM continued cover-up or, more like it, support of the WC, seems fairly conventional and predictable to me. Look how hard it is for researchers then and today to come up with reliable and relevant information. The information that does come out doesn't fit between commercial breaks! The MSM produces content for advertisers not informed people. The information people get is graded on a price per eyeball and a value for demographic profile. Nothing more. That's not to say there aren't great efforts going on in journalism because there are. It just needs to dovetail within the survival mechanisms of the institution. Most of the MSM have been totally scared away from anything that can be described as a "conspiracy theory" as we know. That's why serious efforts at research shouldn't come to premature conclusions. Interesting speculation should remain so stated until facts can be added as a catalyst to firm them up.
  5. I believe Bush called the FBI as a confidential informant and claimed he overheard someone planning an attempt or some such thing. Not exactly a smoking gun but the name he dropped and the way he did it could be made to sound like an alibi. Interesting but not conclusive. Re the family writ large me thinks they stinketh the barn up pretty bad.
  6. Yes, it is evidence someone named George Bush was briefed. In 1988 when this memo, I believe found by Professor McBride, went public, Bush said it was not him. The other Bush who worked for the CIA later said it was not him either. So who was this referring to? Unless that is answered we can't assume without evidence that it was President Bush.
  7. A quarter of an inch. Like an entrance wound. No questioning about why the thought about a bone or metal exit.... noting in the "x-ray's"?
  8. Your the counselor not I but isn't the memo itself not evidence? Strange either way isn't it that LBJ's neighbor JEH, head of the FBI, would apprise GB of the CIA regarding JFK's assassination the day after if happened. Since Bush was supposedly, by his own word, Not CIA at the time.
  9. Ron, that is not evidence that Bush had anything to do with it. Let me be more specific, the above posts, and others, suggest Bush had something to do with the assassination. There is no evidence Bush had anything to do with the assassination.That memo shows a connection, at best , of Bush being involved in the investigation.
  10. Yes, there is. A memo from FBI Director J Edgar Hoover briefing George Bush of the CIA on the assassination the day after. Funny. Hoover was busy conversing with his neighbor and frequent guest the new president that day about the death of his predecessor, as well as going to the track to bet on the ponies, but found time to brief George Bush, of the CIA.
  11. The mob didn't kill JFK. But Ruby killed Oswald, and he was a mid level, Jewish, thus un "made' wannabe member of the mob. Useful, in that place and time. From Chicago. Same as Roselli and Giancana. He understood the code of omerta, kill him or watch your family die, before you do.
  12. That may well be a key statement. I've wondered for some time if Hoover didn't know something was in the wind in advance, but did nothing. For his own preservation, given the powers that be above him? Doesn't relate but boosts view's? Full screen of course. I wanna know for sure... https://www.bing.com/search?q=wild+thing+song&form=PRUSEN&mkt=en-us&httpsmsn=1&refig=fb12c70cf45745738ce0bb21fdd89e96&sp=3&qs=AS&pq=wild+thing&sk=PRES1LS1EP1&sc=8-10&cvid=fb12c70cf45745738ce0bb21fdd89e96
  13. This is excellent news. Congratulations to Jim and Oliver Stone. It should be terrific. Could you give us more information? One source says it's a documentary, but another says it's a documentary series. Is it finished shooting and editing? Reportedly it will be released in November 2020, but in/on what venues, theatrical and/or cable?
  14. There is no evidence Bush had anything to do with JFK. If so feel free to share. Those alleged photos outside the TSBD?
  15. Richard Case Nagell said the ground forces were essentially rogue CIA ("not the CIA as such") and anti-Cuban exiles. Who pulled their strings is debatable.
  16. The evidence on the Bush family is strong. I go with the theory of ruling families to a point. It doesn’t explain everything.
  17. If this can interest, educate and inspire just 2 to 4% of new generations regards seeking and better understanding the truth and it's importance about JFK's assassination, it will be a huge success.
  18. I am wrong about Bell's filming location. I agree with your summary. I wonder if he just hopped down right in front from up above. If not, that is quite alright. That said, this changes only slightly, the syncing of Bell/Z. More to come. Thanks.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I don't think Bell was standing on the grass because this is refuted by the Nix film, the Bronson photo, and the Bronson film. If Bell jumped down from the pedestal at Z133 and scampered along the grass he would have been visible in one of these Bronson images at Z235 and Z330 5-10 seconds later: Triangulation for Bell should be fairly accurate, within a few feet I would say, because of various telltale features: 1. The pedestrian tunnel in the bridge is showing a narrow shaft of light from the other side: 2. The lamppost and sign sit in a specific location relative to the pillars of the pergola: If you trace 3 lines back for each of these frames on the map you should find they all cross over in the alcove in the peristyle that I position Bell in the animation. The clearest early frame of the Bell film I found was in this video: Judging from the position of the Limo relative to the lamppost, this is about Z419, so with a few blurry frames before he may have restarted as early as Z410 (within a second of where I think the third shot was fired). As I recall I used the yellow flash at Z460 to catch the 3 lead bikes in the distance, rather than to signify the beginning of the Bell film. In summary I think my calculations in the animation are correct because: 1. The triangulation places him in the peristyle. 2. Bronson proves he was not running around the peristyle Z235 - Z330. 3. He restarts filming at Z410 which corresponds perfectly in time for him to walk briskly from his first known position at Z133 to the triangulated position for the next sequence of the film at Z410.
  21. The distance between the two (JFK in the limo) locations in the previous gif (z437-z445.5) = 20.62ft My average speed for this span = 30.2mph. 18.3/8.5 x 20.62ft = 44.39ft per sec /1.47 In your animation, that same frame span yields an average of 30.5mph. Almost matching.
  22. CONGRATULATIONS! Give ‘em hell, Jim. Hope you guys have some sort of media PR plan to deal with the usual attack dogs when they start barking. Mr. Stone should be well versed in the subject.
  23. As I mentioned in the PM, there are a few links to the CIA Nazi vault and in the other thread. Arrowsmith was corresponding with Rechenberg while Rechenberg was corresponding with Skorzeny, among other infamous Nazis. This was early ‘62. Arrowsmith has $30 million in the bank when he died in the 1980s. His family came from Old New York money. Their are some Lipsenards and Bleekers in the Family Tree. Also, related to Dunn & Bradstreet families. The most interesting angle to Arrowsmith and his pal George Lincoln Rockwell is the possibility the whole Neo Nazi revival was a school play. That is, Arrowsmith (and a Hooker before that) were asked to fund this new Nazi movement to parry the organic progress of the civil rights objectives. The anti-Jewish focus of the neo Nazis may also point to another motive besides typical KKK type mayhem. The same year that Arrowsmith started funding Rockwell (1958) is also when Salman Zapiro got NUMEC up and running with the merger of Apollo Steel and San Toy Mining. The AEC was likely looking the other way when the HEU went out the Apollo plants back door. It would have a good plan B to take out Zapiro and contract out the hit to some Neo Nazis or just blame them. Sounds like a Bissell idea.
  24. Could this be a game changer? We still would like to get to the high-resolution digital copies of Wiegman and Darnell...
  25. This is major news - really happy for you, Jim! Jim has not gotten the attention and credit that he deserves for his amazing and arduous work. Let's hope that this really starts the ball rolling in the right direction. Or I should say, in the Left direction.
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